Train Journey

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Train JourneyGill was going up north to see her daughter on the train. She decided to wear a skirt and top as it was hot and sitting in a hot carriage for all that time in jeans would be hotter. Now Gill is a voluptuous woman with large breasts and a fantastic arse. Her skirt was a loose type allowing more freedom and her top was tight but low enough to accentuate her boobs. Gill loves wearing stockings and heels. And sexy undies like thongs and crotchless knickers. She is such a horny woman. Settling in her seat by the window, It was the first seats so there was nobody behind just the wall at the end of the carriage. Two guys obviously friends, stopped and sat down. The seat opposite was taken by a tall guy about 50 with a beard. The seat next to Gill was taken by the other. He was about 40ish, blue eyes and designer beard. They both said hello to Gill, then continued chatting. Gill noticed that the both got their phones out and began to text. The guy opposite kept looking at Gill and then texting. The guy sitting next to Gill phone pinged. He read it then looked at Gill. Texted back and the guy opposite phone pinged.They were having a conversation by text. Then the guy next to Gill got out his laptop, fired it up, There was free WiFi on the train. He logged on clicked on a site. Gill noticed it was Xhamster.!! Gill had sly look at what he was searching for when his phone pinged. Reading his message he typed in ” Gilf gives blowjob” Gill looked again then looked away. But kept having sly glances. He turned the volume down to just a whisper. The film started with a Gilf walking in the street who gets stopped by two guys asking about market research and would she be interested in taking part. The woman hummed and illegal bahis harred, but agreed to take part, then they all walked off. The film changed to a room where the woman was being asked about what types of underwear women of her age wear. Do they wear bloomers, Bridget Jones types or small skimpy types. Well I wear small skimpy ones she said. Like what they said, Well, I like thong and g string types she replied What about corsets and basques. Was the next question Oh yes I like them too. What about stockings they asked. Always she said.Are you wearing them now. They enquired. Of course, I wear them all the time, Holdups and Stockings with suspenders. Can we see they said Gill was glancing over again and saw all this on his laptop. The phone pinged again and he read it. He then turned the laptop screen more towards Gill. Here have a better view he said. Gill blushed but kept watching. You like this film then he said. Mmm yes it’s quite interesting. Gill said The phone pinged again. He read it, then said to Gill, So what type of underwear do you wear then? Much the same as her, Gill said. The phone pinged again. Reading it he said Are you wearing stockings now then. Yes replied Gill. Can I feel then. Before Gill could answer his hand was stroking her thigh up to her suspenders He looked at his mate and nodded. My mate wants to see them Can I take a picture of your stocking tops for him. Gill looked at the guy opposite and smiled. Hitching her skirt up over her thighs to reveal her tan stockings and cream suspenders the guy with the laptop got his phone and took a few photos of her undies. Then showed his mate. Oooh nice legs, he said. Can I see more. The phone went below the table and Gill hitched her skirt illegal bahis siteleri up higher and parted her legs. Gill had put on a white crotchless thong. Laptopman looked at the photos, whoo hoo he murmured and showed them to his mate. Wow nice shaven pussy you have he whispered. With that laptopman slid his hand up Gill stockinged leg to her pussy. Gill shifted on her seat sliding lower to get her thighs wider, Gill flinched as her touched her clit, lifting a leg Gills pussy opened wider and his finger slipped into her wet cunt. He began to finger fuck her pussy. Taking it out he sucked his finger. She’s so juicy he said to his mate. Then put it back. Gill felt for his cock. It was bulging in his trousers. Unzip me and get my cock out he whispered. Gill pulled his zip down, fished for his hard cock and pulled it out, his cock was about 8″ and thick with a bulbous head. He was already ooozing pre cum. Gill rubbed her finger over the helmet coating her fingertip with his ooze. She lifted her finger to her mouth and licked it with her tongue like a lolly. Then taking hold of his cock Gill started to slowly wank him.. his mate asked what going on. She’s wanking my cock he said quietly. Show me he said.Laptopman picked up his phone and switched to WhatsApp video so he could see it live. But his mate had already got his phone under the table aiming at her spread legs watching laptopmans finger play with Gills cunt. Can you suck it laptopman said. Looked at him and adjusted herself, leant over and licked at his helmet then along the shaft covering it with saliva. Then opened her mouth and sunk it deep into her wet mouth. Taking more and more in with each bob. Gill lifted up for breath saying Oooooh that’s canlı bahis siteleri a big cock, don’t know if it will go all the way in but I’ll try, and bobbed down again. This time gagging, slurping and glugging until her was face was squashed against his groin. She had his cock deep down her throat. Gill glugged and gagged then come up for air, spat a big dollop of throat juice on his cock and wanked him. Let’s go to the toilet he suggested, Gill stopped wanking while he put his vcock away closed his laptop. You’ve had some fun already his mate said what about me. Ok you go first laptopman said. They both got up Gill smoothed down her skirt got up and edged out the seats giving laptopmans cock a squeeze. The train was not that busy and most people were seated further down the carriage. The toilet was just behind where they were sitting. On these trains they are big due to the disability act. Bearded guy gestured laptopman in as well.all three were the toilet.both had their cocks out. Gill said I have one condition, I’m not going to fuck either of you, you can lick, suck,finger my hole but No cocks. You can put it in my mouth and spunk over my tits, cunt or arse but not in.Gill sat up on the sink as laptopman knelt and lapped at her pussy, bearded man stood on the toilet seat his cock level with her mouth. Gill reached up and guided his long cock into her mouth. Longer but not as thick as laptopmans. Bearded man groped at her tits. Laptopman pulled Gills thong off. And licked her clit, cunt and arsehole. the guard banged on the door stopping the fun. Going back to their seats. Laptopman and bearded man checked the location of the train.. looks like our stop is next. Well it’s been a very enjoyable journey they both smiled at Gill. Getting their bags they both got up and left the train. Gill feeling a bit deflated. She was looking forward to having them spunk over her tits arse and cunt.. oh well I’ve got the trip back home she grinned to herself.

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