Tony , Tina

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It’s been 3 months of dating and Tina was thinking about all the fun they had since that fateful meeting. They had first met at Tony’s company picnic; she was the guest of her friend Debbie. Debbie was the corporate HR person where Tony worked. A young single man in his early 30’s, Tony was Division Head at his firm. Tall dark and handsome, just the way she likes her men. Confidence oozed from his body, he is a man in control of his destiny. This turned Tina on incredibly; every time she and Tony went out her panties would get moist. Now the date was over and Tony was driving her back to her apartment. She began to fantasize about what was going to happen in bed tonight. Both of them were like insatiable sex machines.

The sex had been out of this world, she had never came so much then with Tony and Tony really enjoyed the little package he was fucking. Tina was a young lady of her late 20’s with dark curly hair that feel as a waterfall over her shoulders. She had a nice body that she kept in shape with 34C breasts. Dark olive skin tone she complimented Tony quite nicely standing 5’6″ next to his 5’11” muscular body.

Tony began to rub her thigh as they were driving to her apartment. He knew that he would get her nice and wet before they got to her apartment. She moaned slightly as the wind cooled her face. It was a hot sticky summer night perfect for two lovers to come together and enjoy each other’s body.

Tina love to run her hands over Tony’s washboards stomach. Those muscles gave Tony the raw pumping power she loved so much. Just imagining the numerous times she spent on her stomach with her ass in the air as Tony pumped her from behind. She could feel her pussy getting hot and wet. It was getting gorged with blood, ready for cock.

He slid his tongue just over her slit; he could smell her delicious pussy aroma between her tight thighs. Her pouty pink pussy lips were swollen and beads of pussy juice oozed from her hole. With his broad tongue he took a long lick up her slit, making sure she could feel the roughness of his tongue. Tina gasped and sighed as Tony slid his tongue güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up and down her slit, lapping up her juices as she pushed his head deeper between her legs. He parted her lips with his fingers and began to lick inside, his tongue searching for her clitoris, the magic button that makes Tina scream and cum in buckets of pussy juice. He slid two fingers into her glistening pussy and began to twirl the tip of his tongue on her tip. Gently ever so teasing it he could feel Tina tensing up, her legs began to clamp down over his head harder. She was going to cum any second; he increased his tempo slightly and began to finger fuck her harder. “Oh God, YES!” she screamed and with that the floodgates opened and she came hard and long.

“Oh baby you fuck me so good with your tongue!”

She slid her self down to Tony’s cock, it stood fully erect now, its cock head all purple from being filled with blood. She enjoyed taking his 8″ cock in her mouth and she enjoyed getting stretched out from it too in her pussy and ass. She began to lick the shaft of the cock, tasting its saltiness and see how Tony was reacting. She wasn’t going to let him cum to quick, no she was going to torture him with a long and slow sucking first.

She ran her tongue up and down the shaft and flicked the head, Tony began to moan and laid back on the bed relaxing. She took her hand and cupped them over his balls and grasped the shaft of his cock with the other. She began to play with his balls as she plunged her mouth on his cock. She loved the taste and feeling of cock her mouth. With one slow movement she took his cock all the way into her mouth.

Tony began to moan as his ecstasy began to mount, he closed his eyes and let Tina work her mouthly magic. Tina picked up the pace and began to fuck Tony’s cock with her mouth, she could sense his cock begin to stiffen harder and she was going to be swallowing his seed soon. She was hungry for a big load of his cum, she moved the hand over his balls between his ass. There was plenty of her spit over Tony’s cock and balls so she slid güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her finger across it to lube it up, then effortlessly she pushed her finger into Tony’s ass. Tony tensed up, in mere seconds she was going to milking his cum into her mouth. She sucked harder and more furiously as she began to slid her finger into his ass, she was looking for his prostrate to massage. She found it and slid her finger across it, Tony tensed up one last time as he erupted in her mouth, she began to swallow his cum like a greedy miser, not wishing to spill a drop.

She took his cock out her mouth; he made sure that he had gotten it all wet with her mouth. She reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer, out came the lube, a dildo, and some anal love beads. “Get me ready hon,” she purred. Tony knew what to do; this was her favorite part of their lovemaking, the anal play. “Baby, you’re so hot tonight, I’m so going to abuse your asshole!” She moaned and writhed on the bed with her ass up in the air. “Stretch me out baby!, Stretch me out!” she cried. Tony took the anal love beads and lubed up each ball. They were the size of small peaches, and there were 6 on the string. He spread her ass cheeks apart and looked at her waiting asshole. He licked the tiny puckered opening for a few minutes savoring the tartness and taboo ness he felt as each anal bead dripped with lube.

He smeared some lube around her puckered love opening and placed the first bead against its opening. She relaxed her sphincter muscle and the puckered opening flowered open, with a little pressure Tony pushed the fist bead in. UH YES she cried as she sucked the ball deep into her ass, her muscles bringing it deeper in her. OH God Tony, shove them all in”. Tina was beginning to get really tuned on as her pussy began to drip, Tony’s cock was getting hard again and he could wait to pound her pussy hard and fast. Effortlessly Tina’s ass sucked up each ball, she could feel them filling her up from the inside. She was stuffed full and her ass was tingling deliciously. Tony took his rock hard cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri in his had and guided it into her pussy. Tina gasped as she felt his fat cock entering her pussy, she could feel his shaft rubbing her pussy walls against the balls in her ass. She came instantaneously all over Tony’s cock. Tony smiled; he knew that it was time to get down to business. He began a slow but rhythmic pumping; he would ease out and then in his cock all the while enjoying Tina’s pussy contractions. She was trying to hold his cock in tight, not dare letting it slip out.

Tony began to fuck her harder, her moans giving cheering him on. With one hand he grasped the anal bead cord, with the other he held onto her hips. The bed began to creak from the force of their fucking. Tony began to sense he was getting ready to cum, he wasn’t going to last long, he was so turned on tonight that it was going to be a fast one. He wasn’t going to cum until they both did in unison, one big cosmic orgasm! He pulled out the first anal bead and pumped faster. Tina gulped, her pussy clamped down harder, Tony could see her gaping asshole open, he pulled again on cord and the second bead came out. Faster he pumped, Tina screamed and twisted her nipples. The third bead came out and then fourth, Tina was going to cum. She was fighting to hold on to very last moment, she felt the fifth bead leave her asshole, she shuddered at the velvety feeling of bead stretching her asshole slightly at first and then more and more till he popped out. She reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit fast and furious, one more bead to go. Could she make it? Could Tony make it? God Damnit she wanted to cum! She wanted Tony’s cum in her pussy NOW!

Tony yanked out the last anal bead and with one last thrust he buried his cock into her pussy, with a sudden rush of release he felt his cock spasm and twitch. His cock head expanded and erupt his seed into her Tina’s clenching pussy. Tina cried out “FUCK YES” as she felt the warmth of Tony’s cum flowing into her, she milked his cock for all his cum, she collapsed, weak in the knees onto the bed. Tony collapsed on top of her, he left his cock in her as he pumped her pussy full of hot sticky cum.

Tina, sweating lay panting into the pillow, her body was covered in love making dew as she Tony’s cock slowly finishing its duty. “Oh Tony” she moaned. “Fuck Tina, that was awesome.”

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