To Spice Up Our Marriage Ch. 02

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Then we all went to bed. The next morning when we got up, Bob and Jessica had already left. They left a note to tell us they would be back later tonight. So I told Sue I was going to go take a shower and freshen up a bit before we ate breakfast.

I was washing myself and cleaning myself real good so I could be really fresh. I started thinking about last night and the night before which made my cock start filling with blood! I put my hand around the shaft and noticed there was pre-cum and I kept wiping off the drops of pre-cum and licking them off my fingers because I love the taste and it helps my imagination with the thought of my first cock in my mouth. I washed myself cause since I had time before breakfast I wanted to pleasure myself before Sue came up looking for me.

I got out of the shower and went into the bedroom and laid down on the bed.

Finally I reached into my drawer next to my side of the bed and got my 6″ dildo. I got to thinking about Sue actually might come up looking for me and since I wanted to do this for myself then I headed for the shower. I cleaned myself out, still thinking of how I will prep myself for cock, and when I was cleaned up and also cleaned out I attached my dildo to the wall and soaped it and my asshole up.

I backed myself onto it and stared fucking myself onto it, but it pulled off the wall which made me so frustrated that I just started sticking it into my ass and massaging my prostate with it. My cock wasn’t completely hard, but as I watched it between my legs it really started leaking, almost flowing pre-cum just like the prostate milking videos I’ve watched.

Man that turned me on, so I stroked my cock and came almost immediately! God it felt good! I licked my cum from my hand and it tasted so good that I wanted more. I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve always just tentatively tasted just a little bit of it but this time I was just so damn turned on, imagining it came from another cock, which I will suck to completion and that I wanted more.

I felt like I had more in me so I jacked off again and came almost immediately again! This has never happened to me and I really thought I might be to old, or that it was just a myth, but I did cum again and it was another pretty sizable amount so I licked it up again.

Funny thing is that my cum tasted very subtly like pineapple and coconut with a little bit of very slight saltiness. I don’t eat either of those. But it was good and now I’m more convinced than ever that I can try another man’s cum again.

I’m still stunned that I had what I considered to be a multiple orgasm! I finally washed off my dildo and put it back in the drawer and went downstairs to breakfast, hoping Sue was not wondering about me. I walked in the kitchen and she was just now getting started on the breakfast so I guess she had been doing something before she started cooking.

When I walked in though, she turned around and grinned at me. I asked her, “What are you grinning about, baby?”

She answered, “I know what you were doing in the shower besides washing off.”

I looked at her with a surprised look then I blushed and said, “OMG, YOU WERE PEEKING!”

She said, “Yes I was and that is the first time I have ever seen you blush in a long time. I just wanted you to know what you did was ‘SO DAMN HOT’ and I would love to watch you again with or without your knowledge.”

I said, “You seem to be into voyeurism, baby! So güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri if you are going to watch me with my knowledge then I want to watch you masturbate too! And I will be watching you without your knowledge too! I do believe we both are into voyeurism and that is the spiciest thing about sex that is a fetish of mine. Well one of them!”

She said, “Yes I am and I would be delighted to have you watch me with or without my knowledge. So you have more fetishes, honey? For as long as we have been married, I did not know you had a fetish where sex was concerned until now. I take that back. I do know you have a fetish of tits and pussy but that is expected of any man that is attracted to women.”

I said, “Baby, we had better get something to eat, so why don’t you go get dressed and let me take you out for breakfast. Put the stuff back in the refrigerator till tomorrow. Ok?”

Sue said, “Now that is a great idea! I will be right back down!”

While Sue was getting dressed, I was remembering what she said about not knowing what my fetishes were and I decided we would sit down one day and talk some more about it. I went and got my keys to the car and waited by the front door for Sue. When she finally was ready then we left the house and drove to our favorite restaurant.

But as soon as we got there, I had to go to the restroom. I told Sue to get us a table, give my order of the same thing she was eating and I would find her. I walked into the restroom and it was just for one person without stalls. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out and started peeing. I guess I forgot to lock the door and heard the door open. I turned around and was going to say the restroom was occupied.

But before I could, I heard Sue say, “Hi handsome! Need some help?”

I turned around and saw her lock the door and said, “Sue, you can’t be in here! This is the men’s restroom.”

She said, “I know but no one saw me come in here cause I made sure. Now have you finished peeing?”

I said, “Yes, almost through, but why are you in here?” I shook my cock to get the excess pee off and before I could put it back in my pants, Sue turned me around and she was on her knees. She gobbled my cock all the way down to the base and I moaned. I could not believe my wife was actually giving me a blowjob in our favorite restaurant which now will really be my favorite!

She licked my balls as she deep throated me and I had to stifle my moans so no one could hear me. I knew we had to hurry cause it was a public restroom. So I started humping her face and was literally face fucking her. And she was not backing off either! She had to swallow a lot so not to get my pants wet cause she did not want people to think I had either peed on myself or there was more going in the restroom than there should be!

She was fondling my balls as I face fucked her and I could feel my balls tighten up to cum. She felt it too! Now she increased the humping as well as I was and all of a sudden I exploded and came down her throat. I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming. Sue was swallowing my cum as fast as I was shooting down her throat. I bet I squirted 7 times which was amazing since I had already came multiple times in the shower earlier.

When she got every drop of cum out of my cock and then kissed the tip of it, we started for the door to leave the restroom. I told her as I zipped my pants up, “Sue, you better güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wait to let me see if the coast is clear before you come out. Ok?”

Sue said with a giggle, “Oh shit! I forgot! Ok I will wait!”

I walked out and looked to see if anyone was near and then I motioned her out of the restroom. We both walked out and got us a table and sat down and ate some breakfast which I finally realized I needed. I was drained and needed the nourishment to keep my strength going. We finished our meal then I paid the cashier and we left and started our drive back home.

On the way home, Sue seen something that caught her eye and she told me to turn down a certain street. I was shocked when she suggested we go in an adult bookstore. I had heard a lot of naughty things about them. Sue had too so her mind must be in the gutter this morning. So we both got out of the car and walked in. It was a typical bookstore except for a few things.

There were rows and rows of DVD’s that were porn and naughty lingerie. I looked over at the back of the store and there was a door people were going in and when I noticed a guy come out so disheveled with a glazed look in his eyes then I nudged Sue.

“Look over there! There is a guy that looks like he has just been fucked with sex glazed eyes.”

Sue looked at where I was pointing to and she got this big shitting grin on her face. And she said. “Fuck, I know that guy! He works with me! Why is he in here cause he is married?”

Sue started toward the guy before I could stop her and stopped in front of him. The guy froze and looked at her with a frightened look. She had her hands sitting on her hips and tapping her foot. The guy just hung his head and wouldn’t look at her until I walked up and told her to leave him alone cause he has a right to be in here just like we do. The guy looked over at me with a slight grin and with a look that told me he was grateful for the interruption.

She looked at the guy and lo’ and behold, she walked up to him and gently cupped his balls and cock in the palm of her hand and said. “Well, Matt, I won’t say anything but from the feel of the size of you then I want some of that!”

The guy looked over at me and seen a wide grin on my face and I nodded. He looked at Sue and took her hand and I followed them to the back room where he just came out of. He walked into a room with a video playing of 2 guys having sex. My eyes went right to the screen and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Matt seen what I was looking at and said, “Go ahead and watch it while I take care of Sue.”

“Ok, I will, but you had better take care of my wife really good or I will never hear the last of this and I know you will be hounded by her until you finally satisfy her to her heart’s content.”

He looked at me with a shocked look and then at my wife. He started to back off from both of us, but Sue wouldn’t let go of his hand. He tried to pry it loose, but she wouldn’t budge.

As he kept trying to get away from her, he said. “Wait. I knew you were married but never thought you would do something like this?”

Sue replied back. “I love sex and have been lusting after you for a long time. But never knew you were that hung. I like hung men! And now lets have some fun while my husband watches the video.”

So they both got undressed and I started watching the video of 2 guys getting it on while a female was watching güvenilir bahis şirketleri them and playing with her pussy. WOW! It was so damn hot that my cock went from flaccid to steel! I started hurting, it was so hard. I glanced over at Sue and Matt. He was eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow and from my glances back and forth from the screen to them, that was when I noticed I was so wet with pre-cum that it looked like I peed my pants. So I took my clothes off.

There was a chair in the room so I sat down on it and just started watching my wife who had the look of ecstasy on her face and he had a hard on that was bouncing with every move he made on her. Pre-cum started dripping off my cock when I see some of his pre-cum drip. I groaned and wondered if he would let me suck on him. So I walked over to my wife and looked her in the eyes and she could tell that I wanted something. I looked over at him and down at his cock and started stroking my cock. Then I heard her say. “Can my husband suck your cock? I have been wanting him to suck a cock as long as yours.”

He looked up from her pussy and nodded his head. So I got on my butt and scooted over to him and took his cock in my mouth and he gasped cause I took over half of his cock and I gagged. I kept doing that over and over again as his pre-cum dripped out of his cock from so much stimulation cause I was also using my tongue in a back and forth motion under his shaft. He started humping my mouth a little and grunting like he wanted to literally fuck my mouth, but he refrained from doing that.

Sue was so turned on by him eating her pussy as she watched me suck his cock that all of a sudden she screamed, “Oh Fuck! I Am Cummmiiinnggg! Please don’t stop! Oh Hot Damn!”

I knew her pussy muscles was clamping down on Matt’s finger and tongue cause I know how hard she cums. He pulled away from her and his cock came out of my mouth with a pop and he slammed his cock into Sue’s pussy and started pounding her as she was still cumming. She kept screaming she was still cumming and he had this glazed look on his face that I seen on him when he walked out earlier. He froze after he slammed into her one last time and he threw his head back and opened his mouth but no sound came out. I could see him shaking so much that her tits were moving like someone was shaking them. I knew he had spurted his cum into my wife’s pussy.

He fell on top of my wife and just laid there for awhile and I thought he fell asleep but he raised up and said, “WOW! If I had known how much you 2 liked sex as much as I do then I would have approached you at work a long time ago.”

She said, “Well, we just recently, just this week started doing this with others and you are the second guy to fuck me.”

“Really? WOW! You have a fantastic pussy and it can squeeze a cock literally in half. And your husband knows how to suck cock really good. How long have you been sucking cock?” he asked me.

I said, “I just started, but for some reason I have been getting into it and yours was dripping pre-cum and I wanted it.”

“Well. I have to go now cause my wife is expecting me to come home for a party we have invited people to. Sue, when I see you at work then I will give you my phone number and my wife’s number as well. But have to talk to her first before I do all that. She is going to flip when I tell her cause she has been lusting after you. And I bet she would love your husband’s cock.”

Sue got up and started getting dressed, so the both of us did the same thing and said, “Matt, your wife, Linda, is a gorgeous woman and I would love to eat her pussy. And I know Jack would love to fuck her!”

So we all left the adult bookstore and we went to each of our homes.

(to be continued)

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