Ties that bind

Ties that bindThe day was long. Aunt Kim came for a visit. I was taken my her from first sight. “ mother may I..’ that aunt with the spellbound lips. Hips of cream. She affectionately called me ‘her treasure ‘ and I secretly loved it. I wondered…after making pleasent chit chat. We sat on the coach. I felt her breast press gently against me. As she hugged me close. Her blouse undid and her breasts glowed. Pressed to my back. ‘Hi’ She asked.. teasingly. Her hand gently slid up my skirt .her finger riding high hard up my wall. As she finger fucked me slowly..’ hush’as the finger fuck grew deeper. twirling her finger high up my vagina. Pulling…inside me hard. Twirl twirl twirl..she hugged me close. Twirling.. around inside me. ‘Hush’ rubbing her finger down my legs… rubbing rubbing rubbing..massaging me dark deeply. Nibbling my neck. Grazing her breasts to my body. Nibbling her curvy hips as I kissed her hips pecking her vagina with licks. Pecks. Licking ..the tip of her. Massaging her vagina slowly.My skirt lifted. As she kissed my vagina softly.. stroking my curls.stroking.. finger fucking me deeper deeper harder.‘ hush..’ as the pressure grew between kaçak bahis my legs.Lips dove to my breasts nibbling. Me. Pulling my nipple tight.kissing my nipple slow..kissing my breast and caressing it. My breast grew hard. In her touch. ‘Relax’ as she carresed my vagina and breast. Nibbling my nipple with love bites. Massaging my vagina slowly… rubbing..rubbing…opening me wide..caressing between my legs.. as her kiss dove to my nipple.biting my nipple hard. Pulling. My nipple..and squeezing.kissing it.softly.My vagina got wet. Tight. I wanted her…the massage got dark . The kisses on my vagina soft cool. As she began suckling my vagina.and.aunt kimdeepthroated me.‘ hush’as the oral sex grew dark .her kiss on my nipple tender. And she finger fucked me slow deeply.her breasts grew firm against my body.’sit’as I opened her blouse her perfect breast.glowing.nibble.nibble.nibble.Her kisses became softer. Long deep. On my nipple. Her massage between my legs deeper deeper.hands inside my vagina..as her tongue twirled high inside my vagina. Hot touch ablaze between my legs caressing my vagina.’ I want u’ she whispered.finger fucking me slowly.deeply.her casino firmalari hands moved to my inner thigh.toungue twirling inside up my vagina..laying hot wet kisses in my vagina. Moaning.. I purred.As she massaged my vagina deeper I orgasmed. Smiling. ‘ turn’ she said.Opening to her mouth. We had oral sex over and over.Her massage.. hot. Between my legs made my vagina glow.Rubbing slowly..sliding herself higher higher twisting up my vagina. Hot kisses.Licks touch,of flame between my thigh..as her mouth fell to my vagina and she began suckling..long and hard. Suckling my vagina hard.pulling me into her massaging my inner thigh in hot steam storm.’ Silence’ as the caress grew darker.deep. Deepthroating me hard.* for what seemed hours. ( as she gave me hot wicked oral sex) for hours.her lips hot against my skin. Pinching me with hot kiss. And licks.fingering me slow.deep.Her toungue twirl diving in my vagina in. Circles. Twirling twirling. She fucked me slow. Deep and long.deepthroating me rough again and again.giving me a rimjob. Her hands flamed on my vagina. Pulling..tugging..pinching.my vagina.caressing me between my legs. Licking my breast. güvenilir casino Kisses ..petting me. Leaving cool kissesdeep inside my vagina. As I lifted to her lips she lunged into me in waves showering me with her orgasm. Storm like in my vagina.she exploded.riding me..hard.rough for hours.lunging in jolts. Fucking me for what seemed hours deeply. Over …and over.Her orgasm boils in my vagina. I lifted myself to her hug.surrendering my body to her touch. she she intertwined into me as we fucked fong and slow. The oral sex.hot .dark..demonic. Lasting what seemed hours.her hands enjoyed my pale soft breasts as she licked,pulled squeezedcaressed my breasts.biting my nipple.slow.caressingme deeply.hugging me tight. As she rode me hard.her touch on my breast hot and devilish. Lips of sin coated my body. My vagina flamed from her touch.her orgasm…kissing my breast and thigh. Circling my curls with her finger as she slowly..deeeply..finger fucked me. Hard. ‘Turn’ as I gave her oral sex..she orgasmed in me in waves. Spanking my white creamy bottom..biting it hard…. Nibbling her wet soft curls …..as she suckled my vagina slowly..deepthroating me slow and rough .* purring as I lay my finger threw her curls .blowing cool breaths up her vagina and we had oral sex for hours..* hugging me tightly I lay on her breast and we slept intertwined in each other’s arms.Aunt Kim.. Left me purring..

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