Traveler Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Wild Night

Kyle packed his laptop bag at the end of his fourth and last day in San Diego for the week. He would wake up the following morning and head home for a week and then come back to San Diego to do it all over. It had been an unusual week for him, but in a welcome way. It wasn’t every week he got lucky while on business.

He couldn’t get it out of his head, how he met Lucy and Brenda at the hotel bar on the first day of his trip and how he accidentally left his suit jacket at the table.

It was a happy accident that led to him dropping by Lucy’s room on the third night, having a drink or two and then engaging in a hot night of sex with the thick, busty brunette.

During the event, Brenda walked in, just as Lucy was sucking Kyle’s cock. She excused herself and left, but the intrusion only escalated the sex to a hotter temperature. Kyle couldn’t keep his mind on business all day, thinking about Lucy’s soft skin and the look on Brenda’s face.

“Where were you today, man?” Jeff asked. Jeff was the guy who brought Kyle in as a consultant, so it would be understandable if he were upset that Kyle was distracted from his work all day.

“Sorry, Jeff. Just a bit distracted is all.”

“I get it, Kyle. It’s been a long, mind-numbing week.”

Kyle smiled to himself. “I should see what Lucy’s doing tonight,” he thought. He looked at Jeff as he headed out the door. “See you in two weeks,” he said.

He headed back to the hotel, set down his bags and changed. He sat down and turned on the TV, but didn’t pay attention to any of it. All he could think about was Lucy and the amazing night they had together. He hoped he could track her down.

Perhaps Brenda would walk in on them again. The thought made him hard instantly. He began to rub himself through his jeans when he heard a knock at his door.

If it was Lucy, he was more than ready.

He approached the door and opened it. Standing outside his door was Brenda. She was older than Lucy, perhaps in her early forties, with light sandy brown hair she kept in a ponytail.

She didn’t wait for an invitation, but stepped through the door, taking her glasses off in a single motion, placing her other hand on the back of Kyle’s neck and kissing him. She let the door fall closed and dropped her glasses on the table güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri next to it.

Kyle couldn’t believe what was happening. He thought for a millisecond about asking her what was going on, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around her body and pressed her against the wall, kissing her back. “Lucy can wait,” he thought.

His erection was evident as his body pinned hers to the wall. She took notice, working her hand down his pants and massaging his cock. Kyle freed one of his hands, unbuttoning his jeans and zipping the fly down.

Clearly, Brenda was prepared to seduce him and wasn’t wearing any panties. She lifted one of her legs to let her skirt slide up and guided his hard cock into her pussy. Kyle pulled on either side of her shirt, and its buttons popped open. He kissed her neck and chest as he began to fuck her.

Her hands slid under his shirt and she ran her nails down his back. “Yes. Oh, yes!” she exclaimed. “You’re so big. Fuck me.”

It didn’t take her long to get to orgasm, her pussy tightening as she gripped him and screamed out. “Yes!”

She pushed him back and away from her, pulled down his pants, knelt and began to suck his cock. “That feels so good,” Kyle complimented.

She let it slip from her lips and looked up to him, stroking his member. “This is all I’ve thought of since I saw it last night. If you liked Lucy, I’m gonna blow your mind tonight, stud.”

She sucked fast, furiously and with a great deal of skill. Kyle could feel the pressure building up within him. “I’m gonna cum,” he warned.

Brenda was undeterred. She took it out of her mouth, looked at him again, smiled and said, “cum in my mouth.”

She plunged it back in and sucked him again. Only a dozen or so bobs up and down on his cock and Kyle’s balls began to tighten. He filled Brenda’s mouth, and she swallowed before giving it a few more licks to clean it off.

She rose to her feet and kissed him, some of his cum still in her mouth. Her tongue slipped between his lips, sharing the salty ejaculate with him. The act kept him hard for a while, and she continued to stroke him as she kissed.

She parted from him and threw herself back onto the bed. “Why don’t you lie down and recover, Kyle,” she said. “I’m not done güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with you tonight.”

He smiled, removed his shirt and sat down. “This is the last thing I expected to be doing tonight,” he said. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Well,” said Brenda. “I couldn’t abide you presuming that Lucy was a better lay.”

“No, not better, but certainly different.”

“Did you two have fun last night?”

“Yeah. Definitely.”

“I’ll admit,” Brenda began, “she is sexy. Those big tits; they had to have been fun.”

Kyle laughed as he pulled his pants from his ankles and cast them aside. “They were.”

“You gonna fuck her again?”

“I hoped to.”

“I see. You thought it was Lucy knocking at your door… Well, I’m not young and voluptuous, but I’ll definitely suck your balls dry.”

“I think you did. That was amazing by the way. You’ve clearly practiced.”

“Are you calling me a whore?”

“Uh, I, uh.”

She pulled her shirt all the way open and cast it aside. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m a dirty slut. There’s nothing I like more than to be fucked until I’m sore.”

Kyle moved in alongside her, pulling her skirt down her legs and off. She unfastened her bra and threw it away to the side of the bed. They were both completely naked and Kyle began to lick Brenda’s right nipple as his hand crept down her abdomen to her pussy. He pushed two fingers in and began to massage her clit.

“Ooh. So, you like slutty women,” she giggled.

Kyle smiled. “You started it, you fucking whore.”

He fucked her hole with his fingers as hard and fast as he could while she squirmed. “Oh, yes!” she cried. “Mmm.”

He placed her nipple between his teeth and bit gently. It sprung to attention. She pinched the other nipple with her fingers as she began to climax from Kyle’s hand. Her juices dripped down his fingers while he licked and sucked on her nipple. He kept going, even after she climaxed and she cried out repeatedly, tightening over and over as she was overtaken by waves of ecstasy.

He finally let his fingers slip from her and she lay there, drenched in sweat and shaking from her multiple orgasms. “You are a dirty boy, Kyle,” she panted.

He lightly slapped her cheek. “I’ll do the name-calling, bitch,” he said.

“Mmm,” güvenilir bahis şirketleri she said, biting her lower lip with a mischievous grin. She sat up and began to crawl toward the corner of the bed. Kyle grabbed her by her hips, indicating that he had fully recovered and was ready for round two.

Brenda grabbed the shallow bedpost with both hands as Kyle positioned himself behind her, shoving his engorged member deep into her still-wet pussy. He started slowly, taking her in long strokes, but built up speed, until her moaning became shaken from his impacts against her. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” she yelled.

“Take it, you fucking whore,” he prodded as he worked a finger up and down her ass crack. He worked one finger in and then another. Brenda’s screams became more intense.

He pulled out his fingers, reached forward and grabbed both of her wrists, pulling her hands from the bedpost and bringing both of her arms behind her back. He pulled her up by them, until she sat facing away from him on his lap. He kept her arms pinned behind her and fucked from underneath. She met his thrusts hungrily, working herself up to yet another body-shaking climax.

Kyle shoved her forward onto the bed and pinned her arms again, so that her face fell to the bed, her ass in the air. He pressed the end of his cock against her asshole and worked it in. “Mmm,” she said. “Violate me, you son of a bitch.”

He thrust deep into her ass, and fucked her as drops of sweat fell from his face onto her back. He plunged deep, his balls smacking against her spent pussy. “Beg for it, you fucking slut.”

“Oh, yes. Please shove your hard cock into me. I want it so bad.”

He released her arms, and grabbed onto her ponytail with one hand as he spanked her with the other.

Brenda almost couldn’t breathe. “Yes! Punish me. I need it so much.”

He smacked her ass again, drilling her hard from behind. His balls tightened again. He pulled out and shot streams of hot semen up her back. He pushed her head forward and fell backwards onto the bed. “Shit. That was incredible,” he said.

Brenda got back up and knelt on the bed facing him. “Told you,” she said. “Was that better than last night?”

Kyle smiled. “Certainly different.”

“The night is young,” said Brenda. “I’m sure you could still catch Lucy if you want to make a fresh comparison,”

He laughed. “I’m not sure I have anything left.”

“Maybe tomorrow, then?”

“Going home tomorrow,” he replied, “but I’ll be back in two weeks.”

“Sadly, we won’t be here,” said Brenda. “You’ll have to find some other way to pass the time on your next visit.”

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