Subject: Transitions Chapter 24 Gay Adult youth I hope everyone is doing well. I have been working a LOT more lately due to some situations at my job. Its ok for me I make a few extra dollars sad for oyu because I cant write as much. Sorry. I dedicate this chapter to Marty who very playfully said hey another chapter. Also to all of those who have yet to email me. I would like to hear from you, and what you like about my story. As always lets not forget a nice donation to Nifty the ones who so generously provide this site to us without charge due to donations made to them. So make one today. I wish you peace love and happiness. Eric Transitions Chapter 24 “I want to go talk with your mother for a little while just me and her. Do you mind Julius?” Rich asks. “No I go play a bowling game for a little while so’s you can talk to her.” Julius hops off the bench and goes to the basement to play a while Rich walks slowly into the kitchen. He thinks he may have over done it a bit in the pool today. But, that’s OK he was with his friends and Julius. He sits at the table as she moves around the kitchen putting the dinner together for everyone. “Julia I need to talk to you for a while. If you don’t mind.” “I don’t mind talk away.” “Julia I want to be able to see you when I do. Not have you running around getting things done. If now isn’t a good time then another will be fine.” “Just a minute then.” She stirs the contents of a pot and turns the heat down and sits next to Rich at the table. “What be on your mind Mr Rich?” “Its Julius ma’am.” “I figured that what be troubling you sir. Go on lets talk bout it.” “Shit I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I should start with the biggest problem. First, he is only ten. How can he possibly know what he wants from life?” “Mr. Rich. My boy is very simple. Not stupid simple but, he is simple to understand. He have a heart of gold and he love every one. Sadly the world don’t be like him. He also be gay and that OK too. I loves my boy with all my heart. What you be worrying about I can guess. My first guess is that you be old and you scared he gon fall in love with you and you gon die. Well, Mr Rich we all gon die that’s part a life. We gotsta die to make room for the new babies. My boy done knows heartache from when his daddy left us. He was heart broke for a long time. But, he know how life work. He know what he want. I know what he want to. I cant say I was real happy at first when he talk to me about wanting a man to love him. But, I also know that he gon do it anyway with or without my blessing. So I says to him that if he ever find a man he want to let me know and I gon meet him first. Because my boy see good in everbody. My boy could have met that mean ole Adolf Hitler and found good in him. But, I not so gullible. I see what be in someones heart. I see in your heart Mr Rich. What I see be a lot of pain and sadness right now. I know that you be terrible mourning for your Al. I know it been a while since he pass but, that kind of love don’t never go away. That be the kind of love that live in our hearts forever. I know that you and my son. My beloved Julius can have that love too if you will allow it. I know you be worrying and frettin that he gon change his mind. I know him better then you. I know him better then he know himself. He a good boy. He a very good boy and he got lots to give this world. He ain’t never gon be different. He make up his mind he gon do what he think right. He love you already Mr Rich. I loves you too.” She says as she takes his hand and kisses it. She puts his hand back on the table and still holds it in hers. “I knows that you a good man Mr Rich. I know you never gon do nothing to hurt my boy. Least not on purpose that be for sure. So sure you gon die way before him. God willing and that the way it should be. But, he gon carry the love from you with him the rest of his life. So I understand you be thinkin I some crazy island lady lettin her boy get sexed up by a old man. But, it aintt about the sexy playin. It be about the love and tenderness you gone teach him about. I know Mr Eric could do it. But, he got Alejandro to take care of. Mr Eric he love that boy so much I can feel it when they walk in a room. You and Julius you gon love each other just like that. I knows you already be loving my son or you wouldn’t be worried about it. My boy know what he want and I aintt gon try to change him no way no how. I be thinking that people if they jus let people be them and stop trying to make them what they want then the world be a much better ankara grup escort place. I think that the world would have many more artists and musicians then be in it now. I think the world have much more love and lots less wars that be for sure. I know my boy look at the world through rose colored glasses. I tell him that one day you know what he say. He says momma I know the world aint all full of love and happiness like it should be. I knows I looks through rose colored glasses but, it sure be prettier that way How can you not love a boy who say stuff like that? Do that answer your questions?” Rich just looks at her a solid minute without saying a word. Finally he opens his mouth and speaks. “You are a beautiful woman. I wish the entire world thought like you. When I was a boy I was a lot like Julius. Maybe not as young but, maybe. I wanted a man to love me and to make love to me and to teach me about all the pleasures that our bodies could give us. Sadly I was 22 before that happened and that’s when I met Al. Granted I had been with a few guys before that. I had learned the process and the excitement. But, what Al taught me was the love that went with it. Before it was all hedonism and what feelings I could get from my body. Al opened my mind to what love really is. Sure I loved my parents and siblings but, not the true love that two people can truly experience. I would have done anything for Al. If he said go kill that man I wouldn’t have even asked why. Because I knew his reason would be just and it was him that asked. He was an amazing man and I loved him dearly. I do believe that I can love your son like that. My only fear is that when he gets tired of me and he wants to move on. That is one of my smaller concerns is for me and how it will affect me. I know that’s a bit selfish but, I cant help to think that in a year or two when he is older he will want a younger version and trade me in. Which makes sense. I certainly don’t expect him to be faithful to me in regards to sex. Hes a young boy and there is no way in the world I could ever keep up with him. I fully expect that the day will come when he moves on to greener and much less grayer pastures. I guess that I will be able to handle it. I just want that when that time comes that he wont forget about me. I guess that is my main fear. To be forgotten.” “Well, Mr Rich you may be right that in a few year time he move on to less gray pastures.” She says smiling. “But, he aint never gon forget about you. He gon be in your life until they day one you die. He gon love you long after that too. I knows you gon teach him the right ways to love and that’s why I be totally OK with whatever you two do.” “OK Miss Julia now I am feeling better about this situation. I just needed to understand where you were coming from on this. I guess I done dropped the ball though.” “How you drop the ball?” “I was supposed to start piano lessons with the boys today.” Julia laughs a hearty laugh. “You not drop no ball Mr Rich jus do it after dinner is all.” She says and kisses his hand again and gets up and goes back to working. Rich gets up and he goes very slowly and carefully down stairs to the bowling area and sees Julius just sitting on the floor staring at the pins. Rich watches him about half a minute. Without ever seeing Rich Julius says. “I love you Grand Poppi. Did you and momma have a good talk.” Rich walks over and sits in one of the chairs available. “Yes we had a very nice talk. Come here and sit with me I want to talk with you now.” Julius does as he is asked, he sits on Rich’s lap and leans against him. Rich puts his arm around him and holds him. “Julius I love yo very much already. I know you love me as well. But, there are some things that I want to get straight before we start anything that could be considered a relationship. Do you want to talk about this now or later?” “Now is good.” “One rule we must have and abide by is that no one is in charge. Granted I am older well, way older. But, when it comes to our love no one can be in charge. We must respect each others wishes at all times. If I ask you or you ask me not to do something or have a request we must respect it. That is the main thing right there though is respect. We must respect each other at all times and in all things. I can not be your boss and your lover. That is not fair and it isn’t right. We must be equal in this relationship. Do you understand what I am trying to say. Sadly it wasn’t as eloquent as I had in my head.” “I think so. So if you ask me not gümüşhane escort to do something it is not because your the boss of me? And I can ask you not to do things too?” “Exactly. Say you don’t like me eating peas from your plate. Something stupid I know but, its an example. Tell me you don’t like it and I wont do it.” “That seems fair. So if I do something you tell me then right?” Julius asks. “Exactly we have to have the respect with the love. Too many people have love and have no respect for the others feelings. Its just what they want. They in a sense don’t really care about the other person just themselves.” “I don’t want that.” “Me neither.” Rich says and kisses Julius on the lips firmly. “I like that.” “Me too.” Rich responds. “Now lets get up stairs I got piano lessons to start. I plum forgot earlier we got busy swimming and napping and everything else. I think we will have to have them after dinner especially when school starts. It actually makes more sense..” “If you say so Grand Poppi.” They both head back upstairs and Julius helps Rich get up the stairs as they go. Once they get to the piano Rich starts going over the basics of how to read music and Julius is paying rapt attention to everything he says. He wasn’t to do well to please his hopeful lover. Meanwhile upstairs Alejandro has awakened and races to the restroom to take care of his issue. He finishes and slips back into bed with Eric. Eric stirs a bit but doesn’t wake up. Alejandro is snuggled back up against him and feels Eric’s hardness. He thinks they haven’t really had any sexy games for a few days because they have been so busy and he knows Eric wont ask to play he leaves that up to Alejandro to decide when and if they play. So Alejandro reaches down and starts stroking Eric member slowly. He starts kissing Eric nipples knowing now how good that feels. Eric stirs and is starting to wake up and enjoying his erotic dream. As he wakes a bit more he realizes its not a dream and begins enjoying it even more. AS he gets more awake he flips Alejandro on his back and begins to kiss down his body. “Poppi I want to make you feel good.” Alejandro protests. Eric quickly works down and inhales Alejandro’s hard brown cocklet into his mouth. “But, this is nice too.” Alejandro replies through rugged breath. Eric works up and down the shaft and is licking around the head. He sees Alejandro’s body tighten his little brown toes curling and letting loose as he continues. “Oh Poppi you make me feel so good.” Eric starts to rub against Alejandro’s little brown anus and since he has been slobbering pretty heavily on purpose it is very moist there. He slips a finger in half way and finds Alejandro’s little love button inside of him. Alejandro lets out a moan in pleasure. Eric slips his finger in and out as he continues working on his boys cock. Alejandro starts pushing up to Eric’s mouth as he goes down on him. After a few minutes of this Alejandro lets out a squeak and Eric feels his little cock pulse and his anus tighten around his finger. A few seconds after Alejandro goes limp and his breathing as hard as a cross country runner after a long race. “Oh Poppi you make me feel so good. I love you so much.” “I love you to buddy. With all of my heart.” Eric says as he removes his finger from him and his mouth from around his softening cock. Eric starts to get out of bed, and Alejandro grabs his arm. “No Poppi I want to make you feel special too. Me and Julius have been playing sexy games and I been getting my tingles from him but, you haven’t been getting any tingles lately let me give you some.” “Maybe later buddy its OK.” “No now.” Alejandro says more insistently. “But, we have other things to do.” “Please Poppi.” Alejandro pleads. “Is it that important to you?” Eric asks. “Yeah Poppi before no one cared if I had fun just that they did. Usually they hurt me and didn’t care. You love me so I want to show you how much I love you back.” “Buddy love isn’t about sex its about doing things for each other. Having respect for each other.” “I know but, I know you like it. You guy is leaking look.” Sure enough Eric’s cock is leaking copious amounts of precum. “OK Buddy but, I don’t ever want you thinking you have to do stuff for me.” “I know PoppisI want to. Its different before I had to now I want to.” He says and grabs Eric’s cock in his little brown hand, and begins stroking. Eric settles back down and lays on his back and lets Alejandro do as he wishes. Alejandro smiles because he knows he won this battle. He immediately slip halkalı escort his mouth over the top of Eric’s circumcised 6 inches and begins bobbing up and down. Eric looks down and sees Alejandro’s lips wrapped around his cock and as always is extremely turned on by the sight. Eric reaches over and starts fondling Alejanros deflated penis which rapidly returns to being rigid between his fingers. He slips Alejandro over his body and the boy is straddling him. He slips his cock back in his mouth and begins to slide it in and out again. He slips a finger in his mouth at the same time and moistens it and then pops it back in his little starfish, playing with his button. Alejandro begins moaning around Eric’s cock which feels amazing to him. Alejandro is pushing his butt back into Eric’s finger and is loving the finger in him. After a few moments Alejandro pulls his cock out of Eric’s mouth and spins his body around and sits on top of Eric’s cock and as rubbing his cock against Eric’s. He slides forward a bit and reaches down and puts it against his hole and presses down slipping the head of Eric’s cock in. Alejandro then gets up on his knees straddling Eric and Eric looks down and sees his cock head inside his boy. Alejandro slowly moves down and pushes it inside of himself. In less then thirty seconds Alejandro’s ass is against Eric’s pubis his cock fully inside his boy. Alejandro moans in appreciation and starts to slide up and down. His cock is rock hard and he begins to stroke it. He starts out rather slowly getting used to the invasion and loving it. Slowly Alejandro begins to build up speed and Eric is in wonderland at the feelings of his boys tight hole wrapped around his cock. Knowing that he is loving it makes it even better. Eric cant understand how anyone could enjoy this doing it against a boys will with tears streaming from there eyes and screaming in pain. Though he knows some do. That’s not for him though he wants the boy to enjoy it as much as him. Eric puts his hands on Alejandro’s slender hips and is helping him slide up and down his rigid cock. After about five minutes he feels Alejandro’s ass tighten around his cock signaling his boy has having another drygasm. Alejandro is moaning in pleasure and loving every second of it. Eric is so close yet cant get to his orgasmic bliss. Alejandro hasn’t stopped slipping up and down his cock at a great speed. Eric cant take it anymore he is so close and cant seem to get over the edge. He sits up and spins Alejandro around on his cock and gets off the bed. He puts Alejandro’s body over the edge of the bed and starts slamming his cock into his tight little hole from behind. Alejandro is gasping and moaning. Eric pounds into the boys tight ass for another good five minutes his hands on his hips holding on tightly. He feels Alejandro humping into the bed and once again feels his ass muscles constrict around his cock this time sending him over the edge. He thrusts into him as deep as he can several more times and then finds his release and he slams all the way into him and releases seven jets of cum into his boy. Each shot becoming more and more intense. Eric lets out a loud moan in pleasure as he lets loose of his seed. He looks down and sees his cock buried into the boys ass and it just intensifies his pleasure knowing Alejandro is loving it too. Once he is finally done he is super dizzy from the massive orgasm he just had and lays forward on top of Alejandro careful not to put all of his weight on him. He then wraps his arm around his tummy and flips over putting Alejandro back on top of him laying face up as he is his cock still buried in his tight little ass. “My goodness Alejandro I have never had such an intense orgasm. Thank you so much.” He says as he rubs his fingers up and down his beautiful little boy. “I love you so much little guy. As good as that felt to me always remember you don’t have to do it. Granted I like when you do. But, it isn’t needed. I want to make you feel great. You don’t have to worry about me. OK?” “Oh Poppi that felt so good to me too. So when it makes you feel good I feel good too.” After they lay there a few minutes basking in the afterglow Eric’s cock deflates enough and pops out of Alejandro’s little bum much to their dismay. Alejandro scoots off and heads to the bathroom to release what was just inserted into him. Eric lays there a moment just thinking how truly lucky he is to have such a beautiful loving boy in his life. The sex is great sure. But, as he told Alejandro it isn’t needed. He would love him and do anything for him anyway. Eric finally recovers his legs enough from the jelly state they were in to get up and go pee and clean up a bit after there sexcapades. They both get on some clothes to head down stairs. Alejandro just some shorts and Eric shorts and a polo with a pair of deck shoes.

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