Tori Ch. 2

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Part II: Sophomore

I want to tell you about this 20 year-old “boy” in my Biology class.

“I made up my mind — there is no turning back she’s been good to me, and she deserves better than that …” the new century’s rendition of New Kids on the Block sings about being faithful while I sit here beside you in your car. The cold rain is gently falling; and I shiver from the wetness on my skin. The silence has been but a moment but the line speaks volumes to my conscience. I did not tell you that I was married to keep you away; I told you so I would not be responsible for anything else I said or did to you. I purposely painted a picture of a wonderful home waiting for me to return. And I can tell that excites you … you like the chase as much as I do, what a dangerous pair we are.

TORI’S Thoughts: I always feel like you want to hug me. Maybe that is my projection; I want you to. I was happy in my quiet little world, but you starting this touching my hand thing and it was/is so cute and electrifying all the same. The first time you reached for my hand, I hesitated because I was afraid. Chris told me that I cannot be trusted. I doubt myself even you — some young guy who will walk out of his way to avoid an ex-girlfriend on campus; a guy who would tell me about his first kiss at 12 … my fear is so silly. My marriage with Chris is more out of habit than commitment and there is only my weakness that keeps me there.

I think you would be fun for a while. If I could be myself, I would let you take me just for the fun of being your first older woman. I think you would work hard to please me. I hate the limbo of being in this gray place between acquaintances and lovers. That is not to imply that there is love involved. It’s just that we are not really friends yet, however you have not earned the respect to be a man I would wrap my legs around. But… with the rain falling harder against the pavement…and we being so alone on the roof of the garage… and the fact that you just can’t seem to put the car in reverse and you look like an abandon kitten with your dark hair still damp from the drizzle we ran through to get just this far … “Help me,” I say, as a work my jacket off my shoulders. You are quick to whisk of the offending piece of clothing. There, I have got you started, let’s see what you do with the lead.

“Do you want to go to my place so we can finish studying?” Dean asks, looking over his shoulder as he pulls out from the parking space. “I guess we should get at least this section nailed down,” that was as close to a yes as I would give “as long as I get 6 hours of sleep, I will be fine for my 9 o’clock class.” “I think we canlı bahis could this down by midnight, what do you think.” I smiled and wondered if he was planning to do anything with the remaining 2 hours before my deadline.

His shared condo was small construction site; he and his brother hung drywall the weekend past. Everything was in a neat arrangement, but we still had the maneuver to get to his bedroom. I immediately began to place obstacles around me: my books, papers and backpack, with my back to the runner of his bed. Dean went to the kitchen to grab “something other than water” as I requested and a beer for himself. I told him that I could not drive after a half of a beer even but he brought an empty glass ” just in case” I wanted to try the dark beer he liked. He sat right beside me, as close as my pack would allow, with his beer on his right and the textbook on his lap. ” I wanted to go over photosynthesis with you again,” Dean said, “It seems like that is your weakest point. Then we can do enzymes.” I tend to resist directions but he has not contested my need to be in control. In fact, he kind of says yes ma’am no matter what I say, so I agreed. I won’t bore you with all of the interim stuff because we did get a lot of studying done that night. And I gave in a little around half past ten and drank some of his second beer.

The headrush radiates through me and my whole body falls for the warm seduction of alcohol. The bitter thick beer scorches my tastebuds. It felt like smooth masculine hands down my chests, rolling over every curve losing itself around my abdomen. And I find that I am turned on that you are watching my reaction with it like it was some potent elixir. My skin is so receptive to your touch and I find myself instantly entertaining the fantasy that we were less “right” and more “wrong”. I forgot to play coy and I kissed you. After all, that would tell me if you are the one … for I still have the power to say no if you weren’t.

He was. I tend to take to kissing slowly. I like how it affects my impending orgasm — for if I delay entry just long enough, even the waves of penetration will make me cum. But as much as he concedes while speaking to me, he is aggressive to ensure that I wouldn’t flee. His arm flung out to push a space for us on the floor — our notes shuffling together. Dean’s mouth was warm and tasted sweeter than the beer, but there was something so incredible about his tongue. His talented lips spoke to me in this kiss: lie down and love it. His young hands worked against the pressure of his own chest as he pressed upon me while working at the eight small buttons.

He licked at me like a treat. His bahis siteleri eagerness showed in the careless random kisses he showered on me while he struggled to unfasten my bra. I tried to assist him, but in his frustration, Dean pushed away my hands. I felt the hooks give way to the pulling force and flushed hot with a bit of anger – he had certainly ruined my favorite cranberry bra. It was forgotten when that tongue of his went to work on my freed breasts. Dean nursed with a mouthful of my flesh with more talent than most; he even worked his hand under my skirt, stroking at my vagina with his fingertips. I have to admit that he was not the “boy” I thought he was. Dean had learned quite a few things before me and I was the grateful benefactor of his attention and affection.

A few instances showed his newness. His patience was gone after his fight with the bra hooks so he tore my pantyhose to work his fingers on the soft moist flesh beneath. Yet, since is was out of eagerness instead of passion, he spent quite a while rasping his tongue against the nylon shield over my clit. For all of his aggression, I think he was too content, or too terrified, to undress himself and just fuck me. But at that point, that was all I wanted. I sat up and cupped his face, bring his wet lips to my face. I kissed him deeply while undoing his belt and zipper. I felt like a young girl, reaching into his boxerbriefs to release his hot firm cock from its hiding place. He was more thick than long, which is fine because as long as its hard, I can work with it. I wanted to taste the clear liquid at the tip of his swollen head but as soon as the air hit his shaft, his aggression came back and I was pushed to the floor again.

Dean stoked his dick up and down on my vulva. Then arching back, he pressed full and hard into me. “Ahhhgd!” I was ready all this time but I wasn’t at that moment – my muscles rippled and quivered, I could hardly breathe in without conscious thought. “Did you come already?” he asked, slowing a little but still thrusting with is face nestled against my ears. “Mmmmm, yes” I said, grind my hips to his, working my sensitive clitoris with my own fingers. The sound and scent of sex filled the room. And I was oblivious to everything until his cat’s cold nose touched my arm. She had opened his door halfway so there was a perfect view of the hall and the door of Rick’s, his brother, bedroom. Dean came quite a while after he entered me, but he did not go flaccid. He kissed me but gave no objections to lying on the floor beside me while my hands roved his skin.

He laid at peace with eyes closed, his hands under his head, and a small smile on his lips. His bahis şirketleri eyes opened wide when my tongue began to play with his cock. His head was left without its palette when he placed his hands on my head, pressing me to continue. Long strokes from the tip until my bottom lip hugged against his testicles caused groans from his chest to rise and fall with his breath. As horny as I was, I did not want him to come this way. But what power does a young man have against me? I wanted to be in control – and with his precious flesh in my mouth, I was aware of the pleasure I gave and he received. He was adamant the first time my fingers played at his ass; moving his hips to avoid the most intimate contact. This, of course, made me all the more interested in doing it, though I approached the area indirectly. With his staff completely housed in my mouth, I swallowed repeatedly to tighten the grip around him. This freed my hands to caress his inner thighs and his jewels and occasionally rub the white curves of his underside. It was not long before I was drinking down his thick fluid while my fingertip pressed just a bit at his hidden pink star. I tried in vain to see his expression and had to settle with the satisfaction cues I could see, his toes writhing as an extension of his pleasure. “Dean,” I said, “can you …” I had no need to finish – he was already halfway there. This time, he outlasted me.

I admit, I fell in love with the way he moved in me, on me but I got most excited when his brother came home and stopped to watch for a while before closing Dean’s door. I was completely uninhibited and unashamed. I forgot everyone and everything and escaped to our pleasure island. At one point, I spun around and mounted his dick. I pumped my thighs and swayed my hips to bring his dick deep into my pussy. I pushed his head to my chest and ordered him to suck on my sensitive nipples. Not to be outdone, he held my hips and grind all of that thick cock deep within me. I found myself imaging Rick watching us and had another orgasm. My senses were so worked up from the beer, being seen, from just everything, including the damn cat that kept rubbing against our legs. His dick felt incredible sliding in and out of me. Somehow, he worked to have me kneel while he leaned over me with his chest tapping my ass and his testicles drumming at my clit. My nipples were teased with the sensation of the soft carpet. I moved countering his fucking rhythm so that every time he hit my g-spot it sent and pain-pleasure chill through me. I came harder than I did before, and held my muscles tight to get the fullest effect. Dean spasmed again inside me, but he did not lose his erection. I asked him if he wanted to continue but he said he probably could not come right now if we did, so we laid there. It was well after 4 in the morning and I wondered if I would just miss my first class or the whole day.

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