The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 2)


The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 2)Dorothy sat on her knees looking around at Oz. The lush green grass, the bright blue sky and the glimmer of the gold road was all that she had remembered. Memories of her journey through Oz with the Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion came flashing back. The memory of the city of Oz, the wicked witch and her castle and the munchkins filled her heart with joy that she hadn’t felt in such a long time.As she stood up Dorothy realized she was in a part of Oz she had never seen before. She walked up to the yellow brick road and stood in the middle of it looking up one way and then down the other. One way lead down into a green valley and towards mountains. The other way lead around into the woods of the tallest trees she had ever seen.She stood there for the longest time not knowing where to go until she heard banging of hammer on metal. The sound came from the way to the valley and mountains. So she was curious what the banging was coming from so she started walking towards the sound.As she got to the top of the hill it looked down into the valley and she saw a small little cabin with smoke coming out the top. As she got closer she noticed the cabin was blue, but it wasn’t painted blue, but that the wood was the color blue. She walked up to cabin and heard the banging coming from the side of the little house. She walked around and found a shout man bent over banging away with his hammer on a sheet of tin on a anvil.”Excuse me”, he couldn’t hear her over the banging.”EXCUSE ME”, she yelled and he stopped and straighten himself up. He was much taller now standing well over a arms length over her head. He stood there in blue pants, blue shoes and blue apron. No shirt on she noticed his muscles that had come from working years on the anvil. He had dark tanned skin,black jet hair and a long black beard that stretched down to the middle of his chest. Dorothy looked up at him,”Hello my name is Dorothy Gale and I was wondering…”, but before she could finish the man spoke.”I know who you are, when you kill a witch word gets around. My name is Ku-Klip but you can call me Klip”.”Pleasure to meet you Klip. So what do you do here.”He looked down at his anvil and the sheet and looked back,”I fix the tin soldiers of Oz and all other mechanical men and women who come to seek my help”.She smiled with glee,”Do you know my friend The Tinman”.”I know many tinmen, they’re all the same to me. They break down and I fix them right back up. I’m sorry Dorothy”.”Thats ok. Maybe you can help me do you know the way to the city of Oz””Sure I do. You follow the road towards the mountains but before you get to the mountains theirs a fork in the road, you want to take a left and keep walking until you get to the city”.She smiled,”Thanks” and began to walk away, when Klip spoke up.”Now that I have helped you, perhaps you could help me.” She turned back around”Ok that seems reasonable, what do you want me to do”.He laid down the hammer and started walk around behind artemisbet yeni giriş the cabin”Follow me”. Both of them walked around and she saw a rather large copper tub filled with water. He stood by the tub,”I use this tub to cool down the metal but my last piece of work has been lost in the tub and I have been unable to find it, could you please reach in and find it. The water is cool. Its a small metal gear, I would tip over the tub but water around here is rare unless it rains and I dont want to waste it.”She looked down into the tub the water dark and black unable to see the bottom.”I think I can help you Mr. Klip”.She bent down over the tub and slide her arm in feeling around the bottom. Her fingers roaming the tub trying to find this small gear. As she felt up the left side, then the middle, and then over to the right she couldn’t find the gear. But as she was about to give up she felt small metal teeth brush against her fingers. She pinched the gear with her finger tips,”I’ve got it”. She went to stand up but she lost her balance and fell into the tub.The water quickly covering her from head to toe. She closed her eyes the water so cold, she felt two strong hands grab her waist and pull her out. Klip pulled her out the tub and stood her up. She shook freezing in her wet clothes.”Oh my gosh are you alright Dorothy”.”Im fine but my clothes are soaked and im freezing”.”Take them off and I’ll put them over the fire. I don’t have any spare clothes but you can have mine.” He unhooked his apron and slide it off. He kicked off his boots and undid his pants.”Its ok Mr. Klip I’ll stand by the fire”. But before she could finished Klip slide his pants off,”Here Dorothy put these on.Dorothy stood not looking at the pants but at his cock hanging between his legs. His body tan from the fire but his cock was white. It hung there thick and veiny and Dorothy had to guess about 9″ soft. She began sliding her clothes off and handed her dress and panties to him.She held his pants in her hand as he put her clothes over the fire. She stood there naked not taking her eyes off his cock. As he turned back around he saw here staring. “Whats wrong Dorothy”, and he looked at her eyes and drew the line from her eyes down to his cock.He looked down”Is there something wrong.”She looked up”No nothing wrong Mr. Klip.”Dorothy walked up and stood in front of Klip and dropped his pants. She reached down and grabbed a hold of his cock. Feeling how heavy it was he let out a small moan as her hand begin to stroke it. She reached down with the other hand jerking it with both hands because it was so big.She was about to knee down but Klip grabbed her waist and lifted her up. She laughed as he flipped her upside down and her face was back again in front of his cock. Standing outside by his cabin, he held her upside down as he slide his tongue over her pussy lips.She moaned feeling his wet tongue begin to lick her moist trimmed pussy. Upside down Dorothy grabbed his cock and slid her lips artemisbet giriş around the head. Sucking his mushroom head with her lips, her tongue slide into his pisshole licking up and down inside of it. Her moans muffled by his cock head as Klip slide his tongue deep into her pussy tasting her sweet pussy.His tongue roaming around inside pushing her pussy lips wider with each lick. Dorothy opened and slide her mouth down his big cock sucking it now up and down as much as she could. His cock growing rock hard as it got to its full 12″. Her mouth pushed down and she gagged a little spit oozing out as she tried to take more then she could. She felt his tongue slide out her pussy and his hands began to turn her body back around. She tried to taste as much as his cock as she could as it was pulled from her mouth.She stood back up and smiled. Dorothy walked over to the anvil and bent over and grabbed it. Klip walked up behind her holding his cock in his hand. Her pussy dripping wet begging for his massive cock. She held onto the anvil tight as Klip slide the tip of his cock up to her pussy lips, and slowly pushed in.Dorothy eyes went wide as Klip pushed in slowly feeding her pussy his thick long hard cock. He held her hips and began rocking his hips back and forth. She moaned, her moans echo throughout the valley. Her fingers gripping that anvil tight,bracing herself for each thrust of his cock.”Oh god Mr. Klip, your cock is so fucking big. My fucking god!”Klip reached over her back and grabbed her wet hair,pulling back on it and yanked her back on his cock. She screamed out taking his whole cock. He began forcing her pussy to except his whole dick. His cock filling her tight pussy, dripping down his whole shaft.”OHHHFUCKK, FUCKKKKK”, Dorothy screamed loving his cock. She had never in her life taken a cock so big and thick. He slapped her ass with his left hand as his right hand held her hair pulling it. She stood up more from her hair being pulled. Her fingers off the anvil now standing as Klip buried his cock deeper and deeper. As his groin slapped against her, her tits slapped against one another.Dorothy had always been proud of her 34DD natural tits and now she heard them slapping together adding to the sounds echoing in the valley. Klip slowed down and slide out. He leaned down and she turned her head and kissed him deeply. She slide her tongue into his mouth roaming around inside of it as his hands reached up fondling her breast.His hands squeezed her tits together making her moan into his mouth. Her nipples had gotten rock hard from the cold water and were still rock hard after the water had dried off her body.Klip slide his mouth away from her and stepped back. Klip went to his work table and put down a soft cloth on top. He went back over and grabbed her by the waist and carried her over to his work table. He sat Dorothy on top of the table and pulled her legs up.Dorothy laid back on the table and grabbed her ankles pulling them out and back. Holding artemisbet güvenilirmi her ankles she looked up and watched as he held his cock and guided it back into her pussy.”Oh Mr. Klip fuck my pussy,fuck me”.Klip smiled and began fucking Dorothy harder and deeper. Pushing down into her wanting pussy, his cock pushing her wet pussy lips open around his shaft. Dorothy moaned more and more feeling each inch push her pussy to its limit. Klip leaned down over her shoving his whole cock down into her pussy.Dorothy let out and loud scream and exploded cumming all over his cock. Klip stood up and held his cock in her, watching Dorothy body shake, as she orgasmed all over his cock. He felt her pussy juices flowing out down his cock and over his hairy balls. His cock soaked in juices he slide out then shoved back in and picked up the pace again.He put his hands on her thighs pushing her legs out and back, pushing down and up feeding her pussy his big cock. Dorothy was no longer wet from the tub but wet from the sweat from her and his bodies. He slowly slide out and she moaned in ecstasy. She let her ankles down and sat up and he leaned down and they kissed again. There tongues roaming one another’s mouths.Dorothy pulled away and smiled. She slide off the table and held his hand,”Follow me now”. She lead the way, walking away from his cabin a little and to the yellow brick road. “Lay down in the road Mr. Klip”. He smiled and lay down, his cock sticking up in the breeze.Dorothy walked up and facing him, straddled over his cock and slowly lowered her pussy down his cock. Her trimmed pussy sliding over his fat mushroom head, this time her pussy able to accommodate his 12″ cock. She put her hands on her knees and began to ride up and down, her moans bellowing through the valley.Biting her lip she looked down at him,”Oh Mr. Klip your cock is amazing. Your cock makes my pussy so wet.” He smiled up and lay there, watching her tits bounce up and down as she rode his cock.As Dorothy rode she looked around and smiled. Out in the open on the yellow brick road riding the biggest cock she had ever had. She looked down and saw Mr Klip biting his tongue,”You going to cum Mr. Klip”, he shook his head yes. Dorothy climbed off and kneed down quickly and slide her mouth over his cock. She looked up at him as she held his base with her hands and sucked up and down.Klip watched her mouth hungry for his cock sucking it with such passion.”I’m going to cum soon Dorothy”. She slide off for a quick second.”I want you to cum in my mouth.”She quickly slide back down and suck hard knowing those words would make him cum.She worked her mouth up and down hungry for his cum making Klip moan out. Klip moaned and began to explode cumming into her waiting mouth. She held her mouth on his cock and jerked his shaft. Her hand pumping out the cum into her mouth, the cum hitting her throat then spilling out back down his shaft and over her hand. Dorothy took that oral creampie with vigor.As Klip began to ease down Dorothy held his cock and began licking his cum off his cock head and swallowing it loving the taste of him cum. Mr. Klip cum tasting like cinnamon, loving the taste.She pulled off licking the cum off her lips.Holding his cock in her hand she smiled at him, “I think my clothes are dry now”.

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