Three O’Clock in the Morning

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I giggled to myself, got clean, and remembered to clean my vagina inside with a wet finger the way John had always done for me. My entrance was a little raw (as usual), so I put some Vaseline in and on my pussy after I was dry.

I was about to go back to bed when I realized that I was totally awake and would never be able to go right back to sleep. I put my robe on and went out into the den. If I went back to bed right now, I’d just toss around and wake John up. He probably wouldn’t appreciate that, so I’ll sit out here for a little while until I get sleepy again.

I sat in John’s big chair, and I was so small in it that I could sit with my legs straight out, like it was a lounge chair. He had left quite a bit of Grand Marnier in a snifter on the table next to the chair. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t want me making a drink with alcohol for myself, but I didn’t think he would mind if I drank some of his leftovers. I thought the alcohol would make me sleepy, I had developed quite a fondness for the sweet, orangy, burning taste of the Grand Marnier, but I could only take tiny sips at a time. I felt a little guilty about drinking alcohol without John there, but not much. I decided it was just to help me sleep and John would never know about it.

I got the TV remote and surfed through the channels, but there wasn’t much on besides old movies and an infommercial for stuff to cure hemorrhoids. I went to the cabinet where John had shown me he kept about a hundred videotapes of various things. On the bottom shelf were about a dozen porno movies. I had never heard of any of them, but there some old ones like ‘Deep Throat’, ‘The Devil in Miss Jones’, ‘The Green Door’, and a bunch of others. I looked at the dates, and they were all made before I was born. It’s hard to picture people doing that so long ago. I feel like John and I invented sex. One was hand labeled ‘Misc’ in John’s printing, so I decided to try that one. I felt kind of guilty, that I really shouldn’t be watching that stuff, but not guilty enough to not do it.

The tape had only been rewound about half way, so I just started where it was. It was fascinating, so I sat and watched people having sex without sound. I didn’t think audio would have added much to the show, anyway. I had watched one of Dad’s porno movies when I was about twelve, and the people doing it in John’s movie were different than the ones in Dad’s, but they were doing the same things. I’m experienced now, and I’ve done the things they’re doing. Well, some of the things. I wouldn’t do it with anyone but John, though, and I sure wouldn’t even do it with him if someone was watching and using a video camera. Imagine what Dad would think if he rented a porno movie at Blockbuster Video and saw his precious daughter as the star of the show! He wouldn’t need the Emergency Room, they’d just take him straight to the mortuary!

There were two very pretty ladies wearing lots of makeup on a big bed kissing and feeling each other, and I didn’t like that much. I decided to watch it, though, because I thought I might learn something. The nuns would be proud of my pursuit of learning. I suppose I could turn it off if I don’t like it, but this is interesting. Those ladies don’t have any pubic hair, just like me. I wonder if that’s natural or if they shave it.. They seemed to like what they were doing to each other, but I was pretty sure they were just acting. Then one of them started using one of those vibration things that John had shown me in the store and told me some women liked a lot. This wasn’t the same as the one I’d seen, though; it was a lot bigger.

One of the women got up and left and there was just the one on the bed with the vibration thing. She was either a really good actress or she liked it a lot. She finally was driving that big thing in and out of her pussy as fast as she could, like it was a penis, and her mouth was wide open like she was yelling. I turned up the sound, and she really was yelling, but the sound didn’t match the movements of her mouth. The sound track was fake, and the music was terrible, so I hit the ‘mute.’

The next scene had a really skinny lady with a very unattractive man. She had big boobs that didn’t bounce at all when she moved and were much too big for such a thin person. I decided they must be those implant things all my friends talked about. The man was fat, had a very ugly face, long greasy hair that stuck out like a fright wig, two chins, needed a bra, and was covered with thick, black hair, like a bear or a gorilla. He even had hair on his back and butt. It was gross. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with that guy, let alone naked in the same bed with him. He also had a huge penis. I mean really, really big. It was about the same size around as my wonderful Herman, but it was half again as long.

I sure wouldn’t want that thing anywhere near me. Especially attached to such an ugly, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hairy guy. I’m glad John’s penis is just the size it is. I’ve learned to take it comfortably, but he can still hurt me if we aren’t careful. I think it’s just the right amount too big for me. Yeah, a penis should be a little too big for a vagina. I love the feeling of being really full of John. It stretches me, and do I ever love that stretching! I even like a little battering, as long as we don’t go too far. The penis on that hairy guy is just scary. I guess if John had one like that I’d have to learn to take it, but I think it would hurt every time we made love. There sure wouldn’t be any of that wonderful hard fucking that I love so much. That thing would really break something up inside me.

The woman sat on the bed and started sucking the hairy guy’s big penis while he stood in front of her. It was the only part of him that wasn’t covered with black hair. As if he wasn’t already hairy enough, he even needed a shave. I did exactly the same thing to John in the same position about twelve hours ago. It doesn’t look like she’s doing anything I can’t. I bet she doesn’t love that hairy guy the way I love John, though. He even looks like his penis wouldn’t be clean and would taste bad. Yuck!

After a while, the lady took that penis all the way out of her mouth and looked at it like she had never seen one before. Then she opened really wide and slid her mouth over and took it deeper and deeper until the whole thing was in her mouth! Her nose was right in the guy’s pubic hair and her chin was pressed against his testicles. I know that’s not possible. John’s penis isn’t nearly as big as that one, and I don’t think I can get much more than half of it in my mouth. I guess they can do anything with special effects and editing in the movies.

After she sucked him for a while, she turned around on the bed on her hands and knees. The fat, hairy guy was still standing on the floor as he slid his penis into her. Wow, she must have a really big vagina. They didn’t even need any of that Astrostuff or Vaseline for lubrication. Maybe she put some inside her before they started. She didn’t even get any foreplay.

Then he started pumping that huge penis in and out like he was trying to hurt her. It wasn’t really erotic, because he seemed to be trying to hurt her more than give her pleasure. I’m really lucky to have John for a lover. He would never try to hurt me, just make me feel good. That hairy guy is really gross! My lover has a much nicer and more reasonably sized penis. He also has a nice body, isn’t covered with hair, and is very good looking. I wonder why people in these movies never kiss. I don’t think making love would be nearly as wonderful without John’s kisses. I wouldn’t let that fat, hairy guy even close to me, let alone kiss me. He looks like he would have bad breath, too. Yuck!

After a while, the hairy guy pulled his penis out of the woman, slapped her on the behind with it a few times, then stuck that huge thing right into her… well… her anus. She didn’t seem to mind, though, and she even pushed back like she was trying to get more of it into her. The camera moved in close, and there was no doubt where that penis was. My God, that thing must be tearing her apart! How can they possibly pay anyone enough money to to that? Can’t she get a regular job? She must be abnormally huge in her… bottom.

The hairy guy finally pulled his penis out of the lady’s bottom. She turned around and sat on the bed, took hold of it, and started sliding her hand up and down it really fast. Whenever she pulled her hand up to the top of it, there was some extra loose skin that pulled forward to cover the head of his penis. John’s isn’t like that. I’ve stroked his penis just that way, and there’s no extra skin to cover up the head. I’ve got to ask him about that.

The lady finally made the fat hairy guy have an orgasm with her hand. She opened her mouth really wide and stuck out her tongue way out, like she wanted him to do it in there, but her aim wasn’t very good. The first gusher went right into her eye, and she made a face to show she didn’t like that. Then it got all over her face and in her hair. She didn’t look like she was very happy at all about the whole thing. I could have told her that if she wanted him to do it in her mouth, she should keep it in there, otherwise it gets all over the place. I had learned that the hard way the first time I ever made John come. When the hairy guy was finished, she actually took that big, dirty penis into her mouth and sucked it. I can’t believe that! That thing was in her… uh… bottom, then she put it in her mouth! Yuck! Totally grrrOSS! That’s really disgusting. I’m sure they must have done it with special effects or editing or something, but it’s still gross.

I turned off the TV because I was disgusted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with what that lady had done. I was getting sleepy, but I was also kind of hungry. I thought something sweet would taste really good. I knew John had a stash of candy bars in the fridge, so I had a Heath Bar (my favorite), a Baby Ruth, and a box of Milk Duds along with a big Coke. I was nice and full after that, and I drank the rest of John’s Grand Marnier. I’d drunk more of that stuff than John had ever given me, and I could feel it. It felt good, made me sleepy, and I was ready to be naked in a nice comfy bed with my big, warm lover. I turned out the lights and went down the hall and into the bedroom. I sort of felt my way to the bed as quietly as I could and slid very carefully under the covers and nestled my front against John.

He was laying on his back, snoring quietly. I snuggled up to him and put my hand on his stomach and found Herman lying there. Much to my surprise, he was as big and hard as if we had been making love! What’s John doing with an erection when I’m in the other room? He isn’t even awake! Herman, what have you been doing while I was gone?

Without even realizing what I was doing, I had him in my hand, gently stroking him up and down. I guess it’s become sort of a reflex. If Herman gets hard, I want him in my hand, pussy, or mouth. As long as I’m with John, if he gets an erection, I’m going to see that it gets taken care of. I wonder how often he gets them. John’s never going to have a wasted erection as long as I’m around! The things that happen to me while satisfying his erections are wonderful, too. I can’t understand what would give him an erection while he’s asleep, though.

I stroked him for a while, and he got huge; hard as a rock and really hot. John’s breathing changed, he grunted, and I could tell he was awake. He said Mmmmmmmmmm, and he seemed to be pleasantly surprised at being awakened that way. I wasn’t satisfied with stroking him with my hand, because that wasn’t intimate enough. I had learned that I could feel a lot more of my lover with my lips than I could with my hand. Lips are so much more sensitive. Tongue, too.

I thought about getting on top and lowering my pussy down over Herman, but I was still feeling kind of sore at my entrance. It had only been a few hours since he had fucked me long and hard, and I was afraid doing it again without giving me time to heal a little would make me really sore. I was feeling too sleepy and lazy for that much exertion, anyway. I wouldn’t mind that, in fact I’d really like it, but I’m afraid it might put my vagina out of commission for too long. I’m going to give him a really nice sucking and get a sperm snack. A couple of nice swallows of come on top of the candy bars should take care of being hungry.

Neither of us said a word. I just pulled the covers down, he spread his legs so I could kneel between them, and I leaned forward to slide my lips down over the head of that nice hot penis. It was too dark to see anything, but I had no trouble doing it just by feel. John put his hand behind my head and gently pulled me down until Herman’s tip was so far back in my mouth that it couldn’t go any farther. It didn’t gag me, though, there just wasn’t any place for more of it to go. Herman was nice and tasty, and when I had so much of him in my mouth that my nose was close to John’s pubic hair and I could smell soap. I knew he had showered after we made love, while I was passed out after my monster orgasm.

I started bobbing my head up and down, keeping my lips firmly on him and my teeth safely out of contact. I also sucked gently and used the tip of my tongue on the really sensitive area on the underside of the head. I even put the tip of my tongue in his little hole, but I was careful. John must have really loved what I was doing, because I had never needed to open my mouth so far for him.

Big, warm Herman was huge, and a steady stream of slippery stuff was flowing from his little slit to make things nice and slick. After a while my jaws got tired and sore from being open so wide, but John didn’t seem to be near having a climax. I whispered that I wanted him to have an orgasm before my jaws gave out. He said he didn’t think my mouth was enough to make him come right then, and that I should use my hand. Okay, like the lady in the movie did with the hairy guy. I want him to come in my mouth, though, not all over the place. Hmmm, how am I going to do all that.

I sat beside John and started stroking big, warm Herman up and down with my hand. He was so swollen that I couldn’t touch my fingertips to my thumb around him, and he was nice and slick from my saliva and the slippery stuff that was flowing out of him. After a while, when my wrist was starting to get a little tired, John whispered that he was going to come if I kept that up. If he comes like this, güvenilir bahis şirketleri it’s going to get all over the place. I leaned forward and took Herman’s head in my mouth as I continued to stroke him with my hand. I hit myself in the mouth with my fist a few times until I learned to keep just the tip between my lips as I stroked him. John finally groaned, Herman got even huger, and I knew he was going to come. I held him more tightly, stroked faster with my hand, and started sucking hard as I held about half of Herman’s tip in my mouth. He gave a huge throb and jerk, and I could feel the orgasm start. With my fingers, I could even feel the first rush of semen traveling through his penis before it emerged from his little slit into my mouth.

I didn’t get a real gusher in my mouth, though. There was just a steady stream of semen flowing out of his little hole, and there wasn’t as much as usual. It was really thick, though. I didn’t even have to swallow in the middle of his climax. Since I only had the tip in my mouth, I couldn’t keep a good seal with my lips, and some leaked out down my chin and onto Herman and my hand. I guess he hasn’t had time to make the full amount after his last orgasm. I’m emptying him faster than he can make more. Good. I love emptying him, and I don’t ever want to make him wait long enough to get full. Gosh, its really thick. I could almost chew it.

After John told me to stop what I was doing, I leaned over so my face was close to his ear and loudly swished the come back and forth between my teeth and swallowed it with an exaggerated gulp. It was too dark to see anything, but I wanted John to know that I hadn’t wasted a drop. I loudly smacked my lips and said, ‘Yummmmmm, good.’ He laughed and whispered that I was a very lewd woman. He had never told me exactly what ‘lewd’ meant, but I took it as a compliment. Then I made slurping noises as I licked my hand clean while he asked me what I had been doing up in the middle of the night and how come I had liquor on my breath at such an ungodly hour of the night. My mouth was too busy to answer, and I think he was too sleepy to really want to know, anyway.

John said his bladder was about to burst, so he got up and went into his bathroom. I guess he was too sleepy to turn on the light or close the door all the way, because I heard him peeing. He must have been really full, because it seemed to go on for about five minutes. I guess I’m lucky he didn’t pee while I was sucking him. He must have had to go really bad, but he held it. That’s another thing I’ve got to ask him about. That, and about that loose skin on the end of that hairy guy’s penis, and what he was doing with an erection in his sleep. The more experience I get with sex, the more questions I have. It’s definitely the most interesting and enjoyable subject I’ve ever studied. I’d like to watch him pee sometime. I wonder if he would let me.

My lips, the inside of my mouth, and my tongue were coated with sticky semen, but I was just too sleepy and comfy to get up and brush my teeth. I decided John would just have to put up with me being all cummy. When he came back to bed he took me in his arms, kissed me, semen and all, and said he loved me, even if I was lewd and had sperm breath. My lips tended to kind of stick together, and I told him smack he seemed to like me that way, he had smack taught me all I knew about being lewd, and smack that I loved him, too. He had me turn over to be the front spoon, and I snuggled back into him while he fitted himself to me. He took a breast in his hand, kissed me on the ear, and seemed to go right to sleep, his breath warm in my ear. I thought I had never felt so wonderfully comfy, cozy, and loved in my entire life. Proud of myself, too, because I knew I had done a good job giving my lover pleasure and making him happy. I must have stayed awake to enjoy the feeling for at least ten seconds.

I woke up at about dawn, having to pee from all that Coke I drank earlier. I slid carefully out of bed and tiptoed out of the room. While I was peeing, I had to yawn, but when I tried opened my mouth I couldn’t. My mouth was glued closed!

What the heck happened to me? Oh, it must be the semen. I was too sleepy to get up and rinse my mouth. I guess it must have set like glue. Now what am I going to do? I can’t even open my mouth to yell for John.

I got some water on my finger and worked that into the corner of my mouth. Then I used the wet finger to work the water between my lips and open them. My teeth were glued together, too, but I sucked in some water and swished it back and forth until they were freed. It really felt good to be able to open up and have a good yawn. Then I started giggling.

I rinsed and giggled, rinsed and giggled. I brushed for about ten minutes, including my tongue and the insides of my cheeks. Then after about half a bottle of Scope, I was able to go back to bed with a clean mouth.

When I slid back into bed, John was awake and asked what the hell I had been doing. I just giggled, snuggled up to my big, warm lover, and said, ‘Don’t ask.’


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