Trailer park buddies gone wild.


Trailer park buddies gone wild.The best friends, Mike and Alex, walked back to their trailer park from the bus stop together. Nothing unusual there. They lived on the opposite side of the same trailer park and had practically grown up together. The best bud’s enjoyed each other’s company like brothers. But somehow Alex knew something was up with his best friend. Mike, a very tough mother fucker, had invited Alex to spend the rest of the day with him in their trailer. His parents weren’t at home, and Mike could use Alex’s help with ‘some homework’. Mike had an almighty dirty grin on his face when he told that to Alex. But as usual, Alex was a little slow to catch on. “Man Mike, I really need to get home and take a shower first…”, said Alex all sweaty from the last period gym class the guys took at highschool. They had not wanted to miss the last school bus. So they didn’t shower at school.”Fuck Alex, our trailer has a shower too, you know… And I’d love to take a shower with you…”, whispered Mike a little hot and bothered to Alex.”Are you serious? Mike, I’m not gay…”, answered Alex while pushing Mike away.”Me neither, it’s just fun between friends. You know, like with Isabella and Marie. They fucked the crap out of each other too. The girls said they have fun together, remember?””Sure, but they are girls, it’s not the same.””Yes, it is, bro!… Come on… no one will need to know. I promise!… Come on, let’s go in the shower, you can stroke me, and I will jerk you off too.”Alex did not believe he was hearing this right. His best friend just invited him to jerk off together. Did Mike really want to have some ‘bro fun’ with him? The thought of finally seeing the stud nude intrigued and frightened Alex at the same time.”Why are you scared, Alex?… Fuck, we have been friends like forever!… And it’s not like you have something I haven’t seen before… I just need a little helping hand from a friend, bro!”, said Mike pushing Alex’s hand over the big cock bulging in his sweatpants.Looking down at his hand, Alex noticed that Mike was much bigger than his own 6-inch boy toy. Alex was amazed that he even contemplated getting naked. Let alone wanting to stroke the dick of another man.Alex was feeling shy and bashful. And certainly a lesser man than his buddy.”We can’t do this, Mike… What if someone finds out?””Yes, we can. We are friends, aren’t we?… It is ok, bro… You’re way too shy, it’s really ok… Nobody will ever know about this.”, grinned Mike horny.Mike started to undress. His own t-shirt went, and then he helped to remove Alex’s top. Their pants followed.”Mike…? I am not sure about this.”, said Alex, worried. “Don’t worry, Alex. It is ok… Really it is… Just let it happen, buddy.”Mike helped him out his underpants. His cock was limp and small compared to Mike’s 8-inch semi-hard dick. Making him feel inferior to Mike. Alex rushed into the shower to kind of hide himself from Mike. Starting the shower, he never saw Mike get naked and undress. Mike’s intentions were clear, he was about to turn Alex into a cock sucker. The 8-inch cock was hard in anticipation of what was about to go down.Alex was nervous as hell and easy prey when the shower door opened. Letting out a small moan when he felt the warm body of Mike pressing up against his. Making Alex cringe with pleasure when Mike teased his butthole with a finger. Circling it around the pucker. “Mike, please not this…”, said Alex reaching back with a hand to stop him. “What the fuck, Mike… I can’t…””Shh shh… Just go with it, buddy… I’ve always wanted to try this…” Mike grabbed Alex’s hand and pulled him around. His huge dick was fully hard and pointed straight at Alex. “Why are you afraid, buddy?” Mike rubbed his cock against Alex’s belly. In contrast to Mike, Alex’s pecker was small, making him feel inferior. “You are cute Alex,… I always liked you… I love girly white boys with small cocks.””Oh, Mike…””It’s ok… Go with it… Stroke that cock boy… I know you want to… Look at how big and hard I am… That’s it jerk me off, man.”Alex and Mike jerked each other off for a while. Moaning and grunting a little and breathing a little faster. While the warm water gushed over their bodies. Alex could not believe how good this made him feel. He wanted more. Mike noticed that too. Pushing Alex down to his knees, he grabbed both Alex’s hands and holding them above his head. Pressing him into the corner of the shower. Slapping his cock against Alex’s face. Rudely rubbing the tip over his lips.With no escape possible, no one around to help Alex out. Mike had him, and ‘it’ was going to happen. Mike stroked a cheek and said: “Don’t be afraid, you will like it,… you will love this big cock… Now, open up, Alex… I am your friend… Open up, and suck it, boy!”Alex was looking up at Mike with wide eyes. In turn, he looked down at Alex with an almighty dirty glint. His cockhead was pressing Alex’s lips open, slowly pushing forward. Letting Alex realize how big that dick really was.”Oh pendik escort yes, Alex…. mmm… suck that big cock… You’re doing great, buddy… See, that’s not so bad…”Alex couldn’t believe he was having sex, on his knees, with his best friend. Mike was using his buddy as he had always dreamed about. His head tilted back, his hips dancing forward, his cock sliding deep in and out a warm mouth. Like a personal fuck toy.”Oh, hell yeah!… You’re a great cock sucker, Alex… This is so fucking nice man!… ok, Alex, keep going, bro… You’re perfect like this… Suck me harder, fucker!”, moaned Mike getting a full-service job from his buddy.”Mmm,… You taste nice Mike.”, mumbled Alex. Gurgling and choking on the 8-inch dick in his mouth.”Yeah, man, suck my big cock like that… I love it, Alex… I like this a lot!… You like it to, right?”Alex let the dick plop out of his mouth. Looking up at Mike in surprize. “What?…”, he asked stupified.”I ask you if you liked it?”, repeated Mike.”Maybe… It’s not like I have much of a choice, with my hands held tight like this…””Mmm, ok,… maybe it’s enough.”, said Mike. “Maybe you will end up doing this for me more often… I would love that.”Mike slammed his dick hard against Alex’s face. Calling him his little trailer-trash cock buddy. Alex saw him as he had never seen Mike before. A strong and dominant stud, looking down at him, trying to do his best to fuck Alex’s mouth with that big cock again. And Alex took it with pleasure. Gobbling up the dick like a pro.”We could meet after school, smoke some weed, and have some secret fun.”, suggested Mike to his submissive buddy. “I Could make you my cock sucker… You’ll learn to like this big cock!… No one will ever know how good you suck me.” Mike made Alex dizzy with this confession about him wanting Alex to be his secret cock sucker.Mike hadn’t cum. And somehow Alex had felt sorry about that when they dried off and left the shower. They walked over to Mike’s bedroom. The place where they had hung out so many times before. Bragging about this, that, and the other. Smoking, drinking or watching some straight porn. But Alex knew that this time he wanted more. He wanted to serve Mike. Become his bitch, his personal fuck-toy.Suddenly Mike got up off the bed. He walked over to his drawers and pulled out a pair of frilly blue panties. “Put these on Alex!”, said Mike in a commanding voice. Helping his buddy up and sliding the panties one by one over his legs.”Mike?… What…””Shh, it’s ok… I like to see you in these… Be a good little sissy and put them on.”Once Alex had them on, Mike took a long hard look at his buddy. “Hmm… that will do nicely… I am going to make you my bitch… Follow me, sissy… You got a job to do!” Mike took his buddy by the hand and guided him to the living room. He sat down naked on the leather couch. His legs wide apart, and his big dick rock hard. Waiting for Alex to ‘Do his job’.Mike light up a joint and blew the smoke at Alex, who was looking at his best friend who was feeling… well… stupid.Mike pulled Alex next to him onto the couch. Laying an arm around him and handing him the joint. After Alex drew a few puffs and cuddling up against Mike, he relaxed a bit. Mike rubbed the guys’ blue girly panties and started to whisper sweet names to his buddy. Alex just went for it. He grabbed the big 8-inch tool and stroked it hard.”I want to take your ass wearing these sexy little blue panties of my ex…”, exclaimed Mike hornily.”…”, Alex could not say anything. “You feel good in these, don’t you?… Like the bottom bitch, you really are… Your dick sure does look happy…”Alex was indeed really hard in the little panties, as Mike rubbed his pantied small white cock. He could feel the precum oozing out Mike’s cockhead. He did not resist it anymore. Alex bent over and opened his mouth wide. Taking Mike’s cock as deep as he could. Mike leaned back. Smoked some more and enjoyed the cock sucker worshipping his dick. Grabbing Alex’s head, he controlled the rhythm. Pumping the face in long strokes over his 8-inch man meet. Making him feel like the dominant Alpha he wanted to be.It felt right to Alex too. Feeling submissive, serving this hot cock. Sucking him hard and fast right into the back of his mouth. Feeling his little blue panties groped by his best friend. Being called a good cock sucker.Mike stuck his hand down the back of the panties and started to rub Alex’s butthole.”Mike?… I can’t… I never have…””Shh… be a good little girl,… suck my cock, slut… Let me play with your pussy.”Mike kept wetting his fingers. The tight little virgin hole was really getting well lubed by his spit. Meanwhile, Alex kept sucking. Moaning like a little sissy. Shivering as his cherry was being teased by Mike.”I warn you, baby. It’s not my fault if you open up like a pussy.” Mike spat on his fingers once more and penetrated the lubed hole deeply.”Awe, Mike,… Ouch… ahh fuck… Take it slow, man… kartal escort I have never been…”, grunted Alex in pain.”Shh… keep sucking, bitch,… keep sucking, good little girl.”Mike held him down with one hand, pumping a finger in Alex’s wet fuck hole with the other. The longer this went on, the easier Alex took him. “I love you, Alexandra… You will be the perfect sissy girlfriend for my cock…””Mike… O, god… No, Mike!… don’t…”, protested Alex as Mike lifted him up and dropped him right on to the waiting cock. His ass was so wet that Alex slid all the way down over it. With a little difficulty, Alex crashed onto the couch. Having to stabilize himself on Mike’s rock hard 8-inches.Mike fucked the boy like he was one of his girlfriends. Rough and hard. Pumping the fat cock in deep and rude. He took Alex’s tight virgin hole. Pounding Alex deep on the leather couch, legs wide apart and pointing straight up, missionary style. Kissing Alex whispering in his ears what a great tight pussy the boy had.Alex lost it. Mike was way too big for him to be fucked raw like this.”Do you have lube, Mike?”, grunted Alex in pain.”Sure, I do. Do you want some?””Yes, please. You’re way too big for my tight hole.”Mike pulled out and walked back to his bedroom to get some lube. Alex just sat on his hands and knees on the couch with a dirty grin. As he watched Mike lube his cock and his asshole. When Mike plunged back in, he asked if this was better. And fuck it, it really was. Alex really started to enjoy this Alpha male railing his boy cunt now. The lil frilly blue panties pushed to one side, his face buried into the leather couch, and his ass fucked by his best buddy. Alex was in heaven and started to moan like a little sissy.”Oh, you love it now. You’re all wet like a pussy, my girls’ pussy just needed some lube.”, grunted Mike as he fucked the shit out of Alex. “I am going to fuck your pussy all night,… mmm… oh hell yeah… You’re mine all night, baby!”The boys walked back to Mike’s room, and he switched off all the lights. Flicked on the TV in his bedroom and pulled out a stool in front of the TV. He opened up his draw and pulled out some thick ropes. Alex got scared as Mike tied him doggy-style to the low bench. Alex tried to struggle, but Mike had him right where he wanted his Alexandra. Bent over and all tied up facing the TV.”Look at the screen, sissy… You will understand it all.”Mike played a DVD. Alex saw the caption ‘Little sissy bitchs, serving cock’. He was pounding Alexandra to the rhythm of the hypnotic house music.”Look at it, sissy… Understand your place, Alexandra, this is my cunt now… You’re my cunt, baby.”, commanded Mike dirty.There was no escape, no arguing. Mike was pounding Alex to the hypno porn. Alex was his cock-loving hypno sissy slut. And he loved it!The movie showed so many little white cunt sissies taking big black dicks. So many dolled-up white princess’s mouths were working overtime on those black cock’s.And Alex understood it all. He knew how done he was now. How dolled-up Mike wanted his way with him. Taking Alex’s body for his pleasure. And Alex would just let him do it. He tried to submit and serve. After getting his boy pussy fucked for at least 30 minutes watching the hypnotic porn Mike started to grunt. He slammed his pent-up cum deep into his buddy. Yelling to Alex that this would make him is pussy-boy forever. Sliding up and down the cum flooded, tied-up ass of Alex. He never stopped. Alex did not feel Mike go smaller. Mike fucked down his pussy-boy. Slapping the ass red and moaning what a sweet wet pussy Alexandra had.Alex was still wearing the little blue panties. Being abused by his horny buddy. Waiting and wanting him to teach his holes more.Alex was broken, too weak to keep his head up watching the porn. But Mike kept moaning, grunting, squealing and screaming as he kept pumping his new pussy boy. “Look up!… look up, bitch… As I cum in you all night, my little sissy-boy!”, moaned Mike down at Alex as he pulled his hair to make him watch more TV.Alex knew Mike was trying to make him his sissy. He was already full of his cum but was still being fucked like a toy.It was starting to work too. Alex just wanted to serve him. Even though his cock was hurting in the tight little blue panties. Alex felt Mike’s cock get even bigger. He slapped the ass twice and screamed. Pouring his second load deep into his buddies ass.It made Alex shake and squeal, again and again, squirting his own cream in the little blue panties.”Are you cumming?… Ahh, fuck yes… Cum with me, girl, ahh fuck… cum bitch… Shoot it… cum!”Alex was his bitch now. Mike repeatedly pushed his new cumload deep down into Alex.”You cum like a bitch… Like a good little bitch… This is my cunt now!… Don’t you ever try to tell me it’s not… You come when I call you. Taking this cock and my babies… Your my bitch, Alex!”Mike smashed the cunt open hard. Smacking the ass as Alex moaned helplessly. maltepe escort Letting Mike make him his bitch-boy.The guys kept fucking long after the hour-long hypno porn stopped. The TV went blank. The room went dark. All that was left was the sound of the trailer-trash stud pounding his sissy-boy.”tap, tap, tap…” The sound Mike’s hips made slamming against Alex’s ass. “ahh… Oh… God, Mike… Awe… Fuck me harder… Oh… Mike, your so big… Fuck me… ahh… Ahh… AHH!””Yes, baby!… Take that cock… Take it like a good little white bitch… You’re a better fuck than all the girls I had, Alexandra!””I’m so tired, Mike.”, complained Alex.”It’s ok, baby… You just go to sleep… I’m not done yet… it’s ok.””tap, tap, tap…”, Mike never stopped fucking his sissy.Alex passed out as Mike continued to tap that ass all night long. Until he came for the 3rd time, his sissy snoring her cunt. Alex was so used and gaping open. Mike understood Alex was done. So he untied him and laid him on his bed. Curling up next to his cum filled buddy. Both content in the knowledge of what had gone down that night. When Mike woke up the next morning, Alex was already gone. He was late for school. It made Mike very angry with Alex. Letting him oversleep like that. He texted Alex to meet him down in the main hall at school. Alex left his class and met up with Mike. He promptly pushed him into one of the restrooms. Bent Alex over one of the toilets and fucked the crap out of him for being a lousy friend. He repeated that over and over again as he kept fucking Alex like a mad man.Not wanting to get caught, Alex just let Mike do it. Pounding his morning load deep into poor Alex. Letting the seed drip down into his boxers as Mike got up and left. The rest of the day, Alex walked around with a wet sticky ass. After classes, the guys met up to take the school bus home again. On the bus, Mike whispered into Alex’s ear that he could not wait to fill him up again. “I will make you wear a cute skirt, and fuck you all night, baby… I got a cute surprise planned for you as well.”, said Mike a little meanly as the guys walked over to Mike’s trailer home.Mike knew Alex would do as he told. And 10 minutes later, he was looking at a small string and leather mini-skirt.”Get dressed, slut!”, ordered Mike sternly.Like a good little sissy, he did what was expected of him. Alex undressed and put on the string and leather skirt. Letting Mike watch the spectacle. Smoking a joint. Sitting back on the leather couch with his cock in hand.Mike threw a pillow on the ground between his legs. And did not say a word. Alex knew what needed to be done. He sat down and gobbled up the big cock. Stroking, licking, and sucking the entire thing. As if he had nothing better to do.After a while, Mike put a pair of handcuffs on his bitch.”I promise you, he won’t know who you are.”, said Mike suddenly. That scared Alex. Even more so because he switched off all the lights and walked to the lobby. Leaving Alex sitting on the pillow with his hands tied behind his back.Alex could hear 2 pairs of footsteps closing in on him. Then 2 cocks pressed against his face. But he could not see a damn thing in the dark. He just started to suck the 2 huge cocks. Making him feel like a proper little slut.Feeling safe that the other man couldn’t see Alex either, he just let it happen. Alex knew he was being spit-roasted when he felt the other guy rubbing on his hole. Alex moved back on him, feeling a huge cock slide deep inside. This was a new feeling, a different cock. And God, it felt so good and satisfying. This one was much longer, but a little thinner then Mike’s cock.The guy pumped hard, and Alex moaned as he got face fucked by Mike. Being fucked by the stranger, good and deep, was lovely. Being used by 2 guys a the same time was overwhelming.Mike came in Alex’s mouth and moved away from the couch. Alex just moaned lustfully as he got butt-fucked by a stranger in the dark.All of a sudden, the lights were switched back on. And Alex’s older black neighbor smiled at him as he roughly nailed Alex’s hole doggy-style in Mike’s living room. “Good night, bitch… Do your job and serve him like the good little white whore you are!”, said Mike leaving.”Oh, no!… Oh god no… ahh argh… Oh, fuck…” exclaimed Alex in fright.”So,… my neighbor boy is a little white bitch?… My friends and I will have a lot of fun with your pussy, Alex.”, grunted Alex’s neighbor, dirty. Pounding the small white ass to oblivion with his 11-inch cock.Alex was silent as he got fucked by his neighbor. After the guy had dumped his cum-load, he told Alex to stop by his trailer any time he liked to serve some more big black cock.The neighbor got dressed and paid Mike for the service. Telling Mike that he trained the new bitch well. Mike split the cash with Alex and spend the night with his new trailer-trash sissy.”Fuck, Mike… What just happened?”, aksed Alex rubbing his friend’s chest.”Shh… that was your punishment for letting me oversleep today… But you made that look easy… I think I will rent you out some more… Horny bastards enough in our trailer park…””Oh, Mike…”< The END >Thank you for reading this story. Please, give it a Like or a Comment if you are so inclined. And if your hands are not to dirty from all the spunk! 😉

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