Theater Bang

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Theater BangIf you have read any of my past stories, which are true, you would know that Russ was my best friend when I was entering the age of coming out as a bisexual crossdresser. He was the first guy to pop my ass-cherry and encourage me to dress up in some of his mom’s things. He saw right through me and knew that I loved to crossdress. To this day, I yearn for someone with the same intuition to enable me to dress for them on a regular basis. The last times we spent together made me realize how my bisexuality was a catalyst in our friendship and relationship. As I went to live with my aunt, I had developed a nice wardrobe of sexy clothing, wigs heels and lingerie; all with her help of course. I missed having a regular cock to rely upon when I needed it, so I had to learn to meet guys in places like adult bookstores or cruising hangouts. Being mindful of the whole HIV situation, I always made it a point to practice safe-sex. Besides, a lubed up condom stretched over a hard dick goes in pretty easy and it feels heavenly. There’s nothing like the feeling of one going into my boy-hole and fucking me until I feel the heat from a sperm filled rubber in my ass. Some time ago, I met a guy through a paper called the Rocky Mountain Oyster. I was living in Denver at the time and I was getting heavy into the crossdressing scene and attending some of the clubs on occasion. This illegal bahis was way before the digital age of cell phones. He wanted to meet me and take me on a ‘date’, or as he called it, a ‘debauchery date’. I was to dress up and we would go to one of the local porn theaters where he would fuck me senseless. We met at one of the bookstores on Broadway and played around in a few booths first. He watched me tease a couple of older gentlemen before we went to the theater which was right down the street. As we walked in, there was a, arcade of booths in the back and the theater was up a few stairs off to the side. I walked in holding on to my ‘daddy’ as we made the rounds. I knew the attendant behind the counter and he was always cool with me. So I had my ‘date’ throw an extra $10 his way to secure our viewing pleasure. In other words, if anyone from DPD walks in, he would flash the house lights. As we went into the theater, we sat in the middle of the theater. It was like sharks swarming around for a moment there. Guys were coming around to see who the ‘slut’ was. Some walked away when they realized I was just a guy, but the fun was just starting. My ‘date’ had me stand up and face the screen while I hiked my skirt up, exposing my bare ass and stockings, then he began to rim my ass good. I was leaning forward to the point where I was bracing myself on the arms of the illegal bahis siteleri chair in front of me. With a tongue up my ass, I now had a cock waving in front of my face. “You have to ask my daddy, first.” I said the guy standing in front of me. “Mind if I feed her some dick?”, he asked my date. My date stopped for a moment and replied. “No cumming in her mouth.” With that, I was suddenly throating a hard dick. I sucked it and took a face-fucking before he withdrew his cock and shot his load all over the floor in front of me. My date sat back in his seat and pulled me down onto his stiff cock. It went into my boi-gina easily as I spread my legs apart and placed my high heeled legs on the seats in front of us. Then my daddy ‘went to town’ on my ass. As his dick pummeled my insides, my own little penis was bouncing up and down, oozing precum into the air. As my daddy held me, another cock was in front of me. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth and sucked him down. I love the smell of fresh clean cock and pubes. I moaned as he fucked my face.As I reached outward, my hand grasped another rigid cock that was in need of a good jerking. Someone then stuck ‘poppers’ under my nostrils and I inhaled deeply. With my head feeling warm and pulsating, I must have acted like a rabid she-bitch as I suddenly began to pump furiously onto my dates cock as I took him canlı bahis siteleri as deep into my guts as he would go. Jizm began to explode from my dick. “Oh God baby!” I bellowed. “You fuck me! Fuck this bitch… gimme that cock.”When I regained my composure, I was turned around and my ass was exposed to another cock for pumping. “Make sure you wear your ‘jimmies’ boys.”, my date told the others. He held me by the waste as one after another spread my legs and rammed meat into my ass. Again, someone slip the poppers under my nose and I began fucking a cock in my like a piston in an engine. “Fuck me!” I moaned loudly. “Fuck my hungry ass! Line up boys.”. This was a gang bang to remember and I would do it again.A cock filled my mouth and my ass as I was being fuck at both ends. At one point, someone held me off of the floor as they fucked me like a wheel barrel. As he held on, the guy in my ass came so hard he nearly convulsed and fell onto the floor. When he pulled out, he fell into the nearest seat and drifted into a stupor as we continued to fuck in the row of seats. When everyone in the theater pretty much fucked me or shot a load on me, I walked to the front of the screen area and thanked everyone for fucking me senseless. One stocking was being held up by one garter and the other stocking was crawling down my leg. I managed to make my way to the bathroom and clean up and apply my makeup before we went back to the bookstore next door. As we made our way to a booth, I made sure we grabbed on with a hole in each wall. I walked in, sat on my date’s lap, and hiked up my skirt. I was ready for some more action.

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