Training My Wife Lesbian

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Training My Wife LesbianMy 25 year old wife is hot.The first time I saw her jogging I thought about the proverbial beach bunny.Ironically, she worked at the same hospital I worked at. We eventually met, moved in and married.After moving in together she went for a girls night out only it was in the afternoon.This was the first time I saw she liked to drink. She came home very tipsy and shed all her clothes. She went into the kitchen of our apartment naked and was going to cook something, I don’t remember what. I was kinda stunned, to see her drunk and now running through the apartment without a care in the world.However, the apartment companies lawn guys were gathered outside the sliding glass door watching with glee! I snatched her and took her to the bedroom out of their view and told her to put some clothes on.This happened a couple more times in the ensuing years and I noticed I kinda got a hard on when it did. I didn’t understand it but one time while masturbating I thought back to the times others would see her naked.In time my fantasies went further than she actually did.What if I could convince her to play with other men?I started bringing home the types of porn I would like to see her in. I didn’t dare bring it up directly, just watched her reaction. I would bring home gangbang, big black bulls, lesbian porn etc…She watched intently but never said she would actually do any of it.However, when I would get her really hot and wet I would make reference to the porn and checked her reactions. She actually reacted well so I jokingly said things like “You wish you had a bbc in you now don’t you?”, or “You wish a women was licking your pussy don’t you?” I don’t know if she was playing along or really meant it but she would always get turned on when I said things like that.I was prepping her for something anadolu yakası escort but I wasn’t quite sure what it would be just yet.I wondered if she would be amenable to a man or women to break the ice in this journey to turn my wife into a slut.I decided a woman would probably be the best for her first time.Making that decision, I started looking around for a women that would work out for us. It just happened that she was friends with several women from the YMCA, several of whom were lesbians at least I presumed so.I decided a party was a good way to get people over and I told her to invite her friends from the gym, she agreed and the party was set. Her friends accepted as well as several others we knew.About 20 people showed for the party and 2 were from the gym, I think they were lesbian lovers.The alcohol flowed freely and my wife was getting very tipsy and flirtatious.She started dancing in the middle of the room all by herself!Her dancing was very sexual in it’s tone. She was writhing and I noticed the look on the 2 women from her gym. They were eye balling her the way I eye ball women I wanna fuck.My wife danced around and grabbed one of the women from the gym and started writhing on her. Her legs in between the other woman’s legs, her pelvis grinded against her the whole time. I could tell the other woman was getting turned on and when she looked at me I smiled and winked at her. My wife took turns dancing with both of her friends from the gym and did the same thing the whole time, writhing and grinding.Meanwhile, I was keeping her drinks topped off knowing she was going to be getting very sloppy drunk soon. And then it happened, she actually passed out on the floor while dancing with one of her girl friends. I apologized to them and said I needed to get her pendik escort to bed but they could stay and party if they wanted, they agreed.I carried my wife up the stairs to our bedroom and stripped all her clothes off and just left her on top of the comforter. I went back downstairs and made sure the women were good and made an excuse to go back upstairs to check on my wife.I went up there for one reason, I was gonna get my wife hot and bothered to the point she would be pliable. I did all the usual stuff except I started fingering her with two fingers rapidly, this eventually makes her squirt except this time I stopped right before she was gonna squirt. I did this several times so I know she was on the brink of a massive orgasm. I went back downstairs to tend to the two women.We got to talking about sex and the one I smiled and winked at asked me about my wife. I just told her outright I wanted to see her with another woman and thought one or both of them would be safe for my wifes first time. They both smiled and said they had wanted to approach my wife at the gym but were not sure how she would react. I told them how I had been prepping her to do something and it seemed like the right moment now.These ladies are both beautiful and work out constantly so I would have fucked them both. I know my wife would enjoy being with them.So, the women shed their clothes and went upstairs to fondle my wife and go as far as she would let them. I told them I would be sitting in the corner of the room out of view so I could watch.We all crept into my master bedroom and my wife was lying there on her stomach with one leg drawn up to her a little, enough to get a good view of her moist pussy and asshole.One of the women climbed in behind her and started running a finger up and down her crack, dipping tuzla escort it into her pussy. My wife let out a moan everytime the finger entered her pussy. Soon the woman had two fingers dipping into her pussy and this made my wife groan louder. She sped up the double finger fuck until I thought my wife was gonna squirt, then she stopped. My wife let out a groan as if she wanted it to continue all the time thinking it was me I assume. The women dropped her face down to my wifes ass and started to rim her asshole. My wife let out a really low groan as if she really liked it. Soon my wife was raising her ass up to meet the woman’s tongue and pumping her hips. That’s when the women started to double finger fuck her while she rimmed her ass. My wife was groaning like I had never heard before and started to writhe beneath the woman’s tongue. The double finger fuck started to get faster and faster until my wife screamed and lifted her ass, she was squirting and was loving it.Meanwhile I had been sitting there jacking my dick watching and the second women was fingering her own cunt.After my wife came she rolled over and saw her friend from the gym who had just brought her to this massive orgasm. She had a look of surprise on her face but then the second woman reached down and locked onto her lips. My wife initially had her arms outstretched but soon had them wrapped around this second women. Keep in mind, she was drunk and had been prepped for months for this exact situation.The three of them did what three naked women do, they ate pussy, rimmed, sucked, ground their pussies together all night long. I saw my wife eating pussy between another woman’s legs and that’s when I shot my load. It was massive.The ladies all slept together in that bed and I slept in the bedroom next door. Occasionally I would be woken up by their sounds of orgasms during the night.This was her night, I didn’t try to get involved because I had other things planned for her. I just wanted her pliable to sex with other people and I had just cracked that door open in a big way.The next scenario for her was a hung man, or men

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