Subject: Tim’s Summer Vacation Part 6 TIM’S SUMMER VACATION PART 6 This story contains consensual sex between Males. If you are not 18 – DO NOT READ THIS STORY. If this type of story is not acceptable where you live, DO NOT READ THIS STORY. Please send a contribution to NIFTY to keep this site up and free. Over the next week, Tim became a favorite of the crew. He was the youngest person on the ship and the enthusiasm of a teenager was greatly appreciated. In addition to learning all the corridors, he got tools for the crew as they serviced the engines, which they appreciated. Tim explored the cruise ship to be totally familiar with it. In the bowels of the ship he saw machinery that he did not recognize. He recognized the engines and Air Conditioning equipment, but he was not sure what the strange machinery was for. He asked a crew member who explained that they were gyroscopes. Tim wondered why the ship had such equipment and asked. The crew chief explained that when the Gyroscopes were on, the pitch and yaw of the ship was greatly reduced. You could not perform gymnastic exercises on a rolling ship. Therefore, when gymnastics were scheduled, the ship turned into the wind and the rate of rotation of the gyroscopes was increased; thus gymnastic events could be held at sea, The cruise ship was now a middle size ship. It used to be a large ship, but was reduced in rank by the arrival of the “super” cruise ships, with accommodations for 3000 to 5000 people. It muğla escort was equipped for 1000 passengers. The patron’s suites were on the outside of the ship. In the middle of the ship was “Times Square.” The area was opened to three decks (A, B, and C decks). Along the sides, there were 5 world class restaurants and many other expensive shops, both clothing and chachkas. (Being gay did not affect the taste buds, or other tastes.). At one end of “Times Square” was a movie theatre which showed Gay Porn on a big screen, 24 hours a day. Behind the screen was a completely equipped “Bath House.”At the other end of Times Square was a small Theatre for live shows. It may have been small, (it only sat 300 patrons), but it was totally modern theatre, with the latest instruments, dimmers and machinery for special effects. Below (on D but you are Mitch’s Mr. Right and, therefore, off limits to me,” Tim said: “My body is healed; the test results were negative and now I need to heal my mind. I thought that having sex with you would solve my problem.” Roger asked: “Are you sure? You know you are just what I like.” Tim said: “Roger, please make love to me!” Roger, with a twinkle in his eye, said: “OK, If it will help your mind.” There followed some passionate love making. When it was over, Tim said: “I think I am cured.” Over the next few nights, Tim and Roger made passionate love. One night, Tim did not come back to the room. Roger slept alone that night. The muş escort next morning, Tim returned to the room. Roger asked: “I know it is none of my business, but where were you last night?” Tim answered: “Remember that Lieutenant who met us that first night. Well his name is Damian. In the winter he attends a Maritime College. He hopes to be a cruise ship captain someday.” Roger remarked: “I guess that means you are cured? Little Tim answered: “Yes, I think I am.” On the day the SS Adonis sailed, Tim was in the ship’s control room. He avidly watched the flat land disappear as they went down the Mississippi, to be replaced by sterile sand bars. The Adonis sailed to the island nation to which it was registered. The Heads of the Club were very wise. They happily paid registration fees for both the SS Sea Master and the SS Adonis. All consumables for the cruise were purchased on the island. The island government was very happy. Most of the consumables came in from the U.S., and were heavily taxed as imports. In addition, when the SS Adonis made purchases, there were sales taxes. Between import taxes, sales taxes and registration fees, the island government knew where their bread was “buttered on” and looked the other way regarding what happened on that ship. 3 days after leaving New Orleans, the SS Adonis docked on the far side of the Island’s harbor to wait for the arrival of additional Crew. Tim was advised to always have his papers with him. He had a government nevşehir escort letter which explained that he never left the ship, so he did not need a passport or visa. As he and Roger waited for additional personnel, Roger explained: “There is an airport on this island, and our additional crew members are flying in, along with other acts. Don’t be surprised when you recognize those who arrive. We are experimenting this year. Usually we hire College Gymnast and Basketball Players. This year we are experimenting with high school athletes. You will know many of them. You will also meet the other assistant. I think you know him. His name is Dino. The High School Athletes are coached by Jim, which is why we moved to two crew compartments: one for me, the other for you and Mitch!” At that point, a bus pulled up to the ship and a number of males got out and walked up the ship’s stairwell. Tim was amazed to discover that the arriving crew were his high school mates. They were all wearing cheap plastic sunglasses. After the usual teenage greetings, Tim led them down to the assigned crew compartments, He told his classmates that he would be back later, to show them to the crew cafeteria. He left them and went back to the top of the stairway. He waited for several minutes. Then a car drove up to the stairway, and Coach Mitchel got out. He started up the stairwell. He looked up and saw Tim, and he started running up the stairs. Tim started running down the stairs. It was like a movie, they met in the middle and went into each other’s arms. They both burst into tears and began kissing each other. They held each other as they continued up the stairs. Tim, in the Coach’s arms, thought that all was right with the world.

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