Subject: TIkTok Toby – Part Two (Gay/Adult-Youth) The following story is fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Please do not read if you are under 18 or if the content is illegal in your jurisdiction. If you liked the story or want to comment about it or anything else, contact me at ail. If you like my writing, check out my other stories in the prolific authors section under Vance Von Jungsburg. Nifty needs your donations to provide this valuable fty/donate.html Thanks, Vance. TIKTOK TOBY Part II by Vance Von Jungsburg PART TWO: THE SLEEPOVER My AirBnB stay at the house of two TikTok stars, 13-year-old Toby and 16-year-old Adam had resulted in a pay-to-play naked pool party with the boys. Now, the ultimate experience was about to happen: a $3000 private “slumber party” with 13-year-old Toby in his bedroom. After dinner I was allowed to watch Toby and Adam film some TikTok clips that involved elaborate synchronized dance moves. Jeannie acted like an auteur, directing the boys like a drill sergeant. During their several wardrobe changes she told them what to wear and primped them, making sure their hair and clothing were perfect. “Adam, wear those gray sweats for this one,” Jeannie instructed. “They really show off your butt and front side.” After the next change of clothes Jeannie interrupted the song. “Toby! What kind of underwear are you wearing?” Toby muttered “briefs.” “I know!” Jeannie scolded. “I can see your panty lines when you turn around. What did I tell you about a smooth ass?” Toby left the room to change. Watching the boys create content for their voracious social media followers was enlightening, titillating, and a little disappointing. Toby and Adam were professional enough to deliver the illusion that they were having spontaneous, authentic fun. The fact that it was all directed by an overbearing, intrusive mother was not apparent in the final product. As 10:00 pm approached my apprehension grew. What would this sleepover with Toby be like? Would Jeannie be hovering over us like she was at the TikTok filming or would she be absent like she was for the pool party? And what were Toby and I going to do – tell ghost stories and raid the refrigerator? “Boys!” Jeannie announced. “Get washed up and ready for bed.” Turning to me she said “You wash up and meet me in the kitchen at 10:00.” In my room I struggled with what to wear to the “sleepover.” I decided to wear flannel pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, and the white terry cloth robe I found in the bedroom closet . 20 minutes later I stood in the kitchen alone. It was three minutes after 10:00. Knots of anticipation and unease ran through my body, leaving me almost trembling. I determined to pull myself together and stay cool. “Alright…” Jeannie walked into the room from the hallway. “This sleepover is supposed to be like the sleepovers you had when you were a kid. Just hang out and do the things boys do when they spend the night together: stay up late, watch movies, tell secrets…” “Okay…?” I answered, expecting more direction. “Just have fun. It’s your night.” Jeannie directed me to follow her down the hall and tapped on Toby’s door. The boy opened the door. His choice of slumber party wear was plaid sleep shorts and a white tank top, revealing his slim arms and legs which were tan from the Arizona sun. “I’m going to get you guys some chips and sodas and then I’m off to bed,” Jeannie said. I eyed the boy’s bedroom. A low queen sized bed with a blue quilt crowded much of the room, leaving a little space for a desk and tall dresser. A large flat screen TV on top of the dresser was playing an anime cartoon with the sound turned off. My head flooded with even more questions. Were the boy and I sleeping in the same bed? I felt hulking and awkward standing in the room of a kid half my size. “Sit down,” Toby said, patting the bed. “Next to me.” He got on the far side of the bed and leaned against the padded headboard. I sat next to him. “What are some of the shows do you like?” he asked as he picked up a remote and keyed in the konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort Netflix home page. “Uhh…” I couldn’t think of a single show, despite watching plenty of TV. “I’ll watch what you want. It’s your house.” Toby put on “Riverdale.” Jeannie brought in a tray with snacks and drinks and placed it on the desk,. “Have a good night,” she said, closing the door as she left. We sat in silence for a few seconds. “Toby?” I looked over at him. From the way I said his name he knew I was going to say something important. “Are you OK with all this? I mean, getting paid to hang out with fans… men… having to act like you’re enjoying it.” I knew just saying this could push the evening in the wrong direction, taking the boy out of character like a professional wrestler admitting the sport was scripted and choreographed. “But I like you,” Toby said. The boy’s earnest expression and tone of voice seemed genuine. I felt a flush or relief at not having ruined the evening and a small glow in my groin because he said he liked me. I looked at Toby leaning against the headboard next to me with his knees pulled up. The locks of golden hair covering his forehead and his thin, shapely neck made my groin glow warm and vital. “Have you liked every guy who’s slept over?” I asked, trying to make sure this wasn’t part of the $3000 package. “This is only my third one,” Toby said. “One guy was… old and boring.” Toby laughed. “The other guy was OK, but not really my type.” My eyes widened. “What is your type?” I probed, Toby looked at me with a tight-lipped smile. “Manly. Hairy. Dark hair. Big… dick.” The last word came out with a puff of air as he tried to contain a laugh. We both knew he was describing me. “Did you have to do anything with those men?” I asked. “I mean, they paid a lot of money to be with you.” “Well, I’m not supposed to tell you this because it’s supposed to happen like… naturally.” Toby’s voice lowered. “I can let you give me a blowjob. And I’m allowed to give you a hand-job..” I felt blood rushing to my face, hot and red. Despite knowing the menu was limited, I would avail myself of the offer. Toby wasn’t finished. “That’s all I’m supposed to do. But if I was with a guy I liked, I might do more…” Toby trailed off then added in a whisper-yell, “But you can’t tell my mom!” My cock started inflating autonomously, as if it had its own consciousness and free will. This beautiful boy, sitting 12 inches from my right side, was adored and idolized by tens of thousands of social media followers. How many tween girls and how many grown men had touched themselves while they watched him writhe and feel himself up as he danced to Dua Lipa songs on TIkTok? Now he was offering himself to me. I reached over and caressed Toby’s chest. “That feels nice,” he sighed. I could feel his body relax as he grew comfortable with my touch. My hand moved down to his flat stomach, feeling his solid abdominal muscles beneath his thin cotton tank top. His plaid flannel shorts were tented out at his groin. It was an invitation. Beneath the shorts Toby’s member felt taut and warm. I traced its length with my fingers, then encircled the shaft with my fist, creating a plaid fabric totem that stood straight up from his midsection. I felt saliva forming in my mouth in anticipation of a delicious meal. The boy looked down the length of his body at my manipulations with his full attention, as if to make sure this was really happening. Sticking my fingers under the waistband of the boy’s shorts, I pulled down toward his thighs, revealing the organ that had tempted me with fleeting flashes earlier in the day. Toby’s cock stood upright and straight, its flaired head embellished with a shiny smear of precum. My first thought upon seeing it was “It’s the perfect size for my mouth.” I gripped the bare shaft with my hand and looked Toby in the eyes. “Well, howdy,” I said in my best Texan drawl. Toby laughed. “Howdy,” he replied in his cracking young teen voice. konyaaltı otele gelen escort I devoured him, taking him as deep as I could, only stopping when my face pressed against his lower abdomen with its thin mustache of budding pubic hair. For a split second I felt like we were one creature, like a backwards motion movie of an amoeba splitting in two, separate beings conjoining into one body. With a slow, rhythmic motion I began the advance and retreat of a deep-throated blowjob, increasing the speed and intensity incrementally. Toby’s taut, slick cock slid easily down the warm, wet tunnel formed by my mouth and throat. As the fervency of the act increased, I felt Toby approaching the point where he might soon let go. But he had mentioned that he might want to do more. I had to explore those possibilities. I took my mouth off his cock. A thin rope of saliva snapped as I pulled away. “You want to try something else?” I asked. “Can I see your cock?” the boy asked without hesitation, as if he had been thinking about it. I knelt on the mattress next to the boy. Toby’s eyes went to the obvious erection trying to escape my pajama bottoms. I pulled my PJs and boxer briefs down in a single motion, allowing my engorged cock to bounce free. “That’s seriously, like, the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in real life,” Toby commented. “Maybe even in porn.” I thrust my hips forward, displaying the one extraordinary thing I had been blessed with. Toby sat up and placed his hand around my shaft. “I can barely reach around it!” He whispered. I watched the boy get up on his knees facing me and ease toward me until my erect eight inches was pressed against his lower abdomen. Toby gripped both our cocks in his hand, placing them side by side as if to highlight the contrasting sizes of our length and girth. While I wasn’t quite twice as long as Toby, it was in impressive difference. Toby used his thumb and forefinger to “measure” how much longer my cock was than his and held it up for me to see. “Oh, a size-queen, I see,” I laughed. Toby looked at me with questioning ice-blue eyes. “A size-queen is a guy who likes big dicks,” I explained. The boy laughed. “Toby Adler: ‘Size-Queen Chicken…’ Bock-bock!” he clucked. After a pause he added, “Well, that thing ain’t goin’ in me.” I mentally crossed one activity off my possible to-do list. “Think you can get it in your mouth?” The boy smiled and crouched down, then half opened his mouth. He pressed it against my cock head. “Nope. Not goin’ in,” he laughed. Then, opening wide, he engulfed the first three inches. I felt his wet, warm tongue explore the underside of my erection, then pull off. Toby held my cock and inspected it close up. “What’s it like to have a dick this big?” he sighed, then licked its length. “Sometimes it gets in the way…” We both laughed. Toby continued licking then gently placed my cock in his mouth and resumed sucking, moving up and down the first third of my length. One hand gripped my shaft and one hand reached out to caress my balls. For a thirteen-year-old, the kid was doing an admirable job administering pleasure. Seeing the beautiful boy crouched before me, earnestly doing his best to make me feel good, caused a sensual simmering in my loins. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. “Toby,” I whispered. He already knew what I was going to say and pulled off. The boy sat up and looked at me with his lips pursed in a slight smile, as if he’d been caught doing something naughty. His cock was still at full staff. “You can fuck me…” I said. If you want.” “Yes, please!’ he whispered, as if I’d just asked him if he wanted a Dove Bar. “Do you have any lube?” I asked. Toby’s eyes roamed around the room, as if he could improvise using something on his dresser, then said, “I know there’s baby oil in the bathroom.” The boy pulled up his shorts and crept out of his bedroom, taking great care to be quiet. He returned with a bottle of baby oil stuffed in the front of his pants and hidden under his tank konyaaltı rus escort top. I pulled of my t-shirt and lay back on the bed completely naked. Toby tugged off his clothes and positioned himself between my legs. “Have you fucked anyone before?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said, “There’s this kid from my school, Cutty. He thinks he’s my boyfriend.” I’d seen Cutty in some of Toby’s videos. He was a small, dark haired boy with long eyelashes. I made a mental not to go back and watch some of those videos with the knowledge that Toby’s dick had been up that boy’s butt. Toby drizzled some of the clear liquid into the palm of his hand. I drew my legs up to give him access and he rubbed it into my cleft, poking at my hole with his index finger. I could feel the oil running down my crack onto the bed as I watched Toby apply the lube to his hard cock, now wet and shiny. I spread my legs allowing the boy to fit his lower body into the space between my thighs. Toby poked at my hole with the head of his cock with a tentative caution. I was fired up and impatient, so I grabbed his hardon and directed it into my body with a forceful tug. And then the boy was in. Toby began a gentle in and out, acclimating himself to the feeling of his boycock as he experienced the waves of pleasure tickling its nerve-endings. Lying on my back, I was afforded the rare view of a lovely young teen boy, naked and intense, working his body in a writhing dance of lust. Toby’s lean chest heaved in and out with heavy breaths and his hair hung in his eyes, swaying to the rhythm of his thrusting hips. My own cock was at its maximum mass, solid and straight, pointing toward my chest as I received the pulsing bursts of pleasure transmitted directly from the boy’s haunches. Toby increased the intensity and speed of his movements. I started stroking myself, trying to arrive at the peak the same time the boy did. But I scaled that mountain faster – the erotic energy that had been building up inside me all day refused to be contained any longer, and expelled itself in intense fluid waves crashing down on my abdomen and stomach. Toby watched it happen with a look of enthralled fascination on his face, then closed his eyes and let out a quick groan. His hips began a series of quick thrusts as he unloaded his seed deep into my insides. The boy’s movements became weaker and shallower until he relaxed and draped his body over mine, spent. The warm semen on my frontside glued us together, heaving chest to heaving chest. Toby’s face was inches from mine. I cracked open my mouth and he got the message, placing his lips on mine and nuzzling me with his tongue. The raw animal sexuality we’d experienced together was now replaced by a mellow, satisfying afterglow. “Hey Jake,” Toby whispered. “You got a big one…” We felt each other’s chests surge with laughter. Toby rolled off me and lay on his back against my right side. After a few seconds the boy stood up and walked to his bedroom door and pressed the privacy lock. “Don’t you think we should have done that 45 minutes ago?” I asked. Toby laughed. “Yeah.” *** We slept together naked, only putting on our sleepwear when the morning sun shined through the window above Toby’s bed. I still had another day and night scheduled with the boys. Toby spent most of the next day hanging by my side, even insisting I come to his basketball practice. Jeannie noticed. “That boy really seems to like you, Jake. You’ll have to come back and do this again.” That night I heard a soft tapping on my bedroom door. It was Toby. We made love again. I let Toby fuck me, and he let me rub my cock in the cleft of his ass until I came, spewing all over the boy’s narrow waist and back. After another long, passionate kiss, he returned to his bedroom. The next morning Toby was quiet and sullen as he watched me pack up. I tried to hide the heaviness in my chest by making light conversation, but it didn’t help. When the Uber arrived to take me to the airport, Jeannie, Adam and Toby stood at the front door and waved me off. The mother and older son had big, photogenic smiles but Toby looked like he wanted to cry. I felt pangs of grief, not knowing if or when I’d see the boy again, I tried to drown the feelings by amassing a collection of mini vodka bottles on the flight back to Houston. When the plane landed, I switched on my iPhone. It chimed as soon as it got a signal. It was a message from Toby: “Feelin horny send nudes” END

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