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It’s been awhile since I sent you anything concerning my thoughts, scattered though they may be. I hope you enjoy these.

It all starts on rainy weekend morning. I’ve been up now for some time, had a cup of coffee or two and my stirring in the bathroom wakes you from your slumber. You don’t wake right up but rather from a dream or emerging from a heavy fog. It’s more of an awareness really; you hear subtle noises, finally realizing I’m doing something in there.

You toss back the covers reluctantly for now the desire to sleep has come and gone. There in the bathroom you find me in only my PJ bottoms, prepping for my morning shave.

The water running, and having just brushed my face with shaving cream, you slink up behind me wrapping your arms around me, palming my chest, and pressing your body against me, kissing my back, after a sleepy “gmorning” slides out.

Holding onto me, your naked body pressed against me, I feel the heat of your body against my back causing a stirring in my pajama bottoms. Beginning, the first stroke of my razor cuts a clean swath through the shaving cream, leaving my face smooth as I rinse the cream off the razor.

You watch me intently through the mirror as each stroke of the razor removes the stubble from my face, leaving me smooth as can be.

I’m nearly done shaving now, pausing to look at you as you keep your body pressed to me still, and the last few strokes removes the last of my stubble. Keeping one hand on my chest you’re other moves down over my abdomen, lower. Over my belly button, lower, gliding over the band of my pajama bottoms, still, yet lower. You fondle me for a moment through the bottoms, as I pause to watch you now through the mirror. Then, running your slender hand into the front opening, you’re hand wraps my cock giving it some quick gentle strokes. Having been nearly fully erect your strokes finish inflating my cock, I pump my hips into your hand.. Your other hand leaves my chest finally, and moves down to the waste band of my pajama bottoms. Withdrawing the hand stroking my cock long enough to help the other tugging the waistband down over my hips till the bottoms are in a pile at my feet, quickly you take my cock back in your hand once again, stroking my cock pumping the pre-cum to the head.

Working your hand over the head of my cock, your hand gets slick with my pre-cum, you tighten your grip on me and stroke me more firmly. Reaching your other hand between my legs you start working my balls over gently

I reach my arms behind me to hold you for balance but almost at the same time, you turn me around all the while fisting my cock. I pull you close to me and kiss you hard, the little bit of shaving cream left on my chin smearing over both our faces, my hands roaming over your body, moving low on your back just above your delicious ass. Over and cupping you, spreading your cheeks as I continue to kiss you hard, my fingers digging in roughly. Releasing your ass and letting my hand roam over and up your back again, higher to your shoulders and down your arms only to move them to your belly and up to cup your perfect tits.

Parting momentarily, we look at each other intently. Just as I’m about to pull you close again you begin moving lower, kissing my chin, and down over my neck, moving to my chest. Moving to one side to suck my stiffened nipple, then letting your tongue trail across to swirl it around the other briefly before sucking it between your lips. Continuing to kiss your way down, your eyes locking on mine the entire time, your mouth sucks hungrily at my belly and lower. Slowly you move lower, making the anticipation of the moment incredible. My cock is as hard as fresh milled lumber from your hands and mouth moving over my body my breathing becomes heavy as you continue your way down, biting and sucking your way lower. I suck in sharp breaths of air as you nibble at my flesh.

The head of my cock spears the soft underside of your chin as you continue your journey down my abdomen, moving your head slightly to let my cock spring free and bob in front of your face. Wrapping me yet again with your hand you pull my cock down to your eager mouth. Looking into my eyes one brief instant, you flick your tongue out to lick pre-cum from the underside of my cock.

Not able to withstand the anticipation any longer, my hand moves to the back of your head, rolling your hair up between my fingers as I cup the back of your head urging your mouth over the head of my engorged cock,

Forcing your mouth over my straining shaft I HAVE to be in your warm mouth. Finally taking me in your mouth I loosen the pressure on the back of your head letting you roll your tongue over my shaft as you suck on my cock. With one hand encircling canlı bahis şirketleri my shaft your other hand moves up my thigh moving around to the back of it, pulling me deeper in your mouth. My hip naturally rock forward and you moan over my cock as it slides just a bit deeper between your lips. The hand that was pulling forward now moves back around, cupping my balls as I continue to slowly rock my hips back and forth, fucking your mouth.

Dragging your nails ever so lightly over the underside of my nuts sends a shiver through me as your suction increases on my shaft. The hand that was holding me now moves to the cheeks of my ass as you shove your mouth over me, engulfing me completely. My knees go weak as I feel the head of my cock slide past the back of your mouth and down your throat. You hold me there for a long moment then opening your mouth just a bit wider, your tongue snakes out and licks the underside of my balls at the same instant you wiggle a finger against the opening of my ass. Loosing control, grabbing your head to steady myself you fuck your mouth over my cock sensing my urgency to cum.

My balls tighten under the grasp of your hand and once again you slide my cock to the depths of your throat. Again nudging your finger against my willing ass, I loose myself to your skills coming hard as the first jet of hot cum erupts down your throat. You pull back to have me once again in your mouth as the second jet splashes over your tongue, then the third as you swallow every bit of my ejaculations urging more from my heavy balls.

Milking me dry, your mouth hovers over my sensitive cock, jerking wildly under your control I desperately fight to get out of your mouth but relish the adoration your mouth gives me while licking me clean. My cock softening some after coming so intensely, your tongue slithers down the length of me one last time, lifting my cock up it trails back down to my balls as. Looking up at me, you suck first one of my balls in between your gentle lips and then the other, your hand holding my saliva covered cock against my belly as you suck and lick them alternately.

Pulling you up to me, no spoken words can express the look on my face as we look at each other. Pulling you close, I kiss you deeply, my hand roaming over your skin once again. Cupping your ass I pull your hips tight to me digging my fingers into your flesh. Turning you against the sink, it’s my turn to kiss my way down your sinewy soft skin.

Kissing your lips I move my mouth to your chin, kissing it softly. Kissing my way over to your ear I nibble at your lobe only before letting my tongue trail down your neck and over to the sensitive skin between your neck and shoulder. My hands roaming freely over your sides I cup both your tits in my callused hands and feel your nipples harden even more under my touch. Quickly moving from your shoulder to your tits, I suck hard of the first nipple before rolling my tongue over it causing you to toss your head back and moan loudly. Then as quickly as before, I move my hungry mouth over to the next, sucking it hard as well before swirling my tongue over the bud of your nipple. I alternate between your twins, my hot mouth sucking and licking at your nipples, biting them playfully as I roll them between my teeth.

Repeating this, my sucking gives way to my tongue licking and swirling on and around your nipples. Finally looking up at you, you see the mischief in my eyes as I begin sucking and licking the underside of your breasts. Trailing my tongue over your skin, I let it run down the little valley that starts at your ribs and trail it down slowly to your navel. Now its you that has to endure the anticipation of what’s to come, I let my tongue linger a moment before kissing and sucking my way lower. Your wetness is heavy, coating your pussy lips and running down your thighs as you squeeze your legs together to heighten the feeling stirring in your loins. Smelling your heavy musk drives my hunger and none too soon before my hot breath is hovering over your pussy.

Thrusting your pussy at my face your want so badly for my mouth to cover your pussy, my tongue to snake out and lick your pussy lips. I resist your thrusts momentarily continuing to blow my hot breath over your pussy. Looking at you closely I can see just how wet you are as your juices flow from you freely. Finally, slithering my tongue out I flick it against your clit causing your hips to buck forward uncontrollably. Tasting you finally, the smell of your scent permeates my senses, driving my further as I begin flicking my tongue over your swollen lips finally to delve my tongue between your fold scooping your cream from your anxious pussy.

Turning you to face the sink, pushing my hand canlı kaçak iddaa against the small of your back to bend you forward, my mouth covers your ass cheeks hungrily. Lavishing the lovely orbs of your ass with my mouth, I pause only long enough to watch as my fingers plow their way between your pussy lips before I insert two fingers in your wetness pumping them slowly in and out of you. Slowly withdrawing them from your pussy your wetness clinging to them with a strand of your cream stretches between your pussy and my finger before snapping off from the distance. I bring my fingers to my mouth to lick you off them, moaning over them as I relish your taste.

Continuing to lavish your ass, I spread your cheeks wide before touching my tongue to your ass, licking around your opening before bending my head back and sucking your pussy lips from behind. You hike your leg up for me, allowing my mouth to cover your pussy, your breath coming in gasps as I sense the nearness of your climax.

Reaching around you, my fingers glide over your belly moving down until I’m able to roll your clit under my fingers as I suck each of your pussy lips hard. Sucking them, I stretch them out, my lips wrapped tight around one then the other, then finally breaking my suction on them, let them snap back. Again craning my neck I cover you with my mouth and let my tongue slither through your folds before shoving it inside you as far as possible. This combined with my fingers working your clit, pushes you over the edge.

You shove your ass hard against my face rolling your hips to fuck back against me, a free hand reaching behind to push my face harder against you. I continue to lick you, easing back some to let you come down off your high slowly, gradually.

Your body shaking, trembling from the intensity of your release, I stand and turn you to face me. I slip my arms under yours to embrace you, my hands roaming freely once again over your back and over your ass. Stooping slightly I cup your ass and with out warning lift you and turn pressing you to the door jamb.

Scooping your leg and lifting it up to rest on my forearm, you reach down behind you to find my rigidness. Grasping my cock you run over and through your pussy lips, coating the tip with your cream, making us both slick. Fumbling, but finally finding your opening, I thrust up to enter you, the tip at first, but with each impending thrust, deeper, all the while gripping your taut ass and kissing you deeply.

You cling to me for balance but moan your lust into my mouth as my cock stretches your pussy with each thrust. It’s hot, too hot, but uncomfortable as I can’t get my cock inside you like I want. Breaking the lock your mouth has over mine I tell you to hold on to me tight.

Your arms secure around me, I lift you off the floor, still pressed in the jamb, but I move us. Through the doorway of the adjoining bath room and around the corner to our room, I mash you hard against a wall driving my cock deeper inside you. Lifting you higher, I suck your nipple hard into my hungry mouth. All the while humping my haunches against you trying hard to work my cock deeper inside.

Frustrated still with my inability to have me completely in your depths I take us finally to the bed, setting you down carefully not to dislodge my cock from your pussy. Finally and by deftly driving my knees to either side of your hips, your legs lifting and wrapping my hips, I cover your body and while stuffing you full of cock, begin kissing your neck and ears. I begin slowly at first, the urgency of NEEDING to fuck you having passed, now only the desire to feel your pussy surround my cock, hold me thrust your hips back against me to match my movements is all I can focus on.

Your wetness coats me, all of me, my balls and my legs, your cream running out of you freely, coating us both as it runs down your ass onto the sheets of the bed.

I raise myself and position my arms on either side of your chest, thrusting my hips firmly against yours as my cock touches bottom. You put your hands to my sides as we look intently into each others eyes, connecting inwardly as well as physically.

This lasts for some time, pacing my rhythm, I speed up driving hard into you at times, then slowly, feeling your pussy over the full length of my engorged shaft, but your patience runs thin as you frustratingly push me off you over to the side, never breaking our connection you are suddenly on top and in control.

I love having you on top, succumbing to your control, my hands can do more with your body as your work my cock into the places you want it. Your wanton lust drives your need to have my cock stuffed deep inside you and as you rise over it, roll your hips that certain canlı kaçak bahis way to let mushroom shaped head of my cock drag over your “g” spot just so, bringing you closer and closer to your climax.

You lean forward covering me, your tits dangling over my hungry mouth, moving to one side, I suck your nipple in as I roll my tongue over it, then bite it just hard enough to bring a gasp and a moan from your mouth.

My hands cup your ass and letting my fingers become coated with your cream run my fingers deftly over the puckered opening of your sphincter, making your ass slick. Sucking your tits, I work my fingers slowly against your ass; rolling your hips you help, wanting them there, to heighten your pleasure. Finally, you relax and my fingers slides in to the first knuckle. You pause your gyrations, then rock back steadily to have my finger deeper in your ass. You rise up breaking the hold my mouth has of your nipple, it escapes with a sucking pop sound as you straighten you back and rock back hard on my cock and finger. You put your hands on my abdomen as your rock yourself up, rolling your hips forward as you push my cock against the front of your pussy, rubbing it hard against your “g” spot. Your head flies back, your pussy clenches my cock tight, and your ass clenches my finger even tighter as your body crashes into a shaking bliss of climax. Smashing your pussy down hard against me, your fingers dig into me hard as your body shakes as you roll your hips to crush your clit against the base of my cock.

Not moving, I hold you as your body begins to go limp. Lowering yourself onto me, covering me, my cock still nestled inside you, your legs quiver at my sides. Removing my finger from your ass, I embrace you as the rapturous shaking of your body subsides.

Slowly, you push yourself up and lay your hand on the side of my smooth face, looking in my eyes. Lowering you kiss me tenderly.

Moving, I crawl out from underneath you, keeping you there on your knees, I move behind you. My balls aching for the need of release, I lower my head to kiss your ass and lick your cum from your pussy before positioning myself, my cock heavy in my hand, guiding it to your pussy.

Running the head of my cock through your silky folds, I coat it once again with your secretions, making the head of my bulbous knob glisten with you. Finally, parting your lips with the fleshy head of my cock, I part your pussy slowly. I slip in easily and once settled inside you, gripping your hips I drive my cock to seat it into place, my heavy sac resting against your clit. Drawing back, the view of my cock pulling your pussy with it is almost too much. Throwing my head back and grunting with my urges, I drive hard back in you, my hips slapping against your ass.

Thrusting I fall into an easy rhythm sawing my cock in and out of your pussy, my thumbs prying your ass cheeks apart I deftly insert one in your slippery opening. Dropping your head, the extra sensation, you rock your hips back to meet my thrusts, all the while reaching your hand back to roll your fingers over your clit and to tickle my balls.

The extra sensation on my balls builds in my cock and grunting with each thrust you feel me swell inside you. Rocking against you hard I drive my cock deeper and deeper, my balls slapping against your pussy as your finger nails rake over them.

Again, my cock flexes, stretching you more, and with my strokes becoming short you know I’m close. Knowing this brings you to the edge and your roll your hips with me. My balls tighten as does my grip on your hips as suddenly I stop and hold your ass tight against me. My climax takes me over the edge as my cock spasms inside you. My hot cum painting the walls of your pussy, three, four, five flexes of my cock let you feel each hot jet of cum as it floods you. The spasms in my cock, my hot cum filling your pussy drives you over the top as your pussy clamps down tight on my cock.

I saw my cock back and forth slowly to let your flexing pussy milk the last drops of cum from my balls. Full, as I rock slowly, my cum runs down our legs as I fall back onto the bed. Turning, you take my cock in your hand and finally your mouth cleaning our cum off my cock. The feeling is so intense but I don’t stop you because I know how you love the taste of our mingled juices. Finally taking my cock from your mouth with an audible popping sound, you wipe your chin and climb on top of me to kiss me deep, letting me taste our efforts together before cuddling under the covers to warm ourselves from the chill and hold each other while a comforting snooze is had.

The beginning of the morning is like few others, the day ahead, holds only promise of a dreary rainy day outside the doors of this cottage. Inside however, the day holds only promise of more wanton lust and desires…all before your first cup of coffee.

More to follow? After all the day is still young.


Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

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