Totally unexpected


Totally unexpectedImagine my shock when I opened the door to Linda, stood there in a very short tight skirt and bra less buttoned shirt. Her medium sized tits and semi erect nipples held by only three or four buttons.She was very toned and had a fantastic figure. Shoulder length mousy colored hair enveloped a pretty face with green eyes and full unpainted lips. She smiled and asked if she could come in. All thoughts of my recent break up with my live in girlfriend disappeared immediately as I scanned her perfect ass as she stepped over the threshold and headed toward the living room. I closed the door and followed her. I’d first met Linda about a year previous, she was gym buddy of my mates wife. We had chatted a couple of times but nothing else as I was in a serious relationship and I never thought of her like that really. She had already found the middle of the sofa when I entered the room and being quite shy, I sat on the armchair by the fireplace. She smiled and asked if I was okay that she was there. I said it was fine and offered her a drink which she readily accepted. She told me that she was sorry to hear that I’d split with my girlfriend and told me that she thought my ex canlı bahis was stupid and that she thought I was a bit of a catch. I was shocked to hear her talk like that and then she asked if I would like to start seeing her instead. She wasn’t shy at all and crossed her long slim legs giving me an eyeful of a tanned thigh and I’m sure another button was now undone on her blouse. I said we could go for a drink that weekend and she agreed. She asked me did I find her attractive and I nodded. She twisted to face me and asked if her outfit was too revealing. I said it wasn’t and she asked if I would like to see more. I never got chance to reply and she had laid back on the sofa with her hands stroking the outside of her thighs. Her legs uncrossed and she stared at me while she parted her legs and gave me the first glimpse of a very well shaven pussy. Just a little line of hair stretched out from her lips as she lifted one of her legs up onto the sofa, the other remaining on the floor. She slipped a finger into herself and then ground her hips down into the seat. She moaned softly and pulled her finger away before putting it to her mouth and savoring herself. She unbuttoned her blouse bahis siteleri and let her perky nipples out into the open air. Wow !! what fantastic tits. My hard on was obvious and she told me she was ready to taste some cock. She slid down the sofa and put her neck over the arm and allowed her head to tip back. “come over here and put your cock in my mouth” she ordered. I stood up, undid my jeans and placed my rigid cock over her face. She licked my shaft and balls and before long I was ready to shoot. She said she was nearly ready too and told me to wait till she was ready to cum. I looked down and watched her tits being stretched by her fingers while her tongue lapped at the underside of my cock. Her legs were parted to her limit as she moaned and twitched, her back arched in excited torment as she forgot herself and became the slut that she was. She tipped her head further back and reached out with one arm to my ass, she pulled on me, forcing my cock further into her mouth. I could feel her nose rubbing against the underside of balls, her warm breath reminding me this was real. Her other hand was now probing at her labia, rubbing her inner folds. She was becoming more wet güvenilir bahis and I was struggling to hold back. Her breath quickened, her legs raised ever so slightly, she was close. At no point was there any suggestion that I fuck her, she was quite happy taking my cock in her mouth while putting on the perfect show for me. At one point I leaned forward for a better look, only to find my cock had slid further into her throat and with a little encouragement from her groans, I remained in that position for some time. Long enough to watch her fingers being coated in white sticky juice that oozed from her slit when she pumped herself with two fingers. “I’m ready” she said, and with that she went rigid, trance like and took me deeper still into her throat. i couldn’t stop myself from releasing my seed into her mouth. We jerked in unison as I pumped line after line of cum into her throat. Her tongue teasing me as she sucked hard on the tip of my cock. She relaxed her grip and her fingers made a suction noise from her pussy. She raised her hand to the front of my face, white sticky strands spread between her fingers, “lick them clean” she begged. I never thought twice, I took both fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean.”ooh, that was great” she purred, “am I alright to stay the night, I’m too tired to go home”. I poured another drink and threw her one of my t-shirts. “No problem”, I said…..More to follow.

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