Therapy Part 2

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Therapy Part 2Therapy Part 2My sexual counsellor Colleen suggested that we set our next appointment in two weeks.  She also recommended that I refrain from any sexual activity that would result in my ejaculating, but she encouraged me to continue to watch as much porn as possible and to continue having erotic chats online – just no masturbation or ejaculation.”I want to build up the volume of your potent seed” she explained, “If you ejaculate a bigger, more sperm filled load, both you and Cheri will be more satisfied, and it will provide you both with a greater sense that insemination has been successful”.I did not question Colleen’s methods, but I must admit that by the time I arrived for my appointment my balls felt quite full, and almost ached for release.Colleen met me at the door and ushered me into a room that looked like a boudoir in the lower level of the house.  “This is a room that I use for a lot of my patients for sexual therapy, it allows me to try a myriad of treatements.” she explained.  “Today, we will be practicing a form of orgasm control, you might have heard it referred to it as ‘edging’.”Colleen asked me to get entirely naked, again no sesory stimulation from any form of clothing.  She then unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, which afforded me a lovely view of her cleavage wrapped in a pink push up brassiere.”I’m going şişli escort to stimulate you manually” she said, “and then put a device on your cock and balls that will prolong your erection and retard your ejaculation.  Remember, today’s session is about maximizing your potential output”.  As she fondled my balls and stroked my cock she remarked “I see you’ve followed the instructions and have refrained from any release this week”.As she worked over my cock fairly well, I began to wonder if I would be seeing her lovely daughter Cheri again today, or if I was going to practice my impregnation on Colleen.  I didn’t mind either way, Colleen looked like she would be a good fuck, and even if she was a bit older I guessed she was still able to breed.  However, Cheri was near perfection.  A tight, bald and very juicy pussy.  Smooth skin, big tits and small erect nipples.  And a flat tummy with a diamond piercing that was just waiting to be stretched out with a baby.  No sooner had I finished imagining that perfect body, than it appeared in the doorway before me, dressed in only a “fuck me” heels, a demi bra, garter, stockings and a gauzy robe.  Cheri was ushered into the room, aided by a pair of small asian women who were dressed in white uniforms.  “Miss Collleen” one of them said, with a slight accent, “you daughter has been prepared according şişli escort bayan to your instructions”.  I would find out later that the two uniformed women were bisexual sex workers who had emigrated from Thailand, and who worked for Colleen on a fairly regular basis.  They were Colleen’s assistants in so many different ways, but today they had been preparing Cheri’s pussy for my cock and seed by bringing her to multiple orgasms.  Apparentely, they were both very skilled in how they could use their fingers and their tongues, but were also not adverse to using plugs, toys and strap on devices.  Colleen explained to me later that a pussy in orgasm was 50%more likely to conceive.Cheri walked over to the bed, and as this was the first time that I had ever heard her say anything, I was a bit surprised when she turned away from me, bent over and grabbed her ankles and said “I need you to fuck me from behind.  Breed me doggy-style”.Collen let go of my turgid cock, and I stood up to mount Cheri and take my prize.  She was a few inches shorter than me, and with the heels her pussy was positioned perfectly for my height.  The Thai women had prepared her well, she was dripping wet.  Colleen had prepared my cock well, and I could feel such a huge load in my nuts.  As I entered Cheri, I reached to caress her thighs and rub my hands up her mecidiyeköy escort sides.  She felt so good inside.  So tight.  As I started to rhythmically slide my cock in and out of her tight pussy, Colleen began to loosen up the constriant that she had placed on my cock and balls.  This increased the blood flow to my cock, and it actually got larger as I was inside of her daughter.  Cheri moaned, and released a load of her juices over my cock.  With one hand he reached up from holding her ankles, and guided my right hand to her chest.  I started fondling her tits, and rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.”Ohhhhh godddd” she moaned, “I’m cummmmmming!”I continued to pump my cock inside her, pushing deep towards her womb.”Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned louder, “you are so fucking good!  I want all your jizz inside me!  I want your seed!  I want your baby!”Hearing her beg like that threw me into overdrive.  I was pumping her like there was no tomorrow.  The two Thai girls were rubbing my legs and cheeering me on.  Then I felt something unusual, and quite wonderful.  Colleen inserted a small electric dildo, or probe into my ass and began stimulating my prostate.  It was more than I could stand, and I arched my back and unleashed what seemed like a torrent of cum deep into Cheri’s pussy.We both collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.  The Thai women began ministering to Cheri’s needs, by putting a plug in her pussy, and began attending to my needs by giving me a warm sponge bath.I had never felt more satisfied, or spent.  And I couldn’t wait for my next appointment with Colleen.

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