The Year of the Cat Ch. 21


100% Fiction. All sexualized characters are adults

Matt sat the enormous purple stuffed bear down on the street curb in front of his house. The bear’s embroidered smile rested against the green dumpster, grinning up at him.

Matt was surprised to find his forehead beaded with sweat in the morning sun. “It feels like it might be hot one today.” he thought to himself, looking up at the clear blue sky. He paused, examining the weather forecast on his phone screen. “Hmm. An early taste of summer today. Nice!”

Across the street, Matt’s elderly neighbors were standing on the porch of their home, waving goodbye to a sullen looking teenager, dragging his suitcase to a waiting SUV.

“Bye, Samuel!! Thanks for visiting!” the elderly woman called out.

“Keep those eyes peeled, Sammy!” the kindly grandfather exclaimed.

Just then, Matt heard a clicking noise from above his head. He looked up to Janice’s balcony, where the doors were being flown open wide.

“Oh! So lovely out!” Janice exclaimed, stepping out into the sun. “This door has been blocked so long.”

Matt gave Janice a cat calling whistle from below. Janice giggled and blew him a kiss.

Matt had a clear view of the bare bottoms of her jutting tits from the vaulted lower hem of her T-shirt.

He turned to see the teenager pause at the open back door of vehicle, looking forlornly up at Janice. Then, casting a glare down at the purple bear, he climbed into the car and shut the door.

“That was weird.” Matt thought, turning to head back upstairs.

Upon entering the apartment, Matt opened the door to see Linda holding Tracy, tenderly. She had her face buried in her mother’s shoulder, softly sobbing.

“Oh!… A-are you alright, Tracy?” Matt asked, concerned.

Tracy fell silent immediately and raised her head. She wore an angry scowl. Her red, puffy eyes burned into his. Without a word, Tracy huffed off towards Matt’s bedroom and slammed the door.

Matt’s eyes were wide with fear. “What just happened?” he whispered to Linda. “Did I piss her off?”

Linda stepped forward and cradled Matt’s cheek. “It’s not you, honey.” she sighed. “Right now, Tracy’s pissed at ALL men.”

Linda took a cautious peek to the door and whispered to Matt. “She just found out that her ex shared naked pictures of her online to his friends.”

“Oooohh!” Matt winced. “Poor Tracy… God… she’s been through so much!”

“I know! She needs a distraction today.”

“Well… I was just outside and it’s beautiful weather today. I don’t know… do you want to go to try to take her to the beach or something?”

Linda’s eyes grew wide. “I got a BETTER idea:” She clapped her hands, excitedly. “Amusement park!!”

Matt gasped. “Yes!! That’s a GREAT idea!”

Linda bounced, excitedly. “You go tell Janice and I’ll tell Tracy!”

Janice smiled brightly at the idea when Matt told her of Linda’s planned day trip.

“This is going to be so much fun!!” she said, after hitting ‘Send’ on her email file. “That’s all I had to do for work, so I guess I’m ready!”

“I don’t know if the water park section will be open this early in the season.” Matt said. “But I’m gonna wear my swim shorts, just in case. It’s fixin’ to be a hot one today!”

“Oof. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a proper fitting swimsuit.” Janice replied, opening her dresser drawer. “Hope I have something that isn’t going to get us kicked out of the park!”

Linda returned to the living room smiling. “Tracy’s on board with the plan. She just needs a minute to cool down.”

Matt could smell a waft of burning marijuana coming from the Tracy’s bedroom door.

“Great! I know the way there, so I’ll be happy to drive.” he smiled.



The two hour drive to the giant amusement park went by smoothly. Matt noted the lengthy construction project on the highway running opposite of his that he would have to contend with on the way home.

Soon, Matt and the three women were being guided to their parking spot in the huge, sparsely populated lot.

“Hmm. Must be too early in the season for the big crowds.” Janice mused.

“All the kids are still in school! We get all these roller coasters to ourselves!!” Linda whooped.

Matt grinned, as he walked hand in hand with Janice. She smiled, gleefully up at him. She was wearing a tiny red tank top with thin spaghetti straps and a pair of cutoff jean shorts that just barely managed to hide her round, shifting butt cheeks. Her tight red top rode high, exposing her toned tummy and bellybutton. Her colossally jutting bust stretched the top hem of her shirt, causing a jiggling overflow amid her bulging, bouncing cleavage. Beneath the red fabric of her top, the edges of an alarmingly tiny string bikini could be detected. Matt eagerly anticipated the chance of an afternoon watching his girlfriend’s gorgeous wet body take in the sunlight.

Linda strutted, happily, wearing a light colored, horizontally striped tube top and a pair of small ostim escort athletic shorts. Matt couldn’t help himself but to stare, concerned at Linda’s tits, which were in the constant process of oozing out of her minuscule covering. Linda would bounce along, unconcerned by her failing garment, letting more and more of her massive breasts fall into view until Matt was sure her nipples were going to slide right out. At the last possible moment, just before her areolas were eclipsing the hem, Linda would pinch her cloth top and hoist it up again. Her giant tits would be swallowed by flexible top, the horizontal stripes shifting to accentuate her volume. Linda would let her tits fall back to place afterwards, creating a spectacular, crashing, wobble.

Tracy, meanwhile, walked a pace behind the group wearing an enormous, black Iron Maiden T-shirt. The draping cloth couldn’t obscure her massive breast size, but hid her figure well, all the way down, nearly past her fitted boy short style bottoms. She glared at people passing by who had to take double, sometimes triple takes, at her mother and sister’s bouncing display.

“What is it with guys and boobs?!” Tracy exclaimed, addressing the group, but looking directly at Matt. “Why are you all so obsessed with them?!”

Matt cleared his throat, nervously. “I can’t speak for all guys, but as far as I’m concerned: I love t-“

“We know!” Tracy interrupted. “It’s painfully obvious, Matt. You haven’t been able to stop staring at my sister’s all morning… or my MOM’s, for that matter!” Tracy scowled.

Linda looked back at Tracy with a stern look. “Matthew can look all he wants! He knows he has consent from both of us, so CAN it, Missy! He is not the one that hurt you.”

Tracy glowered, looking down at the pavement. “Whatever…” she grumbled to herself.

The four approached the entrance. Linda proudly paid the admission price for the group at the kiosk.

“Thanks, Mom!” Janice exclaimed as they strolled through the entrance. “How does it feel to be able to afford this?”

“It feels wonderful!” Linda exulted. “Oh! Speaking of affording shit, did I tell you that I snagged the VIP package for that Legends of Rock cruise? It includes a Meet and Greet with the band! Ooo! I can practically taste David’s white snake now!”

“Grrrross!” Tracy groaned.

“Hey, Tracy!” Janice chirped. “Remember our song we wrote?”

For the first time all day, Tracy’s angry facade cracked into a smirk. “Which one? We wrote dozens!”

“The PERFECT one for Mom’s cruise!~” Janice crooned, giggling.

“Oh god…” Linda rolled her eyes, fully aware of what was about to commence. Tracy apparently did as well. A wide smile burst upon her face.

Matt grinned as Tracy and Janice began singing in loud voices:

“Oh, sail me away!~

On the bright shining seas~

Where all the first mates~

Are down on their knees!…~”

“Cover your ears, Matthew…” Linda implored. “This isn’t the type of parenting I need you to hear.”

The sisters regaled several raunchy verses of their tune to each other as Matt and Linda watched on; partly amused, partly aghast.

All around them, thrill rides of every sort spun, twisted and roared. “God! Where do we start?!” Linda shouted above the din of the park.

“Let’s go to that roller coaster right over there!” Janice said, pointing to an enormous white, wooden coaster. The entrance to the line was just a few feet away and the long passage to the attraction was almost completely empty. “C’mon! We’ll probably get to go straight on to the ride!”

As predicted, the four found themselves being seated in the aged metal cars of the coaster; Janice and Matt seated behind Linda and Tracy. The metal lap bar pushed down over their legs. The girls, especially Tracy had to be wary of getting their breasts squashed by the bar as it lowered.

“Ooo! I’m excited!” Janice squealed in girlish excitement as she snuggled Matt’s bicep.

Finally, after the ready check, the brakes to the coaster disengaged and the rickety contraption rattled out of the station.

Matt’s eyes had a hard time looking away from the intense jiggling going on in Janice’s cleavage as the coaster rounded the corner and began it’s clacking, slow ascent to the distant pinnacle.

“Wow!! Look! You can see the whole park from up here!” Tracy marveled as the first train cars disappeared over the precipice.

“WOOOOAAHHAAA!!” Linda screamed in chorus with the other riders as the coaster plunged into the depths with a roar. As soon as her arms extended upwards, her tiny tube top retreated for cover around her waist.

Between Janice’s softness being battered by physics and Linda’s tits flying free in the seat in front of him (still visible), Matt could barely focus on the ride, itself.

The coaster sped through winding tracks, dipping low through the gaps in the massive wooden girders. The age of roller coaster was unknown, but had all the earmarks of being one of the park’s ankara otele gelen escort first attractions. The passengers were tossed around inside the clattering cars as the coaster careened through hairpin turns.

“Ooof!” Matt chuckled, feeling Janice’s body slam against him from the G forces. “I’m getting beat up!”

“You know you love it!!” Janice laughed.

At last, the coaster wound around the last turn and slowed to enter the station once more. The four giggled together as their equilibrium settled back to normalcy.

“Mom!” Tracy exclaimed. “Fix your top!”

Linda casually pulled her tube top up and over her tits the instant before the train entered the sparsely crowded station.

“Phew!” Janice exclaimed, standing up and climbing out of the car towards the exit. “That was a bruiser! Let’s go on one of the new sleek roller coasters next!”

The four gathered together outside to look over a map of the park.

“Ooo! This one looks neat! Look at all those loopty loops!” Tracy said, pointing to a light blue railed thrill ride on the opposite side of the park.

“We can take the sky gondola!” Janice exclaimed, pointing to the small, four seated, open roofed car suspended by a thin line, high above the ground.

“‘The Buckets of Death’ you mean? No thanks!” Linda protested. “I’d rather walk.”

The four agreed to stroll through the amusement park, taking in the sights and sounds on the way.

They walked past the section of the park devoted to water attractions. They all suddenly became aware of the heat, looking on at the people floating blissful on giant inflatable rings in a narrow waterway in the shape of a meandering river loop. Visitors in swimwear braved steep splashing ramps, sliding on their backs at break neck speeds. When the group came upon a massive wave pool, complete with a tiki bar, Linda insisted they visit it later in the day.

“Yes!” Janice replied. “I can’t wait to get some sun on my skin! Did you bring your swimsuit, Tracy?”

“Yeah…” Tracy answered, hesitantly. “but I’m not so eager to show off. I barely fit in it.”

“Join the club!” Janice giggled. “I’m wearing one that I haven’t worn since your wedding!”

“Jesus! You falling out of that bikini back then!” Tracy gasped.

“If you’re feeling self conscious, then just keep your shirt on.” said Linda. “That’s all I’m gonna do.”

“Uhh, Mom… you can almost see through that top already. If you get it wet it’s gonna be invisible!”

“…And?” Linda replied.

Tracy shook her head, chucking. “I swear… you and Janice are just begging to get roofied.”

Janice stopped in her tracks and glared at Tracy. Matt watched tensely as Janice’s eyes welled up with angry tears. He attempted to gently hold her hand.

“W-why d-don’t you shut the fuck up, Tracy!!” Janice sputtered through her tears as she sped off to a nearby bathroom. Matt quickly followed her.

Tracy blinked in confusion. “What’s her problem?”

Linda shook her head at Tracy, giving her an admonishing look. “That was the WRONG thing to say to your sister.” Linda said quietly to Tracy. “Janice WAS roofied at a party… she had to be brought to the hospital to get her stomach pumped and everything!”

Tracy’s shoulders slumped, realizing her faux pas. “Fuck!… Really?! Oh… poor Janice. What a nightmare! Who ended up helping her?”

“That guy right there.” Linda said, nodding towards Matt. “Janice and him weren’t even together then, just roommates. He probably saved her life that night!”

Tracy’s eyes looked over to Matt. He stood, holding Janice’s body against his. Her head to his chest, cradling her tear stained face against his shoulder in tender comfort. She held on to him tightly as she sniffled her tears away.

“Yep.” Linda continued. “Janice told me later that it was then that she knew that Matthew was the real deal.”

Tracy sighed. “I’ll go say ‘sorry’.”

She meekly approached Janice. Matt looked up to see Tracy’s sorrowful expression. He whispered softly in Janice’s ear. She nodded in response and Matt quietly stepped back to let the sisters speak privately.

Linda took Matt’s arm with a smile as he approached. The two strolled a few paces away, letting the girls speak. Within just a few minutes the two looked over to see the sisters hug each other tightly and stride hand and hand together towards them.

Matt noticed, upon the sisters approach, that Tracy was looking at him with a softer, more sincere smiling expression. Together, the four continued their walk towards the arcing blue tracks rising high above the tree line.

The popularity of the sleek, modern roller coaster was immediately apparent in the long, snaking line of people waiting for their turn to board.

“Here’s where everyone is!” Janice laughed as they took their place in line. Matt couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at the astonished faces reacting to the sight of the gorgeous trio of extremely well endowed women as they ankara rus escort passed through the waiting area.

They were nearing the coaster gate when Tracy sidled up next to Matt, wearing a bright smile. “I’ll ride this one with you… if that’s ok.”

“Sure!” Matt happily replied.

“It looks like me and Mom are going on first.” Janice said. “If we end up getting separated, do you guys want to meet at the food pavilion for lunch?”

“Sounds good to me!” Tracy replied.

“Ok! Here we go, Baby Girl!” exclaimed Linda, as the gate opened before them, allowing them to take their seat on the awaiting coaster train.

Tracy watched in silent trepidation as the ‘over the shoulder’ harness lowered over Janice and Linda’s heads. She could see their visible discomfort when the hard rubber coated frame squashed down upon the women’s large breasts as it was buckled by the attendant. The gates closed again and with a silent hiss, the coaster suddenly launched out of the station with unbelievable speed. The roller coaster passengers’ surprised screams quickly faded away into the distance.

“Our turn next!” Matt clapped in excitement.

It was just a few minutes before the next empty train slid, silently into the station. The gates opened once again. Tracy gulped as she took a seat. She reached up to the harness and pulled down as far as she could withstand. The buckle at the front of the harness dangled far out of reach from its mate. An attendant rushed forward and pushed the harness down further. Tracy yelped in pain.

“Hey!!” Matt shouted at the pimpled attendant. “Take it easy on her!”

“If I can’t buckle this, she can’t ride!” the attendant replied, slightly panicked.

“I… I can’t fit … Oh my god…” Tracy whispered. She was mortified as she looked up to see the people in the crowded waiting area craning their necks to see what was causing the delay. She could feel her neck burning as her face turned bright red. She was almost about to burst into tears, when she felt a gentle hand come to rest on her shaking wrist.

“It’s ok. Don’t worry, Tracy.” Matt said in a calm, friendly voice. He gently took her hand in his. “We can just go. It’s alright.”

Matt’s harness was disengaged and he stood to assist Tracy to her feet. He held on to her hand as the guided her towards the exit. Tracy’s head hung low with shame.

“Let some air out of those things, honey!!” a man called out from the crowd before Tracy and Matt rounded the corner. A laughing response filtered through the waiting area.

Tracy bolted from the station in embarrassment, leaving Matt casting a scowl over his shoulder. He quickly caught up to her as she ducked into the nearby sky gondola entrance.

“I wish I could just disappear!” Tracy said, fighting back tears. She leaned on Matt’s shoulder. He ventured to wrap his arms around her, she sank further into his embrace.

“Let’s get in one of these gondolas.” Matt suggested, sympathetically. “That’ll get us away from the crowd.”

Tracy and Matt stepped onto the bright green suspended bucket-like gondola car and took a seat across from each other. The car swayed as it glided out of the station, riding on a wire that led into the sky.

Matt nervously regarded the people below becoming smaller and smaller as they increased their height.

“Thank you for not adding to the scene down there.” Tracy said quietly as the car gracefully traversed the park.

“You looked embarrassed enough. I’m so sorry that happened to you, Tracy.”

She smiled at Matt’s genuine sentiment. She was just about to respond when suddenly, the gondola car halted to stop. Tracy and Matt’s eyes were wide with fright as the car swayed back and forth, slowly rocking to a standstill. They both held on tight to the railings, not daring to look over the edge to confirm how far they were dangling above the ground.

“Fuck! Are we about to die?” Tracy whimpered.

A speaker at the opposite of the bolted door crackled to life. “Please do not panic.” a voice spoke. “We have temporarily suspended this attraction to attend to a medical emergency at the station. Please remain calm and stay seated. Normal operation will resume shortly.”

Matt breathed a sigh of relief. “Ok… so. I guess we’ll just hang out for a bit?”

“No pun intended.” the two said in unison, laughing.

A moment of awkward silence fell over the two relative strangers. Matt idly gazed around the park down below.

“Sorry I was being a cunt to you earlier today.” Tracy finally said, meekly.

“You weren’t being a cu-… a ‘C’ word.” Matt smiled. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to know this… but your mom told me what happened to you… how your ex leaked your private pictures online. I understand where your anger towards guys is coming from… and you’re justified. A lot of guys make it really tough.”

Tracy smiled at Matt. “Thank you. It doesn’t excuse my behavior though… especially when you’re being so nice to me. I’m… I’m just hurt… inside. My heart is broken… and we’re living together now in a small apartment and… you’re going to see that.”

“I don’t mind. I know that you need this time in order to heal. I’m more than happy to help you in any way I can. And… for the record, Tracy, I am truly sorry for your pain.”

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