Trapped from with in..

Trapped from with in..Sarah Shaw a beautiful Blonde Southern gal living the perfect life married to her high school sweet heart Tom shaw. Toms a successful business man working for international business companies. Recently Sarah’s been feeling neglected from the lack of time and affection Tom been giving her .As time goes buy the pain grows along with a growing distance and of doubt ever since Sarah found text messages from other women in Toms cell. Tome denied any foul play , he told Sarah that they were business clients and Sarah should not worry. Tom finally made time for Sarah he surprised her with a candle light dinner at home with wine as they drank and danced Tom asked Sarah to put on her two piece bikini and join him in the hot tub . Sarah has a amazing body busty thick Tits, with a firm thick ass erotic list in her eyes here energy izmit escort oozed sexuality .. AsTom waited excited as began to get really hard thinking his wife’s beautiful body ,as Tom drifted in sensual erotic sexual thought he saw him pounding Sarah’s from behind as herd her thighs clapping and her tits bouncing back and fourth and gripped tight from her hips and then snapped out of it got even harder his huge penis grew 11 inches as he stroked it waiting for Sarah . As Sarah walked in the hot tub room noticing her husbands erection and huge penis her tits began to get hard as you were a American flag two piece bikini her busty breast bounced up and down as she walked towards the hot tub ! As soon as Sarah jumped in Tom grabbed Sarah’s thick ass and gave her a deep friendship kiss mourning şehitkamil escort mmmm, ahhhhh saraaaaaaaahhh! And Sarah hand stroking toms huge Dick moaning in his ear awww mmmm awwww Tom quickly stripped her bikini as Sarah begin to lick Toms huge 11 inch cock up and down and her lips locked on toms dick and she as she sucked it with passion stroking it and sucking toms balls as she slow slid her mouth forward and and sucked hard as her mouth slid back moaning mmmm, aahhhhh mmmmmm and then bent Sarah over and as his huge dick strath he’d her pussy out sliding in slowly as Sarah mounted loudly ahhhhhhhh omg! And then CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! the sound of her of the back her firm thick thighs clapping began, Sarah’s thick tits bounced forward and back as she climaxed on his dick over çerkezköy escort and over as the pounding continued Sarah could not take it any more the pleasure was over took her as she mounted Awwwwww ta…ta… Ohhhhh toooom stop! But Tom felt her pussy feel so good as it wrapped around his thick 11 inch Dick he Sarah! Take that cock bitch!!! Awwwwwwwwwww!!! The pounding continued for another hour as Sarah sweating thighs and tits at this point just surrender as her ass got pounded and then Tom made Sarah get on her knees and just exploded like MT. ST. HELENS AND JUST BLEW THE TOP OFF!! As he said ohhhhhh Saraaaaaaaaah!! Awwwwwwwwwwswwww !!! He exploded all over her face !! Sarah dangled her tongue out feeling the hot cum hit her right between the eyes as she stroked his cock with her lips wrapped around his thick dick till he collapsed ! As he was in his cooling off state Tom said you were amazing Kim! Ooooooooooops! Tom was thinking about his mistress and SarH heard him but pretended not to as she replied what did you say??? Tom quickly replied nothing .. All the sudden Sarah’s fears over took her maybe she was right Tom had been cheating on her….. To be continued ……

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