This Means WAR!

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I never thought in a million years that I fall head over heels for a jock, but that’s exactly what happened. It was my second year at the University of Texas. Troy Malone was a handsome, intelligent, outrageously funny guy, and he was a quarterback on the football team, albeit the second string, since he was just a junior.

I’m a small town girl, but I was neither naïve nor a virgin. I guess on the virgin to slut scale from one to ten, I was a three when I met Troy. A Business major, I had always been a straight A student.

With UT being the big football school that it is, going anywhere on campus or off with Troy, the presumptive next year’s starting quarterback, was very different from anything I’d experienced before. He drew a crowd wherever he went.

Even though Troy wasn’t the most patient lover, he more than made up for that with his abundant enthusiasm and endurance. By the time he was ready to call it a night; I would be totally spent and exhausted.

We’d been dating for two months when Troy convinced me to do something I swore I’d never, ever do. He talked me into taking a naked selfie and sending it to him via text. “I just need something to look at when I can’t be with you. I swear, I’m the only one who will ever see it.”

I believed him. I trusted him. How could I have been so stupid? The asshole forwarded that picture to half the school. For the next two weeks, everywhere I went, all I heard from “friends” and strangers alike was “Nice rack!” and “Awesome tits!” and “Hot bod!”.

It should go without saying that I broke up with Troy.

* * *

I avoided dating for quite a while, but Troy was having a blast playing the field. One of the girls he was dating was a really, really hot blonde named Karla Penderdorf. She did have somewhat of a reputation for being a blowjob queen, but that obviously didn’t bother Troy.

Karla had an apartment off campus, and shortly after hooking up with Troy, she threw a party at her place. She invited Troy, of course, as well as several of his teammates and their girlfriends.

I wasn’t at the party, but I was able to see and hear most of it via nanny cam. Unbeknownst to Troy, Karla was in several of my classes and we were good enough friends for her to do me this favor. Actually, it didn’t hurt that she thought he was an arrogant asshole. She only dated him because of his status around campus.

The main event of the party came late in the evening. Karla had everyone gather in the living room. She announced that she’d come up with a new recipe for popsicles, and that Troy had been gracious enough to be her taste tester. And then she slid the DVD into the player and everyone’s attention turned to the wide-screen TV.

The first scene showed Karla presenting Troy with three popsicles, one orange, one grape, and one strawberry. He was instructed to eat all three before rendering his decision about which flavor was the best, and that is just what he did, finally announcing that he preferred the strawberry flavored popsicle.

The next scene showed Karla in the kitchen. She told the audience that she wanted to show them how she made the popsicles. She had three small mixing bowls, each one containing a small amount of flavored Kool-Aid. Then she sprinkled a small amount of Jello of the matching flavors into each bowl. Finally, she smiled at the camera and told the audience she was ready to add her “special” ingredient.

The audience let out a collective gasp when the image on the TV showed Karla on her knees in front of a guy. She was sucking his hard cock, periodically looking at the camera and smiling with a naughty wink. The audience couldn’t see who the guy was, but I knew. Karla said he was famous for the copious amount of cum he produced.

When he warned Karla that he was close, she removed her mouth and jerked him off into a clear glass. Sure enough, he produced an unbelievable amount of cum. And then the scene switched back to the kitchen and showed Karla mixing a healthy portion of cum into each bowl before pouring each into the popsicle molds.

The video then flashed immediately back to Troy devouring the popsicles. Finally, the scene switched to Karla and I standing side by side, her arm over my shoulder, and mine around her waist. I looked right into the camera and said, “Take that, Troy, you mother fucking asshole.”

Needless to say, Troy left almost immediately. The others stayed long enough for another beer and a lot of laughs.

* * *

Word of mine and Karla’s practical joke on Troy made its way around campus quickly. The reactions were mixed, some taking the position that “those two sluts shouldn’t have done that to Troy, our next quarterback”, while others praised us with “Way to go, girl.”, and “That’ll show the bastard for sharing personal selfies.”

Needless to say, both Karla and I had to stay on our toes for anything that looked suspicious. If we encountered any situation that didn’t look exactly right, we immediately avoided it.

Fortunately, bahis firmaları the rest of the semester passed without further incident. I convinced myself that Troy had accepted that we were even.

* * *

It was several weeks into the second semester when I met Garry Barnett. I was sitting in the cafeteria with some friends when I noticed him looking my way several times. He was sitting with a group of guys, but he finally mustered the courage to come over and ask me out to supper.

Gary wasn’t the most handsome guy on campus, but I found him to be quite charming so I accepted his offer. I was glad I did. He was very sweet, a great listener, and a true gentleman. When he picked me up at my dorm, he presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and then he waited patiently in the lobby while I went upstairs and put them in water. Best of all, he was in no way associated with the football team. In fact, he was the captain of the swim team, which accounted for his lean, fit body. He lived with his parents only a few miles from campus, so he wasn’t a constant partier.

After three wonderful dates, the first to the Olive Garden for supper, the second bowling, and the third for a picnic by the lake, I decided to let him know I wouldn’t mind taking our relationship to the next level.

“Are you sure?” he asked me prior to me getting out of his SUV in front of my dorm.

“I am very sure” I assured him. And then I gave him the most passionate kiss we’d shared to that point.

Our next date didn’t end until after we’d shared several hours in a very nice hotel room near the university. God! He was a wonderful lover. He was patient, attentive, and very, very talented, especially with his tongue. When he was eating my pussy, he even used his tongue on my ass. That was a new experience for me, but I loved it. Before those few hours were over, Gary Barnett owned me.

The following week was to end with a three day weekend. Gary invited me to go camping with him. “I know a great spot out in the woods with a beautiful clear stream, and I have all the camping equipment we’ll need.” How could I refuse?

Friday evening, we drove to his house and loaded his SUV with a tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, and a few other odds and ends. I got to meet his parents, and I quickly learned how he came about being so polite. They were an absolute joy.

We headed out early Saturday morning. I was tempted to give him a blowjob during the two hour drive, but I decided it would be much more erotic out in the woods.

Gary had been spot on about the beauty of the place. It was deep in the woods, very secluded, and the stream had a short waterfall just above a small pool.

It took us a couple of hours to set up camp, and then we immediately undressed and took a very cold dip in the shallow pool. After lying out on towels in the sun long enough to warm up, we had an awesome day and night of steamy hot sex.

At one point, when he was supporting himself on his outstretched arms, my legs over his shoulders, he asked “Fucking outside is awesome, isn’t it?”

“Fucking you anywhere is awesome.” I panted, and then I immediately proceeded to cum for the second time.

The next afternoon, while we were stretched out on our towels, recuperating from a lively fuck, sipping our beers and soaking in the sun, Gary dropped a bombshell on me, “Sherry, I dated a girl last year who turned me on to mild bondage. I found the lack of control to be a real turn on.”

I stared at him hard, “So you want to tie me up?”

“No, no.” He defended himself, “The lack of control turned me on, not being in total control of someone else.”

The light came on in my brain, “Oh, so you want me to tie you up. Is that it?”

“Yeah. Would that freak you out . . . tying me up, blindfolding me and doing anything you want with or to me?”

“Anything I want?” I asked him with a chuckle.


“I think I can handle that.” I told him with a laugh.

Gary immediately got up and went to his SUV. He returned a minute later with a bag. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed when he dumped out its contents. There were four metal stakes, a hammer, four long pieces of rope with Velcro loops on the ends, and one black blindfold. “You came prepared.” I added with a loud and sustained laugh.

He just chuckled and began driving the stakes into the ground. After attaching the ropes to the stakes, he spread his towel between them and lay down. Next, he attached two of the Velcro loops around his ankles which left his legs spread wide. “Okay, you’re up.” He told me. “Do my wrists and then blindfold me.”

I followed his instructions, but the entire time, was having a difficult time believing we were actually doing this.

Once he was strung out spread eagle and blindfolded, I was at a loss as to what to do next. Finally, I walked the few yards back to our camp and got a folding chair, then to the ice chest for a new beer.

After placing the kaçak iddaa chair just out of his reach and having a few sips of my beer, an idea came to me. I returned to the ice chest and extracted the largest cube of ice I could find. When I returned to Gary, I immediately began trailing the ice over and around his nipples. When he complained, I admonished him, “You’d better be quiet. I don’t want to have to gag you too.”

While I was teasing his nipples with the ice, my brain was whirling, trying to come up with something to do to him. That’s when I spotted a nearby young sapling. I was grinning while I was breaking off a two foot limb with a healthy supply of soft leaves.

When I got back to Gary, I began teasing the bottoms of his feet with the leaves. I made my way up his legs to a point just short of his balls. Then I moved up to his neck, shoulders, chest and stomach. I was amazed at how that made his dick begin to grow and harden.

When I thought I’d put it off long enough, I began swishing the leaves gently over his dick and balls. It didn’t take much of that to make him fully hard. Okay, what to do next? Nothing came to mind, so I sat in the chair and took another few sips of my beer.

I’m not sure why, but my mind went back to the first time Gary went down on me. I remembered the way he’d used his tongue on my ass, and how much I had enjoyed that. I thought of squatting over his face and making him do that again, but that would require his cooperation, so I dismissed the idea.

I remembered more than one past lover asking me for anal sex. I had always declined. I just didn’t trust any of them not to hurt me. Gary had a nice dick. It was slightly longer than average, but it was slender like the rest of his sleek competitive swimmer’s body. And I could be in total control. If I was ever going to try it, this could be the perfect time.

I went back to our tent and got a bottle of baby oil out of my bag. I always had a bottle of baby oil with me. I used it on my breasts, stomach and abdomen daily, something my mom told me would keep my skin moist and healthy, “And when you are married and get pregnant, you won’t get stretch marks.”

When I returned to Gary, I knelt between his legs and began licking up and down his hard shaft. Little did he know that, with the other hand, I was slowly and gently working an oily finger into my own ass. It took a couple of minutes, but I finally managed to get two fingers inside me, all the while licking and sucking Gary’s hard dick.

When I thought my asshole was sufficiently stretched out, I spread baby oil all over Gary’s dick, then I moved up and purred in his ear, “I’ve never had anal sex, but I’m going to try. You’d better not move or I’ll take a switch to your balls.”

It took a while, but I finally managed to work the head of his dick into my ass. I took my time, letting my ass grow accustom to the intrusion and the feeling, then I began pushing harder. When I had two or three inches in me, I began slowly moving up and down on it, pushing down a little more with every three or four downward movements.

It took me three or four minutes, but I finally managed to work the entire length of his hard dick into my ass. After getting used to the feeling, which I actually found quite nice, I began to slowly fuck my ass with his hard dick.

I actually came twice while fucking him, and without so much as touching my clit. I was amazed.

I was getting really tired and almost gave up on making him cum when he began bucking his hips up to meet my downward thrusts. And then he let out a low guttural grunt and I felt the first spurts of his hot cum splatter inside me. I was surprised that I could feel it, but the feeling was awesome.

When he was finished and shriveling, I rolled over onto my back beside him, panting and gasping for air. After a minute or so, I managed, “Holy Shit! That . . . was incredible. I should . . . have tried that . . . a long time ago. Did you . . . enjoy it?” I asked, still gasping for air.

“Hell yes! It was my first time too. It was different, and I loved it.”

“Good, then next time, you can do all the work.”

He chuckled, “Okay, I think I can handle that.”

When I’d sufficiently recuperated, I removed Gary’s blindfold and removed the Velcro from his wrists and ankles. “I’ll get us a beer.” I told him.

When I returned from the ice chest, we lay there sipping our beers. After a couple of minutes, Gary said, “That’s a real turn on . . . the helpless feeling. You should try it sometime.”

I thought about it for only a few seconds before responding with, “Okay, let me know when you’re ready and I’ll give it a try, but we’ll have to wash up first . . . especially you.” I said, pointing to his dick which showed the obvious signs of being in an asshole.

He chuckled again, “Of course, but I need a few minutes.”

I laughed, “Only a few minutes?”

He shrugged and raised his beer to me in toast, “Okay, so maybe more than a few. kaçak bahis That was one hell of a fucking.”

When we’d both finished our beers, Gary stood up and told me, “Okay, let’s go wash up and then you can assume the position.” He said, pointing to where he’d been lying.

The anticipation of what I was about to do was very exciting to me, even though I wasn’t sure exactly why. Perhaps it was because I trusted Gary totally, and this was my chance to demonstrate that to him.

I’m not sure what I expected to happen when I was in position, blindfolded and strapped down spread eagle on the towel, but I surely didn’t expect Gary to yell out, “Okay, you can come on down.”

Was this some kind of joke? Was he just trying to scare me? If that was his goal, he was successful . . . very successful.

The next thing I heard was a folding chair being either folded up or unfolded, and then several male voices. I didn’t recognize any of them, so I admonished Gary, “God damnit, Gary, what the fuck?”

And then I heard something that made my whole body stiffen and paralyzed my brain. It was unmistakably Troy’s voice, and it was stern and hateful, “Shut the fuck up, bitch, or I’ll stuff a rag in your mouth.”

I kept telling myself this wasn’t happening. Perhaps I’d fallen asleep and was having a nightmare.

Next, I heard the tabs pulled on four or five beer cans, and then Gary’s voice, the same Gary I had began to fall in love with . . . the same Gary I had come to trust with all my being. He asked, “Did you talk to the coach?”

“I did.” Troy answered, “Everything is cool. You’ll be on the sideline with us for every home game next year.”

Is that all it took for Gary to betray me, or was this planned all along? Was this the goal when Gary asked me out that first time? Had he been acting a sick role all along? Didn’t he feel anything for me at all? Apparently not, if he could do something like this to me just so he could be on the sideline with the football team at home games. Asshole—no—mother fucking, slime ball, pussy asshole.

What were they going to do to me? I couldn’t imagine that they’d rape me. That would be a serious crime. They could abuse me in other ways, perhaps whip me with switches, but that would leave marks—evidence I could use against them with the police. But if not any of those, what? What did Troy have in his sick, disgusting brain? I was afraid to speculate further.

I heard the crunching of beer cans—big strong men—pathetic, and then Gary asked, “You ready, bro?”

Troy answered, “Nah, I think we all need another beer first.”

More beer cans being opened, and then some of the voices I didn’t recognize talking, “She has an awesome rack,” one said, and another responded, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a few minutes alone with those bodacious ta-tas.”

I couldn’t resist saying in the most venomous voice I could muster, “Fuck you, assholes. You’d better get your sick jollies off now, cause you’ll never get to touch-“

And then there were fingers on one of my nipples, pinching . . . pinching really, really hard and twisting. Troy’s voice, “I told you to shut the fuck up, bitch. One more word out of your mouth and I’ll not only stuff a rag in your pathetic fucking mouth, I’ll hurt you—hurt you really, really bad. Do you understand me, cunt?”

What could I do but nod my understanding?

Ten minutes later, there was more crunching of beer cans—pathetic. I guessed it was about five minutes after that when my blindfold was ripped off.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to focus against the harsh rays of the sun. And then I saw Troy standing just behind my head. His shorts were down to his knees and he was holding his dick in his hand. “Open your mouth, bitch.” He ordered me.

It was obvious what he intended to do, so I clamped my mouth shut as tightly as I could and shook my head from side to side.

“We can do this easy or hard, but we’re going to do it either way. Now, open your fucking mouth.”

When I didn’t obey, Troy bent over and grabbed both of my nipples, pulling them and pinching them so hard, I was afraid they would be yanked right off my tits. When I didn’t comply right away, he stepped on my bicep and shifted his weight. The pain was too much for me, so I finally complied, opening my mouth wide.

“Well, well, she’s not as tough as she things she is. If you close your mouth again, what you just got is nothing to what I’ll do to you next time. Do you understand me, bitch?”

I nodded immediately, afraid to find out what he might do if I didn’t obey.

A few seconds later, he started peeing. It took him a couple of seconds, but he finally managed to direct his hot stream to my head and mouth. I did my best not to swallow or gag, but it was difficult.

“Swallow, bitch!” He yelled at me. “You’d better fucking swallow it or you’ll be sorry.”

I obeyed. As disgusting as it was, I was more afraid of feeling his wrath than the obnoxious act of swallowing his piss. When he finally finished, I thought it was over. I was mistaken, even though what followed was far less disgusting than what had just transpired. The other guys stood around me and began pissing all over my body.

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