The Work Colleague Ch. 03

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I spent a very enjoyable evening going through all the pictures on memory cards and CDs, editing them, enhancing them and saving them onto more CDs so the girls could have their own copies. I recalled every moment and got extremely turned on remembering how this escapade had developed.

A simple innocuous conversation with Elena at a work function had led to photography sessions, sex, threesomes and the most enjoyable time of my life. There seemed no end to where this would go as all of us; Elena, Kathy and I, were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I wondered where the boundaries would exist that may stop the development of what we had, but could not see any on the immediate horizon.

The next day I saw Elena and told her I had spent the previous evening working on the disks.

“You should have been working on me,” she smiled saucily.

I winked. “I thought maybe we could do something tonight.”

She looked sad. “Sorry, I am out tonight.”

“OK,” I said trying to hide my disappointment.

“Kathy is out too. She has a boyfriend at long last. We are double dating.”

I was confused about my thoughts. I knew Elena had a boyfriend. Why should I care? Why should I feel jealous that Kathy had one? We were hardly boyfriend and girlfriend material. We had taken pictures and had sex. We weren’t going to get married and have children!

“Good, have a good time,” I replied but without any enthusiasm. “Maybe we can do something tomorrow,” I continued.

She nodded. “Yes, I’ll check with Kathy and I’m sure we can. You can think about what we can do, while you are alone tonight,” she said smiling.

I smiled back. “Will do, but that might be dangerous,” I said.

“Good, I like a bit of danger.”

I laughed and replied, “You may be opening a hornet’s nest Elena!”

That night I spent most of the evening surfing the net looking for inspiration and ideas about what sort of pictures we could take at the next photo shoot.

We saw each other again the next day and agreed to meet in the lobby as usual. I enquired if she had had a good evening, but the answer was fairly non committal.

Dead on 5 o’clock I left my desk and went to the lobby to find Elena already there.

“You’re keen,” I said smiling at her.

“Always,” she smiled.

As we headed to the trains she asked me if I had had any thoughts about what sort of shoot we should have.

“A few,” I replied. “But let’s see how things develop. Have you any ideas?”

She nodded and said, “Oh yes, but you wait to see.”

We soon got to the flat and were greeted by Kathy. “Have you told him?” Kathy asked looking at Elena.

“No,” replied Elena. “I thought we should tell him together.”

“OK ladies,” I said. “What are you cooking up?”

They looked at each other and smiled.

“Well,” Elena said, “you know you mentioned my boyfriend and I categorically said no.”

“Yes,” I said, now intrigued.

“Well, Kathy let the cat out of the bag last night and told him what we had been doing.”

Kathy looked at me. “It just sort of slipped out. We’d had a bad evening and my supposed date didn’t turn up, I had too much to drink and, well, it just slipped out.”

“What was his reaction?” I asked.

“At first amazed, and then he thought we were winding him up,” answered Kathy.

“Then,” continued Elena, “he wanted to know more and more. Details and everything.”

“Did he have a problem with it?” I asked.

“No, he wants to have a go,” Elena said.

“And he’s coming over tonight,” Kathy said, adding, “in about 15 minutes.”

I was confused yet excited. I did not expect this at all, especially after what Elena had said previously.

“So you want me to take pictures of you and him?” I asked.

Elena nodded. “Yes, just the two of us, no threesomes,” she said looking at Kathy, “or with you.”

I nodded.

“Apparently I can stay in the room while you shoot the pictures,” Kathy said.

“I wasn’t sure, but Terry, that’s my boyfriend, is OK with it.” Elena said.

The conversation was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

“That must be him,” Elena said, rushing to the door.

I looked at Kathy, she shrugged her shoulders apologetically. “I hope I haven’t screwed things up,” she said.

“No not at all,” I said trying to comfort her.

Elena returned with a tall thin young man, longish brown hair and brown eyes. He looked at me and seemed unsure of himself.

“Hi,” I said holding my hand out to shake his, “I’m Chris.”

“Terry,” he replied shaking my hand with a limp handshake. “I heard quiet a bit about you.” He smiled. “Actually, a lot about you and your hobby.”

I smiled. “Yes it passes the time. I hear you are interested in having a go?”

He nodded. “Yes, I think so. Never done anything like that before.”

“Neither had we,” I said looking at Kathy and Elena.

The atmosphere was fairly tense. The four of us stood in the lounge.

“Shall we sit down,” Kathy said.

I sat next to her, Terry sat in the armchair and casino şirketleri Elena perched on the arm of it.

“Do you want to be in a photo shoot?” I asked looking at Terry.

He still looked unsure but nodded. “Yes, should be fun,” he said looking at Elena.

It was Elena’s turn to look unsure. She bit her bottom lip.

“If you are nervous, it won’t work,” I said. “No problem either way from my perspective.”

I looked at Kathy who smiled. Elena and Terry looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“Maybe a glass of wine will help,” Kathy said standing up and getting a bottle and four glasses.

The room was silent as she opened the bottle and emptied it amongst the four glasses. The silence continued.

“Ok,” Terry said breaking the silence. “Let’s do it. How do we start?”

There was another pause as we all looked at each other. I broke the silence. “If you and Elena start making out as usual, I will start taking pictures. You try to pretend I am not here; ignore me and Kathy and the camera. Just do what comes natural and if necessary, Kathy or I may suggest something. Suggest you move or touch or do something in a certain way. For the first shoot anyway, we will probably just let you do your own thing.”

Terry looked at Elena and gently touched her arm. “You sure? You OK?”

She nodded and bent down and kissed him. The kissed turned passionate and they hugged each other and I noticed Terry’s hands started wandering across Elena’s back. I looked at Kathy and smiled before going to get my camera and setting it up. As I returned Terry and Elena were still kissing each other deeply. His hands were now under Elena’s shirt roaming over her back. I could see him attempting to undo her bra strap.

They paused as I took my first picture and then resumed their embrace. Terry started to lift Elena’s shirt and removed it along with her bra. I took a picture as he moved and started licking her hard nipples. She held his head hard against her chest and my next picture was her throwing her head back as her arousal increased with Terry sucking on her breasts. He then started to move his hand down to her stomach and her trousers, keeping his lips attached to her hard nipples as he did so.

Her trousers were soon undone and his hands roamed further exploring her wet pussy. She opened her legs to accommodate his exploring fingers and he was soon fingering her. Kathy and I looked at each other as we could hear Elena’s moaning along with the sounds of his fingers exploring her wetness.

Terry stopped and stripped Elena of her knickers. She then started to undress him as I circled the two of them and took picture after picture. Terry was standing as Elena knelt before him as she removed his boxers. I was amazed as she dropped them to the floor. I had never seen such a large prick. It must have been over 8 inches long and very thick. I was envious!

She smiled as she stroked him and then lent forward and started to gently lick and suck his engorged manhood. I gathered my thoughts together and got some good close ups of her sucking him off. The noises he was now making indicated his enjoyment. I was also getting very turned on, remembering when Elena had done this very act to me.

I looked over at Kathy,. She smiled at me and I could see by her mannerisms, was also getting very turned on.

Elena stopped her oral attentions on Terry’s impressive manhood and looked at me and smiled. “What do you want us to do next?”

I thought quickly and was aware that all eyes were now on me.

“Terry lie down on the floor, Elena, you mount him.” My voice was thick with emotion and lust.

Terry did as asked; Elena looked into her handbag and found a condom. “Can’t be too careful!!” she said.

She put the condom on Terry; again I was amazed at the size of him and then she straddled him and looked at me as she positioned his prick at her opening. I focused on her pussy as she slowly lowered herself down on him. I looked at her and she smiled at me as she started rising and lowering her self on him.

Terry and Elena were lost in their own performance as I moved and took picture after picture of them. I ended up behind Elena as she rode him. His large prick stretching her and making her wetter and wetter. She leant forward and her rear hole was then on show for me as I took a load of pictures of her filled pussy and open rear hole. Terry cried out that he was close to cumming. Elena started riding him harder. “Me too!” she cried.

I didn’t care for this shoot how they finished anyway, but I had no choice as with a shout, Terry made it clear he was cumming. Elena seemingly didn’t but she stopped and dismounted him. His monster prick was rapidly becoming flaccid and more normal sized as he removed the used condom. “Lick me,” she cried out. “I am so close.”

Terry bent down and did as she asked. I took more pictures as he licked her hard clit and fingered her and within seconds she was bucking against him and crying out as she came.

Terry casino firmalari looked up me with his mouth wet from Elena’s arousal. He smiled at me. Elena sat up and kissed him as I took another few pictures.

“You guys OK?” I asked.

“I am,” replied Elena, hugging Terry.

“Me too,” Terry said.

I looked at Kathy. She nodded to me and smiled. “That was amazing.”

Nobody moved and the room seemed tense. Elena stood up and without showing any embarrassment about her nudity sat on the sofa. Terry seemed to be a bit embarrassed and joined her. “So what happens next?” he asked.

“Excuse the pun, but it’s up to you,” I said smiling. “If you can get it up, we can do some more.”

“What about you and Kathy?” he asked.

Kathy shook her head. “No not tonight. It’s about you.” As if sensing my disappointment she continued, “Chris and I have done the picture bit, so what we do now is private.”

“That’s a shame,” Terry said, “I’d like to see you in action.”

Kathy looked at him sternly. “Tough luck big boy.” She looked at me and smiled however.

“So,” I said. “Shall we try some more?”

Elena looked at Terry and smiled. “I’d like to.”

Terry shrugged and looked at his penis, slowly showing signs of life again.

“What shall we do?” he said looking at me.

Before I could say anything, Kathy spoke. “Are you two willing to be adventurous?”

Elena looked intrigued and said yes. Terry was a bit unsure but with Elena looking at him pleadingly he nodded.

“Right, let’s go to my bedroom.”

With the four of us in Kathy’s room, she continued. “Terry lay down like you did before.”

He did as she asked. Kathy went to the back of her door and removed the belt from her robe and then got some tights from the drawer. Terry looked on with a mixture of interest and concern. She moved around him and got him to extend his arms and legs and quickly tied his ankles and wrists to the bed posts. It looked to me as though they were tight enough to be hard for him to escape.

She then went and got some baby oil from the drawer beside her bed and gave it to Elena. “Stroke him and make him hard,” she said.

Elena looked amused and put some oil on her hand and started doing as she was told. I meanwhile put a new memory card in the camera and started to take some pictures. Terry was soon hard and his enormous prick stood upright. His eyes were shut, clearly enjoying the sensation.

Kathy stood beside me and smiled at me. “Elena, get into a 69 with him.”

Elena did not need to be told twice and was soon sucking him as deep as she could while he was licking her already wet hole. I zoomed in and got some great shots of them licking and sucking each other.

“Elena, stop licking him and squat over his face,” Kathy said.

Elena stopped and did as Kathy had said.

“Terry, lick her back entrance, Elena move so he can lick your ass.”

Terry hesitated but soon had his tongue circling her rear entrance before entering her. Elena moaned as he did so, clearly enjoying the sensation.

“Yes, keep doing that,” said Kathy as she went to her drawer again and I took some more close ups.

She returned with some KY.

“Elena come here and bend over.”

Elena dismounted and stood in front of us before smiling at us, she turned around and bent over. Kathy meantime got a big blob of KY and started to rub it around and then in Elena’s anus. Terry was transfixed seeing his girl being anally fingered by Kathy. His prick seemed to get even harder.

Kathy put some more KY on her fingers and probed Elena again, before giving the KY to her and told her to put some on Terry’s prick. Terry threw his head back as Elena stroked him and then put loads of KY on him.

“You know what to do next,” Kathy said. Her voice gave away how turned on she was.

“I’ve never done this before,” Terry said.

Elena was silent as she straddled him and slowly guided his hard prick to her rear and very carefully sat down on him, millimetre by millimetre as she was stretched by the enormity of his member.

There was no way she could take much of him inside her tender rear but she rose and fell on his rock hard prick.

“Play with your clit Elena,” Kathy said.

Elena lent back with his member filling her rear and played with her clit as requested. I got some, what I hoped were, great shots of her both close up and from a distance with the face contorted with pain and lust as she continued to anally fuck herself on his enormous prick.

“I can’t take anymore,” Elena said as she dismounted.

Terry looked disappointed.

“Elena, play with yourself. Lie at the bottom of the bed so Terry can see but can’t touch.”

Elena sat with her back against the bottom of the bed, her legs wide apart and played with her soaking wet pussy and clit. Terry’s prick was hard and still covered in the KY and twitched as Elena played with herself.

Elena was soon lost in her arousal and flicked her clit faster and faster.

“Oh yes, yes!” güvenilir casino she cried as she started to cum. “Yes, fucking hell I’m cumming!” she cried as she froze and came for all to see.

She soon got her breath back and looked at me and smiled. I had taken dozens of pictures of her approaching and then having her orgasm.

She got off the bed and gently kissed Kathy on the cheek. “That was amazing,” she said.

Elena smiled at me. “I hope you got some good ones.”

I nodded.

“Eh, what about me?” Terry said, looking lost and bewildered, his prick still hard and erect.

We laughed, “Sorry mate,” I said. “Have you a problem?”

“Bastard!” he hissed.

“You had better sort that out,” Kathy said to Elena looking at Terry’s prick.

Elena got some oil and approached Terry and started stroking his prick. He shut his eyes and enjoyed the sensations. I had to force myself to take some pictures as I had lost interest by now. Elena soon made him cum and I got some pictures of him spurting copious amounts of spunk into the air and landing on his chest.

Elena untied him and let him clean himself up as Kathy and I went to the lounge and booted up the PC.

We started going through the pictures and as we had done before, deleting the bad ones and obvious duplicates. I was secretly really pleased with the pictures; in my opinion they surpassed the others I had taken in the past.

Kathy and I were soon joined by Elena and Terry, both of whom were now dressed but there seemed to be some issue as they weren’t talking and there was a noticeable chill in the atmosphere.

With all the pictures now saved, Terry and Elena made their excuses and left, saying they were going out for a drink.

Kathy looked at me and smiled. “You alright?”

I nodded. “You?”

“Yes,” that was amazing and a real turn on. I think Elena enjoyed it even if Terry didn’t. Did you?”

“Yes, very much and I liked the way you took charge and directed the action.”

She gently touched my arm. “Shall we have some action?”

I looked at her and leant forward and kissed her. “I never thought you’d ask!”

She led me to her bedroom and shut the door. She turned towards me and then, looking towards the bed said. “Sit down and watch.”

I saluted in mock obedience and sat down, and started to watch her slowly and provocatively strip. It took her a few minutes but she was soon naked dancing in front of me, teasing her hard nipples and playing with her pussy.

“I want to see you naked,” she said her voice choked on emotion as she lewdly opened her legs and fingered herself, before removing her finger and sucking it.

I quickly stripped and she knelt down to look closely at my hard prick. It wasn’t in the same league as Terry’s but it seemed to OK with Kathy as she bent down and sucked it. Gently at first and then harder and faster.

I managed to move so I could explore her private regions with my finger. She was soaking wet and opened her legs to accommodate me.

She made her wishes clear as she stopped sucking me and joined me on the bed.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Hard and fast and be selfish,. I am so turned on I just want it hard and fast.”

I positioned myself between her legs and guided my hard prick towards her bare, hairless pussy, open and aroused and waiting for me.

I slowly entered her and was soon in her up to the hilt.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remain still and was soon thrusting into her. She met me thrust for thrust and soon cried out as her orgasm approached. I was amazed I hadn’t cum too, but soon the familiar sensation took over. I was aware that I hadn’t a condom on and didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t cum in me!” she cried.

I stopped and withdrew. She looked disappointed but sat up and started to suck me as she played with herself.

“I’m cumming!” I cried. She grunted to acknowledge my cry as I filled her mouth with my seed, her fingers now moving faster over her clit as she too came for the second time.

She was unable to swallow all of my cum and let some slip, scooping it up with her fingers to make sure she didn’t miss a drop.

“That was needed!” she smiled with a wicked grin.

“Yes, indeed.”

“Do you think we will see Terry again?” she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Don’t know, and frankly don’t care.”

I was still mesmerised by Kathy. Her nudity and everything about her. She saw I was still looking at her lustfully.

“Aren’t you satisfied?” she asked.

I laughed. “Can never have enough of you!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should,” I said as I sat up and hugged her.

Our solitude was interrupted by the slamming of the front door.

We looked at each other. “Elena?” I shouted.

“Yes, can I come in?” she said.

“Sure,” Kathy said as we tried to cover our nudity and climb under the duvet.

Elena walked in and was unfazed by us being in bed, obviously having just had sex.

“Terry is such a jerk,” she said. “He has gone all moody and protective. Doesn’t want me to do any more photos, doesn’t want me to see you again,” she looked at me, “and he wants us to delete all the pictures we took tonight.”

“Oh dear, that’s a shame, they are really good photos,” said Kathy.

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