Tricked Sluts pt.4

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Tricked Sluts pt.4It was Josh’s sister’s 18th birthday today, so Josh decided to go and visit with her and the rest of the family in Washington. He had to reschedule a new day for Basement Sluts for when he returns, at the end of the week. Josh gave Nelly the night off and Shawn had nothing to do, so Josh invited his best friend to come along.The two took a plane over to Washington where Josh’s Mom and Grandma were waiting for them to arrive at the airport. Once they did arrive, Josh’s Mom and Grandma greeted them at the gate. Josh’s mom wasn’t that bad looking for being in her late 40’s. Nice short golden brown hair and very fit. He had no sexual feelings towards his mom whatsoever because she didn’t have big boobs like his other friends moms did. She was a nice B cup. Josh wondered if his sister, who he hasn’t seen in a long time, ended up just like their mother.Josh’s mother helped him and Shawn pack their suitcases into the trunk of the car and headed off to her house. Soon they arrived at Josh’s parents’ house. The outside looked huge. It was three stories high, painted black, red, and blue on the outside, surrounded by a white gate and a beautiful garden planted on the outskirts of the porch stairs. Adding to the beauty of the house, it was a very sunshiny day.Josh and Shawn unloaded the car with their suitcases and headed into the house. Once inside of the house, balloons hovered to the ceiling and a giant white banner saying “Happy Birthday Sage” was hanging up over the living room door.Josh’s family moved from California as soon as he got his own apartment with his friend Shawn. Josh’s dad had got a better job offer in Washington, so they quickly had to move. Josh’s brother offered to give the family what they needed after he became somewhat rich, but they declined his hand out.Josh asked if his brother was going to show up later on. His mom said that he had to work all this weekend and couldn’t make it but he might call to wish his sister a happy birthday.“So where is the birthday girl?” Asked Josh to his mother.“I believe she is in the back, washing her brand new Grand Dam your father brought her today. She was so happy to finally have a car for her and her girlfriends,” Josh’s mother said with excitement.“Hmmm. Girlfriends,” said Shawn curious to see how Sage and her friends had grown up after these long years.Josh and Shawn headed to the backyard from the kitchen. Before they exited the backdoor, Josh glanced out the kitchen window and his jaw literally dropped at the sight a gorgeous blond with two huge tits encased in a wet white tank top owned by his 18 yr-old sister Sage.“Holy shit!” Said Shawn just as shocked as Josh.They stood in the kitchen for a few minutes surrounded by all the food his mom had prepared for Sage’s birthday. They watched as Sage moved around the car fast, causing her massive titties to bounce and hit up against the soaked car. Her large areolas were easily spotted and so were her medium size dark nipples.Just when they thought it couldn’t get any better, Sage’s best friend Tiffany popped up from behind the car. Smearing her own large breasts onto the trunk of the car, getting her massive black tits all soapy and wet. Josh’s mother entered the kitchen to see Josh and Shawn looking outside the window.“That’s your sister, Sage. She had a super growth spurt almost overnight,” she said.Josh and Shawn were at a halt as soon as Josh’s mother came in.“We weren’t looking outside,” said Josh in a stupid manner.She started to laugh at them and told them “it’s all right boys. I know you guys are men now and of course like always guys, you’re just curious at how the women’s part works.”“Yeah. Something like that,” said Josh in a calm voice.“Go head outside to meet your sister. She is dying to see you again Josh. She has missed you so much over the years just like all of us;” Josh’s mom spoke as she gave her son a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Josh tried his best to make sure his hard-on did not touch his mother.His mother let go of him and they headed outside to see Sage.“JOSH!!!” Shouted Sage, dropping the soapy rag and running over to her older brother. He and Shawn couldn’t help notice that her enormous breasts were swinging wildly beneath her wet tank top. She gave Josh a huge hug and he hugged her back tight. He could feel her wet breasts press hard against his chest. His cock started to rise even further.“Wow s*s. You sure have grown up since the last time I saw you,” said Josh, amazed at how soft her large breasts were.“Yeah. I have been drinking my milk,” she said, then let out a giggle. “I see you have been doing a little bit of growing up yourself.” She said pointing down at his boner.“Oh god,” Josh said to himself.“It’s ok b*o. Daddy does it. Uncle Randy does it. Pretty much every guy I hug does it so I expect you to be no different,” Sage said.“That’s nice,” said Josh bahis siteleri feeling embarrassed. His face started to go red.“Hey Shawn,” said Sage as she gave him a hug as well.“Whoa! What was that?” Sage said stunned.“That’s my big friend,” Shawn replied.“I’ll say,” she said licking her lips at Shawn. Josh saw how Sage was eyeing his best friend but didn’t think too much of it.“Who’s your lady friend?” Asked Shawn.“Guys. This is Tiffany. Tiffany, this is my brother Josh and his friend Shawn.”“Nice to meet you both,” said Tiffany giving them a very sexy smile with her large juicy red lips. Both Shawn and Josh had their eyes bolted at her giant black breasts with extremely large dark areolas and big dark nipples.“I take it you guys are big breast lovers,” said Tiffany who was not even bothering to cover up her breasts.“Oh yeah. We love them big and juicy,” said Shawn licking his lips at her.“I guess Tiffany and I should go change clothes and we’ll meet up with you guys later,” Sage said, giving her brother one last hug. “I’m glad you came, Josh.” Then she moved her hand to his hard crotch and squeezed it. Josh felt a warm tingly rush through his body.Sage and Tiffany headed back to the house and Josh and Shawn just watched from behind. Tiffany’s ass was huge. It was bulging out of her low cut shorts and was ready to burst out of them.“Damn,” said Shawn.“My sister touched my crotch,” said Josh, still not believing what happened.“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Asked Shawn curiously.It was about 9:00p.m and the whole family was in the dining room, singing Sage a happy birthday. The cake was a huge chocolate cake with white frosted icing on it and a picture of Sage. It had18 candles on it for Sage’s 18th birthday. Her mom had a nice looking camcorder, filming the events and her blowing out her candles. Everyone cheered.“Do you know what that cake reminds me of?” Said Shawn to Josh.“What?” He asked.“My seamen all over Tiffany’s booty,” Shawn said laughing.Josh started laughing for a little bit but then had an idea and quit immediately.“Why’d you stop laughing?” Asked Shawn.“I just came up with the next episode of Basemen Sluts,” Josh said with a huge grin on his face. “I’ve seen the way Tiffany looks at you. I’m sure my mom will let me borrow the cam for tonight and we can use my sister’s computer to download it on. This is perfect.”“Yeah. I wouldn’t mind getting some of that,” said Shawn. “But one problem. What about your sister. They go everywhere together.”“I’ll take care of my sister. Don’t worry.”“Yeah but who is going to be filming and getting the close ups and shit while you’re with your sister?”“Damn. You got a point.”“I have an idea but I don’t know if you would like to go along with it?” Said Shawn.“What is it?” Asked Josh very curiously.“How about our first threesome. Me, Tiffany, and…Sage?” Said Shawn with a worried look on his face, moving away from Josh slowly.“You know. That just might work,” said Josh smiling.“Really? So you would want millions and millions of viewers looking at your sister while she is getting fucked?” Asked Shawn.“It’s not like they know who she is and that we’re related.”“Do you think she’ll go along with it?”“I’ve seen the way my sister has been looking at you all night. She felt your “big friend” and now I think she would like a piece of it. So here is what we’re going to do. You’re going to get my sister to really like you tonight and then you’re going to drop the threesome idea to her and Tiffany all right?”“Is your sister still a virgin?”“I wouldn’t know, but if she is, it’s all the more better.”“Mmmm. We could have ourselves an Oreo tonight,” said Shawn very excited.“Oh. What about the family? You know they’ll be able to hear all the moans and the humping.”“Everyone is leaving tonight. Mom and Dad have to take some family back across state. It’ll just be us four in the house. Alone,” grinned Josh.Sage and Tiffany were at the front door, seeing their parents and the rest of the family off. Shawn sat at the table with half a cake, licking the icing off with his large black fingers.“Mmmm. I love me some cream,” said Shawn.Sage and Tiffany came into the dining room with lust in their eyes. Shawn’s purple shirt was unbutton down to his six-pack abs and his muscular chest was rising up and down from his breathing. Sage sat down on Shawn’s right while Tiffany sat on his left.“Sure is hot in here,” said Shawn, wiping his forehead and accidentally smeared icing on his forehead. “Damn. Didn’t mean to do that.”Sage bent over giving Shawn a nice view of her ample melons just wanting to spill out over her green and blue stripe thin strap dress. They looked huge inside her dress. He felt Sage licking the icing off his forehead.“Mmmmm. Delicious,” she said, licking the icing off her lips. Then Tiffany put her finger inside the cake and wiped some on Shawn’s nose and canlı bahis proceeded to lick and suck it off his nose. Shawn was in awe at the two girls.“Wow. You two are sure in a weird mood,” said Shawn. “Not that I don’t mind or anything.”“Sorry but it’s just nice to have a guy that looks like you in the house. Alone. No parents. Well. Except my brother. Damn!” Said Sage.“Well actually your brother doesn’t mind at all,” said Shawn.“Really? What makes you say that?” Sage asked with curiosity.“Well because I told him that I was feeling you and he said that I should go for what I feel and that he knows I can make his sister happy,” Shawn said smiling.“Oh? Really? He said that? Usually in the past he didn’t like me dating or getting involved with his friends.”“Well this isn’t the past. Things change and so do people. I see you have,” said Shawn getting eye level with Sage’s massive breasts.“Hmm. Yes I have. And for the better I may add.” Suddenly, Shawn felt a pair of hands unzipping his jeans.“Mmmm. Can’t wait to see what Sage was talking about,” said Tiffany, tossing her long black silky hair out of her face to get a good look at Shawn’s manhood. She felt something huge and pulled it out of his pants.“Oh my god. That thing is enormous,” gasped Sage.“I take it you’re a virgin Sage?” Said Shawn.“Kind of. I have given head before but never to a dick this big before,” said Sage.“Well there is a first for everything,” said Shawn. “And enough of it to go around.”Tiffany started stroking Shawn’s massive cock. Moving her hands up to the cockhead and down to the base.“Wow. Look at the size of his balls,” said Tiffany as her eyes nearly bulged out of her head.Sage took his massive balls in her hands.“Damn. These balls are the size of oranges,” Sage said surprised.Tiffany took Shawn’s huge dick in between her fat lips, sucking it down slowly, then coming back up gasping for air.“God. It even tastes good,” said Tiffany very excited.“Keep going love. It feels good,” said Shawn.Tiffany took his cockhead back into her mouth and started sucking on it. Swirling her long pink tongue around it. Sage started kissing Shawn, sliding her tongue in between his lips. Her huge tits pressed against his chest. Tiffany’s huge tits rested on Shawn’s left leg as she sucked on his cockhead.Josh was in his sister’s room, setting up the cam to the Internet. He decided to stop for a second and search through his sister’s bra and panties drawer. He found her massive bra and read the tag.“38 DDD. Not bad.”Then he when through Tiffany’s bag since she was staying all night. He found her bra and read the tag.“44 EE. Damn.”“This is going to be good,” he said excited.Tiffany started to bob her head up and down Shawn’s thick huge cock, taking as much of his dick into her mouth as possible. Sage took hold of Tiffany’s head and started helping her push down on Shawn’s dick while playing with Shawn’s tongue with her own.Shawn placed his hand on top of Sage’s hand and started helping Tiffany bob up and down on his dick. Taking a good 7 inches down her throat, Tiffany could feel his enormous cockhead rubbing against the back of her throat. Her saliva started dripping down his massive balls.Sage could hear his moans slipping passed his lips while she was sucking on his tongue, swirling her tongue around his. She felt Shawn’s other hand move across her back and to her side, taking hold of her right breast through her dress. She kicked off her sandals and moved her right foot up and down his right leg.Shawn’s cock was growing harder inside Tiffany’s sucking mouth. She rapidly pushed her head up and down his dick, coating it with her saliva. She rose her head and started beating his cockhead against her tongue, then kissing the pee hole and sliding her tongue across it.Sage reached down and took hold of his giant dick. Stroking what she could in her tiny left hand. Tiffany was licking his cockhead like a lollypop.“Mmmmm. God. Feels so goooooood,” moaned Shawn.Shawn’s eyes got huge as Sage started to slip the straps off her dress down. She bunched her dress to her waist, exposing her massive breasts to Shawn. They stuck out like two massive footballs and hung a little because of their weight. Very bumpy and huge areolas, toppled with eraser size pink nipples.“All the boys love these,” teased Sage.She cupped what she could of her huge tits in her tiny hands and lifted them to Shawn mouth. Shawn didn’t waste any time and started sucking her nipples. Switching back and forth between both hard and fat nipples. Sage started moaning and grinding her crotch against Shawn’s right leg.Tiffany sat up and started to unbutton her shirt, letting her massive black breasts flop out. They stretched down to her belly button and stuck out like torpedoes, aiming at Shawn. She smashed her breasts against Shawn’s face as well. He moved his head from Sage’s breasts and started güvenilir bahis giving Tiffany’s nipples the same attention. Stuffing his mouth with her huge dark areolas and large pinky size nipples.Sage squeezed Shawn’s head between her breasts while he feasted on her friend’s huge titties. Then Shawn moved his head straightforward so he could capture a nipple from each girl in his mouth as he did. Sucking and chewing on each of their nipples. The girls even started rubbing their nipples together inside Shawn’s hungry mouth. His tongue beat upon both their nipples. Coating them with his saliva.The girls started moaning and grunting as Shawn nibbled and sucked their respective nipple. The girls soon came from the nipple sucking. Then Sage removed her nipple from Shawn’s mouth and bent down to engulf his enormous dick between her lips. Sucking on his cockhead while her tiny hands fondled his huge balls. Squeezing them and kneading them against her palms.Tiffany fed Shawn both her massive melons. Shawn stuffed his mouth with as much of her chocolate tits as possible. Making sure he made every inch of her breasts wet with his saliva.Tiffany smashed one of her hands into the cake and started to smear it on her chest and breasts, covering each tit in a good amount of chocolate cake and white icing. Shawn’s long tongue licked up the cake and icing from every inch of her breasts. Sometimes even chewing and nibbling on her flesh, leaving teeth marks and large hickies.Sage continued her assault on Shawn’s huge dick, lashing her tongue over every inch, from the base to the head. Then she took his dick in both hands and started rubbing it up and down while her mouth descend upon his gigantic balls, taking one into her mouth and then the other. Giving each of them a good long sucking. She let his cock go and it was dripping with saliva as well as his balls.“I have to take a ride on this,” said Sage.“Wait. Why don’t we go to your room and continue all this?” Asked Shawn.“Good idea,” said Sage.The girls got up and so did Shawn. They left their huge breasts hanging out, swaying from side to side as they walked. Shawn’s huge dick was also still out in the open, bobbing and swinging between his legs.“God that’s a huge sausage,” said Tiffany, not being able to keep her eyes off it.Both Sage and Tiffany gripped the massive cock in one of their hands and started stroking it as they walked to Sage’s room. Shawn did the same thing. Grabbing and squeezing one of each of the girl’s breasts.They finally made it to Sage’s room. When she opened the door, her brother Josh was sitting on a chair with his cam pointed towards them.“Oh my god JOSH!” Shouted Sage, trying to cover up her breasts but they kept flowing from her arms. “What are you doing here?”“Relax Sage. I just want to capture your first time on tape. This is your first time right?”“Well yeah. But still. It’s a little creepy for you to be in here.”“It was creepy when you grabbed my dick earlier. Wasn’t it?”“No. Not really. But this is different.”“Trust me Sage. We’re all going to look back on this and laugh someday. Maybe even have a foursome. But right now. It’s just you, Shawn, and Tiffany. This is your special moment and I don’t want to ruin it for you Sage. So continue what you were doing and you won’t hear anything from me.”Sage was a little bit creeped out about her brother being in the room with the cam but then seeing the sight of Shawn’s giant dick swinging between his legs made her hot.“All right brother. But this stays with us. If mom or dad found out about this…”“Don’t worry Sage. They won’t. They won’t even see the tape. I swear,” Josh said cutting his sister off.Shawn quickly took off his shirt and dropped his pants. Then his boxers came off, exposing his big dick and balls in plain view. The girls licked their lips and Sage pulled her dress down all the way to the floor, showing off her green thong and cute round ass.Tiffany tossed off her shirt, kicked off her shoes and pulled her tight jeans down, revealing her cotton white panties and her huge ass that threatened to bust free.“Damn. Look at that ass,” said Shawn, watching Tiffany jiggle and shake her ass.“Ok girls. Look into the camcorder and say hi,” urged Josh.“Hi!” They both said.“Now jump up and down, bouncing those beautiful tits,” Josh asked.“No Josh. I’m just here to fuck Shawn. That’s it,” said Sage.“I’m sure Shawn would get even harder if you did.” With that, Sage and Tiffany started jumping up and down. Their colossal titties bounced up and down and flopped on their chest.“Oh god,” said Shawn as his huge cock was throbbing hard.“Mmmm. Good,” said Josh approving. “Now you guys can have fun and enjoy your night.”Shawn hopped onto the bed causing his enormous dick to flop about. Tiffany got on and crawled up to meet Shawn’s huge dick and took it into her mouth, bobbing her head rapidly on it like she did in the dining room.Sage started rubbing her wet pussy through her thong. Then she took it off and tossed it at Josh. She got on the bed and sat down on Shawn’s face. “I hope you know how to eat a girl out,” she asked.

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