Subject: Thursdays with Dad (Chapter 3) [Gay, Adult/youth, Incest] The following story is 100% fiction, sprinkled here and there with some fantasies and vague memories. This story depicts sexual situations between adults and minor males .If this context is illegal where you reside, or you otherwise find it offensive, please do not read, but move on to a more suitable story for you. If you are under the age of eighteen, do no t read this story. I appreciate all comments, and love to hear via email from the readers. This is my third submission to Nifty, and I will try to respond to any and allcomments as time allows. Email is hoo. Please consider contributing to Nifty. If you want to continue to have free access to this great site, please donate. HTTPS://donate.. Org/ ********* Thursdays with Dad Chapter 3) Debbie stretched her long legs and gave out a small yawn. She turned her head slightly toward Joe, her hubby of fourteen years. “So, what’s the plan, Stan? Where do you go from here? I think I have a pretty good idea.” Joe thought a minute, and said “I am thinking about taking Jack to the cabin next weekend, do some fishing. Are you okay with that?” “Fishing?” Debbie chuckled. “You haven’t fished for years.” “I know, but the place is perfect for Jack and me to have some private time together. He is very excited about the changes in our relationship, and I know he will want very much to go”, Joe replied. “Okay, I support you with this. If this will help build a relationship like you have with your father. I don’t have plans next weekend, and if I get bored Saturday night, I can always put on my little black dress and go to the tavern in town-I’m sure I can find a nice fellow to buy me a drink or two! You know after last night how I feel about the physical part of all this, so I will want details, all the details!” Debbie said as she moved close to cuddle with her husband. “Thank you, sweetheart…I will get it all set up with Jack. And if you do go to town Saturday night, I will want all those details too” Joe laughed. As expected, Jack was very excited about a weekend trip with his dad, especially in light of what they had shared recently. He tingled at the prospect of taking their intimacy to the next level. For his part, Joe also was lustful with what he had planned. The week passed quickly, and the plan was to pick Jack up early from school and get on the road, so they could make the hour trip before dusk. Friday came, and Joe took a half day of vacation to pack the truck. By two o’clock he was ready to go pick up his son and head to the cabin. Debbie walked him out to his truck…”be careful and have fun-I am envious in a strange sort of way”. The goodbye kiss verified this feeling. As Joe was backing out, Debbie yelled “hold on”. She walked to the garage and returned with fishing poles and the tackle box. “Did you forget you were going fishing?” Jack came out the school door at promptly at two-thirty, and father and son were on their way to make memories for a lifetime. “Here we go, buddy,” Joe said. “This is going to be a great weekend. We need to stop at Charlie’s market on the way and get some groceries. Be thinking if you want anything special.” Jack moved closer across the seat next to his father…”Dad, I am so excited to spend the whole weekend şişli travesti alone with you. I hope you show me even more and greater things than what you have already shown me. My penis has been tickling off and on all week. Jack reached and touched his father’s thigh, and felt his hardness through his trousers. Jack was hard too. They stopped at Charlie’s, and shopped for bread and milk, bacon and eggs, lunch meat, and a bottle of Jim Beam. Charlie greeted them at the counter. “Hey Joe, long time! You are looking great. Is this your son Jack? He looks a lot like your dad…how is Jay doing?” Joe replied “He’s doing great, staying out of trouble.” “Yeah, I bet he is”, Charlie chuckled. He had known about Joe’s and his dad’s frequent trips to the cabin back when Joe was a young man. Charlie sacked up the groceries, looked at Joe, and slipped a tube of lubricant into the sack. “On the house” he whispered. “You two enjoy yourselves.” Ten minutes later, they pulled into the cabin driveway. They gathered their things and went into the musty little mountain home. It had turned chilly, so Joe decided to build a fire in the fireplace. As he got the fire blazing, Jack gave himself a tour of the place. He had not been there for several years. The place was small, with a kitchen area,family room with the fireplace, and two bedrooms. But the bathroom had been remodeled, and was quite modern and very large. Done with a stone look, it had two impressive water fixtures with all sorts of dials and water jets, along with a sauna bench and a waist high shelf. The room was configured in an “L” shape, with the combo toilet/bidet around the corner and hidden from the main shower. It obviously was built for someone that enjoyed all sorts of water activities. Jack had never seen anything like it. “Dad had that built a few years ago. He loved showers and spas, and decided he needed to do it for family, certain friends, and especially for him and your grandmother, your mom and me, and now you.” “Come over by the fire, I fixed some hot dogs and chips”. They sat quietly watching the blazing fireplace, Jack contemplating the size and shape of his hot dog…hmmm! “Dad, tell me more about Grandpa. He moved to Florida before I really got to know him.” Joe responded “my dad is a loving and caring father, who is very protective of his family. He was very open about nudity and sexuality in our home. He taught me many things when I was your age. He believed that in order to give sexual pleasure to another, a person must learn how to accept and enjoy sexual pleasure for themself. He imparted this to me, and I, in turn, want to develop that same contact with you.” Jack turned sideways on the old couch and hugged his dad tightly, as if to tell him that he wants all the pleasure his dad can provide, and that he is willing and anxious To give in return. “Buddy, it’s time to hit the sack.” Okay, Dad. Which room is mine?” “I want you to sleep with me if you are comfortable with that.” “Oh wow, yes!” Jack had been hoping that they would sleep together. “Then let’s brush our teeth and climb into bed.” As Jack went to brush and wash up, Joe unzipped the flap on his duffel bag, only to find the family 2-quart enema bag, along with its rubber tube and long black douche nozzle, folded carefully beylikdüzü travesti on top of his clothes. There was a sticky note attached. “Thought you might need this” with a heart drawn below. Joe smiled and Jack came over to see what was going on. He saw the apparatus and smiled as well. “Is that what mom used to give me enemas with? I used to love it when she would give me one. I think I was supposed to hate it, but instead I loved everything about it.” “It is, and I love how she thought to pack it for us. We can definitely put it to good use in the morning.” Joe stripped off his clothes, and Jack quickly followed suit. They got into bed, under several warm comforters, and brought their naked bodies together. They kissed like it was the most natural thing in the world. Both sets of hands roamed skin,crevasses, body openings, as well as each’s throbbing cocks. Joe crawled under the covers and reversed his position, enabling his mouth access to Jack’s beautiful young cock. In doing so, Jack was inches from his dad’s large, freshly shaved manhood. He had fantasized about this moment for years, and now finally he would be rewarded his prize. At exactly the same moment, each put the other’s organ in his mouth, savoring the smell and taste of one of mankind’s oldest sexual pleasures. They ground their bodies passionately together, licking and sucking deeply. Release came quickly for both of them, as their loins contracted in spasms and spurted it’s juices into their mouths. After a moment, they resumed their original positions and kissed deeply, with each one’s seed flowing freely between them. “Dad, this is the very best day of my life. Thank you for this. I love you so much.” Joe responded “Son, it was wonderful for me too. I love you like no other. Good night.” ******** The next morning, Joe was up early drinking his coffee, when Jack came in to kitchen. “Good morning, Dad.” “Good morning, son” Jack went into the bathroom to pee, and after a few minutes returned carrying the enema bag in one hand and the hose and nozzle in the other. “Can I try this today? I have been thinking about it ever since I saw it in your duffel bag.” “Yes”, Joe replied. “Enemas are very enjoyable by themselves, but even more so when shared with a lover. In fact, they are an integral part of two men having sexual intercourse-fucking. Cleanliness definitely makes the act much more pleasurable. After breakfast, we will get in the shower and give you two enemas-one to clean you out, and the second to rinse your rectum thoroughly for anal play. Does this sound appealing, something you want to experience?” “Oh God, yes!” Jack panted. “I am so ready for you to give me my enema and make me clean for you!” Neither was hungry now, and they quickly disrobed and got in the shower. Joe turned on a faucet, got the temperature just right, and filled the bag with two quarts of warm water. He took his son’s arm and positioned him bent over the waist high counter. It was very comfortable, and Jack found out later it was designed for this very purpose. Joe massaged him a bit to relax him, and then had him spread his legs partially, exposing the dark puckered anus. He then opened a jar and scooped a good portion of coconut oil onto his fingers. Slowly he massaged the oil into Jack’s butt istanbul travesti crack and on and around his pucker. By this time, Jack is moaning for his dad to proceed, his guts aching to be penetrated. “Relax as much as you can, I will open you first with my fingers, and then the enema nozzle will go in. Then will come the water.” Jack’s small frame probably would not accept a full two quarts, so Joe clipped the hose shut after a little more than a quart. “Do you feel really full”, he asked Jack. “Oh, yes! I am having a hard time holding it all in!” “Then go around the corner to the toilet and expel. The button on the tank is for the bidet, which will wash your bottom.” After the rinse enema, Jack felt energetic and more than a little sexually aroused. Joe was happy that it went so well, and was now ready for his own cleansing. Jack had noticed a strange looking tube hanging from the other shower head and asked what it was for. “That is an enema hose that attaches directly to a shower head” Joe explained. “that is what I will use.” He attached the silicone tube to the shower head and let it uncoil. The nozzle end was larger than Jack could imagine fitting inside anyone, and it was quite long. Joe reached for the lubrication and applied it both to the nozzle and to himself, then slowly worked the nozzle into his hole. He gradually inserted about eight inches up inside him. Joe then turned on the water slowly, and turned to allow Jack to see it all. Jack could only say “wow, that is awesome !” He didn’t know if his cock could take much more stimulation. After Joe had finished and they showered together Joe said “let’s go back to bed.” Once again under the warmth of the blankets and each other’s bodies, they held together and made out like horny teenagers. Joe rolled Jack onto his tummy and focused his attention on his son’s beautiful bottom,. Finally, Jack believed, this would be the culmination of what each had been seeking for a long time. Joe moved between Jack’s thighs, and with both hands spread the boy’s cheeks apart, marveling at the sight of the slightly swollen entrance. He lowered his face to take in the fresh aroma, then extended his tongue to touch it. It was more than each could bear, and Joe pushed his lips and tongue deep into this precious spot. Jack pleaded over his shoulder “Dad, please fuck me now! I need your beautiful cock inside me. I am ready for you. Give me completion!” The time for talk was over. Joe hurriedly slathered a gob of lube onto his cock and his son’s pucker, and prepared to mount him. With his swollen member at Jack’s entrance he pushed. Expecting tightness and resistance, Joe was amazed that he slipped half way in in one stroke, and rather than flinch, Jack cooed and made little grunting sounds. In no time the two had developed a rhythm and were soon fucking like animals. As his climax inevitably approached Joe cried “I love you son!” Jack then responded “I love you too , Dad”, and with that, Joe erupted deep inside his son’s ass for the first time. In the afterglow, Jack asked if his dad had filled him with his cum. Joe told him that indeed he had. “I think I felt it in there. Do you think maybe sometime I can do this to you?” “I’m counting on it, son. It’s still morning and we have all the time we need.” ***************** There are thousands of great stories free on Nifty. Please consider a donation to allow them to continue to provide us with our reading enjoyment. As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback, and I will try to respond to each. Thanks for reading. Saluki

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