Trade Show Temptation Pt. 03

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I awakened with a jolt as Michelle jumped out of bed. “Carl, I can’t believe we fell asleep. Oh my God…I’ve got to meet two customers for breakfast in 45 minutes. And I’ve got to make the walk of shame back to my room.”

Michelle was getting dressed as quickly as she was talking. She quickly hooked her bra and pulled on her black dress. As she slipped into her sandals, she ran her fingers through her hair. “I guess that will have to do for now. Cross your fingers nobody sees me Carl.”

Michelle leaned over and kissed me. Her hand gave my morning wood a stroke. I reached for her beautiful tits, but she anticipated the move and pulled away. “Later stud. Duty calls. I’ve got to run and if you get hold of me, we’ll be in bed until lunch time.”

She blew me a kiss as she quickly exited the room. I rubbed my eyes and slowly pulled myself out of bed to the coffee pot. I then stumbled into the bathroom as my still hard cock bounced with each step. Turning on the hot water, I entered the healing waters which brought me back to life.

After a long and leisurely shower, I dried off and poured a cup of coffee. Not the best cup I’ve ever had, but the caffeine buzz began to kick in after a few minute. Hey, whatever works, right?

I got dressed and wandered down to breakfast. Another cup of coffee was the perfect complement to fruit and sausage and eggs. I had just started on the Sports section when my phone buzzed.

I smiled as I saw the text was from Michelle. “Just wanted you to know that I threw myself together and hope I look presentable.” A picture was attached. I opened to see the lovely auburn haired Michelle in a knee length emerald colored dress with low white heels. “Presentable hell,” I thought. “She looks freaking amazing.”

I texted her back. “You look ten times better than presentable. You will make the other women in the area code insanely jealous.”

Moments later, I received a reply. “You are so sweet. I might have to keep you around.”

As I grinned at the thought of her keeping me around, my phone buzzed again. Michelle’s message said, “So, did you enjoy playing with this last night?” I opened the attachment to see a close up of her well rounded ass and Michelle smiling as she looked over her shoulder.

I retreated back to my room and undressed quickly. With minimal encouragement, my cock became hard. I snapped a close up picture of my swelled cock and forwarded it to Michelle with a message, “What do you think?”

I quickly got dressed and headed down to a “State of the Industry” roundtable presentation. Slipping into a seat on the back row, I was listening to the surprisingly interesting session when my phone buzzed. Yes, it was Michelle. “I think I can put that to good use later.”

I slipped my chair forward to hide my sudden hard on under the table. The silly grin returned. It’s been a while since I’ve been teased like this. Trust me, I was not complaining.

I returned some degree of focus to the presentation. Being the consummate professional, I managed to pay attention and even learned some interesting information that I would take back and share with my colleagues.

As I wandered the exhibit hall later that morning, my phone buzzed in my pocket with a text from Michelle. “What does your afternoon look like?”

I quickly texted back, “Nothing all that important, why?”

Moments later my phone buzzed. “Let’s cut out after lunch and go to the beach. K?”

I wasted no time in responding. “You going to get naked? If so, count me in.”

Michelle’s return text followed quickly, “Of course I am. I’ll meet you in your room at 1:15.”

Once again, anticipation conflicted with the laws of time and space. Minutes seemed to take hours as the morning drug by increasingly slowly. I grabbed a sandwich and ate it. To my disappointment, it was only 12:30. I decided to take a walk in hopes that staying busy would make the time move faster.

After making myself walk for 30 minutes, I headed up to my room. About 10 minutes later, there was a soft knock on my door.

I opened it to find Michelle still looking ravenous in her emerald dress. I could see a hanger sticking out of her beach bag.

“No sugar, I’m not wearing this to the beach. I just decided to come to your room to change. Unzip me please.”

I could get used to this. I slowly unzipped her dress and helped her ease it off her shoulders. She put the dress on the hanger and hung it in my closet. “Need more help,” I asked?

“Certainly,” she said. I unhooked her bra and slipped the straps off her tanned shoulders. Pulling the cups away to expose her ample breasts, I tossed her bra on the bed. I leaned over to ease her panties over her rounded cheeks. As I leaned over to slip her panties to the floor, I leaned over and kissed and then licked her right cheek. Michelle leaned forward as I did another long, slow lick nearer the inside of her cheek.

“Carl, aren’t you overdressed for this?” I quickly removed my shirt and dropped my pants canlı bahis to the floor.

Michelle eyed my erect cock. “Carl, this may sound kinda weird, but I have a request. I want to fuck you so bad, but I want to go to the beach now. When we do fuck, and we will, I want it to be slow and memorable. For now, I want a preview. Would you slide your cock into me and just hold it there? I want to feel your cock inside me.”

She continued, “I know this is weird, but I want to feel your hot cock inside me. Let me have a sample and I may fuck you all night when we get back from the beach.”

Without waiting for an answer, she bent over the bed and spread her legs. Her wet lips parted, highlighting an even wetter vagina. I held my cock in my hand and rubbed the tip along her lips, teasing her with the tip. I then rubbed the tip against her clit, elicited a long, “mmmmmmmmm” from her.

I eased the tip between her lips and held it there for a few seconds before very slowly pushing all the way into her dripping cunt. My hands on her hips, I somehow managed to maintain self-control and not ravage her with my cock. After holding it inside her for maybe a minute, she sighed and eased forward. My cock slipped out of her pussy and Michelle turned and straightened up.

“Carl, I’m sorry if that was torture to you, but I wanted to feel your cock in me. I know it sounds weird, but I didn’t want to rush this. I want us to take our time and explore and enjoy each other’s bodies. I promise I will make it worth the wait.”

“But for now, let’s go get naked on the beach.”

If anticipation makes an experience more fulfilling, we had world-class fucking coming later. Her pussy felt incredible…very wet and tight. I already was looking forward to later.

Michelle reached into her bag and removed a beach cover up which she pulled over her head. It had a modest dip in the front and hung close to her knees. “Yeah,” she smiled. “I’m not wearing panties.”

“So Sugar, are you going to the beach like that?”

Snapping back to attention, I slipped on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. I grinned at Michelle. “Hey, Michelle, guess what?”

She gave me a puzzled look.

“I’m not wearing boxers, ” I said in a sing song voice.

She smiled and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go work on our tans.”

Traffic was light and by some miracle we managed to hit mostly green lights. In a short time, we were parking at Haulover and walking through the tunnel to the beach. As we walked through the tunnel, Michelle playfully flipped up the back of her cover up giving me a glimpse of her nice ass.

As we exited into the sunshine, Michelle slowed long enough to slip out of her cover up. I recognized a good idea when I saw it and quickly stripped down as well. After placing our few clothing items in her beach bag, we walked hand in hand down the beach.

The crowd was lighter than the two previous visits. We walked down the beach to a less crowded area. As we walked, I noticed several guys take a good look at my nude partner as we passed by. Obviously, I’m not the only one who appreciates the beauty of a nude woman with reddish auburn hair. I couldn’t blame them; Michelle’s mature curves were a sight to behold.

We stopped in an area with a few scattered couples ranging in age from mid-30’s to mid-60’s as well as a few single guys and a couple of college age girls. Michelle took in the surroundings, paying special attention to a guy whose private area was shaved bald. “Oh my God, Carl. That guy’s shaved dick is soooo hot.” I took a look and laughed, “Well, it doesn’t do much for me, but I can see why you like it.” Meanwhile, I was checking out the various hair styles for the women nearby. While one had a full dark natural bush, a few were trimmed and the rest bald. I enjoyed taking in the scenery as my opportunities to see a beach of naked pussies had been few and far between.

We repeated our daily ritual of covering each other with sunscreen. After I finished Michelle’s back side, which included a thorough job of coverage on her curvy ass cheeks, she flipped over on her back. “Do my front now, please,” she said. I started at her feet and worked my way up. As I got to the top of her legs, I skipped the “good parts” and spread sunscreen on her arms and shoulders. Looking around, I noticed the others close by were paying no attention to us, so I squeezed more sunscreen into my hand and began massaging the lotion into her tits and nipples. Her breathing quickened as she smiled. “That feels good Carl.” Her hardening nipples bore testament to her enjoyment. Knowing it was a public beach, I regrettably moved down to her stomach. I thoroughly covered her stomach and moving down to her bikini area. Rubbing sunscreen in my hands, I finished the tops of her legs and the area around her now (mostly) missing bush. I spread her legs and spread sunscreen along the edge of her lips and the area above her clit. “Carl, if we weren’t here in front of God and everyone right now, I would fuck you bahis siteleri silly. As much as I am enjoying this, you’d better stop or I take no responsibility for my actions.”

My hardening cock wanted to ram her pussy and make her scream, but the bigger head took control and held me back. You know the bit with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other? The angel won this round, but it was a close one.

Michelle then returned the favor and spread sunscreen over my back side. Being the tease she is, she spread my legs and reached between my legs to massage sunscreen into my balls. That didn’t help to ease my hard on. She squirted more lotion on my cheeks and paid special attention to the inside of my cheeks. Before she finished, she spread sunscreen around my asshole and slipped a finger inside a short distance. “Sweetie, you missed that spot on me. Now turn over.”

She slowly spread sunscreen over my feet, legs, shoulders and stomach. My dick was still fairly hard from her earlier teasing. She rubbed ample amounts of sunscreen between her hands and focused on my cock and balls. She slowly spread the sunscreen along the length of my cock with a very slow up and down motion. I was already on edge and stopped her. “Michelle, as much as I want you to keep doing what you’re doing, I am so close to cumming. I want to save up for our plans for later tonight.” She playfully stuck her tongue out at me and agreed.

We enjoyed our afternoon at the beach. Having been for the past two days, we were able to stay longer with less fear of getting sunburn. We went for a swim twice and walked a long way on the beach hand in hand. I enjoyed being with this lovely nude woman and the appreciative looks she got as we passed. As noted earlier, Michelle is an attractive mature woman. She has a mature woman’s body with a few extra pounds that she carries well, large tits with minimal sag and a well-rounded ass. Her beautiful auburn hair was matched by the landing strip above her clit. It was easy to see why guys would check her out.

As we returned to our towels, it was getting later in the afternoon and some of our beach neighbors had left. We lay back on our towels and looked at each other. Michelle leaned over and kissed me. What started as a light kiss on the lips was followed by her tongue slipping between my lips. I responded in kind and we locked into a long passionate kiss. Michelle looked over my shoulder. “Carl, that woman is stroking her guy’s cock.” I reminded her she had teased me by doing that earlier under the guise of spreading sunscreen. “No Carl, she is stroking him out and he’s getting close.” I sneaked a peek and saw she was right. Michelle continued to watch and after a few minutes was treated to a spurt of cum erupt from his cock. “Carl, that was soooo fucking hot. I’ve never watched another woman give a guy a hand job.”

“Carl, I am so hot right now. I wish we could fuck here and now, but I know better. I need to get off after watching that. Please finger my pussy and make me cum.”

She lay on her left side and put her right foot flat on the beach which allowed her pussy lips to spread. Needing no further invitation, I slowly slid my index finger deep into her folds. She gasped and whispered, “This won’t take long.” I slowly finger fucked her with my index finger and then added a second finger. As Michelle’s hips began to move, I noticed the other couple was watching. She repositioned herself so she could watch which allowed me a good view of her spread legs and her open pussy surrounded by her hairy bush. Michelle’s eyes were closed as her breathing quickened, totally unaware of her audience. The other woman’s partner matched my movements and she began to move her hips and moan softly. Michelle’s eyes opened and she looked in their direction. Without a word, she lay flat on her back and nodded for me to continue to finger her. I reached for her right tit and tweaked her nipple as a rubbed her clit. I could tell Michelle was getting close as her moans came quicker. “Carl, pinch my nipple please.” I pinched her right nipple lightly and gradually increased the pressure. I felt her body tense and moments later an “Ahhhhhh…yessssssssss.” I looked at the other woman and saw her body tense. A short while later, she moaned loudly and fell back to her towel.

We nodded at the other couple as we gathered our towels and beach bag. Hand in hand, we walked nude as far as we could until we had to get dressed. The only regret was we only had one more day to come to Haulover as the conference ended on Friday. I had a feeling we would be back.

Michelle’s nipples were still hard as they poked into her cover up. We held hands as we walked back to the car. As I opened her door, she smiled and said in her best Scarlett O’Hara accent, “Why Carl, you are such a gentleman.” I held her hand as she slid into the car and watched her cover up slide almost to the top of her legs. “Mmmm,” I thought. “I can’t wait til later.”

The ride back to the hotel was slow bahis şirketleri as we negotiated rush hour traffic. About 30 minutes later, we were were kissing in the elevator as we rode to my room. Michelle ground her barely covered hips into my covered hard cock.

The bell chimed and we barely separated before the door opened. The two couples waiting to get on the elevator smiled as we exited. Did they know what we were doing before the opened? Frankly, my dear, I really didn’t care.

I opened the door for Michelle and she peeled off her cover up before it was completely closed. I took a moment to take a head to toe look at her. Any hint of a tan line was gone. Michelle was a beautiful golden brown all over.

She looked over her shoulder. “I’m going to take a shower. Are you coming?”

I stripped in record time as she adjusted the water temperature. Satisfied with the shower, she stepped in and held the shower curtain open for me. She backed to the shower head and began to wet her hair. With her arms over her head wetting her hair, her nipples were in a perfect place to be licked and nibbled. I sucked on her wet left nipple and pinched her right nipple with my fingertips. She responded by pushing her tits against my hungry lips and active fingers. She grabbed the soap and rubbed soap all over my cock and balls. My cock responded by jumping to attention. Sensing my heighten level of excitement, she slowed her stroking to save me for later.

We took turns washing each other’s bodies alternating with deep hot kisses. I rubbed my soapy hands all over her titties until I was satisfied they were clean. I then washed her arms, shoulders, stomach and legs. Saving the best for last, I washed her pussy as she squirmed and moaned. Holding her shoulders, I gently turned her around and washed her back. As I did I gradually worked down to her rounded ass cheeks. Spreading her legs, I worked the soapy suds between her cheeks and slipped a finger inside her tight asshole. She pushed back against my finger pushing it deep inside her as she moaned. She began to rock her hips to encourage me to slide my finger in and out of her. She continued this for a short while moaning all the time before she whispered, “That feels amazing, but that’s not what I want now.”

I slipped my finger out and she put her hands against the shower wall and spread her legs further. Her bare pussy lips opened nicely. I eased the head of my dick against her slippery lips and slowly pushed inside her. Holding her hips, we began a slow, rocking motion. While I had inserted my cock into her briefly earlier, the appetizer was nothing like the main course. Her pussy was tight against my hard cock as I slowly eased in and out of her. I pushed my cock deep into her and held it there, continuing to push deep into her. I then slowly eased out almost all the way. Her moans were evidence of how good it felt to her. We continued the slow fucking as my hand found its way to her hard nipple. She moaned and rocked against me.

“Carl, I am so close to cumming. Can we take it to the bed?”

I slipped my cock out of her and rinsed off quickly. As I got out of the shower, I handed her a towel. She took it in one hand and my hand with her other and let me to the bed. She spread her towel and mine and the bed saying, “I don’t want to wait to dry off. I need your cock inside me now. And this time you’re going to fuck me until we both cum.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

After all the teasing and foreplay for the past couple of days, I wanted her badly. Slipping my cock into her for a short while was nice, but I was ready to have a nice, long, enjoyable fuck with this very sexy woman. I leaned over and kissed Michelle. Our lips lightly brushed against the other. We continued to lightly kiss each other and very gently tease the other’s lips with our tongue. As I kissed her, I gently circled her erect right nipple with my fingertip. She responded by very slowly and very lightly stroking my hard on. Despite the fact we both wanted so badly to fuck each other silly, we weren’t going to rush what we had waited for.

I kissed down her cheek and along her jaw line. I continued with very soft, light kisses along her jaw line before moving down to her neck and continuing the light soft kisses. I gently licked her ear lobes. Michelle was breathing faster. As she continued her light strokes on my cock, she began to push her hips forward to rub against my lower body.

I kissed down her shoulders and along her collar bone. My hand moved down and traced the thin line of her remaining pussy hair. I continued kissing her and moved down to the tops of her tanned titties. She pushed her chest upward, imploring me to lick and suck on her hard nipples. I was all too happy to oblige her. My lips found her hard nips and very lightly sucked on her erect nipple. She sighed and pushed her nipple deep between my lips. I lightly nibbled the tip of her nipple as my hand traced her smooth pussy lips.

Michelle was moved her hips harder against me now. My fingers drifted across her pussy lips and felt the wetness. She kissed me on my neck and whispered in my ear, “Baby, I can’t stand it anymore. Please let me have your cock.”

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