Theatrical…..11Theatrical……11A week later and I had been getting my occasional fix from either a text or a call from my friend, I was happy in the reassurance that he was making contact, that he was interested, I was a little apprehensive about the wedding because I was not sure how I would react when I saw him, or Anna or Mary for that matter, she had been on the phone a few times interrogating me as to what had happened after she left, I told her about the punishment, I think she nearly had an orgasm on the phone from the noise she was making, the picture of her slamming my friends head against the pillow stuck in my mind as another side to this woman that I had never seen before, had we let the tiger out of the cage, the wedding might give us the answer, my daughter Julia was home and the house was buzzing, she had finished University and been offered a job by them, she wanted to be a teacher and had graduated with a first honours, she lived on the campus and came home when she could, as I said, she was to be a bridesmaid at the wedding so she had come home a few days early, she had a night out with Lisa and some other girls without us old folk, the day of the wedding arrived and I had chosen my outfit very carefully, I wanted to look good for the wedding but I also wanted to look appetizing for him, my cream coloured costume with the skirt about 8 inches above my knees and my jacket was all that was really visible on the surface, underneath was a seething bed of sexual temptation, my blouse was pure lace, almost semi-transparent but not quite, my bra was also white lace and again semi-transparent, it was very cut away showing the bulge of my breasts off excellently, the blouse on top and as I opened my jacket in front of the mirror I could see the faintest outline of my areoles and nipples, they even puckered as I looked, lower down were French style knickers and white stockings with lace tops, hold ups of course, I wanted him to draw breath when I stripped for him, I wanted to take his breath away as I showed him what was there for the taking, I knew he would find a way, he always had, in the theatre he had fucked me after escaping his wife and family, he had escaped them again to get me out of the mall and into the hotel, now it was my family that would be around me but I knew he would succeed and I was a very willing participant, whatever he wanted, he could have, the car came and took Julia off to the wedding, we climbed into our car after I had made sure that both my husband and son looked respectable, there had been an argument because my son thought it would be cool to go in his trainers, this was because he was too idle to clean his shoes, all went smoothly at the wedding and I managed to catch a few glimpses of him as he moved around, he had been offered a plus 1 but I was pleased to see that he was alone although I did notice a few of the single ladies eyeing this tall dark stranger amongst them, of course, Anna, Mary and Lisa knew who he was but had so far kept quiet passing him off as a far distant relative who happened to be in England on holiday, I was ok in the sex department, my husband had made another failed attempt but I managed to get my wank in the bath, it wasn’t very satisfying, not like one of his fucks but it held off the ache I had been experiencing in my stomach for his cock inside me, at the reception, Anna had put him on our table although he was not sitting beside me, I had my husband on one side and my son on the other although Andrew, my son did the occasional jump ship to go talk to his friend and cousin Simon who was two years older at 16 and the son of Anna my sister, Andrew idolised Simon who was quite a big lad and played rugby for the school, in some ways he took after Anna who I have already said is quite a big girl, he was sitting between Mary and one of the aunts who were constantly demanding his attention, Mary was like a Cheshire cat smirking at me from her exalted position, I glared at her jokingly until he turned and caught me, I felt myself blushing, after the meal, the aunt wandered off leaving a space on his left, I was tempted to fill it but I daren’t because I knew that Anna was watching me like a hawk, waiting for me to stray, I knew she wanted a piece of the action as well but there were no promises, he stood and went to the toilet, Andrew had gone to talk to Simon, I waited for several seconds which seemed like hours, trying to time it right, I stood and headed in the direction of the toilets, the reception was being held in a very nice hotel bahis siteleri on the outskirts of the town, my timing was spot on, he was coming out as I was going in, “oh! hello, fancy seeing you here” I said, I could feel my blood pressure rising, I have a habit that when I am very embarrassed my chest and neck go red, I could feel it happening, he looked me straight in the eyes, “I booked a room here, room 317, just let me know when, I’ve missed you” he whispered, I glanced around, Anna was watching me, I smiled and held my hand out to him, he shook it gently taking hold of my fingers, I made a quick note of the hairy wrist as I ran my thumb over it, I had taken one of my fixes and went into the toilets, he went to the table, when I came out, the scene had changed, my daughter for some unknown reason was sitting beside him, the other two seats between him and me were vacant, Julia was chatting him, it was obvious and I know my daughter well enough, my mind raced, whatever could she be talking to him about, what was going on, she looked around and waved to someone at the other side of the room, he glanced sideways towards me he looked down and I followed his line of sight as he leaned back, I saw the hand on his thigh, Julia’s hand, I felt my mouth drop open, then my husband spoke to me from the other side, “are you ok, you seem distracted” he said, “no, no, I was just taking it all in, it’s a lovely wedding isn’t it?” I said, I was confused while at the same time curious, then a thought struck me, what if Lisa had told Julia about that night of her hen do, maybe Julia was now after a piece of the action as well, now there was only my son and husband left, I couldn’t see him fancying either of those, Julia was still talking to him and smiling, she looked past him and looked at me, she smiled sweetly, then returned her attention back to him, after several minutes of this he got up and headed for the stairs, I was preparing to follow when Julia got up and also headed for the stairs, my mind raced, what the fuck was happening, I knew that Anna had taken a couple of rooms, one for the bride and groom for the night and one for the bridesmaids to get titivated up in, but that was too easy, no, this was more sinister, I eventually stood up and looked around, I headed for the toilets and the deviated to the stairs, they were well ahead of me and I arrived on the third floor almost out of breath as I saw them disappear into a room along the corridor, I moved steadily along looking at the room numbers, they had gone into 317, a maid was just finishing a room a couple of doors down and she turned her back to head for her trolley, I jammed my foot in the door and slipped inside, I turned the door bolt to make sure I could get out, I was in the next room but one to 317 it was devoid of baggage and was empty, I went out onto the balcony and looked along, no sign, I looked at the dividing railings, they weren’t too high, I hitched up my skirt and threw my leg over the railings, as I came down on the top of the railings, it pushed my knickers up into my slit, making me jump, “oooo” I thought, I made it to the room after another “oooo” and peeped round the corner, the curtain to the balcony was slightly away from the wall affording me a view of the room without exposing my presence, I pushed gently at the window and it moved, it was not locked and opened enough for me to hear, she was sitting on the bed and there was an argument going on, he was standing in front of her about 3 feet away, “but Julia, please be reasonable, I care for your mother, I am not looking to break your parents up but if you tell your dad then it will split them destroy their marriage and possibly ruin your life, I aren’t married, I am a widower so it’s no loss to me but you and your family must mean something to you so why don’t you just relax and let it go, your mother is happy” he said, “yes, I know, she is happier than I have ever seen her and Lisa told me why, because of you and what you are doing for her and to her” Julia said, “so what do you want from me?” he said, I held my breath, “I want what you gave Lisa” she said, I let out a sigh, I knew it, gabby Lisa had spilt the beans and now my daughter was trying to blackmail my boyfriend into shagging her as well where would it all end?” I thought, Julia laid back on the bed, her arms outstretched either side of her, “come on, do it” she commanded, he looked at her and laughed, “just like that, have you no self-respect” he said chuckling, she glared at him, “after a few years at Uni, canlı bahis you lose all that, sharing bathrooms with no locks on the doors in case the students top themselves, so in answer to your question, no I don’t, so get your pants off and do me or I will tell my dad the truth, I’m sure that mum will not be able to explain away her absences on the aforesaid dates, so the end is nigh for those two and you will be responsible” she stated, I was horrified by what I was hearing, he stepped forward just at the moment that she sat up, she got hold of his head and kissed him hard on the mouth, “and I do fancy you, honest, I like older men, they are so experienced” she said, again my mouth dropped open, “ok, stand up, we had better get you out of this dress otherwise it will be ruined” he said, she smiled to herself as she turned, he dropped the zip on the full length red velvet gown and it fell to the floor, my daughter stood there in her underwear and stockings waiting to be butchered, I didn’t know what to do, should I stop this, if I did the cat would be really out of the bag, he was obviously prepared to sort her out and I was certain that once tasted she would be content and not want to lose touch, he crouched down behind her and pulled down her knickers, she stepped out of them, then he undid her bra strap, I was getting turned on by what was about to happen, that old feeling of watching him fuck someone else was back “now kneel on the bed” he said, she obeyed, she crawled forward her medium sized tits bobbing as she went, how are you going to do it” she said, “you’ll see” he said, he took off his trousers, she was watching him through her legs, “no, eat me first like you did Lisa” she said, “fucking hell!” I thought, was there no end to this, just how much had the new bride told my daughter, had she mentioned the black guy as well, we would see in due course, wait till I get my hands on you young lady” I thought, he knelt on the bed behind her as she dropped her head to the pillow arching her back and pointing her backside up in the air, he parted her buttocks with his fingers and buried his face in her bum crack then went down to her vagina, she jerked at the very sexual contact, I groaned, my pussy was leaking, he licked her arse and cunt, she was almost screaming as the first orgasm hit her, her head first came up and then went down hard as she shook, her legs were trembling and she fell flat down on the bed, she stayed there for a few seconds but I had already made a mental note that I wanted him to do that to me at the earliest, it was very erotic, she rolled over as he crawled forward between her legs, she wrapped them around him as he pulled down his shorts and stuck his cock into her, she arched back again as the penetration went in, her head went back and he attacked her throat, licking and slurping at it, she began to shake as the next orgasm struck, the climax came with her bouncing on the bed under him, she laid back staring at him, “I knew you would be good, apart from Lisa’s recommendation, my mother likes you so that’s good enough for me” she said, he pulled back out of her and she rolled over, “now from behind if you please” she said, “cocky little bitch” I thought as he pushed his cock into her doggy style, her head went down again, she moaned, “oh fuck that’s good, your cock just catches the spot” she said, I nodded, I knew just what she meant, he began to shaft her and she was building, “harder, fuck me harder” she said, he increased his pace, “harder you bastard, harder” she said loudly, he both increased his pace but also drove his cock all the way into her, her mouth opened in a silent scream the lunge had robbed her lungs of air and she jerked as she came, she fell flat down but he kept his cock inside her and fucked her hard, she was yelping and whimpering the massive wave of her sexual climax hit her in the stomach, I saw her stomach convulse as it tried to fold her in half, her face in the pillow she was shaking, her whole torso was shaking, he pulled out of her, his large cock wet with her juice, I sighed, I had almost lived that fuck with her, I knew what it felt like to be on the end of that cock, she rolled over and looked at him, “thank you, can I see you again?” she asked, “you had better ask your mother, she seems to be my booking agent these days” he said, I stifled a laugh, he got dressed and she got off the bed and put on her clothes, his last move before they left the room was for him to zip up her dress, she spun and kissed him on the lips before she disappeared güvenilir bahis through the door, I had to have him, I was desperate to have him, my cunt was leaking, my nerves were on edge I needed that cock inside me and soon, I began to plot, he had my number but I didn’t have his, I could call reception and ask them to page him then tell him to come to the room, I turned and made my way back along the balconies, I had tried to open the door of the room but there was a piece of wood laid in the track stopping me, it was there so that they occupants could get some air without risking security, I reached the room I had come in on, as I walked into the room I stopped dead, Andrew and Simon were standing in the room, “what are you two doing here” I whispered loudly, “we followed you” Andrew said, “what on earth for?” I asked, “Simon wants to ask you something” he said, “what?” I said looking at Simon, “Andrew told me what you did for him and I would like you to do the same for me” he said smirking, “don’t be stupid Simon, I will tell your mother about this” I said as I tried to walk past them, Simon stood in my way and as I tried to get past he pushed me backwards and I fell onto the bed, as I said, he is a big lad and I was no match for him, before I could get up, he knelt on the bed beside me and put his hand on my chest feeling my breasts, then he pushed his hand up my skirt and into my knickers, I was struggling I felt his fingers around my pussy, then they went into my slit, my feelings were mixed, should I let him fuck me in front of my son, no, I had a better idea, I relaxed back onto the bed, I put my hands up, “stop!!, ok, ok, what is it that you want, whatever it is I’ll do it” I said, he let go of me and stepped back, I sat up, Andrew was trying to look away from me, he could not make eye contact, “I want you to suck my cock” Simon said, “ok, drop your pants” I said as I began to unbutton my blouse, trying to make him think he had me, I remained seated on the bed, I beckoned to him to come closer, his hardening cock was sticking out in front of him, he was staring at my bulging breasts, I got hold of it as his fingers went into my blouse fondling the heavy orbs within, my nipples puckered and began to distend, I stood up as I cupped my hand round his balls, I put my arm under his chin and pushed him back whilst at the same time grasping his balls and grinding them together, an old trick my mother had taught me to deter over amorous boyfriends, his eyes bulged as I ground them in my hand, he was quite well hung so it was easier, he started to scream as I pushed my arm into his throat, “now look dear nephew, come near me again and I will cut these off, do you hear me” I shouted in his face” he nodded, his eyes full of fear, I was still grinding, I let go and brought my knee up just to finish the job, he fell to the ground clutching his very bruised manhood, I looked at Andrew who was making a bee line for the door, he had witnessed his hero downed by his mother and he knew he was in trouble, “and I will deal with you later” I shouted after him, Simon was staggering to his feet trying to drag his trousers up, clutching his trousers and his equipment, he made a dash for the door, “and I will tell your mother” I said as he went through it, I stood for a few moments trying to gather myself, it seems that our family were a bunch of shits with all the tales they told, maybe it was time for me to jump ship and leave them to it, I reached for the phone and dialled reception, I heard the announcement over the public address downstairs, he came to the phone and I told him where I was and that I was in need of him, I went to the door and looked through the gap, watching for his appearance, he walked along the hall and I came out of the room, I went to him and kissed him on the lips, he unlocked the door and we went inside, I was taking off my jacket before he turned round, he looked down at my open blouse, “what happened to you?” he asked, “I was preparing for you” I said, he took me in his arms as I threw my jacket on the bed and I sank into my oblivion as we fell back onto the bed, I got off again and gave him the strip I had promised myself he would get, he seemed very appreciative as he fucked my hole and made me come several times, every one satisfying and soothing my shattered nerves, I sucked his cock before he got into me and he tasted of cunt, I didn’t mention it, we showered together and he took me standing with my leg over his arm, I clamped my mouth on his and he fired his load into me, I sat on the bidet for a long time after, letting the water soothe my bits, I was tempted to let it stay there as a constant reminder for the night but thought it might leak out and stain my costume.To be continued……..

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