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Time with friendsA Fruitful Evening by Ale Stone Me and my wife, Sara, have a couple of frie nds whom we have known ever since high school, Thomas, Tom and his wife Chris. T om and I were roommates and Chris and Sara were in the same classes as we and wh en I asked Sara out Tom asked Chris out and ever since then we have been togethe r almost every weekend. The only exceptions have been when either couple have been at some family gathering. We used to alternate between apartments and we re seriously thinking of getting even closer. That is Tom and I. We were thinkin g about starting our own business. Neither of us had any expensive tastes and To m and I had done very well on the stock market and we wanted to invest our money in something that was ours. Usually when we met we rented a video and list ened to some music after that. And drinking wine. This weekend was a bit di fferent. Tom and I had finally decided to go into business together and was to c elebrate at our home. Sara had prepared a meal with four courses and I had stock ed up the drinks. Cocktail, wine, cognac and gin, rum and whisky. The night went well and after the meal when we sat drinking coffee and sipping cognac we felt wonderfully full and content. We talked a little and someone suggested that we should play a game. The original idea was Trivial Pursuit but we had given o urs to some relative and all we had was an unopened deck of cards. We tried to figure out a game to play while we cleaned away the coffee and cognac and brought the other bottles in. The only game we all could play was poker. I kn ew we had a set of chips somewhere so I went looking for them. When I finally found them I got this idea. Why not pretend that I couldn’t find them and after awhile suggest that we played strip poker instead! I went and told the others tha t I couldn’t find the chips and pretended that the play was out but after the fi rst drink I somehow managed to get the conversation back to playing some card ga me. “You know what,” Chris said. “No. What.” “Oh it’s silly. But I have n ever…” “What?” “I’ve never played strip poker!” “Me neither!” cried Sara . “How about you?” she asked me. “Once.” “And you, Tom?” “Ah, well a coupl e of times.” “Tell us. How was it?” “Fun. Mind you I was young then. And I h ad never seen a girl’s breasts before.” “Did you? See some I mean,” Chris aske d. “Yes. I did. But not for long. This girl suddenly got, I don’t know, scared maybe, and got dressed and disappeared in a flash!” he laughed. “And the seco nd time?” “This was the second time. The first time we just came down to our under-wears.” “Oh poor thing,” Chris mocked him and consoled him with a light kiss. “Have you seen any since then?” Sara laughed. “You bet!” he grinned bac k. “You, Max. Have you got your fill of tits?” Chris asked me. “Well I’m an ass man myself,” I almost giggled. It was true however. My wife wasn’t big breas ted, she was rather small in that department, but she had an ass that made my mo uth water when I saw her in her tight jeans. “Oh, I’m out then,” Chris joked. “No way! I’m always looking for more!” “Shall we?” asked Tom. “After all we’ve known each other for ages.” Everything was silent for a while and I held my breath till the girls looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said OK. We spent a while discussing the rules and count clothes but finally we were ready to play. I wont relate the game as it went because I don’t remember, my memory is more or less blank until I saw Chris stand up and unfasten her bra. I watched her as she rather shyly let it slide down her arms and flung it aside. The motion made her tits wiggle, something that Sara’s hardly did. Chris had beautiful breasts. They kind of sloped down on the upside and from the underside kızılay escort they made a perfect curve up to the hard nipples. Her aureolas where wrinkled and oval and rather large. Almost everything was new to me compared to my wife’s. Hers were almost cone-formed and she had small nipples surrounded by circular aureolas. So I kept my eyes on Chris as she sat down. She saw my look and smiled at me, proudly. She knew that her tits were great and she wasn’t embarrassed to show them. I could feel my cock start to get hard which had me in a dilemma as I lost the next hand and had to remove my trousers. I decided that there was no reason to hide it though. Everyone was a little hot by the game or the prospects of seeing someone else but their spouse naked. So I just stood and took off my pants letting Chris see my from the side since she sat at my side and Sara and Tom from the front. Sara gave me a knowing smile and Tom just paid a slight interest in me. Next hand Chris lost again and now she was a little more reluctant. This was the last item she had to loose and she made a quick stand, push down panties and sitting down motion. I didn’t care. I was looking at her tits. Almost convincing myself that I was after all a titman and not an assman. Tom lost the next hand and he stood when he slipped his pants off and so did I when I lost my shorts the next hand. My cock popped out and up as the waistband slipped pass my stiff cock. I could feel but not see Chris’ eyes on my manhood and when I sat down I glanced over at her and saw her lick her lips in that typical female way when they see something that make them hot. I looked over at Sara and saw that she smiled her horny little smile and I knew that I was in for a hot round in the bed later that night. Next Sara lost and she shed her bra without any hesitation and showed her perfect little breasts to our friends. This made my cock even harder and I could feel a drop of precum leak out. Absentmindedly I reached down and wiped it away with the palm of my hand. I heard a rather sharp intake of breath from Chris and I realized what I had done and could feel myself blush a little. When I looked over at Chris I saw that she was looking down on my hard on so I took it that she hadn’t taken any offense. Now things were like this, I was nude and so was Chris. Sara and Tom had their underpants on. This made the next hand interesting because Chris lost again. We had a long discussion about what she had to do but we agreed that some sort of exposing was in place. “Why not have her open her legs so we all can see what she’s hiding?” Sara suggested. To Chris embarrassment we decided on that and she put one of her legs over the armrest and the other over my leg. I looked down on the furry bush between her legs. It was a shade darker than that on her head and in the dark forest I could see the pink pussylips peek out. Rather big and thick. I could have been looking at my own wife’s pussy it was almost a carbon copy of it. Again I felt a drop of precum drool out of the slit on my cock but this time I just let it slide down the hard shaft. Chris let her legs down and we assumed our game and Sara was the looser this time. She stood and got rid of her panties and kept her standing for a little bit longer than Chris and I had done. The next hand Tom lost and now we were all naked. We didn’t stop our game though. It was as if everyone wanted it to go on, maybe to be more risky. After we all had exposed ourselves to the others we started to discuss what to next when Sara lost. “Why don’t you let Tom feel you up for two minutes,” I suggested. Sara hesitated but finally agreed and Tom’s hand was searching my wife’s body before she had nodded her agreement. I mamak escort thought I would cum then and there when I saw another man fondle her small tits and cup her pussy. This was to my knowledge only the second man who ever touched her. That the scene had a similar affect on Chris was obvious she was rubbing her thighs together as she watched her husband fondle my wife. After that things deteriorated until we decided to play pair against pair. We men against the girls. And after the first hand which Tom and I won we had to decide what penalty the girls had to pay. This took a little longer than the other discussions. “I don’t know about you, Sara,” Chris finally said in a low voice. “But… I… Oh what the hell! I want to feel how it feels to have another… cock in me,” she blurted out. “Yes. I would like that but…” “What?” “I… I’m not… I’m not protected.” “Me neither. But we could do it for just a little while and when it is time for them to cum they could sort of switch over. You know…” Sara thought about it for a while and finally said OK. Tom and I almost ran over to the girls. Simultaneously we drew up their legs on our shoulder causing them to slip down on the couch till their asses rested on the edge. With one plunge I had my cock buried in my friend’s wife’s pussy. As soon as I bottomed out in her I could feel her cuming and she almost wailed as her orgasm hit her. Her wail was accompanied by my wife’s deep moan as Tom sank into her. I rested in Chris while her orgasm ebbed out and then I started to fuck her in long and slow thrusts. I wanted this to last this was maybe the last time I ever had the chance to fuck her. Chris’ hips moved up to meet my inward thrusts and she almost sang her enjoyment as my cock penetrated the depths of her cunt. “Oh, God,” I could hear my wife moan. “Oh god I’m so open… so open…” I didn’t even look at Sara as I fucked my friend’s wife. I couldn’t take my eyes of her contorted face as she again came and I just pushed my cock as deep into her as I could while her pussy danced its orgasm around my cock. Again I fucked her slow and deep for about five minutes and then, without any warning my own orgasm started to build up and just then I could hear my wife cry out. “No! Don’t pull out! I’m cuming too! Give it to me! All!” I couldn’t believe my ears! My wife wanted our friend to cum in her unprotected womb! My cock hardened in anticipation of the first spurt and Chris sensed it and she somehow reached around my waist and pulled me closer. “Yes! Me to! I’m going to… c-u-u-um to! Don’t!” she said sharply as she felt me starting to pull out. “Give it to me! Cum in me! I want it! Cum in me,” she almost sobbed as she felt the first shot of sperm splash against her womb! “I’m open! Oh I’m all open for you! Cum! Cum in me! I’m cuming too! I’M CUMING!” I heard Tom grunt as he pumped his sperm into my wife’s fertile womb while I with a hacking moan shot into his wife. I thought I was going to pass out so intense was my orgasm and I just fell down on the floor after I had emptied my load in Chris and her hand stayed on my body as it slipped down and caressed it all the way and fell down on the couch without any strength. When I got so much strength back that I could look around I saw that Tom lay slumped over my wife and that his cock hang down between her asscheeks and when I looked closer I saw the pearl shimmering sperm ooze out from my wife’s gaping cunt. Once in a while her pussy hole closed and squeezed out an even larger flow of sperm. She was still cumming! I just had to see how Chris cunt looked like and lifted my head till it was in level with her furry cunt. Oh my god! I had never seen anything like that. It was almost shining from all yenimahalle escort the juices trickling out of her. Her ass hole light brown in color shimmered with wetness and her pussylips… Red and half open revealed my sperm coating it to the brim! Tom rolled off my wife and sat down beside her. I looked at him and we grinned sheepishly. “Whow,” he said. “Was that something!” “Yes. This was something!” I climbed up and sat beside Chris and put my arm around her and let my arm hang down and cup her soft breast. This was the first time I had the opportunity to feel it. It rested rather heavy in my cupped hand with her soft nipple noticeably pushing against the palm of my hand. She rested her head on my shoulder and put her hand over the one that covered her breast. She turned and gave me a light kiss on the cheek and settled back on my shoulder again. I looked over at my wife and Tom and saw that her hand was playing with his cock-sack the way she loves to do after one of our fucks when she has had a great orgasm. Idly letting the fingers separate the stones, feeling them glide away and back. And letting a contempt sigh escape her lips with irregular intervals. I saw Tom’s cock start to get hard again and I squeezed Chris’ tit with a little more intense and her nipple reacted immediately and drilled it’s hardness into my kneading palm. Her hand crept over my thigh nearing my slick limp cock which twitched as she touched it. “Shall we change partners?” I asked Tom and the girls. “No. Not tonight. This is fine, but shouldn’t we get a little more comfortable?” Sara said. We scrambled to our feet and Chris and I followed my wife’s wriggling ass to our bedroom. Sara crept into the middle of the bed and Chris did likewise from the other side. Side by side and with spread legs they lay waiting for their respective lover. I lay on top of Chris and kissed her and while our tongues played with each other my hand drifted down over her soft body and cupped her wet slippery cunt. I pushed two fingers in her and her hips undulated in rhythm with my finger-fucking. “Not to much of this,” Chris whispered. “I want you inside me again when I cum, please…” I parted her pussylips and let the head of my cock nose its way into her warm pussy. She groaned and squeezed my cock with her strong cuntal muscles. I glanced over at my wife and saw her take all of Tom’s cock inside her and a smile played over her lips. The thought of neither of the girls were protected heightened my horniness and I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer this time either and I could hear by Tom’s labored breath that he too was having problems with his stamina. And the girls! They mewed and growled as if they were just that, cats in heat! And their hips pumped up meeting our invading cocks loudly begging for us to give them what they wanted! Our fertile seed in their wombs. I could feel how my saliva thickened and coated my mouth making it difficult for me to swallow and I could feel some of it start to leak out of the corner of my mouth and there was nothing I could do about it. I was so horny that I couldn’t even swallow. I raised my head from Chris’ bosom and dried my mouth on the pillow and when I raised it again I looked down at Chris’ face and saw how she drooled and gasped and once in a while her tongue flicked out and tried to wet her lips to no avail. She opened her eyes and stared at something far, far away and with broken sentences she asked me for my sperm. To fill her. To give her a baby! I started to cum. Not with the usual gobs passing my cock and pump into the womb but with a steady stream. A hot stream of potent semen flooding my friend’s wife’s cunt. It felt as if a barbwire coated with lustful enjoyment passed though my cock into Chris’ milking pussy. I didn’t get to fuck my wife that weekend, but I fucked Chris’ all over the place, in every room including the bathroom and my wife was serviced in the same manner by Tom. We are proud parents to a girl and Chris’ and Tom to a boy of exactly the same age. It was a fruitful weekend.

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