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You peel back the lips of my labia and watch as my clit begins to grow, peaking in anticipation of your tongue. You suck one side into your mouth, licking all around the edge, then the other. You purposefully ignore my clit, my aching growing need. I feel your tongue dip deep into my pussy and feel your rumbling moan vibrate my flesh. I am on my knees now; you move behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I feel your tongue lick from the edge of my ass, over my puckered hole, and you lightly strum your tongue against it. All the while, my clit is still waiting anxiously and I am getting hotter and hotter.

I dip my back lower and push my ass toward your hot wet tongue. I feel the ridges and bumps as they caress my soft flesh. You circle my rosebud slowly, slowly, and then I feel you dip in. Your hands move to my hips, you smack my ass.

“Mmm,” I moan as I arch my back. You know I love to be spanked, so you do it again. Smack. I push back, waiting for more. Needing more. I feel your finger push into my pussy and you find my g-spot. “Ohh,” I am now pumping against your hand and güvenilir bahis I feel your hairy thighs as you lean in against me. One hand pumping me, the other reaching around for my breast. I feel your fingertips as they begin to stretch the taunt flesh, pulling at my aching nipple.

“Oh more,” I moan as I lay my head down on the pillow below me. I want to feel you on my clit. I move back against my hand, fucking myself with your moving fingers. I feel your thumb lightly caress my clit, I gasp. “Oh yes,” I say my breath is drawn from me. You caress me again. God it feels good to have you strum me like that. I want to beg for more, I want to plead with you to go faster, but I know better than that. I bite the pillow instead and enjoy your slow ministrations.

You have me roll over on my back, I know what is coming now. I feel the straps as you tighten them around my wrists, then my ankles. You bind me and tie me to the corners of your bed. I feel the tightness and know I am at your mercy. You take the blindfold from the night stand and cover my eyes, leaving me feeling türkçe bahis even more vulnerable and exposed. I arch and stretch against the restraints.

Blackness. The room has gotten quiet and though I know you are still there, I do not hear you. I wait. I know better than to talk, than to ask. I wait, then I feel you. Your weight on the bed, you are beside me now. I feel a tickle as you pour cold liquid over my breasts. Then hot as your tongue trails the liquid. I can smell it; it is the bottle of wine from dinner. Mmm, I wish I could taste your lips, I wish I could lick the wine from your yielding tongue. I feel the cold as it dips lower. My belly button, and then you suck it out. Then I feel as you pour it over my naked mound. “Ohh,” I arch and shiver. The cold liquid invades my hot flesh and it is more than I can bear. “Ohh,” I moan again as I feel your tongue following the trail.

Finally, sweet release. Your tongue circles over my taunt clit, my aching, needing place. You move gently at first, too gently and I ache even more. I push my hips toward your tongue, but you güvenilir bahis siteleri only chuckle in response. Oh please, please, I want to beg, please. Finally you move faster. Your tongue darts quickly, back and forth. I thrust my hips at the motions. I want to close my thighs over your head, I want to pull you in closer, but I can not. You have made certain of that.

Faster and faster still, and I feel the itchy feeling of my climax building. I am sweating and moaning, I don’t recognize my own voice anymore as I feel myself coming closer and closer to the edge. Your hands on my hips, then under my ass. You pull my cheeks apart as you thrust your tongue over my clit, I feel one of your fingers enter my pussy, then two. You pump your hand in me as I am pushed over the edge. “Yes, yes,” I moan and speak incoherently. My climax ends and I feel you slow down.

You take your fingers out of my pussy and I can hear your sweet moans as you lick my juices from your fingers. Then I feel you on top of me. You climb the length of my body and I feel your lips on mine.

“Are you ready for more,” you ask softly as I lick my juices from your lips.

“Always,” I reply. I feel your weight leave my bed as you go to the closet. You pull out the box. My clit becomes rock hard again as I imagine what’s to come.

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