Timmy’s Prison Cavity Search Ch. 02


Timmy’s Prison Cavity Search Ch. 02Timmy was too embarrassed to come out of his cell. He wasn’t just embarrassed; he was afraid, afraid of what might become of him now. He couldn’t believe what he had done. It didn’t matter that he had no choice. He should have fought. Every convict in the prison had to have heard how he had given head to a big black convict by now. Shit there was an entire room full of hardcore convicts who had literally watched. Sure that female corrections officer had, had him by the balls – literally, but he should still have fought. Instead of the hardcore gangster convict he wanted to become, Timmy had been marked to become a prison bitch or punk at best. Convicts were actually walking by his cell and whistling at him, some were bold enough to stop and proposition him and the boldest would just tell him straight out they were going to fuck him, both in the ass and in the mouth, often in that order. Timmy was physically shaken and shaking. Fights had even broken out over him between individual convicts trying to lay claim to his ass. A few of the gangs had even begun to rumble. Timmy had always wanted to be popular, but this had not been the popularity he had in mind. He couldn’t believe he had ever even entertained the thought of coming to a place like this or that he ever thought he was hard enough to handle it.Then, just like that, something happened that gave Timmy hope. He got a visit from a life long friend, one he had grown up with on the streets. It’s a small world, smaller in the criminal element and yet even smaller in prison. Johnny wasn’t just a friend. He had been one of the toughest k**s on the block growing up. He was one of those k**s who all the other little juvenile delinquents had looked up to. He was the youngest among them and the first to get put in juvey. He had made a lot of connections there before graduating to the big time of adult penitentiaries. When Timmy saw him it was like a ray of hope even though he was pretty sure Johnny must have heard what happened and he was pretty ashamed about it. Timmy had a tough time facing him. It turns out Johnny visited his cell specifically because he had heard what had happened.”That’s no big deal,” Johnny told him. “Lots of things happen to new guys when they first get here. Officer Michaels almost got me with that.””She did?” Timmy was shocked. Johnny was one of the toughest k**s he ever met along with being super, street smart. He really looked up to him. If this almost happened to Johnny, it could happen to anyone. Maybe there was some hope for the rest of Timmy’s sentence.”Well no, not really, but that’s because I’ve been in these kinds of places before. Point is you can’t let stuff get to you. You have to show people you don’t care and that you can take it.””But they’re walking by my cell blowing kisses at me!””That’s because you’re hiding in your cell like a scared little girl. What do you expect? Look, come with me. I’ll hook you up with some guys who will look out for you.””Look out for me?” Timmy didn’t like what he was hearing. He quickly discovered prison was not going to be as easy as he thought it was going to be, not for him at least, and he knew he needed friends, but he wasn’t an idiot. People in prison didn’t look out for you without getting something in return, and Timmy only had one thing to give back. Timmy felt himself becoming erect and it disgusted him. What in God’s name was happening to him? He wished he could trust Johnny and maybe he could have if he had bumped into him before he was forced to give that public blowjob to that black convict, but now he knew he couldn’t trust anyone.Timmy shook his head. “I think I’m just going to stay in my cell and keep to myself.””You’re k**ding, right?””No, I think it’s for the best.””For how long? I mean how long do you think you’re going to be able to do that?”Timmy shrugged.Johnny samsun escort shook his head in disappointment. Then he moved to the door of the cell and poked his head out into the hallway. He looked in both directions. He moved back into the cell and moved close to Timmy. He spoke in whispers.”Alright, look, I’m going to tell you something but you have to swear not to tell anyone,” Johnny whispered to Timmy. He wanted for Timmy to swear his oath; Timmy didn’t, but Johnny began to tell him anyway. “I did it once.””Did what?””Are you serious?”Timmy stared blank faced.”You’re going to make me say it?””You sucked a cock?!” Timmy was shocked.Johnny kept glancing around and hushing him. “Keep your voice down.””Who’s? I mean who made you do it?””What’s it matter? You do what you have to do to survive in here, right?”Timmy shrugged. He took a minute to think about things, his wandering mind did something to him that he didn’t like. He felt himself getting an erection. Reflex made him try to partially cover it with his hand. He tried to do so nonchalantly, but Johnny had been watching him, studying him actually. Johnny sort of smiled out of the side of his face. He glanced down at Timmy’s crotch. Timmy was caught and he knew it.”Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know you’re not alone. If they want you, they’ll get you, especially if you don’t have any friends looking out for you.””What do you mean? Who will get me?””Shit, whoever, anyone, everyone! They’ll be come into your cell and just take it. I suggest you sleep on your back but some of them like it better that way. Reminds them of their girlfriends when they throw your ankles up on their shoulders. Sometimes they’ll hang your head back over the edge of the bed so it opens up your throat and they can skull fuck you that way. Sometimes they’ll be more than one and one will you’re your head while the other takes your ass. Whatever you do, don’t bite them or they’ll knock out your teeth so their cocks will slide right into your mouth with no problem at all, like it’s a wet pussy. You won’t have any easy time chewing your food with no front teeth but you’ll get enough protein in your diet. Sperm is real heavy in protein. Also try and keep something around you can stuff in your shit hole if they start gangbanging you. I’ve seen guys bleed to death before the morning shift finds them and sends them to the infirmary to get stitched up.”Timmy covered his ears and tried not to cry. “Alright, shut up, shut up, will you?!””Yeah, fine. No problem. I was just trying to give you some pointers. I’ll see you around…” Johnny turned to leave. Timmy stopped him.”Wait!” Timmy yelled. Johnny stopped and turned. He couldn’t hide his smile and it made Timmy feel small, real small. He felt sick having to ask Johnny the next question, and he knew it was the wrong thing to do, but he did anyway, “Who are these friends?””What friends?””The ones you said would look out for me.””I thought you said you weren’t interested.””Well, like you said, you have to do what you have to do to survive in here, right?””Yeah, something like that. Still, I wouldn’t want to be taking you to meet them for no reason, or under false pretenses or anything, false for you or for them.””What do you mean?””I think you know what I mean.””I thought you wanted me to meet them.””I did, do but then you pissed all over it and me, just like you did to Officer Michaels and her offer.”Timmy was shocked that Johnny knew of the specifics of what had happened to him. Timmy still hadn’t been certain it had even been an actual offer. He had thought it was just a way for her to torment him for the entertainment of the convicts to make herself look tougher in front of them.”That was a mistake.””It’s nice that you realize that now. It’s too bad it’s this late in coming.””Should I apologize to her, tell her I’m antalya escort sorry.””You don’t have to worry about her right now. I just don’t want to see you make another mistake.” Johnny patted Timmy’s face and ran a thumb over his lips. Timmy didn’t like the way Johnny suddenly started acting towards him, but he knew better than to make a big issue out of it. He didn’t want guys coming into his cell and just taking him. He knew he needed Johnny.”So we’re… we’re cool then?” Timmy asked, knowing better.”Cool? Yeah, almost. We’re getting there at least. I just need you to do one more thing for me so there are no more misunderstandings about where you stand, or where we are going and what’s going to be expected of you.””What… what do you need me to do?”Johnny smiled. He unfastened and unzipped his pants. He pulled them down along with his boxers just enough for his cock to spring out over the waist bands. His cock was white and a hell of a lot smaller than that of the black convict Timmy had sucked off while Officer Miss Monique Michaels cavity searched him, but it was hard, and dripping pre-cum and needy like it hadn’t gotten any relief in a long while, and small as it was, it was still a lot bigger than Timmy’s cock. Timmy was small even for a white boy. In fact Timmy made some Asian guys look big.Still even though Johnny’s white cock wasn’t as big and intimidating as the black cock Timmy was forced to suck on at the hands of Office Miss Monique Michaels, it was still a cock. For Timmy to just get down on his knees and start sucking Johnny off was a degrading act in and off itself. It would place Johnny higher on the prison hierarchy then Timmy, not that he wasn’t already. If Timmy got down on his knees and took Johnny’s cock in his mouth, it was an ultimate act of submission. Timmy would be letting Johnny know he saw him as more of a man than he saw himself. Yet Timmy couldn’t deny the erection growing in his pants or the excitement causing it to grow harder and harder.”Is there a problem?” Johnny asked.”I’m not gay.” Timmy said.”This has nothing to do with being gay or straight. You’re a cocksucker. You’ve already done it. You can’t unsuck a cock. Now I want my cock sucked and I want you to get down on your knees and do it. Furthermore I know for a fact you want to. You’re practically drooling all over yourself and you have a tent in your pants that would make a whore blush.”Timmy covered his crotch with both hands again.Johnny laughed. “If you want, I can threaten to come back here with a bunch of guys if you’re one of those cocksuckers who need to pretend they don’t want it, but maybe you want that more.””Would you?””Would I what?””Come back here with a bunch of guys?”Johnny laughed. “Sure. Why not? Now get down on your knees and suck my cock, faggot.””I’m not.””Not what?””A faggot.””Whatever you say.” Johnny pointed to floor directly in front of where he stood with a stern look on his face. “Knees. Now.”Timmy moved to the spot Johnny was pointing at and got down on his knees. Johnny grasped his head and held it in position and smirked down upon him. The line had been crossed and an unwritten understanding had been agreed upon. Timmy was a prison bitch, prison pussy. There was no going back.”Damn, if I knew you were this sweet and easy, I would have had you sucking my cock long before we got to prison. You would have been great for the nights I got in fights with my girlfriends or met a girl that got me all hot and horny but wouldn’t put out.”Timmy rolled his tongue around Johnny’s purple mushroom head and played with his pee hole with the tip of his tongue. It was the way, the black convict had taught him how to suck and it was all Timmy knew, but maybe he was a natural. It sure didn’t seem hard and it wasn’t disgusting him the way he knew it should. He tasted pre-cum and took ankara escort his mouth of Johnny’s cock to lick up and down his shaft without being told. He sucked his balls and took him back in his mouth and started bobbing his head. It didn’t matter any longer. He might as well do a good job, he thought. He might have even wanted to. Johnny was really enjoying himself.”Goddamn if you don’t suck cock better than any girl I ever dated on the outside. That nigger taught you well. Either that or you’re just a natural born cocksucker. I’ll bet it’s a combination of the two things. You’ve probably wanted to suck cock your whole life but was just in denial about it. I’ll bet you’re loving being in prison. Shit, you probably wanted to suck mine. I could cum right now, but I want to make you work for it. I want you to work for the privilege of emptying my balls and drinking my sperm, faggot.”Timmy couldn’t stand that Johnny couldn’t just shut up and enjoy a blowjob. He wondered if he talked this way to girls on the outside and if that’s why he couldn’t get any to stay around. Then as if reading Timmy’s mind, Johnny answered at least that question, “You know what’s great about prison bitches? You don’t have to be nice to them. You can just tell them how you’re really feeling. Don’t matter if you’re skull fucking them or pushing their shit back up into their faggot bitch asses. Hey, how would you like it if I did that to you next, huh? Fucked that tight bitch ass pussy of yours? Broke your ass cherry for you? I mean unless someone already broke it, maybe even before you even got to prison..?”Timmy started to pull his head off of Johnny’s cock to protest, but Johnny held it there firm. “Relax. The niggers have already claimed that ass. They’re sooo… fucking hot for it too. They are going to stretch that thing out so bad you’re probably going to have to start wearing a diaper. They are going to pump so much nigger cum up inside of you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn into one.”When Timmy started to pull off of Johnny’s cock once again, Johnny grabbed his head tighter in his grip and started pumping his hips faster and faster, skull fucking him insanely until Timmy was gagging and choking even on this average size cock. “Okay, Johnny’s going to empty his balls into you, bitch. That’s right! Here it comes! This will be the second biggest load that bitch mouth of yours gets to taste and swallow, isn’t that right, bitch?! That’s right! Here it comes; here it comes, here it… Ahh! Oh, yeah! Oh fuck yeah!”Johnny pulled back just enough for Timmy to fully taste the first jet of hot thick jizz as it coated the inside of his mouth. Then came another and another and it seemed like it just kept on cumming. It was hard to believe a white cock half the size of a black one could squirt more than twice the amount of cum, but that’s what was happening. Timmy thought Johnny would never stop cumming. It was like a never ending river of sperm, like a hot, salty, bitter frappe. Then the most embarrassing thing to happen yet happened, Timmy felt himself cumming in his pants. No one was playing with his ass or massaging his prostate or anything. He just came from sucking Johnny’s cock. It was sickeningly amazing. He had no idea how it could have happened. Being forced to suck a cock was one thing but coming from the action was entirely another. Timmy prayed Johnny wouldn’t discover what had just happened. But it was too late”Did you just do what I think you did?”Timmy shook his head. He felt like he was about to cry.”You fucking liar!”Johnny slapped Timmy’s face. Then he shoved his hands down Timmy’s pants sticking his fingers in spunk. He grabbed Timmy’s balls and squeezed hard like he was angry, but he wasn’t. He was in fact delighted. He just wanted to give Timmy a little pain and make him cry out. Johnny pulled his sticky cum dripping fingers up out of Timmy’s pants and shoved them in his mouth.”Clean them, bitch!”Timmy gagged but did as he was ordered, sobbing the entire time, mostly from the shame of exposure. When Timmy finished the job, Johnny laughed as he checked out his fingers.”Superlative, bitch. Now let’s go meet some niggers.”

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