Subject: Training Junior (Gay/incest, oral anal, b/M) DISCLAIMER: incest, oral anal, b/M This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to write stories from outlines. Copyright 2016 Wolf, All rights reserved. You may contact me at hoo if you like. All flames will be ignored. Training Junior By Wolf My story began when my father married my mother. Upon my birth I was named John Andrew Williams Junior. I grew up always impressed by the manly way my father looked and behaved. He was one of those big burley men with a dark hairy body. My mother was attractive enough, but was not very assertive. Looking at childhood picture of my father I was always told how much I resembled him. As a child my hair was platinum blond. My father allowed my hair to grow to shoulder length. My parents were not very modest about parading around the house in the nude, so I was very familiar with what my parents looked like nude. Mother had a full figure, and about forty pounds overweight. She had auburn hair, but her pubic hair was much darker. Dad was over six-feet tall and over two hundred pounds. He had a muscular body and about the only place he didn’t have hair on his body was his butt. The hair between his pecks was so thick you could hardly see any skin. The pubic hair above his cock trailed all the way up to his navel. His scrotum hung low between his legs, and his cock dangled well down his thighs. It looked like a fire hose to me, with bulging veins coursing down the length of it. He had foreskin that dangled well past the end of his cock. When he skinned the foreskin back to piss, I noticed that that the head of his cock was smaller than pictures of men that had been circumcised at birth. Dad was not shy about feeling up Mother whenever he wished, and I had walked in on him fucking her in the pussy and ass several times. Sex was just a natural thing around our house. I was about ten-years-old when Dad and I were in the bathroom together. He was taking a piss. I watched him skin back his foreskin before her let go with a yellow stream. When I finished he started pulling the skin back and forth over the knob. Dad was telling me that he was jacking off, and all men and boys enjoy jacking off. He encouraged me to pull out my cock and jack off too. I opened my pants and pulled out my little penis. It looked like a smaller version of his cock. I pulled back my foreskin like I was going to pee, but this time I started pulling it back and forth like Dad was doing. We stood there doing that until Dad shot a load of white stuff into the toilet. He told me that it was cum, and I would be making cum in a couple of years. Dad and I started jacking each other off whenever we were alone. Dad encouraged me to swallow his cum, telling me that it wasn’t good to waist cum. Many a time Dad would stand there jacking off, and take hold of the back of my neck to pull my head down so that he could stick his cock into my mouth just before he would cum. One evening when I was 11-years-old Mother announces at the dinner table that her mother was sick and she wanted to fly back to her home to look after her. She told us that she would probably have to stay there until her mother was able to look after herself. Dad and I took her to the airport to see her off. We were actually looking forward to batching it for a few weeks. We stopped at a fast food restaurant to have dinner. When we got home it was late so Dad announced that we should take a bath together before bed. We got in the tub together, with me between his legs. He washed me very carefully, and spent a lot of time milking my penis. When he deemed that I was clean enough we got out of the tub and we dried off. I was about to head to my bedroom when Dad placed his hand around my hip, and walked me to the master bedroom. He placed me naked on my mother’s side of the bed. We sat there with our backs against the headboard and he kissed me on the mouth while we jacked each other off. I assumed he wanted me to swallow his cum as usual, but he stopped me short of that point. He placed a firm pillow on the bed and had me kneel over the pillow with my butt in the air. He reached for some sort of bottled lubricant and poured a generous amount on the crack of my ass and worked it into my asshole. I had seen him fuck mother in the ass several times, and knew that he intended to fuck me that way too. He greased up his cock, pulled back the foreskin and pressed his cock against my asshole until it spread open. It hurt like hell, and I pleased with him to pull it out, but he assured me that eventually I would enjoy being fucked. He started fucking me slowly, while holding my hips, so that I couldn’t pull away. My asshole throbbed when he pulled out after he came in my ass. I thought it was over at that point, but as soon as Dad recovered he was ready to go gain. He turned me over on the pillow and grabbed me by the ankles and placed them on his shoulders. In doing so he elevated my butt up in line with his cock again. This time he slowly pushed his cock deep into my ass, and fucked me solely, while he took hold of my little cock. He jacked me off in rhythm to his fucking my ass. When he came in my ass again he pulled out and lay on top of me. He kissed me on the mouth with tongue, and I felt the stubble of his beard on my face. We fell asleep with him still holding me tightly. My ass was still throbbing in the morning. Our bladders forced us to get up to relieve ourselves. As soon as we brushed our teeth, Daddy gave himself a close shave, because he could see that my face still had a rug burn. Then he took me back to bed. This time he sucked my cock for a while before he fucked me again. When we got up to have breakfast we didn’t bother getting dressed, and I could smell his manly body odor all over my body. After the dishes were washed we retired to the family room where Dad produced some DVD’s that were pure pornography. He had videos of women having sex with each other. There was a lot of pussy eating, and ass fucking with dildos. The other videos were of men having sex with each other. There were a variety of different kinds of men and ages. There were chubby men getting fucked by men built very much like my father. It was all very exciting, and I had a constant hard-on. We sat there jacking each other off while watching the action. He always placed his hand on the back of my neck and pulled my head down to swallow his cum. By nightfall we both smelled rather gamy, so we bathed again. When Dad dried me off he took special care to apply a soothing lotion to my asshole, before taking me back to bed. He had me start off sucking his cock until he squirted cum into my mouth. After I swallowed it, he kissed me until I had a hard-on. He sucked me until I couldn’t stand it any longer. This night he had me lay on my side, and he did something he called docking to me. He stretched his foreskin and pulled it over my cock to the base. He wrapped gaziantep escort his hand around the sheath covered cock and jacked me off. It was very thrilling to have him playing with me that way. We were almost face to face, and I could feel and smell his breath on my face. When he was about to cum he didn’t stop. He managed to pull the skin back and captured his cum in the foreskin. He moved up the bed, and held the end of his cock over my open mouth before releasing his foreskin. His white cum spilled into my mouth, for me to swallow. As I remember he fucked my ass several more times that night. Sunday was just like Saturday. Come Monday morning he had to get ready for work, and I had to get ready for school. My ass was still a little sore, but I managed to walk correctly. I had the house to myself for at least four hours before Dad would get home from work. As soon as I got home I felt free to take off my clothes. After I made myself a snack I went to the family room and pulled out Dad’s videos. Looking through his collection I found one with a hand written label, so I put it into the video player and turned it on. What appeared on the screen was a home in a rural area surrounded by trees. There was spacious yard and a late model car pulling up in the driveway. A man about Dad’s age got of the car and was greeted by a boy no older than me. He was naked and sporting a wicked little boner sticking out in front of his body. They hugged and kissed, as the man led the boy back into the house. I watched in fascination as the man got undressed. The man was as hairy as my father, and just as well built. When he was naked the boy played with his cock and even sucked on it. I sat there playing with my cock while watching the way the man fucked the boy. I replayed the video several times, and studied every frame. When Dad got home he found me play with myself while still watching that boy being fucked by the hairy man. He quickly shed his clothes and joined me. He told me that he was friends with that family. He had even videoed the action for them. He was going to invite the man and his son to video us together, so that we would have a record of my becoming a member of the family. Apparently the man and boy were related to us. I became accustom to being fucked over the course of the time Mother was away. Dad made sure to wash the bedding before Mother came home. It was strange sleeping in my own bed after more than a couple of weeks sleeping with my father. I also struggled going to sleep because I had to jack off several times just to get tired enough to sleep. Dad and I made a point to spend some weekends by ourselves camping or something like that, just so we could suck cocks and dad fucking me. One weekend while Mother was visiting a friend Dad had invited another father and son over for a visit. Apparently Mother had an argument with her friend and come home a day earlier than expected. She walked into the house and caught Dad fucking his friend, and his son and I were on the floor sucking each other’s cocks, so she bolted out the door never to be seen again. She filed for a divorce from her home town. It cause Dad a lot of his savings and had to liquate his life insurance policy, but we had the house finally to ourselves. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we needed a housekeeper. Dad found a young man ideal for our needs. He was a transvestite, name Arthur. He was happy to keep house for us. I moved into Daddy’s bedroom and our Arthur moved into my room. The added feature of having him as our housekeeper was that booth of us could enjoy his sweeter qualities. When I would get home I could enjoy a blowjob while doing my homework. Dad could also take advantage of his willingness to be fucked. I normally avoided involvement with anyone at school, because I didn’t want to get a reputation, after all, what took place at home should stay at home. I did have friends at school, but I didn’t socialize with any of them outside of school. I had a reputation of being a loner. I was happy to leave it at that until one day when I was 13-years-old. I was turning into a rugged athlete. My hair had darkened to a chestnut brown, and I was starting to grow hair not only in my pubic areas, I was grown hair on my legs, arms and chest. I was a natural when it came to sports, so no one at school would guess what went on at home. Then one day I was using the bathroom at school and one of my classmates, named Joseph, was being bullied by some older boys, so interceded on his behalf. The bullies left the bathroom, and the boy couldn’t thank me enough. He pleaded with me to walk home with him because he was afraid those guys would pick on him again. I didn’t mind, and it was not out of my way, so I greed to walk him home. He invited me into his house for something to drink of course. I felt obliged to accept. Apparently his mother worked, so we had the house to ourselves. He proudly showed me his X-box and insisted on me playing a game with him. It didn’t take long for me to catch on to how to play the game. We were sitting very close to each other, and when he got killed in the game I was continuing to play. At one point I felt him place his hand on my lap. I didn’t make a fuss, so he started squeezing my cock. I naturally sprang a boner. Joseph took that as a sign that I approved of his actions. I continued to play the game while he started opening my pants. When he managed to pull my cock out of my pants he was surprised to find out what my cock looked like. He had never seen a cock like mine before. By that time my cock was as large as my father’s, and my foreskin dangled as much as an inch past the end of my cock. He started stroking my cock, and he was fascinated by how lose my skin was. When he bent over and took my cock into his mouth I had to interrupt my game. I stopped him from sucking me off, because I wanted to show him what docking was all about. I stood up and pulled him to his feet. He must have thought he was in trouble by the expression on his face. He just stood there as I opened his pats and took out his cock and balls. He had a raging boner. I stood very close to him, and stretched my foreskin out as I pulled my foreskin over the end of his cock. I was able to pull my skin completely over the shaft of his cock. Then I wrapped my hand around his sheath covered cock, and jacked him off. I even tongue kissed him while jacking him off. When he squirted his cum into my foreskin I managed to pull the skin back, and pinch most of it into the skin. I made him kneel before me and open his mouth, as I deposited his own cum into his mouth. I had him remove his pants and bend over his bed, so that I could introduce him to a little back door love. I spit on his asshole to lubricate it before I peeled back my foreskin before sticking my cock into his asshole. He must not have ever been bread before, because he cried like a baby. I assured him that that he would get used to it with a little time. After I deposited my contribution in his butt I comforted him while jacking him off slowly. He got nervous when it was getting close to the time he expected his mother to get home from work. We got dressed and waited for her by continuing to play games on the X-box. When she got home he introduced me to her. She was pleased that her son had brought home a friend. She insisted that I stay for dinner. I quickly called my father and told him that the mother of a friend had invited me to dinner. While talking to Joseph’s mother I could see half of his problem. She was a rather skinny woman that over protected her son. She babied him like he was a child. She sent him to his room suriyeli escort on the pretense of him having to do his homework before dinner. While she prepared dinner she wanted to talk to me. She expressed her pleasure that Joseph had a classmate friend. She told me that she had always felt responsible for her son being different. She told me that she had caught him masturbating and when he did have friends he managed to end their relationship by trying to have sex with them. I played it straight and asked her, “How could she be responsible for the behavior of Joseph?” She showed signs of being embarrassed, “Joseph has accidently walked in on me in bed with my girlfriend…more than once!” It amused me to think that I was having sex with a boy that was the son of a lesbian. I assured her that I was sure that she was not responsible for the conduct of her son. She was pleased that I didn’t hold her responsible for the way her son turned out. I sat there looking at the woman and wondered what her girlfriend looked like, as she set the table for four. Before I could ask who her guest was the doorbell rang. When she returned to the kitchen she had a woman in tow. While she introduced, Jackie as her girlfriend to me, and told her that I was Joseph’s school friend. I studied the women carefully. She had a pretty face, but she was a very plump woman. Her blonde hair was cropped rather short, very little makeup on. She was wearing a simple blue work shirt, blue jeans, and white leather walking shoes. She looked like what I would have though a dyke would look like. She looked a little nervous, as if she wasn’t sure if she should kiss Joseph’s mother in front of me. His mother solved the problem by kissing the woman on the lips. She asked me to go get Joseph for dinner. The dinner conversation was innocuous. After dinner she excused Joseph and me to return to his room, while she cleaned up. Behind the closed door Joseph expressed his displeasure for her mother’s girlfriend. I told he to be a little forgiving, after all his mother was entitled to happiness as much as him. I told him that I had seen videos of women having sex, but had never seen women actually doing it. Joseph said that if I asked they might allow me to watch. I doubted that statement but when I announced that I better go home I headed for the front door. Joseph announced to his mother John is going home now! His mother came out of the kitchen and it was obvious that her clothes were in disarray. She was doing her best to straighten them up as she approached me. She hugged me and kissed my cheek as she told me that she hoped I would visit again, and be a friend of her son’s. I turned to her son and took him in my arms and kissed him on the mouth at the same time I placed my hand on his crotch, and gave it a squeeze. I was out the door before neither of them recovered. The next day at school Joseph approached me to tell me how exciting it had been last night. I asked him what his mother had to say when I kissed you last night. Joseph laughed she was stunned by your bold move. After you were gone she asked me, “Does that mean that John is your boyfriend now?” I told her that I guess that does mean he loves me! After school I went home with Joseph, because I had told father all about what had happened. When we were in his room we took off our clothes and started hugging and kissing. We jerked each other off until we were good and hard. I put him on his bed and lifted his heels up and placed them on my shoulders to get access to his asshole. I had even brought along a tube of KY jelly to lubricate his hole and my cock before fucking him. I jacked him off while I fucked him. He squirted cum all over his own belly. I pulled out and squirted my own cum from his balls to his chin. When I recovered I got on the bed so that I could stick my cock in his mouth. I told him to use his tongue to clean under the foreskin. His tongue touching the head of my cock was thrilling for me. I allowed him to fuck me just like I had done to him. He was dripping sweat from his face all over my chest. When he was done I sucked his cock clean for him. He was so emotional that he lay on top of me and proclaimed his eternal love for me. We rested and jerked each other off until we had another boner. I watched the clock and kept Joseph busy even though he wanted to get dressed before his mother got home. I simply told him, “It’s about time you mother came to grips with the fact that you are gay!” He was pleading with me not to do this. I wanted to make the most impressive statement for her benefit. I made him drape himself across the bed and stuck my cock in his ass. I held his hips while I fucked him. We heard the front door open and she called out, “Are you home Joseph?” I called out, “In his room, Mom!” When she opened the door she froze. She was shocked to see us on top of his bed naked with me on top. We were both sucking cock. I looked up and winked at her. She came in closed the door behind her, and sat on the bed next to us. When I finished milking his cock, and deposited my load in his mouth, I rolled off of Joseph and helped him sit up. There was a pregnant moment of silence before I spoke. I asked her if Joseph could spend the night at my house. Joseph wiped tears from his eyes, but was too upset to say anything. His mother wiped away her own tears and said, “I guess you’re not my little boy anymore. If you’re in love with John, I won’t stop you.” I took his mother in my arms and kissed her on the mouth, and thanked her. She sat there watching while we got dressed, and prepared to leave. I demanded that Joseph to kiss his mother before we left. After he kissed her, I told her, “Thank you for being so understanding! I will take good care of your son!” She asked, “I take it that your family knows that you are gay, and will not be upset with you bringing home a lover.” I smiled, “My mother divorced my father a couple of years ago, when she found out that we were both gay.” She sat there absorbing the information. I casually mentioned, “Why don’t you call Jackie, and invite her to spend the night with you, while Joseph is gone?” We left before she said anything. I tried to tell him about my home life but I don’t think he fully believed me. When we arrived at my home I heard water running from the master bathroom, so I knew Dad was already home and in the shower. Arthur came out of the kitchen wiping his hand on a towel. I introduced Joseph to Arthur, and told Arthur that Joseph was going to spend the night with us. Arthur said, “I better prepare more food for us then!” and turned to return to the kitchen. I let Joseph to the family room, and asked Joseph if he would like to watch some sexy videos. His eyes shinned as he expressed his desire to see the videos. While I put a video in the player, I told him that my Dad would probably join us without clothes on. I explained that my father like to be very casual around the house. The TV screen came alive with a blue screen at first. That distracted Joseph, so any question he might have asked went unspoken. The video I had selected was of a couple of boys close to our age playing outdoors on a grassy field with trees in the background. They were both naked. They were wrestling around on the grass, and before long they were sucking each other’s cocks. Joseph and I were intently watching the video, and had our cocks out masturbating each other, when dad came walking in. As I had predicted he was naked and sporting a big boner. Joseph almost panicked when he noticed my father. I’m sure he thought my father was going to chastise us for playing with each rus escort other’s cocks, or was shocked to see my father’s naked body. Joseph’s eyes were fixe on my father’s cock. As I had said before, his cock was long thick and the head was hardly noticeable under the foreskin that dangled at least an inch past the tip. Da casually asked, “Who is your young friend, son?” “This is Joseph, my classmate and new lover! Joseph, this is my father, John Senior!” My father approached us, and placed his hand on Joseph’s shoulder, to stop him from standing up. “Please don’t get up! Anybody that Junior thinks is good enough to bring home must be someone very special!” Dad’s cock was right in front of Joseph’s face. I couldn’t resist reaching over and taking hold of his cock and pulling the foreskin back to expose my father’s knob. It was shinny and moist. It looked like a rounded mushroom, with a slit down the middle. Arthur came in carrying a tray with celery sticks with creamed cheese spread on them. He sat the tray down and announced the dinner would be ready in as half hour. He turned around and left, without so much an acknowledgment that anything was unnatural. Joseph couldn’t resist opening his mouth and leaning forward to take the head of my father’s cock into his mouth. He used his tongue to swab under Daddy’s foreskin. There was no way he was going to be able to get all of Dad’s meat into his mouth. I continue jacking Joseph’s cock for him. Before dinner was served Joseph got a taste of Dad’s cum, and he squirted his own cum all over his pants. Joseph whispered, “I wish you were my Daddy!” Dad responded, “Any time you want me to e your Daddy, just come over.” Dad and I undressed him and myself before going to the dining room. Arthur served dinner to the three of us casually, before removing his own apron and joining us at the table. Joseph was fascinated my Arthur, because if it were not for his circumcised six in cock he could pass as a woman. He had nicely shaped 38-C sized beasts. Joseph and I helped with the dishes, just so Joseph could have a chance to feel up Arthur. That evening Arthur went to bed with Dad, so that I could sleep with Joseph in the other bedroom. We started off my sucking each other cocks before I fucked Joseph’s ass. In the morning I loaned him a shirt and pants for school. Arthur prepared breakfast for us, and sent us off to school with a kiss. Dad had left for work before my alarm went off. We walked straight to home to my house, and continued jacking each other off and sucking cocks. Arthur even joined us, and allowed Joseph to fuck his ass. When Dad got home he asked me if Joseph had been bread, and I assured him that I had bread him once. Dad used some KY lubricant to grease up his cock and Joseph’s asshole before he brad him missionary style, while jacking off Joseph. The phone rang while Dad was fucking Joseph, so I answered it. It was Joseph’s mother. She wanted to know if my father and I would bring her son home, and stay for dinner. She also asked to speak to Joseph, so I held the phone for him while he talked to his mother. Dad stopped fucking him, but left his cock in his ass while he talked to his mother. Joseph assured his mother that we would be there in an hour or so. As soon as we hung up Dad finished fucking Joseph, and we showered and got dressed for the cross town trip to Joseph’s home. When we arrived Jackie was there with her mother. We introduced our parents to each other, and Dad took Joseph’s mother in his arms and kissed her. One look at Jackie was enough to tell Dad that she was jealous. He just shook her hand. We were invited to follow them to the dinning room. Jackie and his mother wanted to know if Joseph had enjoyed his sleepover at my house. Joseph was bubbling over with excitement as he carried on about how thrilling it was to meet my father and our housekeeper. My father told them that Joseph was welcome to visit any time they cared to let him. He assured them that he would treat him just like his own son. Joseph’s mother was very thankful for our kindness shown her son, but her friend Jackie was suspicious of me and my father. It was obvious that she resented males. We talked a little more before excusing ourselves to return home. Joseph was constantly asking his mother to be allowed to visit me and spend the night. If he could he would be there every night, but his mother felt uncomfortable with him being gone every night. On the nights he had to stay home I would stay with him. I felt inhibited having to be quiet while having sex with him. On the nights that Jackie also spent the night with his mother we could hear some of the noises they emitted while having sex with each other. I developed a strong desire to actually witness them making love to each other. It took months before Jackie warmed up to me. Eventually she felt comfortable enough with me to even joke with me. One day while we were alone she asked me, “I hear that you can dock Joseph. I have heard of that, but never seen it done. Would you show me how you do it?” I said, “I have always wondered about what women do in bed, so if you show me how you make love to Joseph’s mother, I will let you watch me dock him, and even fuck him? She gave me a wicked smile, took me by the shoulders and kissed me on the mouth, “Deal!” That evening after dinner and the dishes were put away Jackie took Joseph’s mother by the hand and led her to the bedroom, and simply said, “Are you coming?” I grabbed Joseph’s hand and followed Jackie to the bedroom. Joseph’s mother was embarrassed being undressed in front of her son and me. She pleased with Jackie not to do it, but Jackie simply told her that we should learn what went on in her bedroom. While Jackie finished undressing her, I undressed Joseph and myself. We sat on the bed next to the women and watched Jackie fell, suck Joseph’s mother. She even put on a strap-on dildo to fuck his mother. Joseph and I jacked each other off while watching them. When they were finished they watched me make love to Joseph. I had him sit on the bed with his legs spread and I sat in front of him, and placed my legs over his so that our cocks were touching. I use both hands to spread my foreskin and pulled my skin over the shaft of his cock. I demonstrated how I could jack him off that way, and allowed Joseph to replace my hand with his own and jack us both off for a short time. I interrupted him short of allowing him to make us cum. Then I untangled our legs and had Joseph lay on his back, and lifted his legs up and placed his heels over my shoulders. That elevated his butt up close to my cock. I pulled my foreskin back, and positioned my wet knob against his asshole and pressed the knob into his asshole. Joseph let out a moan of pain as I buried my cock into the sheath of his colon. His mother reached out and touched his hip in a gesture of sympathy. When I started fucking him his moans became moans of pleasure. I reached around his thigh and rook hold of his cock, and jacked him off while fucking him. It didn’t take long before Joseph was squirting um all over his belly and even up to his face. When I was ready I pulled out of his ass and squirted my cum all over him too. When I looked at the women his mother had a look f concern for her son, and asked him if he was alright. He assured her that he was happier than he had ever been. Jackie had a strange look on her face. She reached for the back of my neck and kissed me on the mouth, at the same time she shoved her fist up the pussy of joseph’s mother and jilled her until she came. After that night Joseph was allowed to spend as much time at my house as he wanted. He learned to enjoy being fucked by my father and learned how to fuck Arthur. We became lifelong lovers and live together as a married couple. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to hoo

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