Tish and Me

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It was stormy. One of those nights that you just want to cuddle up and not be alone.

Then the phone rang. It was Tish. And old friend I’d known since 5th grade. She was a beautiful BBW with curly light brown hair and the most piercing Irish blue eyes you could ever dream of. She’s a total sweetheart with a great sense of humor who would help anyone. She also has been single for a long time…so have I.

“What are you doin’?” She asked in a sweet, girlish voice.

“Just laying here. You?” I replied.

“I’m thinking you should be laying here next to me.” she giggled, “you know I’m alone tonight? My son’s at a friend’s house. And it’s stormy, and I need your arms around me.”

How could any man say no to that? I couldn’t for sure.

She texted me a pic of her naked breasts as I drove there with a message that I should let myself in then lock the deadbolt behind me, take my clothes off, then look for her till I find her. I stopped at an Adult Store and bought one of those pills that makes a guy stay up all night and washed it down with a bottle of Gatorade. It’s been a while for both of us. No rest tonight…

So I arrived and let myself in and starting removing everything but my glasses and my black boxer-briefs. I was already hard and throbbing just thinking of find her. Damn…

Then I saw my first clue. A pair of shoes…then a pair of pants. illegal bahis I followed them. Next was a bra…then panties…thong panties. My cock throbbed involuntarily. I walked into her bedroom slowly…but she wasn’t in the bed. I walked over to it and found a note in the dim light: “Maybe I’ll find you…” Suddenly 2 soft hands were wrapped around my waist and I could feel Tish’s warm soft chest against my back. I sighed happily and revelled in her touch on my skin. She began kissing my back as she removed my undies. My cock bobbed up and down upon its release from confinement. “Oh Tish” was all I could say. She turned me around and grabbed me by the hair on my head and kissed me hard. I kissed back, sucking and licking her mouth. Our kisses turned to a feverish hungered lapping and nipping at each other’s mouths. I dropped to my knees and began sucking one of her hard nipples. Then I got the other one. I went back and forth several times. Then I bit one of them gently. She moaned in such a sexy tone of voice I thought I would cum right then. I bit the other. I reached around her soft body and caressed her ass and squeezed it and gave it a good smack with my hand. Then I stood back up and kissed her hard.

I turned her around and laid her down on her bed. I began kissing her mouth and neck and chest. I worked my way down. I went back up to her mouth and kissed her more. illegal bahis siteleri I pulled her legs up and apart and placed my cock head against her wetness. I slipped just the tip into her. She moans and looks at me with that “fuck me” look on her face. I pull my tip out of her and rub her clit with it, enjoying the frustration she shows at my teasing. Then I pull my cock away from her pussy and started kissing down her chest again. I’m going to eat her till she screams but I’m going to take my time doing it. Inch by inch…first her nips…then her belly…then her calves and thighs.

“Eat me…please!!” she orders as she tries to push me down there. Yeah she’s almost ready…

I kiss her ass cheeks down below her pussy. Then I spread them a little. I can tell she has just showered so I do what she doesn’t expect…I lick her sweet puckered little asshole. At first I just tease it with little licks. Then I run circles around it. I feel her flexing and hear her moans…I love this. I feel her asshole flex against my tongue. It’s so naughty and erotic to experience this. Slowly I run my tongue upward…across her “taint” slowly then I plunge it deep into her vagina. Her taste is sweet and tangy all at once. I savor it. I run circles around her opening over and over. Then I move up slowly until I feel her clitoris and I take it into my mouth and suck softly. canlı bahis siteleri I slip 2 fingers inside her then I began licking and sucking it over and over. Her moans become louder and then I feel her hands on my head pulling my hair. Suddenly she tenses up.

“Oh God, John, I’m so close!!” she hisses followed by several ohs and ahhs and other noises. I stop licking and climb up as fast as I can. I push my cock deep inside her and start fucking her with long strokes.

Oh God, John…Oh God…ahhhhhh…” she cries as I fuck her. I feel her convulse inside and it sets me off. “I’m cumming too baby…”

Then we explode…both of us…together in our own little world…her pussy spasms on my cock…my cock spasms and shoots globs of warm cum deep inside her. It’s so good, so erotic, so passionate…and wonderfully messy. Our juices mix together as I keep fucking her. My cock is still up thanks to the pill I took so I just keep fucking her for a few minutes till I finally need to stop for a few.

Now she’s laying in front of me smiling. She looks relaxed, content, deflated…and beautiful. I grab a tissue and wipe my mouth and beard as much as I can. I lay down beside her and run my fingers through her hair. She smiles at me with those crystal blue eyes. I can’t help but kiss her more. I caress and touch her soft voluptuous body enjoy the softness of her feminine skin. I can smell her scent mixed with mine. I dip a finger in her pussy then taste. Yeah, we are good together. I dip it in again and let her taste…she gives me a devilish look as she sucks my finger.

It’s gonna be a long, fun night…

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