Torrie , I Part

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To recap, Torrie she was running her hands over I felt a nipple harden under my touch. She stirred and moaned. My arm went from her breasts down to her vagina. Her legs parted as I touched her lips. Her ass pushed back against me as she did that. I felt a little moisture as I slid one finger in. Then another finger as I began to stroke her. I withdrew my fingers and paid attention to her clit. “ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh god!” She was getting aroused as I continued it. I pushed against her ass and my other arm went around her and pinched her nipples. “ohhhhh fuck! Ommmmmfffff” she shuddered against me.

She rolled over facing me and wanted to try oral on me. We kissed some more. I took her hand down to stroke my cock. I had my hand over hers to show her how to hold and stroke me slowly. I then drew my hand back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to her breasts. I tell her eye contact is very important. That she should gently stroke the whole cock, to get me as hard as she can. It also helps to say to the guy, how much you want him! To taste him! The next thing is to to lick the entire cock. Lots of saliva! Also lick the head. It’s the most sensitive part, just like the clit is sensitive. The next step is to suck on the head! Swirl your tongue around it! Bob up I didn’t want this to end. My tongue probed and brought her clit out while I licked.

“Eat me. Goddamn it!” Each lick brought a squeal or a moan from her.

Torrie threw her “ohhhhhh” head back as I lingered. I found a spot and she shuddered! “Fuck! Yes!” I licked and sucked. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Her hips her trembling. My face was wet with her juices and my cock was fully erect with pre-cum on the tip when she came “Ohh fuck! Ohh fuck!”.

She collapsed next to me, we were both exhausted. Her hand wandered across my chest and she came across my erection. Even thou we were both tired; she told me that she wanted to relieve & pleasure me. Without missing a beat, Torrie turned over, rested her head on a pillow and presented her beautiful ass to me “Fuck Me babe! “

First I positioned my erection resting on her cheeks. I ran my hands around her back, and then reached around to cup both her breasts. “ohhhh babe”

After massaging them, I Took hold of my erection and slowly entered her güvenilir bahis şirketleri wet pussy. Slow at first. Then Torrie pushed back “I want to feel you deep inside of me!” I withdrew slightly, and then entered her again. She pushed back!

“Ohhh God! Fuck m m me harder!” She cupped her breast & pinched a nipple as every thrust of mine meets hers. I slapped her ass then hold her hips as we fuck. I’ve never felt harder and more ready to cum. One more thrust and I explode deep inside of her. Wave after wave! I withdraw and cum over her ass & back. She flips around on her back as we kiss and meet. We’re both whipped.

As we awake several hours later and clean up, we kiss many times before we say goodbye.

Torrie and I make promises to keep in touch. “I don’t know when and if we can do this again.” She tells me.

Holding her there, in my arms, it’s hard to part. We both agreed that our time together was amazing. We would keep in touch and meet again.

We exit the Casino into the cold air and to our waiting cars.

We hug once more, whisper our goodbyes and drive back to our homes.

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