Toronto trip well worth it


Toronto trip well worth itMy wife & her sister wanted to go shopping in Toronto last weekend, but neither of them wanted to drive, so my wife sweet talked me into driving them. “What the fuck am I supposed to do while you two shop?” I asked. My wife told me that if I drove them, later that night when we got home she would give me a blowjob. As I took a moment to ponder her offer she added that I could cum on her tits. Bingo! I’m in!We left for Toronto around 9am and arrived shortly after 11am. We parked downtown and my wife and sister-in-law told me to meet them back at the car for 5pm so we could go for dinner before we drove home. That meant I had 6 hours to kill. I left the two women to their shopping and found a nice quiet coffee shop. I sat down with a newspaper and ordered a coffee & a muffin. My waitress was smoking hot. Maybe 20 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes and big tits! Her shirt was very low cut and when she bent over to serve me my coffee I caught an amazing glimpse of her massive cleavage. I am pretty sure she caught me looking, but didn’t seem to bothered by it. Fifteen minutes later she came back to give me a refill and bent over again. I thought her tits were going to fall out. She looked me right in the eye and smiled. Man I was hard as a rock. I finished up my coffee and left to find something to do.Two blocks from the coffee shop I found an adult video store/porn store. My dick was still a bit stiff so I walked in to check out the place. It was pretty empty. There was a bigger girl with pink hair behind the counter and an Asian dude looking at some sex toys. I walked around looking at vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, cock rings, lotions & potions. At the back of the store was a curtain with a sign above it that read “Movie Rooms”. Curious I went behind the curtain to find a long narrow hallway with a bunch of little booths along each side. Each room had a black curtain for privacy. In the room was a TV and a love seat. The movies were $1 for 10 minutes. The place etiler escort smelled musty and reeked of cum & sweat. I knew there was someone in one of the booths because the curtain was closed and I could hear porn coming from the booth. I decided to try a booth. I went in one, closed the curtain and sat on the love seat. On the wall nest to the TV was 4 coin slots. They were each labeled…gay, lesbian, big tits, shemale. I selected big tits since the waitresses melons were still fresh in my head. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I put the coin in the slot and the porn came on mid way through the movie. I jerked my cock off until my dollar ran out. I put another one in the slot and continued to jerk off watching some big titted slut cock juggle to huge cock studs. When my second dollar ran out I stood up to pull my pants up when the curtain to my room opened up a bit. A balding middle aged guy popped his head in and asked if i wanted my cock sucked. I said sure, so he came into my tiny booth and closed the curtain behind him. I sat back down on the sofa and he got between my legs and gave me an amazing blowjob. His mouth felt amazing. He sucked deep and slow and was not in a hurry at all. He licked my balls and stroked my shaft slowly. We could hear someone else in the hall way and i got nervous. I thanked the guy for the head, pulled up my pants and left.Next I went for a beer at a strip joint. The beer was $12 and all the girls were beautiful, but they all had big fake tits. I hate fake tits, so I finished my expensive beer and moved on. I walked down Younge St. for a hour, stopping in store after store. I bought some sunglasses and a t-shirt. I was pretty bored and it was only 2 pm. I still had 3 hours to kill. I found a guy bathe house so I decided to kill some time in there. I paid for a room, stripped down and headed for the shower. I had a nice long hot shower and lathered up my body, spending a long time on my ümraniye escort cock, balls and asshole. I headed for the wet sauna. When I entered there was 2 guys sitting naked on the the benches. One guy was around 30 with a slim body and the other guy was short & stocky, probably 50 years old. I said hello and sat across from them. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and kinda dozed off for a few minutes. When I woke up the room was really steamy and I could barely see across from me. I could just make out the two guys 69ing on the bench. I stroked my cock as I watched them. After a moment I stood up and decided to join in on the fun. I slipped a condom on my cock, lubed up, and positioned myself behind the older guy with is ass in the air. I rubbed my cock around his ass for a second. When he didn’t seem to mind I decided to go for it, and slowly slipped my cock into his ass. He was super tight and moaned like crazy as I fucked him. The other guy got out from underneath him and stood in front of him and face fucked him. Some he blew his load all over the guys face. I kept fucking nice and slow, strong & deep. The other guy left so it was just the two of us. I quickened my pace and the guy I was fucked started to beg me to fuck him harder. I pounded his chubby ass as hard as I could until I felt I was going to cum. Just before I came I pulled out and squeezed my cock so I wouldn’t cum. Once my orgasm was stopped I pulled off the condom and thanked the guy for a good time, them left the sauna. I went back to the shower, lathered up again, them went back to my room for a nap. I set my alarm for 4:30 so I wouldn’t be late.I met the ladies back at he car and we went for dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had to listen to all their shopping stories and all the great deals they got. Then my wife asked me what i did all day. I told them I hung out at a coffee shop, did a bit of shopping and had a few beers at a bar. My wife giggled, sarıyer escort “A bar eh? A strip bar no doubt!” I smiled and confirmed her suggestion.After dinner we hopped in the car and drove back home. I dropped off my sister-in-law at her house and we headed home. As we pulled away from her house my wife leaned over, kissed my neck, and grabbed my cock. She whispered that I was a naughty boy for going to the strip bar, and maybe I didn’t deserve my blowjob. I told her a deal was a deal. She laughed and said okay, a deal is a deal.We got home, and I hopped in the shower (again) to wash up. When I came out my wife was in the bedroom with just a candle on to light the room. She was lying on the bed in her housecoat. She told me to lay down, and stood up and removed her housecoat. It dropped to the floor and she was standing there in a black lacy thong and sheer black stockings & garters. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Here huge natural tits looked amazing. She is a F cup with big heavy hanging boobs with perfect hard pink nipples. My cock was hard as a diamond. She sexily crawled in between my legs and gave me the best blowjob she had ever given me. She sucked deep & slow, used lots of saliva, stroked my cock and sucked & licked my balls. Soon I told her I was going to cum so we quickly switched positions. She laid on her back and squeezed her big boobs together and I jerked my hard cock until I exploded all over her. I have never came that much before. I blew my wad all over her belly, tits, neck, face, hair and the pillow behind her. She was shocked at how much cum there was. It was everywhere. I couldn’t help buy laugh. She smiled and said “oh…you think that’s funny??” Then she sat up, quickly wrapped her arms around my head and mashed my face into her soaked tits. She laughed at me and asked it it was still funny. I squeezed her tits and started to suck them, tasting my salty cum. She stopped fooling around and just sat there while I licked all my cum off her tits. I kissed up to her mouth and we made out and cum-kissed for the first time. It was amazing. She was so turned on by it that she asked me to eat her pussy. I kissed down past her tits to her shaved pussy and ate her out until she came. Then the two of us kissed some more before heading to the shower. Can we go back to Toronto next week I asked!!!

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