Traverse Part 1

Traverse Part 1This work is legally protected under the Copyright Act. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account Xhamster:GayStoriesPLThe story of the categories gay sex fiction. What any described coincidence of names of the sites, etc. Etc. is only collusion Uncle Volodya and probability and never unfulfilled fantasy author.Below, you can read the story “Traverse Part 1”, I wish you a pleasant reading.Traverse Part 1Just finished the night watch on the military and the day promised to be great. Just in time to go to the seaside. Buddy could not because holiday MON organized. ET case was not difficult’m off duty but as moisten and just in case no one knows anything samowolka not see just then Ancel. To the sea was of five kilometers and 12 dzionków to civilian life. The road to the beach led by Babe smaller and larger and typical of polygons field with old military zlomami.Around the middle of the road in a desolate seemed to be a small pine grove my attention to anything that does not match what I knew detail.Under the big blackberry bush which was full of lay man seemed to be looking for the soldier but in another party clothes. As silently as I walked in about ten meters and I knew but I could not understand further Yes – slept our best Russian saldat boots in knee breeches pants feces sand under his head silence and calm all around. Curiosity ordered stalking begin and begin to crawl toward it advised. Sea far into the background and soon descended from the stage was quite downhill unfortunately. At one point crawling heard from somewhere very close to the back of the fast approaching clatter of shoes on the grass. Before I could think about getting up and rozgladaniu in front of my head, I saw military knee high boots and felt that d ** g and expertly compressing my back to the soil.- Lying in broken Polish someone in advance and had to reload the familiar crunch of feces heard. I tried to lift and turn her head to see what was going on but the pressure of the shoe is moved to the head, and the crease expertly to land other knee gniotlo probably already back and arms pulled one back moments later to tie stripe trouser unless or something similar. View how I was then given watch it right under the nose of high standing but the military and on the Russian sleeper awakened kicked by another saldata with Gun-Cry dieducha – definitely cried in Russian to someone the owner’s shoes and standing with me on the head. After a moment, somewhere in the back, I heard a foreign language to someone who explained that the man was sleeping and I was b * snuck up your arms or something like that.Even oment and oppression of the shoe stopped a strong hand grip illegal bahis siteleri the collar of my costumes helped me to rest on my knees and hands tied tightly on his back began to hurt like hell. The views were wasted in front of me, and for a moment appeared confident that dieduch only called. Osilkowaty fellow can tell rozchlastanym in uniform. The belt on the eggs paw in your pocket and freshly burnt cigarette in his mouth with a wry grimace.-Proper posture Polaczek broken Polish spoke to me and told someone to write down sleeping and not let go for now with the promise of later accounts.It went quickly because next kamandira appeared in two armed kalachy the soldiers. All three were at ease on the fourth pewniacy stood behind me and held the proverbial tails. Trinity chatted after ichniejszemu a fourth-Choroszo made understandable and everyone became like more pleased. Something kroilo and is with me in the lead role-perhaps rather think for sure.In the end, the bully came and squatted down imperiously blowing smoke in my mouth began to clarify – You’re a deserter and you are with us and on top of b * your arms wanted us to take We can not let you go or send to your escorted standing behind me burned with a cigarette and went to the guys standing on . Joy and even joy.It did not look good from my perspective, because if you send back will be a steep staircase and a civilian soon will not be for sure. -I get on I was not going to do anything with that gun-tried to explain – What you got for us? A b * wanted to fucking kill your arms and end of the matterDog mother documents and money were in the camp for what they had to lug on lewizne in secluded backwater polygonal-made. – Now I have nothing, but … – But …. – Firmly interrupted – now you have only yourself ….. – Mozet byti – said one of the bystanders on and we even have lifted with laughter. I think they all understand the Polish and began to reach out to me what they knew and what they wanted at the moment. – Settle for all of us perform all orders and go to their cheerful ot such your job-but what do I do? – I began to think with fear in his voice and dieduch stood up and took a step towards me so that his crotch was right at my mouth and said, proud-Now you know what to do? Without waiting for any reply began slowly unbuttoning fly just a few inches in front of my nose and the others guffawed with delight and stared intently at the scene puffing up like cigarettes.I was not willing at this time to the fun and all the numb shock. I admit I once thought to try such a number but not in such conditions at the audience and for God’s sake not many peasant. Mina betrayed probably my indecision and lack youwin giriş of enthusiasm so boot pushed me back with your knees on the ground and then rolled his foot on the belly. Hands hurt and thoughts raged and he explained bluntly – Start of shoes have to shine all and all is clear or notHe grabbed her hair pulled back his head and said – you do it yourself willingly or get help from us but painful. Dawaaaj see that others are waitingAnd again, the mouth appeared stogie after military polygon normal crossings. I began to lick the output and the time was not too much. – Nu charaszo come on come on swift swift fans joyfully began to cry.When I started work d ** g but walked everyone. I saw that the two have a brief boots similar to ours also laced-well less licking at the thought will have to be good looking websites in the incident because saliva already missed and Language probably already hurt worse than the hands. They started chatting and a prod me lying upside down to encourage faster work on the Head of the shoes. One began to form something like a small bowl in the ground exactly udeptujac her and the other tied my legs with boots and finally freed the hands thatAnd so on, if anything is unsuitable because they were completely numb, as if paralyzed. Finished d ** giego shoe fell when a new task – Take unless it was karma for a sweatshirt. When awkwardly on his knees doing what they ordered on the side of the page “bowl” hum and strange began to dabble When I saw I did not want to believe. Either poured into the normally ad ** g soaked in a flying shoe stream rather purge it. But this was not the end of their ideas for improving the firmness of my tongue. Szarpnieta went head to the side to another like a waterfall fully ready to start mouthwash. Strong motion lapsko firm przytrzymalo head and close your mouth dick began simply pour filling them to the brim when I caught them air because it was easier and more A spanking lasted and lasted and the donor was chief recently lizany-Wkusna wkusna-around and heard the laughter and joy of the word a blast. When he had finished washing pushed firmly towards the owner before oplukanego already shoe and said with glee- It will be easier wet well and broke. And as the need to have a supply next.Indeed shoe rests next to the filled to the brim with piss pits makeshift earlier. I felt disgust but there was no other exit – Nu Ivan on your – sounded a neck loop set up to bar the end of which went to hand this Ivan conveniently based in sit down on the tree owner’s slightly lower than previously saperekNew owner rags jerked his belt and threw – Pajechali. And the rest is acquitted luzackiego burst of laughter canlı bahis from the shoe was going urine tasted salty and bitter and acidic at the same time but in fact there was no such friction, moreover, that keeper unless it was not so much on the cleaning shoe but the very fact of their licks because as rapidly under his nose he put d * * giego treatment.Helpful indeed proved to be the hands which could no longer hold the foot and the shoe I’m used to from time to time cast some observations from the side there anyway because I did not know exactly what they want and sometimes to such taunts he answered my current holder and ruler-wielding bar.Quickly changed the Lord and shoes. New trainer took the leash on the fly like the baton in a relay is changing. He waited for the completion of upper and polishing even jerked his belt to make it clear that it was his turn.Supported soldier threw a farewell with a sneer in his voice-Charoszyj sobaczkaNew gieroj pulled the belt and it looked like that walk on four treats me but when I passed a puddle surprisingly not much deeper before I can see well udeptal and nothing wsiakalo pointed to her leg and had flushed Rylo. I did it reluctantly and very passionately because someone’s foot in the shoe Armed helped me check the depth of the pit.And in the meantime the sounds of grunts and spitting like I heard then another tug and direction for the next shoe is indicated. He stood on a small stone and well zharhany.Another help me rejoice-I thought to myself quietly and loudly sounded loudly – Wpieriod – and again, observers they lived, and clearly zwawiej something talked.It was probably hideously and resistance to first lizem grew and the standard time delay was too long I got a kick in the ribs and someone’s leg to oplutego shoe approached head firmly. Finally forced myself and took the first mouthful of saliva with dust and remnant shoe confused. I thought it would be worse but it was not, moreover, but he was smaller and laced Besides, the latest influx of impressions and sensations which funded me was so new and previously unknown in shock that everything was strangely neutralized lack of other views that impotence …. This strange but …. almost in the state-it’s liked anyway hope was that as soon as I’m done and forget about the trips back over the sea to his camp, because that is already a stogie lizany fifth or sixth under his breath became, moreover, what’s the difference I can not help not for me to decide about the end of this performance on the range, played with my active participation in the role lizobuta so far and on …..Language already hurt because litter of shoes did what he had to but but ended up d ** g but the two probably still have to handle.Another jerk heralded another change, and indeed First, a short walk to the side and then on her knees to pick up an order I probably have a new ruler in front of me stood imperiously in the legs apart and a new task was for me.Cdn

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