Things Get Hairy Pt. 02

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Close Up

It was really coming down, the rain falling incessantly. Those who were out on the street hustled quickly wherever they were going, leaning into the wind or cowering under umbrellas.

I smiled vindictively. If I wasn’t getting a Bank Holiday, then at least everyone else’s was being ruined by the weather. It was petty, I know, but most of us would share my sentiments.

I’d agreed to pick up an extra shift because I got time and a half, and a day in lieu. Jasmine and I needed the money, and we could use the day off later on.

I turned to look at Jazz, and I felt that surge of love and lust I got whenever I looked at her. She was wearing a tight fitting top that clung to her belly and massive, heavy tits and I reached over to caress the left breast, seeing the nipple stiffening within seconds. Inside my pants my cock mirrored this result.

“Behave!” She scolded playfully. I kept my hand where it was.

“Why did I agree to work today? We could have spent all day in bed…Naked and playing with each other.”

She glanced at me as she turned a corner.

“Someone’s horny today.”

“Someone’s horny most days.” I countered.

“True.” She turned sad for a second. “I’m going to miss you today.”

“Me too.” I smiled. “When you get home later I’m going to drag you to bed and have you until I’m utterly spent.”

“Mmmm, sounds like a plan.” As we approached the lights she gently removed my hand.

In front of us a few pedestrians crossed, including one I recognized straight away.


She was easy to pick out due to her brightly coloured cat umbrella, but even without it I probably would have known it was her. The coat she wore clung to her form, giving a suggestion of the pleasing curves below, her juicy tits and nice, plump arse.

An arse that, without the coat, was a constant distraction at work. Sara was one of those women who knew how to use her walk to command men’s attentions. She’d cross the floor with her hips swinging and just enough jiggle to distract several of our coworkers, and I’d made eye contact and shared guilty, perverted camaraderie with several guys who’d joined me in openly ogling her as she passed.

“Cool umbrella.” Jazz commented. As a cat person I wasn’t surprised she approved.

“I think that’s Sara.” I said, hoping I sounded casual and not bothered.

“Oh.” There was a strained silence. “You didn’t say she was working today.”

“I didn’t know. I was one of the first to sign up, so I don’t know who else would be in.”

“How many do you reckon there will be?”

“About thirty, it’s pretty dead so they don’t need many of us.”

“Oh, okay.”

I knew what Jazz was thinking, being the jealous type. She was not a fan of Sara, despite their similar tastes in umbrellas. Ever since the friend request had arrived she’d been suspicious and worried, stating early on that she knew Sara was my type.

If only she knew how right she was, I thought and a wave of guilt engulfed me. It had been almost a fortnight since I had tasted Sara and since then I’d done my best to avoid her. I still had to talk to her, but I shied away from one-on-one time and did my best to be aloof. I knew that I was weak, and more contact would make my thoughts turn back to our tryst in the toilets.

Not that it had slipped my mind, I regularly thought about it. Often when I found myself alone I’d reach for the box on the top of the wardrobe and take it down. It contained a few old football programs and memorabilia, and beneath it an old porn mag and USB stick containing several dirty movies. The prize however were the red spotted knickers I had taken as a souvenir. Sara’s scent still lingered on them and I’d hold them to my face as I pumped my cock with my other hand, replaying the time between her legs over in my head, yearning for another opportunity.

Moments after cumming I would feel guilt again, vow never to think or do it again. Before replacing the knickers in the box and hiding it away out of Jazz’s reach.

Jazz looked serious, and I knew I had to divert her.

“What time are you meeting with Loz later?” I asked.

“About 10ish.”

“What are you guys doing again?”

“Well, she needs to dish on her latest conquest.” Jazz said with a giggle. Loz, her friend was something of a predator and had she kept notches on her bed post would have used up all the space on all four posts by now. “And we’ll probably do a bit of shopping and grab lunch before I go to work.”

“What time will you be home?”

“Sevenish, I hope. We shouldn’t be too busy today either.”

“That’s good. Shall I cook or get take away?”

“Take away, it’ll be easier, just in case I’m late.”

By this time we’d arrived outside work and Jazz pulled in.

“I really am going to miss you today.” She said turning to me.

“I know, love, and I’ll miss you too.” I leant over and kissed her deeply. She responded with her usual intensity and after several moments I pulled away.

“I’ll text you on break, okay?” I reached for the handle. “Love canlı bahis you, see you later.”

“Love you too.”

I stepped out into the rain, waved and dashed for the cover of the building, looking in my bag for my swipe card. I was still looking when Sara strolled up, taking down her umbrella.

“Good morning.”

I nodded in response, still rummaging in my bag for my pass.

“Morning, how are you?” I asked, finally seizing my prize. I swiped in and Sara followed me towards the lift.

“Urghh. Awful, my weekend was crap, it’s chucking it down and I have to work.”

“Think of the money!”

“Please don’t say that, it makes it all sound so whorish.”

She flashed a smile at me, and I felt my face flush slightly. My cock twitched as the image of Sara dressed like a cheap tart on a street corner flashed through my mind.

“Sorry.” I returned the smile. “Think of the nice things that you can treat yourself to with the bonus.”

“Better.” We joined the small group waiting for the lift. “Girlfriend drop you off?”

“Yeah.” A fresh onslaught of guilt.

“That’s nice. She’s kinda hot, well done!” And then leaning in she added softly “Great looking tits. Odd, ‘cos I had you down as an arse man.”

I felt myself stiffen inside my pants and moved my bag in front of my crotch to cover this, for a brief moment I thought I detected a look of amusement and triumph cross Sara’s face.

“So, which is it? Arse or boobs?” She added, close to me and whispering I felt the room warm considerably.

“I can appreciate the qualities of both.” I whispered back, aware that I was breathing slightly heavier than I had been.

Sara just smiled, the lift doors open and we piled on, taking our place at the back as we were going to the highest floor. The other four people took up quite a lot of space and Sara stood extremely close to me, close enough for me to breath in the light aroma of perfume.

“So, um, why was your weekend so crap?” I asked, trying to steer the conversation back to more wholesome topics.

“My friend cancelled our plans for Friday and on Saturday I had a truly terrible blind date.”

“What was so bad about it?”

“God, where do I start. He was this irritating posh boy, right? Turns up all swaggering and sure of himself, is rude to the waitress and a total knob. He gets roaring drunk and insists I go see his flash new place.”

“Did you go?” I asked after we’d stopped at the first floor and lost two of our companions.

“Yes, but in my defense I had downed a few wines to escape the awfulness. And I was hoping that back at his I’d see why he my friends had seen me with such a giant dickhead!” She chuckled. “That’s the worst part, my friend thought I’d like this guy! That we’d be good together? What does that say about what they think of me?”

“There were no redeeming features?”

“His flat was quite nice.” Came the reply, with a shrug.

I laughed loudly at this, our two fellow passengers glancing at me.

“It gets worse.”

“Go on…”

The lift stops on the third floor and the two others disembark, we’re alone. Sara waits for the doors to close before continuing.

“The sex was a disaster.”

“You still shagged him?”

“I tried.” Seeing my puzzled expression she leant in closer and continued. “The booze clearly didn’t help him out and after I got him nice and hard with a blow job.”

At this point my own cock had gotten utterly rigid, and was tenting in my pants. God, I hoped the bag was covering it.

“He just drooped.” She raised an eyebrow in a quizzical manner.

“His loss.”

I had not intended that to come out aloud. I should not be flirting with her, even if I did imagine this drunken buffoon kicking himself the next day and found it difficult that even with a skinful I wouldn’t be more than rock solid and raring to go with Sara’s naked form before me.

“I thought so.” That slightly wicked smile flashed. “So, I made my excuses and left. Which was a shame as despite being a dickhead he was kinda hot and his cock was impressive. I’d gotten all wound up for nothing. I had to just go home and finish myself off.”

“And that’s just not the same, is it?” I asked, echoing something she’d told me before.

“Exactly.” She looked up at me, biting her lip as if thinking. “Perhaps-“

Whatever she was about to say was interrupted as we reached our floor and our team leader Ant just arriving having taken the stairs.

“Morning, guys!” He greeted us cheerfully.

I followed Sara to our stations as Ant chatted away, willing away my hard on, which was a little difficult as Gemma had elected to wear tight leggings and was bending over her desk sorting something out. I clocked Ant taking a long lingering look at her firm arse and turned to smile at Sara who probably would have noticed.

Any thought of quelling my erection evaporated as Sara removed her coat, she was wearing a dark blue dress and it was extremely sexy. It wasn’t extremely short but it showed off her legs and it was tight enough bahis siteleri to show off her arse as well, but the major attraction was the front, which was tight and low, clinging to her full breasts and giving a nice, deep cleavage.

I managed to stop myself from actually drooling, but Sara still noticed my not so subtle perving and smiled wickedly at me.

We took our seats and answered our first calls, but it was slow. As the monotony of work took over and I dealt with the first customer, my erection subsided and I pushed Sara from my mind.

Just as I’d cleared my head there was a beep showing I had received an internal email, I opened it and discovered a message from Sara. I opened it, wondering if she had a question about work, but it wasn’t and my poor cock twitched into life once more.

“Okay, now I know you’re a boob man. Your eyes were all over me, I’ve never felt so violated ;)”

I smiled and shot a look over at her, but she was dealing with a call. I typed my response:

“I do apologize, but I am only human!”

This was risky, I mean, I was joking, but this was still flirting. A few moments passed before her response.

“Oh, I meant violated in the best way. I kinda like getting checked out, it’s a real ego boost.”

“In that case I’ll make sure you catch me more often.”

At this point Sara arched her back in an exaggerated stretch, thrusting out her chest as she did. I openly stared at her cleavage as she did it and when she stopped our eyes met and lingered on each other. My cock was now throbbing.

“Caught you!” Began the next message. “I can tell you like what you see, you have that lusty look in your eyes again!”

“I have no idea what you mean.” I typed in response. “I am spoken for, and a gentleman, and this accusation is utterly unfounded.”

I was handling my next caller when the next message arrived from Sara.

“You definitely are a gentleman, or at least have manners. You were obviously taught ‘ladies first'”


“Well, you only came after me didn’t you?” At this I glanced up to see her watching my reaction, that wicked smile on her face. Then she began typing again, I waited and then it arrived.

“God, you’ve gone so red! It’s a bit late to be shy about a wank now, after you’ve eaten me out.”

“How do you know I wanked?”

“Because you’d have to have got rid of the massive bulge you had when you were done eating me! Very impressive by the way, Jasmine is a lucky girl.”

I was amazed that my blood could rush two ways at once, I knew my cheeks must be glowing bright red, and yet my cock was now painfully hard.

“Thank you.” I replied. “I don’t get any complaints!”

“I bet you don’t.” Came the reply. “I do have one question for you though?”

“Fire away.”

“What happened to the underwear? I only realized I’d left it behind later and it was gone when I went back.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I decided on the truth.

“I kept them. Is that weird?”

The pause stretched out, longer and longer, every second feeling like a minute and the entire time a torment. Of course it was weird, she probably thought I was a complete nutter.

Thankfully a caller came through to distract me and halfway through sorting their problem out there was a beep and a “New Message” alert appeared in the bottom corner of my screen. As I hung up I opened the message. Thankfully, it wasn’t filled with insults and awkwardness.

“Oh, right…Why? Like a trophy? What do you do with them?”

“Well, I didn’t think I could just leave them there so I took them home. Sort of like a souvenir, I guess.”

“Have you had to hide them?”

“Yeah. They’re in with my stash of stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“Porn and stuff.”

“You keep them with your porn?!”


There was an incredibly brief pause before the next message landed in my inbox.

“Do you put them on or something?”

I stifled a laugh.

“No, I just like to look at them sometimes. And sniff them.”

Why the hell had I sent that, I definitely looked like a freak now.

“You freak! 😉 I’m a little surprised.”

“That I’m such a pervert?”

“No, I’ve suspected that for a while. Just that those knickers would have such an effect, they’re not even that sexy a pair.”

“Well, I like them.”

“Then you’d love what I’ve got on today.”

“Oh, really?”

There was no response, and I glanced up a moment later to see Sara leaving the floor. I was puzzled until my phone buzzed twice a moment later and I retrieved it to reveal a snapchat from Sara. Nervous and excited I opened it and was rewarded with two glorious photos of Sara.

In both she had taken shots of herself in the mirror of the disabled toilets, to show off her black lacy underwear. In the first she stood facing the mirror, one foot on the toilet seat, her legs open and skirt hitched up. I could clearly see the outline of her sex and several small hairs peeked out.

The second was a picture from the back, with her dress hitched up bahis şirketleri again. She’d leant forward to make her arse look all the more inviting, the fabric stretched across it. All I wanted to do was run off to the toilets, bend her over and take her there and then, but Sara returned to her station and sat down, flashing that teasing, wicked smile at me once more.

It was mere seconds before the next message arrived.

“Your turn.”


“You’ve seen mine, time to show me yours.”

I stared at the screen for a few seconds, then logged off quickly, snatched up my phone and headed to the toilets. Locking myself in I dropped my trousers, luckily having worn clean and fairly decent boxers. Thanks to my throbbing cock there was a considerable bulge, and having checked the photo I sent it as I walked back to work.

As I sat down Sara was opening her phone, as she looked at the screen she let out a small gasp and looked at me intently as I sat down. Instantly my alerts went off again.

“Holy shit, Chris! Somebody’s excited and I am getting increasingly jealous of Jasmine now!” Was the message I got. I smiled at Sara, who smiled again her eyes filled with mischief and lust, but two callers put paid to any more flirting.

Unbelievably we’d already reached our half hour break and as we stood up to leave Ant approached me and Sara.

“Hey guys, we’re meant to have team meeting today, but bit pointless with just three of you in, besides, I need to help Gemma with the new procedures, so just take a full hour, okay?”

We didn’t need telling twice and we hurried off, I ducked into the gents and hoped I could avoid Sara. The flirting was getting out of control and I didn’t know how much I could restrain myself.

As I left the bathroom my phone rang, it was Jasmine. I answered and ducked into one of the training rooms.

“Hey babe.” I answered. “How’s it going?”

“Not to bad, Loz has broken up with Steve.”

“Another one bites the dust, huh?” I chuckled, Loz’s relationships tended to be short and tempestuous. Steve, the latest had only managed about two months, which was about average.

“Yeah, that girl is all about the drama. How’s work going?” As she spoke a clicking sound behind me made me turn. Sara had entered the room and was locking it behind her. With a mischievous grin she pulled the blinds closed, meaning nobody could see into the room.

“Oh, it’s not too bad.” I shot what I hoped was a what-are-you-playing-at look towards Sara but it must have failed because her next action was to hitch up her skirt and begin pulling down the black underwear. I watched, unable to object, even if I’d wanted to.

“Yeah, it’s kinda slow and boring, but it’s going okay.” I continued, trying to sound as normal as possible. “How’s your day going?”

“Pretty good. It was nice catching up with Loz and-“

What came next escaped me as Sara crossed the room, fell gently to her knees and began undoing my belt and trousers. An attempt to push her away was met with another impish grin and she placed her finger on her lips. Then she freed my already stiffening cock and took it in her mouth, her tongue teasing around the edge of my helmet.

I bit my lip to stifle a moan as a wave of pleasure washed over me. Sara looked up at me as she took my cock in her mouth, sucking softly. My cock instantly responded growing in size and stiffness under the expert blow job I was receiving. Sara let out a muffled moan around my cock as she slid her lips down the shaft and I clutched a handful of her black locks as the intensity of the pleasure grew.

“So what are you up to now?” I asked Jazz, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Just getting ready for work, I just wanted to talk to to you because otherwise it would be hours until we spoke and I’ve missed you.”

“I miss you too, babe.” I answered, guilt building as I spoke sweetly to the woman I loved while my cock was in another woman’s mouth. Feeling angry at myself I thrust deeper into Sara’s mouth, hearing her gag slightly as she took all seven and a half inches, but the gagging replaced quickly by yet another muffled moan.

“We still on for the plan this evening?” Jazz asked.

“The plan?” I asked puzzled, my focus understandably not at its keenest.

“A night of take away and furious sex?” Jazz reminded me.

“Oh definitely, babe, I am definitely in the mood for some furious sex!” At this came a louder moan and Sara looked up at me, her eyes shining with impish glee.

“That’s what I like to hear! Anyway, I’ve got to go.” Jazz said cheerfully. “I love you.”

“I love you too, babe. Can’t wait to see you later.”


“Bye, now.” I hung up and looked down at Sara.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I hissed at her.

She pulled her lips from my hard, throbbing shaft but continued to softly wank it with her hand.

“Would you like me to stop?” She asked sweetly.

I know I should have said yes, shown some self control, but I couldn’t. I had needed to cum so badly for so long I just shook my head.

“No.” I said.

“I didn’t think so. Now lie on the table.” Sara commanded and without questioning I did as I was told, lying flat on my back on the top of the conference table.

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