Tribes Fucked Me In The Dense Forest


Tribes Fucked Me In The Dense ForestsuppriméMy vital stats are 34 30 32, I have a fair complexion, my height is 5.7.The story which I am going to narrate happened in 1992. I was born and bought up in a small town called Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. I was bought up by a priest father and a housewife mother in a very conservative way, I grew up wearing half sarees, studying in a girls school/College, never interacting with boys etc. I was 20 years old and just out of college when my parent fixed my marriage with a business man named Krishnan. My husband Krishnan was 12 years older than me, he was a business man from Chennai who had his roots in my town. The marriage happened in a month’s time.Like every other newly married woman, I was dreaming about a perfect marriage, but not everyone are lucky to make their dream come true isn’t it. My husband being a workaholic spent most of his time in the office, he was so engrossed in business that he never use to come back home some days, the initial days of sex were nice to me as I was new and had no knowledge about it but a month later I realized that I never had an orgasm and my husband had sex with me only for his happiness and not mine. He would come home, strip my clothes, penetrate inside me and after releasing his cum he would sleep. Although I was enjoying the comforts of a high class society, I was missing the love and care which was abundant in my parents home.One fine day, to be precise, the June 1992, one of my husband’s client gave him a package offer to stay in Andaman for a week, my husband asked me whether I am interested to join him as it will be a honey moon for us, we were married for 3 months at that time. I agreed instantly as I had never been out of my state in my lifetime.Me and my Husband reached Port Blair and was stationed there for 3 days, the first 2 days we went around some local places, the 3rd day our driver suggested to go on a thrilling jungle safari and if we were lucky we would see some stone age tribes too, I was reluctant at the beginning but my husband convinced me to the trip. We started from our house at 7 AM in the morning, the driver somehow sneaked into the forest area without the knowledge of the authorities, I was wearing a kerala style full white saree that day, I wore my saree well below my navel, my belly button was visible.I noticed the driver staring at my belly often, I was also turned on a bit by his staring, several thoughts crossed in my mind, I even thought to seduce him and fuck him, when I was thinking about all this the car suddenly stopped in the midst of the jungle, I was shocked to see 4 tribes, almost naked, bursa escort surrounding our car with arrows pointing at us, the driver immediately got down from the car, blabbered something to them in their language and ran away from the place, I was almost crying out of fear when the tribe opened the back door of the car, pulled me and my husband and carried us inside the forest, all four of them pressed my boobs when they pulled me, my nipples went erect due to this,I was enjoying their touches even at that dangerous time. My husband tried to talk to them but they never responded. A few minutes later, they put us in a hut kind of a place and went away, there were abut 6 naked men with their bow’s and arrow’s in the hut, the hut didn’t even had a chair, we sat on the floor. I was scared to death, so was my husband, the four guys left,. The 6 guys were constantly staring at me, The tribes were of African origin, I saw their cocks fully erected after seeing me, the size of their cocks were between 9 inches to 12, I had never seen such a big cock in my life before. Although I was shivering with fear, I constantly kept looking at the cocks.A few hours later, 1 men who captured us early came into the hut and asked , who amongst you know Hindi? I was the one who knows how to speak Hindi as I grew up next to a North Indian family at my home town, I replied to the tribe men in Hindi, he asked me to follow him, i was looking at my husband who was clueless, the tribesmen said, if you want to live then follow me now, my husband signaled me to leave. I immediately got up on my feet and proceeded to the door, while doing so a couple of tribesmen who were guarding me, came near me pinched my hips and my boobs, I was turned on but as my husband was there, I acted like I was uncomfortable and walked out of the door and followed the man. The man crossed several huts where I encountered many men, women and c***dren all of whom were naked or just wearing some leaves.The man directed me towards a big hut, I went inside to see 2 more tribesmen sitting there, they must be about 50-55 years of age, dark, 6 feet and well built the man who escorted me there also fits the above description.All 3 were looking at me with lusty eyes, this turned me on and also made me wet. One man came to me and asked me am I from the neighboring village in a harsh tone, he was speaking Hindi, his voice sent shiver down my spine, I gathered courage and told him that I was a tourist and have no idea about the village he is talking about, the man’s tone grew even more harsher, he then told me, the driver who drove us promised that me and my husband were bursa escort bayan from the neighboring village and asked me to stop lying. I later leaned that a month back, the neighboring village people killed one of the tribe and from that day, the tribes were hunting down the villagers for revenge. I almost cried and I told him that I swear I am a tourist and I know nothing about the neighboring village. The man came even more closer to me, he put his arms around my shoulder and spoke in a nice tone, he told me that, he will spare but there is a condition, I was happy hearing these words, I immediately asked him about the condition.The man said that they 3 are the leaders of the tribe, if they tell a word the whole tribesmen will fuck me and leave me to die, if I want to escape I must better fuck these 3 persons, I was shivering and I was a bit turned on, I was pondering when, an other man came close to me and said that, they have never fucked a girl of my complexion in their entire life and they will spare me if only I let them fuck. I was completely turned on now.The man also said that they will not talk about this to anyone. I had no option left than to agree, I nodded my head approvingly, immediately the men removed the leaves from their body, I saw their fully grown cocks, it must be more than 10 inches, one man came close to me and kissed me on my lips fro a few seconds, he slowly removed my salary, he took a look at my belly button and he immediately went down touched it, pressed it and put his tongue on it while he pressed my navel with his hands, the other 2 men came closer, they removed my blouse and my bra and my boobs were free, they looked at each other and said something in their language, they pressed my boobs roughly.I was in seventh haven when all this happened as I was enjoying the foreplay for the first time in my life. the 2 person grabbed my boob and started sucking and biting it while the other men started biting my navel. I was monaing mmm ahhhh,I started stroking 2 men’s cock with my hands, it was nice holding such a big cock in my hands, the 3 men made me kneel down and one men thrust his cock on my mouth, I was not able to take the full cock in my mouth, I was blowing this men while I was stroking the other men’s cock, after some down the man took his cock out of mouth and pinched my boobs, an other man put his cock on my mouth, I gave him a blowjob, the man was also moaning in pleasure.A few minutes later, one man stripped open my petticoat and my underwear and saw my pussy, I shaved my pussy only a week ago so it was clean and neat, the man was so happy seeing my vagina, escort bursa he slowly inserted his tongue on my vagina and was licking it, I was moaning slightly while blowing the cocks of the other 2 men, a few minutes later, one man inserted his cock on my vagina and stroked it hardly, I was in great pleasure and started moaning heavily the other 2 were pinching and biting my boobs and navel while I was stroking their cocks, the man was stroking his cock in my pussy so hard that I moaned lightly, the man jokingly said, why is your pussy so tight in spite of you being married? I told him make it wider, he was stroking with more vigor, It was very painful as I never had such a huge cock in my pussy, I was moaning the loudest.A few minutes later, he took his cock while the other man entered his cock in my pussy, his cock was bigger than the previous man and it was more painful, I was moaning, tears rolled down my cheeks. I was enjoying myself. my moaning reduced as I took the cock inside my mouth. Sometime later the 3rd man also entered his cock into my pussy. I was enjoying all this with my whole heart, a few minutes later, the man took his cock out of my pussy and placed it between my breasts and stroked it, I was loving it as it was the first time some one is tit fucking me.He did for some time while he was pressing my boobs, the other 2 did the same then one by one everyone entered their cocks into my pussy and stroked, the first man cummed inside me, I requested the other 2 to cum on my face and tits as I never had the experience of it, the other 2 cummed on my face and tits, I was swallowing the cum like a bitch. I was very satisfied with the sex, I couldn’t even get up all the 3 men kissed me and told me that they had the best sex in their lives. I dressed up, I was completely exhausted, one man went and bought my husband, the 3 men warned me not to talk about what happened to anyone outside or they will kill me, I just nodded silently and nudged my husband to nod to.The 3 men escorted us to the main road, they were constantly pinching my tits and hips without my husband’s knowledge, I was also enjoying it, I was happy that I had an orgasm that day. The men left us after the main road came, they quickly disappeared into the forests. Me and my husband took a bus and went back to the hotel, my husband was constantly asking me what happened and why I look so tired, I simply told him that I somehow convinced them to free us and I was tired because of the walk from the forest to the road, my husband believed it, the next morning we left Andaman and went back to Chennai. That day while bathing I noticed a lot of love bites near my boobs and my navel, I was masturbating on the bathroom thinking about the experience I had. From that day onwards I had a lot of different sexual experiences but nothing was as good as this.

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