Subject: Tiny Tim Tiny Tim This is a work of fiction. Please remember stay alive on donations please contribute if you can otherwise we won’t be able to post any stories like this. Please enjoy the story I just learned I just came up with this it may be short but I think you’ll have some fun reading it My cousin was 10 years old, slim , brown hair, green eyes, and on the short side. It was 1967 and it was close to Xmas and he came to visit us in Wisconsin with his mom as his dad was away at the war. I was 12 and invited to go sled riding down suicide path with my friends. Tim said he knew what to do Well he knew what to do 99% of the time. The other 1% involving rolling off your sled before if flies off the edge of suicide path and crashes with you on it and breaks your ankle and sprains both wrists was the 1% I wish Tim would have known. Because now , my cousin was hurt and miserable and I was given the job of helping him with everything and I mean everything. You see I snuck over to suicide path with my friends. My parents forbade me to go and when Tim got hurt my dad hit the roof and paddled my behind until it was red as a cherry. My Aunt Rose, Tim’s mom was upset but did not hold a grudge and gave Tim the nickname of Tiny Tim from the şişli travesti Charles Dickens book “A Christmas Carol” as he was using only one crutch to navigate through the house just like Tiny Tim in the book. I felt bad about the accident and since Tim was hurting so bad he ended up sleeping with me in my bed so I could help him if he needed any thing at night instead of peeing in a bottle or hollering for help. I could help him to the bathroom and stuff like that. I will tell you Tiny Tim’s body was warm. I could feel the heat coming off of it at night. It was like having a blanket fresh from our dryer. We would talk about the Packers and other things before we would go to sleep. Tim managed to eat ok, it was the other stuff that was tough for him and kind of embarrassing for both of us. Getting washed and going to the bathroom. Tim still wiped his own butt. Both of his wrist hurt, but taking a pee, he could not hold his sausage steady as his hands would spasm. So I did that for him. I will tell you Tiny Tim did not have a tiny sausage. One day it was king of hard when I put fresh underclothes on him and I bet it was at least ½ foot. I could not help but stare, and I ended up getting that feeling in my sausage that had been there lately. beylikdüzü travesti One day when Tiny Tim was taking a pee a slid my fingers down his sausage and I felt the flow of his pee coming out of his body. I also noticed he had tiny light colored hairs at the bottom of his sausage and I put one of my fingers to the back and touched them. I moved his skin back and forth to make sure all of pee was out and, wow. It looked like it was even longer. His sausage felt like one that was frozen solid but was warm. My sausage got hard and I don’t know why but I wanted to keep moving my hand up and down on his hardened sausage. I took a chance and did. Tim started to breathe fast and his muscles tensed, but did not say stop. So I kept going until he let out a pant like I hear from my parents bedroom sometimes. At the end of his sausage was a clear liquid. I took a finger and swiped it onto my finger and licked it like I would a lollipop. It tasted sweet and salty and right then I knew I wanted more. Tiny Tim smiled at me and said wow, that felt so good, I hope we do that again. On Xmas Eve me and Tim went to bed and I could not stop thinking about him and how everything about him made me feel. I looked over at him and said. Tim I istanbul travesti want to do it again. Tim took off his pajama bottoms and tidy whites. I slid over and started playing with his nuts and asked him to roll over on his side and kissed his butt all over. Then I laid him back over on his back and started playing with his nuts and sausage. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have more of that liquid I bent Tim’s knees up and put my hands on his ass and opened my mouth and started working it from the top to the bottom of his sausage. Tim loved this. Eventually he got super hard and he thrust his sausage to the back of my mouth. I gagged and pulled off a bit. I felt Tim’s sausage get harder. He grabbed my head and kept it at the bottom of his dick where those light short hairs were. He pumped and moaned. Then, I felt a thick warm substance spurt inside my mouth. I gagged a little, but it had the taste of the thin liquid so I kept my mouth on Tim’s sausage until I swallowed of that tasty liquid. Tim finally settled down, asked me to come lay beside him , kissed me and thanked me for the best Christmas Gift ever. My cousin Tim may be short and the nickname of Tiny has stuck with him. As I learned later there are other names for a boy’s sausage. Dick, penis, depth finder and others. It does not matter what you call his , it ain’t tiny like him. Any other time Tim came to visit I made sure I got some of his and he had a friend that taught him sex stuff so from then on he gave me pleasure too.

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