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Subject: Tobias and his big brother Part 3 Tobias and his big brother David PART 3 by Chaim groeiutrecht@ “Good boy,” he said. He sounded excited. Happy. Youthful. Like a boy getting a new puppy. And I was proud that I was making him that happy. We woke up and we had lunch, David explained me the rules for the Meeting, we would meet some of his friends and I had to be a good and willing boy. In the afternoon he send me into the garden, naked and all. David wanted me to play We had driven for some time in his old Toyota. It was late: the sun had just set. He parked his car and we had to be careful when we walked to Martin’s house. I was surprised he took me here, There were a few other cars parked. The weather was very warm and I felt my tail in my shorts. All I was wearing were some navy blue Adidas shorts, and inside my shorts my puppy tail, a white shirt which David cut to show of my belly and my trainers. David had removed my white socks and briefs earlier before we left. We got near a wooden door. David made a call and said, “Hi, we are here.” We were there, this was somehow my destination. The door opened and we walked in. I was holding David’s hand, like a little boy, felt little and insecure. We came in a warm living room and David sent me to the kitchen. Martin was there and he welcomed me and instructed me to make coffee. Martin, was our doctor was an old friend of the family and I knew him for years. “I’m telling you, he really likes it. Tobias is willing to do everything.” I heard David tell his friends gathered in the living room. I was in the kitchen getting together with Martin, my hand shook hearing those words. “Tobias is a good little submissive boy, my lovely little puppy. It feels so good to train him and to share…” Martin smiled at me, slowly his hand went over my butt and his fingers just touched my puppy tail. I looked up at him and he winked at me. David had brought me Martin’s house, there were three of his friends. Martin, who lived here and was our family doctor, Patrick, David’s personal coach at the local gym, and Brian, the handsome teen son of Martin. I can’t remember how old I was the first time I was in Martin’s office, but it was being a very young and little boy. The last time I remembered now, was some years ago, David was just in the Royal Marines. I was about seven years old and lying on Martin’s exam table, my little smooth boy legs spread wide in stirrups, Martin had put on a pair of latex gloves and was now rubbing a clear cream all over my little boy pussy. The feelings that began to float through me running from Martin’s middle finger rubbing back and forth across my tiny hole, putting more pressure against my little boy hole with each stroke sending tingles throughout my body. He was starting with my little hole and running his fingers all over, circling my bald penis until it had a hardness. I had never known I good be so hard. Seeing my little trembling boner, Martin took his other gloved hand and with that index finger caressed me between my hole and soft smooth sack, his finger was tickling and taunting my little balls. I maybe should explain something here. David taught me now everything, and I love my David so much. I knew nothing that time, I was as innocent as a new born baby. “I know what secret lust is there buried deep inside you, boy. It’s true you’ve never done anything, in fact, you’re still a virgin, but not for too much longer,” he laughed as I looked at him, I didn’t understand his words, but Martin made my seven year old penis harder and made my boy hole quake for the first time. The thought of giving pleasure to my doctor was new for me, anyway he liked it and I could see that. Martin liked for me to call my boy hole, my little pussy, boy cunt, boy hole, or just plain he talked about pussy. I loved those words, because I loved the look in Martin’s eyes, his hard glorious stare. He told me in his deep voice, “You’re a hungry little boy.” This was a long time ago now, but I still remember the moment! Martin, who was my doctor left the room and called for his young teen son Brian. “Brian boy, come to my office!” I knew Brian, he was a young teen, I thought he was at least twice my age, he looked handsome and strong in my young eyes. In reality I learned later, Brian was 16 at the time and had just the cute innocent boy from next door look. Despite the look Brian was far from innocent, being quite well versed in the pleasures of gay sex, being ‘the boy’ for his Daddy Martin. He preferred being the bottom boy for his Daddy, deriving more pleasure form sucking his man’s cock and being fucked. Martin, his Daddy wanted him that time to become more experiended and that included me… I was the perfect match for a new step in Brian’s education. Brian entered the room only wearing his black Nike shorts, his toned chest was bare. His Daddy Martin moved him and he was taking position between my wide spread legs in the stirrups in Martin’s office. As Martin’s face leaned in, he spread with the tips of his index fingers my little hole open to his son. I felt exposed and heard him say to Brian, “That is the sweetest pink hole I have ever seen on a little boy!” Brian, smiled insecure at me and not knowing what to do. Martin stood behind his teen son and lowered the teen’s black Nike shorts, revealing now Martin’s hard on. “Good reaction boy, Toibias’ little ass hole makes you hard. I’m proud!” I marveled at his teen cock beauty, how strong his cock was, its length were now inches from my little mouth as I gazed in awe. Martin smiled and took hold of his teen son’s boner and squeezed it, his piss slit gaped as a mass of clear fluid appeared, he moved his teen cock towards me and rubbed all its gooey sticky nectar across my face. “It is my son’s cum, boy, all men have that when they grow older. I is pleasure stuff, it’s not piss and will not harm you!” I believed him, he gave Brain’s teen cock another squeeze, running his fingers from the base of his swollen shaft to his head. Now Brian ran his fingers over his cock producing another glob of his nectar. He brought his fingers across his piss slit bringing to me his teen nectar. I opened my little mouth, for the first time someone placed his nectar into my little open mouth. “Suck it, little boy, taste my son, his sweet salt cum.” Martin instructed. My little wet lips closed on his fingers, I sucked Brian’s sweet teen cum from the fingers and he drove his fingers into my mouth. Although my natural instinct might have been to move away, with a two fingers inside my little mouth, I gladly accepted Brian’s fingers into my mouth, and ran my little tongue over them as I sucked his teen cum. It tasted weird, but not too bad. Martin took his son’s fingers from my mouth and turned my body so we were now facing the same direction. Martin softly placed his lips on top of my tiny lips. I felt like he wanted to his open mouth could cover most of my face. Martin puckered his manly lips and placed them on top of mine. A shiver ran through me as Martin pressed his lips to mine and began to run his hand along the inside of my thigh until his hand covered my little boy balls and hard smooth penis. Martin began to push his lips harder against my mouth. At the same time his index finger ran up and down the length of my tiny little dick, I shivered. He increased the pressure of his finger that was running back and forth over my penis. Martin’s bottom lip began to force my little mouth open and he softly slipped his man tongue into my open mouth. His tongue filled my mouth, taking me in. I groanded softly. As Martin drove more of his tongue into my little mouth, he shifted some of his weight onto me. With his one leg now wrapped around one of my tiny legs, and his hand on my inner thigh he forced my legs wide open. With his finger now pressing against my tight little pink boy hole, his tongue filled my mouth and began to enter my throat. I began to gag, and Martin pulled back. He took his tongue from my mouth, and moved his face from mine. He stared down at me, his blue eyes penetrating my soul, he was breathing deep and hard, and his thumb still stroked my penis, “You’re making us very excited.” He panted, “You are a cute boy.” His thumb went over my penis, it causing an ecstasy to quiver throughout my little body. I moaned and my hand instinctively reached out to him. My little fingers touched and stroked the side of his face. Catching my breath, I whispered, “Oh, It feels so good.” He kissed my lips, and half sat up taking my little boy face into both his hands. “We love you very much, little boy. Do you want to please my son Brian?” he asked. I nodded my head. He smiled again. “Tobias, do you want to make my Brian feel very, very good? You want to be his little boy?” I nodded my agreement again. Still with my face in his hands Martin kissed me again. “You are a good little boy.” He smiled to his teen son Brian and pulled my face to his teen cock. Brian’s teen cock was smeared with his clear cum. “Stick out that boy tongue, Tobias.” Martin instructed. I did as Martin escort kocaeli said, wanting nothing more than to give Brian pleasure, to pleasure them both. My hard little penis beating and bobbing with pleasure knowing my boy mouth was going to be used for the teen’s pleasure. Martin guided my head and out stretched tongue across the shaft of his son’s rock hard teen cock up to his flaring cock head seeping his cum. I was filled with a need to place my tongue upon that beautiful teen cock head to get more of the delicious nectar that I had been tasting. My breath escaping in gasps I lapped with my tongue at Brian’d piss slit, his cum oozing out onto my tongue, lips, and nostrils. I was full of young innocent of desire. “Yes, Tobias! Lick it like it’s your special gift. This is your reward for being our good boy.” Brian took hold of his teen cock and began to smack it on my face. I was so excited I could not speak, little moans of pleasure escaped my throat as Brian continued to slap my face and mouth with his cock. I could see the teen was excited too and felt a certain power of me. Martin took me from the table and I kneeled before Brian. Feeling myself his good little boy servicing his cock. The heel of my foot was finding my tight little boy hole, and without knowledge I began to rub my pink boy hole against it. Moans of pleasure filling the examination room. Brian smiled and stopped smacking my face with his cock, strings of his teen cum were running from my mouth to his cock. He let go of his cock and moved it away from me. Gasping I moved towards it, my mouth gaping and my tongue dangling like the little puppy. The puppy I became later in my brother’s hands. “You love this, don’t you?” Brian asked in a whisper, waving his cock at me. I whimpered and tried to move closer, to get my tongue back to that glorious cum dripping from his hard teen cock. Martin grabbed hold of my blond hair and stopped me. “Answer my son, boy. You love his cock, don’t you?” Through my gasps I found my voice, “Yes, Brian! Yes I love your cock.” I had more trouble finding words to express my new found pleasure. My knees felt weak, I slowly sat back on my heels, my small chest swelling for air, my boy face smiling and blushing. “You love to please my son’s cock, don’t you?” I couldn’t take my eyes from Brian’s teen cock. I wanted to look into his eyes and tell him that I loved his cock, but my mind swirled in confusion. My little heart thundered against my chest, the heel of my foot digging into my little boy hole, as my eyes were transfixed on that beautiful teen cock. “Yes, I want to please your son’s cock.” Martin smiled, “It’s your cock now, little one. Hold it, taste it. Touch it! Make my son happy!” My little hands reached out, my little fingers massaging and squeezing Brian’s cock. The teen towered over me, I could feel his eyes burning into me. “Open that little mouth. My son is going to feed you his cum, and you going to drink down as much of it as you can. Do you know why, boy?” I looked up at Martin, the heat and throbbing of his son’s cock beating in my little boy hands. “Because we love you, and you want to please us. Because you love my son’s special gift, and how good it tastes and makes him feel good and happy.” My brain filled with a new and strange rush to please them, getting my tongue back on Brian’s teen cock, tasting his sweet sticky cum. I didn’t know what was going to happen, or what cum really was, all I knew is that I would do anything they said if it meant I got to taste Brian’s cock again. “Good boy. Now open that mouth as wide as you can so Brian can feed you.” I opened my mouth so wide that it hurt, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was pleasing them. Brian slid the head of his cock into my little mouth. “Now suck Brian, so he can give his good little boy his reward.” Martin instructed. I began to suck, my little tongue moving quickly, and then I began to gasp and pull back from Brian’s beautiful cock. I looked up at him, heartbroken that I may have disappointed him. They smiled and Martin said, “It’s okay, boy. Breath through your nose not your mouth. You can’t breathe through your mouth when it’s filled with Brian’s cock.” The teen chuckled. I put the head of his cock back into my little mouth and began to suck and taste his sweet cock again. Brian moaned his encouragement as I sucked harder, my little jaw aching from stretching so wide. Brian slid more of his cock into my mouth, I gaged and he pulled back a little. I never let go of his cock though, as my mouth sucked greedily on his cock head. The teen gripped the sides of my head, his fingers curling in my blond hair, and his breathing becoming harsher as he began to moan through his teeth a flood of teen cum entered my little mouth. I was sucking so I swallowed some of his strong potent cum, but it slipped out the sides of my mouth as another hot stream shot from him. I sputtered and gaged, but kept sucking and swallowing as Brian’s cum poured into my mouth. It cascaded through the sides of my mouth, dripping from my chin onto my little chest, and as I continued to suck and Brian continued to cum. Brian’s ran down my smooth boy chest mixed with my saliva and pooled in my lap, my erect penis looking like a mast in a sea of cum. I loved the taste his cum! Of course there are so many things that David taught me between the first time I sucked Brian’s cock, and now, which I told you. Brian was now in his a late teen he was younger than David and they were the youngest of the group of men. I brought the coffee on the tray to the living room where the men were sitting with David. David smiled at me and I entered the room open to their lustful gazes seeing me in my tight blue Adidas shorts. I had really outgrown last year of my shorts, but David loved them and I wore my little tight white tee that David had cut so that it showed off my tight little boy belly. To honor his personal Coach Patrick, David let me wore my new sneakers. I didn’t dare to look at them and blushed like a little boy. I placed the tray on the coffee table at the center of the men, bending as far over as I could, but it was only young Brian who had the vantage point of seeing the sides of my tight shorts ride up my boy ass. My only sexual relations at this point were sucking Brian’s cock ages ago and with my brother David. Martin enjoyed to finger me and suck my penis, but mostly when I was at his office as I visited him for a medical check. There was one time that I sucked Martin’s cock, but that was with Brian the only other time. I stood now facing David and Martin took sat next to him, so they were seated together on opposite ends of the sofa. Brian and Patrick were seated to my right in chairs by the window, the glaring rays of the late summer sun subdued by the drawn shades. Marin smiled, “Hello Tobias, I’m glad you are her. What a fine looking boy you are. Welcome, we are a circle of friends with the same interests. David is your brother and as I learned owner now, so don’t worry, we’ll make it fun for you!” I smiled back, “Thank you, Martin” Martin nodded. “Tobias, I want you to meet Brian my son and Patrick. My son Brian you know already, but he was much younger himself at that time.” David explained, “Patrick is my personal trainer.” and he said to Patrick, “Tobias has been practicing, hoping he’ll be able to make it to our team.” and winked at Patrick who smiled. I turned to face the men, I wasn’t wearing my boy briefs under my shorts, and I knew the men could see the outline of my boy penis. Patrick seated in the chair on my left, sat with his legs spread in a pair of basketball shorts that came to his knees, and a matching tight T shirt, showing his powerful chest. Patrick’s eyes were wide as he started at me, his eyes ran up and down my boy body. And even from where I was standing I could hear the increase in his breathing, he licked his lips. Patrick stammered, and sat up a little in his chair, “Well…that is good of you, boy.” He said looking to my brother as he adjusted his lean and muscled body in the chair. His eyes came back to me, my lips formed my sweetest cute smile, I liked him. “I’ve been practicing very hard with David. It’s nice to meet you.” “Yes, I see. You already instand the meaning of our team.” Patrick said looking to Brian who sat in the chair to his left. I smiled and greeted Brian as well giving the cute toned twink a smile. “Very nice to see you again, Tobias.” He said, “Nice you make coffee for us. Can I have one?” “Yes I made coffee, Brian. You want a cup?” “Yes, Tobias.” Brian’s eyes and smile were sparkling. As I poured the cup and Brian instructed me how he liked it, I could feel his eyes burning into my exposed boy cheeks. I heard David say, “He’s a very willing boy, he likes to serve me.” I brought the cup to Brian. I turned to Patrick, he looked strong and handsome and his eyes had a magic intensity. “How do you take yours, Patrick?” I asked polite. “Black, please boy.” He said softly. As I made my way back to the tray I did not come back to the front of the kocaeli anal yapan escort coffee table, but stood on the side so that Patrick would have ample view of my boy ass. As I stretched and leaned to pour his cup I could feel the silky nylon shorts rise exposing my ass. My shorts were clinging to my little boy hole. As I brought him the cup I could see there was a rise to the crotch of his baggy shorts; I so wanted to see that big cock, David had told me about. Our eyes locked as he placed his fingers on the cup, my boy fingers lightly touching his strong hands. I smiled taking my fingers away as his hand had a good grasp of the cup. He smiled this time, a smile that filled me with arousal and my cock began to grow. “Why don’t you come sit by me. Martin and I will have coffee later.” David asked me. I walked over and sat between David and Martin on the couch. David put his arm around me and under my left armpit, pulling me to him so that I sat with my back against his side, and my smooth boy legs spread. I sat parallel to Brian and Patrick. The talking about coffee and the strange tention in the air made me feel insecure and vulnerable. “You did good, little,” my brother whispered to me as he sat me up, “You put on a good show for everyone and I’m proud of you.” As he whispered to me, he grabbed me and hold me tight. “I told you that you would have fun, didn’t I. However, each of our members has to welcome you individually, before the fun really will start, boy.” he said as he started to stroke my blond hair, “so, don’t worry.” I could feel that the little head of my erect penis was sticking out the side of my shorts, and Patrick’s eyes were glued to it. David’s hand caressed my hard little nipples through my T shirt. I looked over to Brian and could see his hard cock tenting in his pants. I smiled, “Does your coffee taste good?” I asked in my sweetest little boy voice. “Yes, boy.” Brian answered in a husky aroused voice, placing his coffee cup on the table between him and Patrick. David placed his right hand on my inner thigh and began to caress me, with his left hand he pinched my little nipple. A little moan came from my lips. “How about you, Patrick?” David asked. I could see a bulge in Patrick’s baggy shorts, he had already put his coffee cup down. “Can I see more?” Patrick’s voice trembled as he asked. “Of course.” David said, “After all you are my personal trainer. My little brother will be soon your willing student.” David slid his hands inside the sides of my shorts, and began to slip them down my little boy hips. I lifted my little from the couch so that David could slip them further down my smooth boy legs. Lifting my legs up high, and the back of my shorts were now over the heels of my sneakers. My little boy hole and hard boy cock exposed to the view of all these horny men. I tried to spread my legs so that they could see the sweet pinkness of my little hole. My shorts stopped me from doing so and with my legs so high in the air I could not see Patrick. I heard Brian was undoing the belt of his jeans; eager to free his imprisoned hard cock. My breathing was in short blurts, and I looked down at my little cock which was so hard it was pointing totally up. It’s hardness had lifted it up from my belly. I was so excited by being exposed in this way to these men, and in anticipation of what was going to happen to me. What these adult men were going to do to my little boy body? David didn’t give me much time to think about it, and Martin moved in. He slipped the shorts off me, and now I was able to spread my legs so they could get a good look at my little boy hole. David began to play with my little boy penis, and Martin spread my boy hole open for the men to see. When he spread my cheeks, exposing my boy hole, I got so excited to be exposed this way to these men, that a groan escaped my throat. “Tobias, has the sweetest little hole. I tested it myself serveral times when he was a baby boy.” Martin said before slipping down off the couch in order to suck on my sweet pink hole. Martin’s tongue thrust into my boy hole, and it tickled. My sweet little moans began to fill the room as Martin’s tongue slowly started to fuck my little boy hole. I heard the clanking of Brian’s belt buckle hitting the floor and I turned my head to see him standing naked by the coffee table. His body was smooth and shaved all over. I had never seen an older teen this way, and he was staring down at me stroking his cock. Brian’s cock that was starting to ooze pre-cum. I looked to Patrick who was still sitting fully dressed in his chair, stroking his cock through his baggy shorts. I so wanted to see his cock too, and was about to ask him, when David got up. David moved my body so that I lay on the couch, and Martin withdrew his tongue from my little boy hole. Martin looked at his son Brian, “Here, Brian, come taste his boy hole, smooth and little as a baby. I will suck his little penis.” Martin looked to David, he who standing behind the arm of the couch by my blond head, “David, please get his legs up high so my son Brian can dive into that sweet boy hole of your boy.” Once David had my legs up over my blond head Brian began to lick my little hole. He was lapping savagely sending tingles throughout my boy body. Martin now sucking my bald little penis and balls into his warm wet mouth. “Patrick, why don’t you get that cock out?” David asked his personal coach. “Oh, yes, Patrick please. I want to see your cock, coach me too.” I moaned. Patrick smiled and stood up, and with one hard thrust shoved his baggy basketball shorts down. Patrick’s hard cock slapped against his belly. I gasped. I had never seen a cock that big, nor had I ever seen a cut cock before. His hard cock was huge in my eyes. The head glistened with sweet man cum. David let go of my legs, and I mustered my strength to keep them up high while Brian alternated his tongue with his fingers. Brian was thrusting first one and soon two fingers into my little hole. With Martin still sucking my little cock my body was racked. I groaned and my orgasm was building up. David undressed and began to feed me his cock. I had learned a lot about sucking cock over these past days, and David began to fuck my little throat with his cock. My muffled boy moans became higher pitched as Brian began to fuck my little boy hole with three man fingers. “Holy shit!” I heard Patrick breath as he watched my molestation. David began to face fuck my little mouth with longer and harder thrusts. “Tobias loves it Patrick. He can’t get enough of my cock. Can you little one?” My moans increased as David talked about me, being his little boy, and I nodded my head so Patrick knew what a little boy I was. I loved being my David’s little boy. I loved that David was sharing me with his strong friends who were feasting on my boy body. David pulled his cock from my mouth and went over to Brian. David pulled on the his cock revealing more cum and with his other hands began to stroke his tight teen balls. “Don’t blow yet, my boy needs your hard and eager cock.” David told him and cleared the coffee table, and realizing what was happening Martin took his mouth from my little smooth sack, and grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and placed it on the coffee table. “Get up on table like a good little puppy and let young Brian fuck you.” David told me. “Yes, David.” My heart was thundering in my chest, I was going to have his young cock in my little boy hole and it excited me. I scrambled up onto the table on all fours like a good puppy, using the pillow to pad my knees. “He gets fucked?” Patrick asked surprised. “My little boy brother will do whatever you want him to.” Martin had retrieved the lube from under the couch and was slathering Brian’s cock with it. Martin used the rest to massage onto his own cock and sat on the couch jerking off. Martin loved watching little boys getting fucked by his son. “Slid your cock into his little’s pussy, son. Fuck the little boy like a real man. The boy loves it and you give him what he needs so badly.” I saw Patrick’s stand shocked in front of the coffee table as Brian came up behind me and slowly pushed his hard teen cock against my young boy pussy. “Go ahead, son,” Martin’s voice cut through my thoughts and made my ass clench. “Slide your man cock inside him, son. It’s already slicked up plenty.” I didn’t even looked back, just ready for this younger dude to take my little boy ass. Brain pushed his cock and my boy hole opened for him. “That’s it, son. No need to be shy,” Martin goaded. “Or gentle. You’re fuckin’ a real boy, son, go deep and pound hard.” Brian didn’t need to be told twice. he sank into the ring of my cunt, and it blossomed open for him. Martin’s teen son was balls deep inside my ass in a flash. He was determent now, to breed me. Using me, as his boy as the first of who-knows-how-many other guys. “Oh little Brian, your ass is so wonderful!” He groaned and a long hard moan escaped my mouth, as his teen’s cock slid all the way into me. izmit yabancı escort I rested my face against the table as Brian drove his teen cock into my little hole, electric jolts began to swim all across my body, and my little hole burned with his man cock. David leaned down next to me, “You love this, don’t you, little one?” “Yes, David, it feels so good.” Short little gasps escaped me as Brian began to thrust harder and harder into my little hole. “Oh David, he’s stretching me so good!” David stood up, and grabbed my blond hair lifting my head. “Come slid that cock into his little boy mouth, Patrick.” The Patrick, his personal coach came around to the front of the table with his hard cock in his hand, I opened my mouth wide wanting desperately to taste my first cut cock. Patrick just stood there looking down at me, my little ass arched up in the air taking a Brian’s cock up my little hole. Gasps and moans escaping my little boy throat eagerly awaiting his cock. “Please, feed me your cock.” I pleaded and opened my mouth wider. Patrick bent his knees, and began to slip his drooling man cock into my little mouth. The head was huge, I wanted more in my mouth, I tried to move forward to get more of his cock into my little mouth. Brian grabbed my narrow hips and fucked my ass. Patrick’s cock was stuffed in my mouth, as David and Martin watched me taking the men. Brian was fucking away at me pretty good. I’m able to take it well, getting into it, my mouth, and ass stuffed full of meat. Brian groaned giving off a signal as he was ready to cum. Flesh smacking against flesh, as Brian cries out, “Aaah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna blow my load! Just then I couldn’t help myself, in the spit second Patrick’s cock left my open mouth, I screamed, it could be heard a mile away. “Ohhhh FUCK! Yes!” Patrick silent me, feeding me his cock again. “Fuck him Brian, Fuck his boy ass” Martin yelled. “Oooooooooh shit!, I’m gonna blow, I’m gonna cum!” Brian cried, his balls were swinging back and forth, slapping up my little boy balls, the sound of flesh against flesh filled the room. “Oh my GOD! Yes baby! take it, TAKE MY CUM baby! and just then Brian shot his load up my little ass. “Oh boy, take my load!” Patrick must have sensed my eagerness to have his man load, as he slid a bit more of his cock into my mouth at the same time. “Oh, that little mouth. That little fucking mouth. Oh my god! Oh my god!” Patrick screamed as streams of warm cum began to fill my mouth, I began to drink it down, but he stepped back and began to shoot it all over my little smooth face. David knelt down and began to scoop the cum onto his fingers and feed it to me. “You suck all that down, baby. You nasty little puppy boy!” David continued to feed me gobs of the Patrick’s cum that I greedily sucked from his fingers. David began to kiss me as my body and boy pussy quaked, and another orgasm came over me, but I was not allowed to cum. I groaned in frustration but loved iy having my boy pussy filled with Brian’s hot teen cum. Brian pulled his cock from my ass, and David instructed me, “Hold onto the cum, boy!” I did as I was told, of course, squeezing my little hole tight to hold in his teen cum. “On your back, puppy boy.” David told me, so I turned over so that I now lay on my back with the pillow under my tailbone, and my legs in the air tightly holding Brian’s cum in my little pussy. David knelt to slid his cock into my slick little hole, once again my pussy was being filled up with man cock. I felt dazed in a blissful state that I have never felt before. Electric butterflies fluttered up from my belly, releasing themselves in little moans from my throat as my David fucked me. I looked over to see Martin watching us intently as he stroked his cock, and Patrick was on the couch watching too, his cock no longer spent but on the rise again. It thrilled me to have these men watch as my David fucked his little brother on the coffee table, my legs spread in the air as my David slid his cock in and out of my little hole. “Oh yes, David, fuck me! Fuck my little pussy! It feels so good, David! Fill my little boy hole, I love it David!” The words rushed out of me. I liked being a eager little boy who begs his big brother to fuck him. I liked being my David’s little boy! Martin got up from the couch and stood over me. I opened my mouth obediently, watching him stroke his cock as I knew he was about to cum, and I wanted more cum. I loved cum! Feeling David’s cock slid in and out of my hole as Martin glared down at me ready to fill my mouth with cum thrilled me. Martin threw his head back, and I raised my head covering the head of his cock with my little mouth as his warm cum shot into my open mouth. As soon as Martin pulled his spent cock from my mouth David leaned down. He covered my mouth with his as we shared Martin’s cum, whle he began to thrust harder into my little boy hole. I groaned in his mouth and as Martin’s cum thinned out with our saliva, I could feel David’s body get tense, and I swallowed his load. David groaned began to blast his man load into my boy pussy. My little hole now held two man loads and as David pulled out he pushed my legs up high. Once again he instructed me, “Hold in out loads in your little ass, boy!” My boy pussy gripped tightly onto my prize. David scooped me up in his arms and brought me over to the couch and spoke to Patrick. “You ready for this filled little hole?” David asked Patrick who was stroking his massive cock.Patrick whispered, “Oh yes, I need it!” David put me over Patrick’s massive cock. I desperately tried to keep both loads in my little hole, but knew I would have to let up some to get his huge cock in me. I wanted that huge cock in my stretched out boy pussy. “I will put Tobias down on your cock.I put him into my lap.” Patrick eyes were wide and bright, “Okay, yes, please.” David took me in his strong arms, “You want that hole, don’t you Patrick?” Patrick breathed heavy, “Yes. Yes, I want to slid my cock into that little boy hole, I want to fill your little brother’s pussy with my cum.” David began to slid me onto Patrick cock. I went down in David’s strong arms. I groaned, Patrick’s cock slid into me. I felt a huge burning sensation as it ripped me. He was really huge! Patrick moved up and impaled me. I let out a scream, “Oh please!” as more of his huge cock ripped into me. Now I was on Patrick’s lap, impaled on his cock. David filled my mouth with his fingers and pushed me down. I gasped and moaned, my body racked with a burning ripping pain. “Oh! That hole of your boy is so fucking tight.” Patrick tensely breathed., “That’s the tightest little pussy I’ve ever felt.” David hold me in position, “Well, it’s hardly a virgin pussy, I opened the boy well. Just enjoy him and fuck him good!” It shocked me, David had four fingers deep in my mouth, and I couldn’t speak. I could see him glaring over at Martin. I concentrated on the massive man cock that was ripping through my boy hole. Most of Patrick cock was in my little boy pussy now, and I began to pant, and David pulled his fingers from my mouth. David gripped my boy torso and began to rock me back and forth on Patrick’s cock. The waves of pain began to subside, and turn into something unknown to me. My mind began to swim, and I felt like I was beginning to float out of my body, white hot light exploded in my brain. Patrick yelled at my brother, “It feels good, man. This kid’s got a real hot fucking hole.” David stood now beside me. I turned my head and his cock was right at my mouth. I opened up and he slid it in me. I was being filled in both holes, and loving it! I felt my fucker tensing up and knew he was going to cum any moment. “Oh boy, take it!” I squeezed my ass round his cock and that was enough. Patrick groaned and yelled, “Fuck you Tofias! Oh fuck!” He spewed bolt after bolt of searing hot jizz into my by now sloppy hole. Patrick moaned loud as he began to shoot massive amounts of cum into my boy cunt. I could feel the streams hitting and pooling in my little guts, and I started to come back to myself, as Patrick went on pounding my little boy hole and shooting rope after rope of cum deep up me. He was grunting and groaning as he let loose, and I was sucking his huge man cock into me, trying to get every drop out of him. David pulled his cock out of my mouth. Patrick panted, “Fuck, Tobias, you have a fucking hot boy cunt.” and he said to David, “Your little brother is a real pussy boy.” I heard David tell Patrick, “Don’t pull out yet! Don’t pull out!” My mind rode on a wave of ecstasy. David instructed Patrick how to keep his cock in my ass while they lay me on the couch. My smooth boy legs were brought up into the air as Patrick slid his massive cock out of my little boy pussy. Patrick took his man cock from my little ass and a long moan rose from me. David’s mouth went in and was over my little pussy sucking three loads from my little ass. I immediately snapped back to myself because I wanted to taste those loads too! David lifted his mouth off my boy cunt, my voice shook as I begged, “Please feed it to me David!” David lifted up my head and brought my little mouth to his and he released all three man loads into my little boy mouth. I swallowed and the wam cum quickly made its way to my little ail Please donate to Nifty, to keep this site open and free!

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