Tim And Abbie 81:  Boxing Day Comes To An End


Yes, midsummer dreams are really a part of the beginning of summer solstice, but there is still is so much magic in the air.  Sexual desires are lingering as the summer moves on through July.  The weather has been perfect, and from working in the yard, Tim and Abbie are both golden brown.Both look so healthy and happy at work.  Colleagues wonder what magic has happened.  Abbie is enjoying having Les at the Institute now.  They are even working on a couple of projects together.  This new aspect of her job makes it more exciting and exciting to be there every day.But what is happening for Abbie at work is nothing paralleled to what is happening to Tim as July gets underway.  He has always been satisfied for the most part with his job. As been mentioned, Tim never tried to move to a higher position as he was so unsure of himself.  Now, things are taken out of his hands as the ‘new Tim’ shows his abilities more and more.The wheels have been grinding with the power to be.  They know that a new gear needs to be added to keep the company churning properly and acknowledged as an industry leader.  Deciding took a while for them to determine that a  division needs to be added to address quality/productivity/efficiency/customer and employee.  That settled, the next hoop to get through is who would lead this team.  It was easy to agree as all were in one mindset about who at Microga could fill such a role.The week after their dinner with Grace and Sam, midmorning Tim receives a call asking him to come to the executive meeting room.  He is unsure what is up but remembers a couple of years ago they had called him in to congratulate him on a project he developed to streamline their production system.  They then gave him a certificate, named him employee of the month, and a small bonus.  He figured it was something similar.Arriving at the conference room, he knocks and is told to come in.  The entire senior management team is stilling around the table, and he is encouraged to join them at a vacant chair.“Yes, I do believe Tim looks quite comfortable there, don’t you all?” the Chairman of the company said.  All agree and even clap.  Tim is confused about what is going on.All is made clear, well, at least the basics, when the Chairman of Microga continues, “Tim, we, for years, have been aware of the enormous contributions you have made to the company.  It is only because of you that we stand as one of the best companies in our field.  You seemed somewhat unsure of güvenilir bahis yourself in the past and lacked the confidence needed to advance. “But in the last few months, I am not sure why that has all changed.  Your appearance, assurance of yourself, and the ability to work with your team so they are producing have not gone unnoticed.“Because of that, and our determination to keep being a leader in our industry, we have created a new division, Productivity and Quality Assurance, which we would like you to lead.  Your title and position would be as an executive and have four or five departments under you. Three which are already in existence and two to be created and staffed.“We are hopeful you would be willing to take this step in your career as we see great things coming from this group under your management,” the Chairman finishes.Tim is flabbergasted. He could never have imagined this in his wildest dreams.  He is a little shaken and scared of what it would mean and if he is up to the job, but settling himself, he realizes that Abbie has been helping him get to a place where he does feel confident in accepting the job.The rest of the day passes in a whirlwind as Tim first goes through Personnel to review the terms of his new position.  His salary would be more than double his current and in addition stock options and more. Then he signs a contract, his belongings moved to a new office on the executive floor; and finally meeting with the three existing departments to be under him and outlining the division’s plan.Tim did have time coming out of the executive meeting to call Abbie and briefly outline what is happening.  Abbie squeals with delight over Tim’s promotion.  They will talk more about it tonight when Tim would know what all is involved, but that first moment of total glee spreads between them.Tim takes a moment more to think about his mother and is sorry she was not around to celebrate this achievement too.  Though it probably would have never happened if she still was, no more than he would have met Abbie either. Tim comprehends with insight that his mother’s insecurities and depression affected him also. She made him feel unworthy of anything good happening.  Just to be content with his lot in life.  She showed her pride in Tim but did not want him to hope for too much as it never really comes true.While he does miss her, his life now is so much better. Abbie has shown him the light of the day and the possibilities offered to him.  güvenilir bahis siteleri Tim feels gratitude running through him for Abbie entering his life.But how to celebrate tonight?  He wants to see Les to tell her, and for them all to go out together to a pristine restaurant to commemorate today.  With all else going on, Tim does make reservations for four at an elite restaurant nearby.  He calls Les and tells her that he wants to take her and Phoebe out tonight for dinner.  Les, happening to be at the Pathway Center today, she heard some of the news from Abbie’s already.  But she does not let Tim know that as she suggests they meet first at the Peacock for drinks before going.That is all agreeable to Tim.  He calls Abbie to tell her the plan and asks, “Do you think we should invite Grace and Sam to join us?  Or would that be pushing things too much?  Abbie believes it is a great idea and suggests he call Sam, and she call Grace to see if they would like to join them.  They would all meet at the Wilde Peacock at seven this evening.And so it came to be, with just a short diversion for Abbie and Tim before arriving at the Wilde Peacock.  Picking Abbie up right at five, they drive home, hurry upstairs, flinging their clothes off as they kiss and caress each other.  Naked together, Tim first looks deep into Abbie’s eyes.  He tells Abbie that all of this is happening because of her.  She tries to argue a bit, but Tim kisses away her protests. Then working down her neck, he spends time sucking and playing with Abbie’s petite boobs.  He loves them so much to suck, lick, and play with.  Abbie moans encouragingly as he does.  Then, rather a bit to Abbie’s surprise, Tim moves down over her stomach, licking and exploring, over her bare mons nibbling away, and then taking her clit in his mouth fully and sucking it.While Tim does this at times, Abbie knows that his fingering her clit is about as far as Tim wants to go in that way.  And Abbie understands, but now, feeling him take it in his mouth fully, sucking and helping it enlarge, is breathtaking.  Abbie wiggles around, not letting her clit come out of Tim’s mouth, and she begins to suck his glans and play with his balls.In unison, they orally pleasure each other.  Tim is hard as a rock, and Abbie knows she will flush her juices any minute. She pulls away from Tim and settles on her back. Her legs are lifted over Tim’s shoulders as he guides his throbbing saber up in her tight special vag.  iddaa siteleri Tim moans as he feels Abbie clenching against him.  Pressing in more and then beginning the in and out dance rhythm, they are both sweating and moaning as Tim plunges in deeper and deeper. Abbie stares into Tim’s eyes as he fucks her, oh, loving this wonderful man so much.  His ability to reinvent himself with just a little encouragement and show of confidence in him.  If Abbie could freeze time, it would be at this moment forever.Tim, looking down at his love, is thinking similar things as he presses his shaft in and out of Abbie.  This woman, who has no idea how much she has done for him, her love and faith in him has allowed him to scale new heights he never would have imagined.Both breathing deeply now and knowing they need to consummate things quickly so as not to be late, begin the final cycle to the finale.  Both flushed, Abbie’s clit starting to drip some. Tim takes it in hand and, as he thrusts in and out of her, wanks Abbie’s clit as he bangs her.With final gasps from both of them, together, they both blast out their fluids.  Tim’s up in Abbie deeply.  Abbie’s all over their mons and stomach.  Both are laughing from part exhaustion and part from the sheer thrill.They quickly clean each other, change, Abbie fixing her hair and makeup, and are on their way to the Wilde Peacock just before seven.  Moments later, they walk into the Peacock to join their waiting friends.  Introductions have already been made between the two couples. Sam knows Les already and has met Phoebe in passing.  Les and Grace know each other slightly from seeing each other next door.  All are talking and wondering what this dinner is all about as Tim and Abbie arrive.  Les has kept her knowledge to herself, so Tim can enjoy the surprise of telling the others.Kisses and hugs are shared all around, and drinks are ordered.  The women all sit together at the end of the bar, with Tim and Sam standing by their chairs.  Abbie, realizing Tim might be embarrassed to tell his big news himself, lifts her glass in a toast to Tim and his new executive position at Microga.  All cheer and congratulate Tim.  He blushes from the attention.Les hugs him tight and says in his ear, “I am so proud of you, Tim.  And your mother would be too.  You have always had the talent and ability. You just needed that boost that Abbie has given you.”  Tim hugs her tight in return.Finishing their drinks, they all head to the restaurant.  Abbie is pleased to see that Grace is riding with Sam, who says, “When Tim asked me and said Grace was also invited, I offered to give her a ride.”  The wink between him and Grace did not go unnoticed by Abbie, or for that matter, Tim.

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