Trainee Test Tanya 1

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Trainee Test Tanya 1Tanya’s telling ‘Bodily Beauties’ at her profile: studies literature in Amsterdam, financed with her part-time work as an ex-pat escort.Tanya wants to learn to write erotic stories. In her few public blogs the theme is submission.Tanya has apparently no idea where to apply in private, for her special sexy writing wishes.Tanya is busy studying and working. Writing ambitions is for later, it seems to any observer. ———————————————————————————————————————————Tanya has been my friend for a few years, but she never wrote me. I wonder why I added her?Tanya’s profile has only a few short lines, next to her age of twenty & her bodily measurements.Tanya states she studied literature for a while, next to being an escort, but now a full-time whore.Tanya promised to update blogs and claims wanting to learn to write. But the blogs are not there.The profile page of Tanya only provides a link to her blogs at WordPress. Of which I read a bit.The blogs of Tanya clarify a few things. For one, she is still student & works part-time as escort.The blogs show her preference for terrible abuse and slutty submission. And lack of any talent.The language of Tanya is a strange mix of Flemish in non-grammatical use of Southern-Dutch. Tanya has hope however, as she is dedicated, knows canlı bahis what she is doing, what she wants more.Tanya receives this offer from Professor Poet-PETER, ‘the best of the West’, here at hot hammie.Tanya checks his claims of three top-ten rankings, fourth coming up, and stories in six tongues.Tanya re-reads his public offer, considers his condition for a study contract of first few semesters.The conditions are only few, but strict: #1: Payment only in natura, immediately after each lesson.The second one makes her blush and swallow (not cum for once): strict submission during visits.The third also makes her hesitate: all sex will be recorded on camera, which she should provide.The fourth is in fact a nice promise and reward: together they write a seductive story each lesson.————————————————————————————————————————————-Tanya wonders how his lessons will look like? Will she sit at his lap, typing texts together here?Tanya is a woman, so some of her initial intuition is right: the trainee test is an ‘Intimate Interview’.Tanya realizes that the simple part is his ‘Intimate Inspection’ of her ‘Bare Best Bodily Beauties’.Tanya starts to scan some of his most recent stories, selected with the term ‘Intimate Inspection’.Tanya finds a few in Dutch, lots more in English. It seems to her that his trade-mark ‘I. I’ is 4-fold.Tanya bahis siteleri is sure her ‘ B.B.’ will stand his test with an A or B at least. Next three or four mental tests.Tanya’s next ‘ B.B.’ is Beautiful Brain, ‘ H.H.’ is Hot Heart, ‘M.M.’ is Messy Mind, ‘S.S.’ Sinful Soul.Tanya doesn’t get his points, so she tries a few Dutch, for the easier equivalent of ‘Messy Mind’.Tanya is relieved: he just means ‘Horny’. Tanya opens a bottle of red wine. The best she has left.Tanya starts to dream: will she be admitted with five A’s? Earn a free first lesson perhaps at PP?Tanya stares at his photograph and the texts in his profile: “Philosopher, Scientist, Grey Hippie”?Tanya’s eyes flash back to his photo grey hair indeed. No wonder, at over sixty. Not a ‘Mr. Grey’!?Tanya read all books of course. Like all women it turned her on, but an important aspect lacked.Tanya doesn’t mean the lack of literary value, as all newspaper reviews claimed. She missed …Tanya is lost for words for quite while, as she remembers her initial turn-ons, but no re-reads.Tanya wonders whether she is indeed a bit submissive herself? She missed the ‘SM’ feeling!————————————————————————————————————————————Tanya pours another glass … It’s empty! She looks at the clock. Almost 6. Late home from work.Tanya estimates she must have been dreaming for a bahis şirketleri full bottle in three to four hours! … Shall I?Tanya opens her next best bottle. To support her courage and thinking in writing an application.Tanya is glad he only allows her to apply by mail message and answer all points he mentioned.Tanya decides she shall be best in super mood as morning is breaking. ‘White Widow’, few puffs.Tanya undresses and showers. Comes back to her hot lap-top. Wears only her private perfume.Tanya takes another puff from her inhaler, a sip of warmed-up wine. She starts to write to him.Tanya thinks it’s best to be polite, out of respect for his age and experience a Professor Erotica.Tanya types. Thinks. Edits. Re-reads. Takes time to answer everything well and clear. Normal.Tanya understands this is special, as He will read it at several levels! First her answer content.Tanya thinks he next have an eye for her spelling. Sexy style. Then build-up of her paragraphs.Tanya sweats despite being fully nude. Thinking is much more tiring than seducing men to cum. Tanya looks outside. Sunshine almost reaches her desk. Must be about ten by now. Last glass.Tanya empties the bottle. Opens a window for fresh air. Last puffs, as her ‘W.W.’ also is finished.Tanya re-reads every single word. Sentence by sentence. She never was so nervous as now!Tanya takes a deep breath. Hits the ‘Send’ button… In bed she wonders how long He will take?————————————————————————————————————————————-All RIGHTS at Professor Poet-PETER, Amsterdam-Westerpark, de dato Sunday 18-02-18

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