To Ma’am with Love


My life wasn’t much of a fun. I was short as a kid, which always kept me under-confidence, even when I got tall. It was my unsocial behavior which aroused my interest with books and I emerged to become what is called a nerd.

So getting back to story, I had passed my 12 standard and was trying to enjoy the time after school and before college which meant a lot of time. My former English teacher, Mary Edward Parikh lived in our society and had good relation with our family. Being a nerd, most of teachers liked me and so did she. So, she was the person I was most likely to get along with besides my family.

Her family included almost no one. No one because her husband was mostly out of the town because of business trips, which only three of us knew that was a mere excuse of handling affairs. The three means me, Mary and her husband.

As i had no friends, I was mostly getting bored sitting at home. I was the lone child of my parents. So, one day I decided to was a new Hollywood movie recently appeared in the Indian cinemas. I didn’t have much company so I decided to use Mary as the vacant position.

And there I was ringing her doorbell. She jumped with delight as she saw me.

“Thank God you’re here, I was nothing but getting bored in these summer vacations. Even my husband is out for his Dubai trip.”

“I just thought if we could just share a movie, you know! You got anything to eat?”

“Of course, what would you have, some popcorn would do?”

“That’ll be awesome ma’am, will definitely do”

“Please Ash, don’t call me ma’am, at least not now when you’re going to college, I’m hardly 6 years elder than you”

“I hope its a nice movie you got this time, cause the one you got last time sucked. It felt as if I was a 5-year old kid.”-said Mary while plugging in the CD.

The sofa in her room was slightly tilted from parallels to the TV screen, as she insisted it to be, with one end closer to the TV screen and one end farther. And as usual, I chose to be at the farther end so I can absorb her enormous beauty she held while she absorbed the movie, whatever it held in it. She had, can’t be said enormous, but perfectly size breasts. Not dreadful but not so small to fit in your hands. And they didn’t hang uniformly like usually with girls. They were more big and round at the bottom than at the base. Yes, i could tell that just by looking at them. Bonus points of being a nerd.

Her whole body, was a desire of the biggest pervert in the world, which was me. Sorry for not mentioning that in the beginning. Her lips, were blood rep-purple without any lipstick. They looked like a orange slice, filled with juice, just waiting to be crushed in my mouth. Her body color was brown, which made her sexy in all kinds of ways.

And ass, how can i forget that ass. That ass, which made me use all the control i had just not to grasp them in my firm and strong escort bayan hands. So tight, doesn’t matter what she wore, her dress fabric was always tight if it could tear apart any second.

I can hardly calculate how much protein I have sacrificed for her. Spoiled it in the bathroom, on the floor, on the walls and even on the TV screen when my parents were not home.

After filling my brain with her beauty and still remain unsatisfied, I glanced at the TV screen. And it didn’t took me much time to notice that the only part that differed in this movie than a porn film was that it wasn’t a porn film. And Mary, was looking at it intently. She stood up and switched the TV off. Her expressions were beyond my reach. Her face was as red as hot iron. Lips dried as the stones on the bank of river. Even after these anger signatures, she looked perfectly calm.

I couldn’t dare to say a word. Then she finally broke the silence. I thought she’ll kick me out just by her words. She was a literature teacher after all. But she said something very different.

“What is that in me you keep observing all the time, and yet your observation doesn’t reach an end?”

What?? She’d been seeing me seeing her. That’s too much of seeing(s). I don’t know where from girls can see in all direction at once better than a chameleon. I was trying to see in her eyes with all my might to predict what was going to happen next.

“Do you like me?”

“I think you’re getting me wrong, its not that I like you, its just that I like seeing you. I’m naturally which means physically and mentally attracted to you by all means available to me. Which probably means that yes, i like you.”

“I have seen many men in my life, the handsome ones filled with over-confidence trying to take me to their bed, impressing me by their beauty. The not ugly ones not even confident enough to talk to me. But you were different from the first meet. You were the most handsome in whole class..” Wait for a moment, did she just call me handsome? That would be a breaking news for me. resume “… but never having over-confidence. Always modest with everyone. I started to like you on the first sight.”

I just hope she doesn’t see my cheeks turning red. She, my biggest fantasy, is telling me that she liked me. Oh god, why don’t you kill me. Wait, not now, there’s still a chance.

“When I first noticed you looking at me, I thought you would make the first move but now you’re moving to college, I don’t know if we’ll meet again or not. So I want you to make love to me, give me a memory that i shall never forget.”

“But you’re married, how can I..”

“If you really think I’m married, then hear this, my husband is having an affair. He has told me on the face now and he’ll be moving to Dubai with his cunt-fuckin girlfriend. So now, will you fuck me ruthlessly? Pound my very cunt you’ve wanted so long? I beg you Ash, I want kocaeli escort bayan you so bad. That bitch hasn’t fucked me for 2 years. Please..”

“Okayy, if you say so. But I haven’t done it yet. I’m still a virgin.”

“What?” Her face like she would die laughing any moment.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you. This will be your lesson you’ll never forget.”

She took my her in her hand, like to kiss it, but that didn’t happen. Instead it landed on her boobs which seemed to be rock hard that moment and nipples made a visible curve over the dress. Have you ever felt something rock hard and cream smooth. Well, put those feelings in a mixture and switch it on. What you’ll get was what i felt at that moment. It was the most amazing and most confusing feeling I’ve ever felt. It triggered my inner animal, if i had any. And i threw her on the mat, trying to get more and more of her breasts in my mouth, including her top in between. And she was just closing her eyes, absorbing all the pleasure she could, like a black hole absorbs matter. I figured that I could suck at her boobs till another big bang and still couldn’t fill my pleasure storage tank with it so i decided to move on. I unwore her top and my eyes got glued at her breasts beneath her black bra. She didn’t bother me for the pajamas, she undid it herself. She, standing there in front of me, in black bra and panties, was the most beautiful might not be complete word, most astounding creature in my entire life, which i have lived and which i was about to live. I wondered if she could get any more beautiful.

“Now comes the first lesson!” And she got laid on her bed, without her panties. I had never seen what a pussy is like so it was like a monument for me, like 7 wonders. And she buried my head in her cunt, yelling suck me.

I did as I was told, and my five senses started getting overloaded. My nose started processing that strong, sea-like smell which might have made my cock burst just to release the blood pressure it sustained. My eyes, trying to figure out if it was real that their dream has come true. Being of what affected them that hard beneath three layers of textile, naked in front of them was too much at once. My skin trying to remember the soft feeling it had rubbing against her skin. Too bad they don’t have memory cells. My ears just went drunk hearing those soft moans she made as my tongue, which had just discovered an all new sweet salty juice, caressed her insides. I was really starting to get worried if I’m going to die of heart failure any moment. And my right leg, was just shaking rapidly, possibly to relieve the tension.

She, in between of her moans, kept telling me where to lick and how to, and it seemed from her reactions that I was pretty good at it. And then her amplitude started increasing, and then it stopped. No, not stopped as i could still see her opening her mouth kocaeli escort wide like a shark. Had I possibly gone deaf? Oh now i get it, she came and was just enjoying the pleasure. Then she stood up ” You did well student, and now its time for your reward.”

And the moment when nib of my cock touched the tip of her tongue, it was the sharpest thrill i’ve ever felt. If I say that I fucked her mouth, then it would be wrong, because it was her mouth which was fucking my cock. And I was enjoying that feeling and feeding them to my brain because I had memory cells. Her mouth, wet, slippery, tight all at the same time was better than most of the pussies i have fucked, and believe me, i have fucked a lot of them. Up down, Up down, she did that with so much skills, it made me think if there was a degree for that too. And then I started feel a familiar tingling not so familiar. And then I shot loads of cum even after i masturbated in morning.

I’ll not say that i remained erect after cumming cause that would be a lie but i got my pillar straight in a couple of seconds seeing that lady.

We did not perform much positions but that one missionary position was one of the best i had in my life. Her cunt was all wet with juices but still was so tight that even quarter of my cock won’t go in. When I tried to force it, she started crying. Why the heck she started crying, after all she was the one who got me into all this, i didn’t say ‘please fuck me’ and all.

“What are you doing, first i haven’t fucked in 2 years and second you’re big. Go slow. Wait for it to make room” Did she just call me big? Now I’m starting to feel more confident now.

So I just pushed, not hard but constantly, and slowly, as she had said, it started to go in. And I started to feel which might have been better than heaven. If you think that only tip of the cock is sensitive, then you’re wrong, because my whole cock was burning as it was entering her vagina. It went slowly, first time slow , second time slow, third time slow but at her command, I got speed. If you’ve ever seen model of working engine, then my cock was its crankshaft. It pounded and pounded, she shouted and shouted. Pounding and shouting. Pounding shouting.

“Ahh, Keep doing like that, Fuck it for the next 2 years too. Keep doing that. Oh my god” and all that they say in the moment. I don’t remember much as i was busy in my work, see how honest i am to my work. You should definitely learn something from me.

And finally i came inside her, exhausted till eternity. We slept on that couch till the evening. When I got up, she was already awake, fixing the mess of her room what i had made. And what i felt that i might be in love with this woman.

“So you’re finally up, come here help me with this.” And she kissed me, it wasn’t very passionate, not hot, but still i melted in her mouth. I decided that I’m going to remember this girl till death. I’ll find her as soon as I’m finished with college, no matter where she is.


So, it was my first story so please do not ignore any mistakes and help me make it better by telling me what were they.

Farewell till my next story.

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