Trapped in the Coffin


Trapped in the Coffin”This’ll be fun!” My raven-haired young Mistress announces as she shows off her new special piece of apparatus in her bedroom.I eye it up, it’s a jet-black leather coated stocks, dangling from her ceiling by 2 sets of tough grey steel chains. I smile, looking forward to her trying it out on me.Because of my height, I realise I’ll have to bend down in an awkward position to be in it but regardless, I was eager to try it out.”Does my slave like?” She asks innocently.”Yes, Mistress.” I reply, still grinning.”Good, not that it matters what you think,” She grins back, “I like it, and Mistress’ opinions rank much higher than yours!””Of course, Mistress.” I agree.Suddenly, we both heard the front door of her house open, followed by someone walking in.”Oh shit…” She sighs, looking rather nervous.”Who is that, Mistress?” I puzzle.”It’s my step-brother, Charlie.” She answers, looking towards the wooden bedroom door.”Hey Chrissy, you in?!” A loud manly voice calls out from downstairs.”Yeah, I’m just in my room!” She calls back.”Quick, we got to hide you!” She whispers frantically to me.”What- why?” I ask, her nerves rubbing off on me.”He’s so protective of me, if he sees you, you’re done for!” She answers, her bright blue eyes quickly searching around the room for a hiding spot.She spots the large stoney coffin stood upright in the corner of the room, another of her special apparatus she invested in for her sexual kinks. She dashed over pushing me towards it, opened it up to reveal a purple satin in-lay, and without saying a word, she quickly folds me into it with my back against the purple cushion, and locks my wrists into the built-in handcuffs at the top corners of the large box.”I’ll free you once he goes.” She explains, “And whatever you do, DON’T make a sound!””Yes, Mistress.” I respond as she shuts the heavy lid.Lucky for me, there’s a small dark tinted window pane right infront of my face so I can see into her room but she nor anyone else can see me locked in the coffin.I hear the muffled footsteps of her step-brother walking up the stairs, and as my Mistress brushes herself down in her tight black-leather short dress, in barged the guy. I was somewhat shocked to see a young slim yet athletically buff boy no older than 18 with wavy blonde hair. He was wearing a sports vest and shorts, he had already taken his shoes and socks off. Looked like he had just got back from the gym.”Don’t you ever knock?” She asks him.”Why would I need to?” He smirks in response.”Cute…” She replies impatiently.”Why didn’t I have a nice sandwich waiting for me when I got in?” He demands.”Oh shit, sorry, I forgot.” She answers, looking a little nervous.”Stupid forgetful bitch.” He groans.”I’ll go make you one in a minute.” She offers.”Too late for that now.” The young stud replies.”Sorry…” My Mistress sighs, looking down at her leather knee-high boots.”You will be.” He muttered.”Anyway, that’s not why I’m here,” He reveals, “I need you to take a look at something, I can’t check it myself.””Ok, what?” She quizzes.”Well, I think I have a mole right by my bumhole, I can’t see it myself though so could you look?” He explains brashly.”Excuse me?” She utters a little in shock.”Go on, just take a look and tell me if you see anything.” He demands, turning around and pulling his white shorts down to reveal his bare ass.”Erm.. Ok.” She reluctantly agrees, walking up to him and leaning over forward to look. He pulls his firm shapely cheeks apart with his hands.”I- I don’t see anything-” She tells him, taking a close look at his naked asshole.I, too, catch a good glimpse of it, and it looks to me as though he shaves his body for it looks all really smooth and spotless, obviously he takes great pride in his appearance.”Really? Have a closer look.” He mutters.She leans her face in a little closer to his ass, when suddenly-PPFFFFFTTTTT!!He had let rip a large fart right in her face!”OH MY GOD!” She yelps, recoiling her head backwards.”Hahahaha! Got you!” He cheers and laughs in delight, still bent over.”You bastard!” She yells with her nose scrunched up.Oddly enough, she leaned her face back in close looking around his asshole.”I still don’t see anything…” She sighs.”Well you wouldn’t, I just wanted to fart in your face!” He beams with a big smile.”Oh.” She pauses, before shyly standing up strait.”God your such a dumb bitch.” He remarks, pulling his shorts back up.”Yeah, shit, you always trick me into taking one of your farts to my face…” She blushes.”Well bahis siteleri you shouldn’t be so stupid.” He replies grinning inanely.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. My Mistress has always been so fiercely intelligent and sharp witted, yet here she was acting like a real ditsy bimbo. The affect this bullish guy has on her is evident.”God only knows what my mother sees in your father to have married the man who has you for a daughter.” He cruelly states.”I know…” She sighs submissively, looking down at his feet.”Oh wow, what’s this?” He asks looking towards the new leather stocks she’s installed.”It’s my new stocks, just got it today.” She explains.”You’re weird collecting this crazy stuff.” He tells her, studying it over.”I like eccentric stuff.” She softly responds.”How does it work?” He puzzles running his hand over the black leather.”You rest your arms and head into the indentations and the top of it locks down into place.” She cheerily explains.”Show me.” He abruptly demands.”Ok.” She chirps, walking over into position.”See look,” She demonstrates by resting her arms onto the left and right semi-circles and then placing her neck into the main middle one, “now put the top board down onto me, trapping my arms and head.””Like this?” He asks doing as she explained.”Yeah, now just put the padlock on the side hoops, lock it all in place and you’re done.” She smiles as the young buff stud eagerly does as instructed.”There, see,” She smiles, “I’m now all locked up and helpless.”He steps back and smirks at her, and with that look, it suddenly dawns on her that she just fell for another of his tricks.”Oh shit.” She suddenly groans, her face dropping.”You really are such a dumb stupid bitch!” He laughs, slowly walking around her, eyeing her up as he does.”Ok you can release me now!” She giggles hoping he’s just teasing her.”Umm- let me think… Nah!” He laughs.”I don’t even have to trick you into putting your face by my ass now, I can just go ahead and fart on you and there’s nothing you can do about it!” He teases, pulling his shorts back down over his firm smooth buttcheeks.”Oh no, please-” She gulps struggling to get her arms free.The buff stud backs up towards her, she’s bent over in the stocks with her face exactly at the level of his butt. There’s nothing she can do to get away. She tries to turn her head but it’s in vain, she has no other choice but to take his ass full on in her face. Her cheeks meets up to his as he pushes his naked ass into her face.”Hmmpphh!!” Her groans muffle in his firm round flesh.”Take a deep breath…” He giggles and pushes hard. Suddenly, another loud fart reverberates onto her face.”Hmmph mmmphh hmmmpphhh…” I hear her weep. He keeps his ass pressed to her face for a few moments, making sure she breathes it all in. Finally, he steps forwards giving her some much needed air.”Oh fucking hell!” She groans and pants catching her breath.”Smell nice?” He chuckles, wiggling his butt close to her face.”So fucking nasty!” She yells, desperately trying to pinch her nose or wipe her blushing face but unable to move her hands in the stocks.”That’s strange, I always thought my farts smelt rather nice.” He grins.”You thought wrong…” She whimpers.”Oh, maybe my asshole needs a clean?” He whimsies.”Yeah.” She coughs.”Ok, stick out your tongue!” He commands.”W-what?!” She reacts in disgust.”Didn’t you hear me, bitch, you’re going to lick it clean!” He demands once more.She doesn’t react, she just stares at his ass in a blank state of shock.”Fuck sake, when I tell you to do something, you obey!” He yells getting impatient.”O- ok- ok!” She whinces and holds out her soft pink tongue.”Good,” He praises pushing his ass back into her pretty face, meeting his pink asshole up to the tip of her warm wet tongue, “now lick it.”She obediently starts to lick him, starting off with long broad strokes of her tongue as though she’s licking an ice cream, and then soon after starts lapping at it like a cat with a bowl of milk.”Hmmm… That’s it… You know your fucking place, slut…” He groans, obviously enjoying this experience. “Keep going… Hmmmm yeah… Tongue my fucking hole…”Finally, after a while, he stops her by moving his ass forward a few inches from her face. She licks her lips, clearly she herself enjoyed the taste.He then pushes his ass back into her face, only this time he rubs his asshole directly around her face from her nose to her forehead and back down to her mouth.”I don’t want your spit all over canlı bahis my perfect butt.” He meanly smirks.She just closed her eyes and took it, well not like she had any other choice but to.”Now,” He began spreading his cheeks with his clean asshole right by her nose, “have yourself a good long whiff, tell me if it smells better.””Ok.” She agrees.”That’s ok, Sir!” He grins.”Ok, sir.” She submissively responds, and with just the slightest bit of hesitation, she takes a long sniff of his hole.”Well?” He inquires.”Smells lovely, sir.” She softly moans.”Good, that wasn’t so tough, was it?” He smiles, pulling his shorts right down kicking them away on the floor and turns round to face her.Her blue eyes widened largely in surprise as she’s greeted by the sight of his huge member. Even I was real shocked by it’s size and I was further away than her from it. It stood at least 9inches erect with a big fat girth to it. Talk about being well endowed!”Say ‘hello’ to my BIG friend!” He smirks, taking hold of his monster cock in his hand. She tried to turn away from it obviously scared of it’s size but she couldn’t.He lifted is large throbbing cock up and smacked it against her face.She could only close her eyes and groan as he laughed and cock-slapped her face.”Open wide.” He demanded.”Please, no-” She pleaded.”OPEN!” He impatiently snapped.”Yes, sir!” She whimpered and held her mouth wide open.He forced his large mushroomed helmet into her mouth, squeazing it in as it was a tight fit, she almost gagged as he forced it right to the back of her throat.She desperately sniffed hard trying to breath through her nose as her mouth and throat was now blocked up solid by his monster cock.He cruely pinched her nose shut and watched her struggle for air.”Awww what’s the matter, can’t breathe?” He taunted as she struggled and groaned.He stopped her breathing for a good 30secs before letting go of her nose. She sniffed and snorted fastly, catching her breath before he pinched her nose shut again. Her eyes watered as she fearfully tried with all her might to break free, but alas, she was well and truely trapped and at his mercy. Finally, he let her nose go.”If you don’t want me to do that again, you better suck this cock good.” He cooly told her.”Hmmpph mmmm…” She groaned, nodding her head slightly.He closed his eyes and began moaning in pleasure whilst she began sucking on his cock.She sucked and sucked and sucked, sucking him off as if her life depended on it.He started to thrust his huge member in and out of her wet slobbery mouth.She groaned as well as him, but I couldn’t work out wether it was in pleasure or discomfort, but either way there was nothing she could do about it but do as she’s told.I wanted to help her, but I was trapped too inside my claustrophobic coffin prison.Finally, he pulled out of her, and rubbed his cock a few times.”Keep your fucking mouth open, slut!” He forcifully groaned, and within a tick, he splurged all his hot sticky white cum over her face.She shut her eyes tight and let out a long groan as she felt all that hot creamy cum smother her cheeks and mouth, with some landing over her left eye.He softly moaned giving his large cum-soaked helmet a few more rubs before standing up strait, looking down at her.”Look at you,” He laughed, “you disgusting little dumb slut.”She made a small weeping sound, wanting to wipe her face clean but unable to.He used his hand to rub his cum into her face, making the excess drip off his fingers into her mouth.”Fucking swallow that all, bitch.” He unmercifully ordered.”Yesssh shhmir-” She replied dripping cum all down her chin. She swallowed all that was in her soaking wet mouth and licked what she could from off her cheeks and chin.He turned around, and headed for the door.”Aren’t you going to release me?” She called out.”Not yet,” He told looking over his shoulder at her. “I’ll be back in a few hours though, and this time, you’re NOT going to enjoy what I have instore!” He smirked.”Oohhhh..” She groaned dejectedly, yet accepting off her fate.————————————————————————————-True to his word, the young buff stud Charlie returned a few hours later.He was slightly wet all over, having just had a bath and stood naked in the room, eyeing up my poor trapped Mistress. Once again, his huge cock was fully erect.’He’s like a horny stallion!’, I thought to myself.He walked over to her grinning.The smell of soap and aftershave filled the air, strong enough for güvenilir bahis even me to smell it in my coffin.”You ready to be fucked, slut?” He smirks holding a botle of lube.”Nah uh-” She shook her head.”Oh too bad, ‘cos I am.” He chuckled.He slowly walked around her ’til he was facing her from behind. He lifted up the short leather skirt of her leather dress, and pulled her black lacy thong down her legs.”No, please,” She quietly whimpered, “my pussy can’t take something that big…””Don’t worry, little slut,” He calmly eased stroking her soft round bumcheeks, “it’s not your pussy I’m going to fuck!””Oooh nooo…” She groaned more, making a halfhearted attempted to break free.She could only softly moan as he rubbed his thumb down her hot crack and toy her little pink tight asshole.”Pleease…” She groaned helplessly.He just chuckled as he continued to stroke her.”Oww!” She sharply yelped as he had just pushed the tip of his thumb into her.”My, that IS tight!” He grinned, feeling around inside her hole.She tensed up, making it tighter.”It’s too tight ahhh…” She groaned trying desperately to put him off.”Good, I like it tight.” He cruely smiled, pulling his thumb out of her ass and sucking it clean in his mouth.He took his lube bottle, and very generously applied it down her crack and rubbing it into her asshole, making sure to get some inside too. He then poured more over his large hungry cock and rubbed it in.”This is going to sting.” He warned her with a smile. He dropped down onto his knees and held her curvy waist with his hand. With the other hand, he took hold of his now lubed up monster sized cock, and pressed the tip of his large helmet against her tight puckered hole.She whinced as he tried to slowly push it in.”Ahhh noooo…” She groaned. She took a long deep breath as she felt him slowly squeeze another inch in.”Fuck, you’re tight!” He beams, forcing another further inch in.”Aiiiyyy…!” She whinces more.”Nearly there.” He tells her, finding her ass easing up to allow a slightly faster entry into her tight small backpassage.Finally he was all in, her blue eyes were watered right over, she daren’t move a muscle as he was now locked firmly onto her.”Fuuu…” she breathlessly groans.He began easing his cock in and out of her, slowly thrusting as she takes it.She was groaning louder with every thrust but this time there was no mistaking her groans for that of displeasure and pain. Tears formed under her eyes as the tight anal fucking got more and more intense.He carried on regardlessof her discomfort, moaning like a bull as he pounded her flesh.”Grrruuhh fucking take it, bitch!” He moaned, fucking her like a piece of meat.I watched on helplessly as her ordeal went on. I felt so confused, I wasn’t enjoying seeing my Mistress used and abused this way, but at the same time, my cock was super hard. I could only watch as he fucked her.”Hmmmm ahhhhhh… Fuck yeah…” She groaned, I suddenly realised she was beginning to enjoy it!That just made my cock throb more. I got so hard that before I knew it, my cock suddenly let loose, creaming my pants!He continued fucking her ass raw, the sound of their skin slapping against eachother rang out loudly in the room. He fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her.Finally, he moaned aloud and dumped his load of thick creamy cum into her rear.She groaned as she felt the hot cream fill up inside her ass.He slowly pulled out of her. A small ‘Pfff!’ sound was heard as his helmet came out, followed by a dribble of his sticky white cum.They both groaned in pleasure, as he smacked her cheeks and stood up.”Such a dumb stupid slut.” He mocked and headed towards the door.”Hmmm that’s me…” She grinned happily before biting her lower lip.As he was about to leave, I heard a noise I really didn’t want to hear. My ringtone.”Shit, my phone! Not now!” I thought in a panic.Charlie turned round, looking strait at the coffin.”The fuck is that?!” He asks angrily.”It’s nothing!” My Mistress quickly answered. “I mean, it’s just my phone-“”Don’t fucking lie to me, bitch!” He snapped, “Your phone is on the bed.”She gulped as she realised I was going to be caught.”Who’s in there?” He demanded to know.”…No one-” She paused before answering.”You lie to me again, and it’ll be the last thing you do!” He warned.He began to walk over to the coffin, and without hesitation, yanked the door open.There I stood, looking like a lamb in the slaughterhouse. Tied up with a great big wet cum patch around the crotch of my pants.I could only gulp as he stared a hole right through me.He then calmly turned to look at my Mistress, then back at me.”You’re in deep trouble.”————————————————————————————-

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