Tricked Chicks: Vanessa

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Big Tits

Episode 3: January 11th, 1998

Lester Graves, owner and founder of the up and coming Tricked Chicks magazine and all around failure in life, was driving a rented emerald green Lexus. It pulled off the street, passed a countless entourage of parked cars, pick up, station wagons, vans and occasional motorcycles, drove past a jewelry store, a book store, a pet

store and a butcher shop, and parked in front of a video game store.

Standing in front of the store, the next girl in Lester’s revenge plans stared at him with pretty brown eyes. Her name was Vanessa, and watching from safe warmness of the car Lester saw that she was just as pretty as he remembered her from the day she came in and asked about modeling for his magazine. Vanessa wore a heavy Raiders jacket and heavy jeans. It was eleven degrees outside, and that wasn’t even considering the wind chill. He reached across the seat of the emerald green Lexus

and opened the front passenger side door. Vanessa walked over to the car, opened the door and came in. She smelled slightly of bubble gum. Her breath smelled of peppermint. She seemed a bit nervous.

“Sorry about all this,” Vanessa said. “If my boyfriend wasn’t such an asshole I could have made it on time, and you wouldn’t have to pick me.”

“Not a problem,” Lester pointed out. He would have done anything to assure the arrival of a model. His magazine depended on these beautiful girls. “Buckle up.”

Lester took off, needing to escape the shopping area and all these people. Lester never felt comfortable among masses of people. The emerald green Lexus shot back on to the street. Mastering the car like a trained stunt man, he got past a series of cars, making his route to the office faster. A few drivers blew their horns at him,

others opened up their windows to scream at him, none of this bothered Lester though. Sitting next to him was the third girl who would be featured in Tricked Chicks magazine. He needed seven girls to make the first edition of his magazine

complete. Four other girls waited for his phone call at home. He had their names in files back at the office.

Lester took a left turn and missed smashing an old lady with a walker by about ten inches. He offered no apologies, he gave no amount of shit. As far as Lester was concerned, the old lady was walking in his way of revenge. If the Lexus were to kill her, it would have been her own damn fault.

“Where’d you get you license?” Vanessa asked.

Lester only smiled at the remark. “Got a schedule to keep,” was what he said after they waited in silence long enough. “You and your boyfriend fighting?” Lester felt it necessary to break the ice.

“Always,” she sounded said.

“May I ask why?”

“Lots of things really. I don’t think he likes me anymore. He’s always talking to these nasty slutty girls now. He never calls me at home. He never does anything with me. And I guess I’m also starting to hate him.”

“Maybe it time you broke up,” Lester said. He enjoyed playing games with their minds. He could really act like one them caring sensitive types who loved to listen when he wanted too.

“I thought we’d be together forever,” Vanessa said. “I guess I was wrong though. I can’t be with a man I don’t love. Can I?”

“Not if you want to be happy.”

“Do you really think I’ll make a good model?” she asked suddenly. She didn’t want to talk about her failing relationship any longer. It was making her sad. Lester saw it as breaking her down for later on.

“You’re a pretty young lady,” Lester pointed out. “You’d make an excellent model. And I bet after some of those big time modeling agencies see you in my magazine you are going to get all kinds of offers.”

This seemed to make Vanessa happy again. Her pink lips formed a smile. They drove to bahis firmaları the office without saying another word. Vanessa thinking over her future as a model. Lester thinking over how he was going to trick Vanessa into doing very naughty things with him. He’d done twice already, but neither of them girls

had boyfriends. Would this game be harder? Or had he broken he down enough? He pulled to the curb in front of his small office.

“Kind of small, ain’t it?” Vanessa asked.

“It’ll do,” Lester said, “for now.”

She followed him through the doors. The office was empty as usual. Since the opening week there hasn’t been anyone looking to be a model. Lester pretended this didn’t bother him, but with only two girls completed, one ready for the taking

and four left, Lester only had enough material for one issue. If nobody else came he would be out of business after the sale of his first magazine.

“Follow me,” Lester said. “The shoot takes place in back. Leave your coat here.” She talk off her coat and followed Lester to the back office. Dale had already fixed the lighting and was preparing the camera for the action.

Once again, it was show time.


Dale was behind the camera doing the thing God had put him on this earth to do. Lester had to admit that Dale was a very talented cameraman. Reviewing the pictures from the first shoot with a young girl named Toni and the second girl, a young and more beautiful girl named Caroline, Lester noted that the man definitely knew when to take the picture. Two days ago he had selected the photos he would use from the Caroline shoot. He had selected eight shots with the blond beauty fully clothed, five with her in bra and panties, six with her bare breasts exposed, nine of her giving him a blowjob and six with Caroline’s face covered with cum. Choosing the pictures were the hardest part of the job.

Vanessa posed. Her body was slender, dark and skinny. Her breasts were small and pointy and sticking out of a Chicago Bulls jersey. She bent over and gave Dale a nice shot of her tight ass imprinting in her jeans. She had caramel color hair, long and streaking with black. Her gray glazed in the glow of the lighting. Her teeth

were perfectly light, her lips were thickish, red and looked like they’d feel good on his cock. Vanessa lifted her shirt half way up, she stopped just before she revealed her bra. She was teasing the camera. Her stomach was flat and perfect. Many men would drool over this girl for a long time.

Lester remembered Vanessa’s file. She was an eighteen year old high school girl like Toni, the first tricked chick, had been. She was unemployed at the time, but she worked in a few clothing stores at one time. After high school she wanted to be a nurse, if she didn’t make it as a model of course. She wanted to get married and have five kids or more when her life was established to the point of comfort. To be young, Lester thought back when he read the file. Life was never comfortable. If she did have the kids, Lester wondered if she would keep the magazine of her first modeling job in her house. He wondered if her future kids would stumble her in all her glory. This brought a smile to his face. A wicked smile.

Vanessa lifted the shirt up higher. From his sofa, Lester could a small section of the bra. He knew this was the perfect time to make an offer. “Take it off,” he said simply. “You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you show more skin. Think of all the other models you’ve seen in magazines.” He watched Vanessa think about it for

about ten seconds. She decided rather fast to take Lester’s advice. He’d owe the real models of the world a small favor, for if they weren’t so sexy and always flashing off their bodies in sexy clothing, Vanessa may not have even considered

listening kaçak iddaa to such advice.

When the shirt came off her body, Lester’s eyes almost popped out of his head. She wore a black bra that was a size to small. Her little orange sized breasts filled in the fabric quite well. Her darkened tanned stomach and cute belly button were the icing on the cake. She was the prettiest girl he’d even seen, even if she was a bit too skinny, and Lester needed her really bad. He had the erection to prove it.

She ran her fingers over her breasts, feeling in her nipples by pushing her hands through the bra. Dale’s jaw dropped from behind the camera. She ran her fingers down her stomach, pushing down till she reached her pants. She unbuttoned them

and teased the two men in the room by taking her time taking it off. When her jeans were down to her ankles, she took off her shoes, then slid off the jeans. She stood before them in her bra and panties, save for the pair of pink socks she wore

on her cute little feet.

Lester’s erection was throbbing in his pants. He didn’t think he’d be able to last much longer with erupting in his own pants. Judging the look on Dale’s face, the feeling was mutual. Lester stood up off the sofa and walked toward Vanessa. He took out fifty bucks in fake cash.

“I’ll regret if I didn’t ask this,” he began, “but I’d shoot myself if didn’t ask you

this. I have some friends with Playboy Magazine and they are always looking for new talent. They asked me to keep my eyes open and from what I can see right now, you’d be perfect for them.”

“Really?” she smiled.


“You really think so?”

“I know so.”

“You really have friends at Playboy?”

“Yes,” he lied. “But in order to see if you truly are a perfect fit for Playboy, I’m going to ask to take off all your clothes. It’s completely up to you.”

“For a chance at a Playboy I’d more than willing to take off my clothes.” She did not waste much time. Lester couldn’t believe how easily things were working out for him. Vanessa took off her little black bra and showed off her perfect little tits. She cuffed them in her hands as if they expensive diamonds. “My panties too?” she asked.

“Completely up to you,” came the response.

Vanessa thought about it for a moment, then slid off her bikini panties. Her teen pussy was shaved clean. Dale snapped a few more shots, then one more after a few seconds of silence.

Vanessa put a finger in her mouth and sucked long and deep. When she took it out of her mouth she rubbed on her nipples. Another hand was rubbing her shaved pussy. A look of total lust came on to her face. Lester never took his eyes off the action before. He was licking his lips from the sofa, waiting for the next time to

strike. Vanessa was going to make fine edition to the magazine. She would leave men’s mouths open and drooling and at the same time leave Lester the envy of many, many men. The boyfriend would hate him most of all. He’d want too hurt him good for taking advantage of his girl. Life would go on though.

“You look really sexy,” Lester told her.

“I can’t believe I actually went this far. You’re doing me a really big favor and I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

Lester found his opening, but he wanted to be careful. This girl was in a failing relationship, but she was in a relationship nonetheless. She might want to stay faithful to this guy. He didn’t want to ruin his chances by coming on too strong.

“How would you like to get back at your boyfriend?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Pay him back for not treating you right. For not spending time with you.”

“How could I do a thing like that?”

“By using me to get to him. It would be perfect. Show him that he isn’t the kaçak bahis only man you can have. You and I can have some fun, and if you can’t do it to punish him, the least you can do is do it for the man who just gave you the biggest break

of your modeling career.”

Vanessa didn’t seem angry with what he said. A few times her mouth opened as if she were going to speak, but suddenly closed. Finally she said, “What do you have in mind?” Lester got off the couch. “I won’t fuck you,” she continued. “Keep that in mind. You’re not really my type, and I don’t especially want to do it with you.”

He pretended a smile, but the comment hurt. “You’d you mind getting on your knees and giving me some pleasure then.”

“No,” she struggled. “I wouldn’t have a problem with that.” Vanessa went down to her knees before Lester was even standing in front of her. She didn’t even take off his pants. She unzipped his pants and fished his erect nine inch cock out. She

held it in her hands, gaping at how large it was. She took her eyes off his massive cock and glanced up at Lester. “Wow! This is a surprise.” She licked around the base of his manhood, her tongue feeling the hardness. She swirled her tongue all over his cock, moving up and down along his shaft. With one of her hands jerked off his cock, with another she pinches her nipples.

She swallowed six inches of his cock deep into her throat. She used her tongue on his cock while lay in her mouth. Her eyes look up to see Lester. The skinny little pervert was completely happy. Another stage of revenge was almost complete. He

couldn’t wait to see the pictures. He couldn’t wait to select his favorites. But most of all, he couldn’t wait to see this in the magazine.

His cock was pressed to his belly, held their by Vanessa’s hand. She licked his balls and gave a few kisses a piece. She was stuffing three fingers in to her little pussy and getting a real kick out of the excitement. Meanwhile the camera was taking more and more pictures. Vanessa didn’t seem aware of this.

Lester took his cock into his hand and rubbed along Vanessa’s lips. He poked it inside her mouth and gently began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Her thick lips wrapped around his cock. She moved her head back and forth, starting off slow and working herself into a faster pace. She was really skilled at giving a guy some oral, he could see. No wonder the boyfriend didn’t just leave her. Who the fuck could get tired of this?

Lester fucked her mouth until his back was erupting with pain. He grabbed the back of her head and gave her a few more thrusts. Vanessa’s pussy soaking wet by this point, she’d made herself quite hot finger fucking herself. Too bad she would not allow him to fuck that sweet pussy. He wouldn’t have lasted anyway. He touched the side of her right cheek with his hand and moved his for his cock. He inched out of her mouth. The cum was rushing up his cock and his knees were

getting weak fast.

He didn’t offer Vanessa any warning. Once the cock was out of her mouth and pointed at her she stared at him. It was inches from her face. “What’s-” she began but never got anything else out of her mouth. A might stream of cum shot inside her mouth, continued up to her above her lips and stopped shy of her forehead. She let the cum which ended in her mouth drool out the corners of her lips. A second shot closed her left eye, reached the left side of her forehead and put semen streaks in her hair. Lester never came this much. Three more smaller blasts landed around her lips and chin, leaving her pink lips white. He jerked a few more drops of cum on cheek and one landed inches from her right eye. Vanessa stared at him though her one good eyes for a long time. Finally she said, “You could have gave me a warning.”

“Sorry,” was all Lester had the strength to say. But he wasn’t. He loved the way Vanessa looked wearing his cum on her face. He gave her towel to clean herself off with and walked her out of the office. Soon he’d review the pictures.

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