train ride


train rideFirst attempt at a story if is fictional I hope you enjoy it and please excuse the spelling and grammar It was a strange day I had been back in the UK for a while waiting for my visa to be approved to go back to the Middle East.The company that was handling this was based in London and I had some more paperwork that they needed to assist the visa application.I purchased my ticket, waiting on the platform of the village station there was nothing to take my interest the train pulled in and I got on board and took the first available seat it was not to busy, It was a newer type electric train were the seats face each other and there is a small table between the seats. The table was fixed at one end to the wall with a pole at the other end just supporting the table. The seats opersit was empty and the one to my right was also empty if you looked to the next set of seats there was a guy on his own and a women and her c***d all facing away from me The train moved off after a couple of stops we pulled into the Luton Airport stop three men and a women got on the train the three men sat in the free seats to my right and the women was trying to force he bag into the overhead rack. She was a black women I would say a size 18 she was dressed in a tweed looking suit that I would say was one size to small you could see how tight it was round her tummy her jacket was short again I don’t think she would be able to button the jacket up under the jacket she had a flowery blouse that was struggling to hold in her ample breasts I suggested that she place he bag on the seat she thanked me, placed the bag close to the window and then sat down in the seat with her legs still in the walk way and she closed he eyes As I looked at he I could not help noticing the edirne escort gap in the blouse between the top two buttons I could see the dark V between her breast and the piece of her bra that was between the two cups She opened her eyes and looked at me tried to pull her jacket to cover the gap and then close her eyes again I could not take my eyes off the swell and the perfect color of her breasts I’m sure she was watching me through her closed eyes She opened her eyes again and moved her self so she was sitting square to me she moved her right leg inside the pole of the table and I felt it touch the inside of my left leg she moved hers away but only a littleI could not help myself I moved my leg back against hers she opened her eyes and looked straight at me and smiled she could see I was staring at her breasts. She closed her eyes again as I looked at her tits I rubbed my leg against hers I could see the smile on her face and continued to rub her legHer eyes was open again and when I moved my leg away she moved hers so she was touching me she looked at me and then down at the gapping hole in the blouse she tried to pull the to bits together I mouthed to her no she smiled and left it open as she watched me I motioned to her and undid the button on my shirt and nodded to her to do the same She smiled and said not here. My heart jumped in anticipation I lent in towards her and asked were she was going she said change at Farringdon and then travel to Milton. She asked me the same I said I have to get off at St Pancreases and with her ticked she could come and have a coffee with me and then continue on her way. She didn’t seem sure but as I said it is only coffee.We got off the train together and at the station ağrı escort we made our way to the coffee shop She was originally from Kenya however she is now living in Dublin but was on her way for a Job interview the following day we sat down and the blouse gapped again she say me looking again and I moved my leg to touch hers again I asked her, what her name was, she told me it was MaryWe continued to make small talk and she said it was a shame that I did not get off the train with her as she was going to her HotelShe then noticed me staring at the gap in her blouse “you like those don’t you” yes I said and I want to see more She said I couldn’t show you more here I told her to walk down to the disabled toilet and I will be with her in a moment once I had paid for the coffee.I could see she was uneasy with the thought so I said it again and knocked on the table I said I would knock the same so she would know it was I.She stood up and walked awayI paid for the coffee and walked after her I could see her about 100 yards in front of me she opened the door and went insideI knocked on the door she let me in and we locked the doorI lent forward and kissed her for the first time I could feel how soft and warm her lips was, as I pushed my tongue between her lips I could taste the coffee we had just had my left hand went round the back of her head and pulled her hard into my face as my right hand can up to caress her right breast I could feel her nipples harden under my hand I moved my hand across to undo the buttons that held the prize I had been looking at all morning Having unbuttoned the top I reached round and freed her tits I would guess they were 38dd in size with areoles the size of a tea cup and nipples that when ardahan escort hard were a inch long and very dark brown in color I broke our kiss and moved my hand down to suck those nipples as I close my lips round her nipples I heard her moan As I sucked her tits I moved my hand to her trousers and unzipped them letting them slide down her legs Her underwear was nothing amazing just standard panties I slide my hand between her legs I could feel the heat the closer I got I rubbed the mound between her legs cupping it in my hand her panty’s were wetI knelt down in front of her as I slide her panties down her legs and over her boots. She lent back against the wash basin and I pushed her legs apart her newly shaved pussy was in front of me with my two thumbs I opened her outer lips as I pulled them apart her juices ran down her thigh I moved my head forward and scooped her cream with my tongue moving forwards until I was licking her from the bottom to the top of her clit. She was moaning and moving her pussy across my face I felt her hands grab my head and push herself against me as she cameHer juices were sweet and she squirted all over me My cock was straining inside my jeans as she released my head I reached down and undid my jeans freeing my cock She looked down and helped me stand as I stood my hard cock slipped into he all the way to my balls I put my arms between hers and held onto he shoulders and fucked into her as hard as I could She was moaning and telling me to fuck her hard I could feel my balls tightening and then I came pumping my hot seed deep in her on my second squirt I felt her shake and cum for the second time her cum flooded my cock and balls and ran down her legAs my cock shrunk and dropped out of her pussy we just looked at each other I stepped back and she dropped to her knees and cleaned my cock up with her tonged once she was happy she stood up and kissed me I could taste the mix of our cum in her mouth we both got dressed and walked out together she got back on her train and I carried on with my journey

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