Train Three Sexy Slaves#3: First Spankings


Train Three Sexy Slaves#3: First SpankingsAt the end of their first full day as my guests, the three sexy slaves get their first spankingTwo of the slaves were sufficiently submissive and worked well all day to make proper place for themThey will be spanked for pleasure to reward them for their commitment to the tasks which I gave themThe third – out of our sight for most of the day – suffered from an illusion she could sin unnoticedShe will be spanked for punishment, which means she shall – unlike the two – not enjoy any orgasmingOf course I’m no fool and easily unveiled her break of my rule of having an orgasm without permissionOf course I needed to correct her severely – first I ordered her to show what she did, as humiliationNext I condemn her to sit first rank to watch the spanking of the sweet slaves from very close rangeShe shall shame herself deeply regret her break of rules as her ass is turning red, nothing strange!Ai, Aisha and Alex are three tasty sweet sexy slaves I türbanlı bilecik escort train and educate at meEach one very differently, I train three tasty sexy slaves simutaneously at meEach of the three needs her personal erotic education, lusty liberation by meLet me first introduce them three to you – each in her different little chapterLet me first give you their names: Ai, Aisha and Alex, different in characterAi is shy and very conservative, Aisha seems so happy she smiles all of timeAlex I know her best but she is still a riddle to me – as to herself for long timeAll are slender built, only Ai is a bit shorter than her two other colleaguesAi and Alex sport tiny tits while Aisha is proud of her B-cup sized breastsAisha is first blonde beauty to bend over my lap for her first ever serious spankingAisha is the eldest and strongest, moreover she has the best bottom for sexy spankingAisha is the first to receive her hot reward türbanlı bilecik escort bayan for being obedient, for her hard workingI slap her ass by my bare hand alternating between her cheeks and give her six at eachI next caress them to relax her, blow over them to cool them down – that’s how I teachAisha feels my finger sliding down the split between her cheeks all the way to her slitAisha feels how I check how wet she gets to know her state of arousal, circle her clitI feel her excitement rising, fast soon close to an enormous explosion, she even squirtsI feel her trembling as she starts to come (Ai gets big eyes) pure pleasure and no hurtsAlex is the next guest at my longing lap, under her belly she feels my rising arousalAlex is boyishly built, she has small firm bums and a pale skin, so very easy to colourAlex isn’t ch1ldish, she bites her lip to be silent, while I torture her hips in honestAlex also squirts, she türbanlı escort bilecik even comes faster than Aisha: after only three dozens, not four!Alex is already a bit my favourite sexy slave, both by her build and for being so braveAi clearly still needs more teaching by me before she shall realize how here to behaveI tease Ai at my very best – try to tickle and trick her into another unallowed orgasmAi is student of logics and approaches every exam very logically, to ensure she passesAi is indeed succesful in passing this test at my lap, which isn’t this evening’s lastTheir daily routine and ritual of intimate inspection followed by masturbation for meAgain Aisha is first for her second intimate inspection of the day and her coming for meAgain Aisha is bending over for me from close and she spreads her swollen snatch for meAisha you will look at me between your spread legs and rub your clit until you come!Aisha gladly grabs my offer of another orgasm allowed on order, I love to lick her comeAlso Alex seems beyond her shyness and sense of shame of enjoying any orgasms in publicAlso Alex gets wet hot and horny in no time, squirts so hard she hits my face as I lickAi is also ordered to play with her pussy in the same sexy tasty position but can’t come!Ai is close a few times but strong enough to pass my test lands in my bed to make me come

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