Subject: Random Tails/ Trip-Home Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned or encouraged. Trip Home by aol “Not a snow ball’s chance in hell.” “Oh for fucks sake dad, why not.” Gage knew the minute he said it that he shouldn’t have. His dad Seth who was at his bathroom sink shaving, spun around and grabbed his son by the collar of that preppy school uniform he had to wear. Gage found himself pushed up against the bathroom wall. Dad wasn’t violent about it but firm in his action and displaying his strength. “Don’t think for one second son that I can’t still take you over my knee and give you a bare ass spanking.” Gage looked at his dad, saw a glint in those steely blue eyes. Shaving cream spread on half his jaw while the other half was bathed in dark manly stubble. Part of his dad’s disheveled morning hair hung down and caressed his raised left eyebrow. Dad’s nostrils flared slightly as he breathed. Gage could smell the essence of his dad’s still yet to be showered morning body and that caused his own nostrils to flare. Realizing he was getting a hard on Gage dropped his gaze from his dad. His eyes flicked across his dad’s bare chest where the black hairs fanned out across his strong well defined pecs. And shorter hairs danced around two pouty but firm nipples. His eyes continued to drop and took in the sight of the flat stomach. At 36 his dad still took care of himself. Gage breathed in deep his dads scent and his eyes swept down further. His dad was in his thin PJ bottoms and the mound of his manhood was outlined as it pushed against the cotton material. Gage had seen his dad’s prick before and knew it laid about six inches soft across a good sized ball sack. The thickness of the meat and the flared mushroom head always created an unmistakable bulge. Why am I hard? Gage wondered. Is it my dad? Is it the scent of him? Is it the physical contact? Is it the thought of a spanking? Gage was aroused, confused, conflicted. A shudder slithered thru his body. Seth wasn’t going to be talked to that way, not yet at least. He saw his son’s soft blue eyes drop away from his gaze. He loved his son and knew he was a good kid, on the cusp of turning into a man. Gage’s head dropped down slightly and Seth looked at the interlaced strands of the blonde surfer mop his son wore. He felt a shudder in his son’s body and took all this as a sign of submission by his son. Seth let go of his son’s collar and turned back to the sink, as he did he saw the reflection of Gage adjusting his prick in his pants, as he left the bathroom. Did Gage get excited by this? “Sorry dad.” Gage said softly and then was gone. Seth leaned closer to the mirror and his crotch bumped against the counter edge sooner than usual. He looked down and saw that he was turgid. “Is there a problem?” Seth heard his wife ask. He shifted his gaze in the mirror to see his wife in the doorway, wearing one of her power suits. “Not really, just our son testing his wings so to speak.” “He is growing up fast.” His wife sighed. “Well I’m off, Trip is eating breakfast and still needs to shower and dress.” “Ok, have a good day.” Seth responded as she turned and walked away. He wiped the last of the cream from his face and inspected his shaving job. Even freshly shaved Seth had a five o’clock shadow painted on his firm square cut jaw. He was slipping out of PJ bottoms and realized he was still slightly engorged. Seth figured he might rub one out in the shower. “Morning dad.” Seth heard his youngest Trip say as he walked into the bathroom. Seth was never modest around his boys and had no trouble with his 9 year old seeing him naked. Although if Trip stuck around and talked to him as he showered, which wasn’t unusual for Trip, it would stop him from jacking off. “Morning.” Seth replied as he turned on the water and adjusted it. The master bath shower was built with an open walk in, so there was no door or shower curtain. Seth held his hand under the water waiting for it to warm up. “Are you nervous about seeing the doctor today?” Trip had a morning doctor’s appointment that Seth was taking him to since his work schedule was more flexible than his wife’s. “Not really, you will be in the room with me right? Like mommy always does?” “Of course I will buddy, if that’s what you.” Seth replied as he stepped under the cascading water. “Mom said you have to shower yet, so why don’t you take care of that.” “Ok.” Trip replied and quickly discarded his sleepwear and stepped into the shower with his dad. Seth laughed, Trip was the braver or bolder of his two sons. While sharing a shower wasn’t exactly what he meant, Seth didn’t care. It wasn’t the first time they shared one and he knew the time was all to close where Trip would be a teenager and wanting his privacy in the shower. “Wash my hair daddy.” Trip said as a simple command. Seth pulled his son under the water flow soaking his hair then moved him out of it. Spurting a glob of Ivory hair shampoo into his hand he had a fleeting thought that it looked like cum. Seth pushed that thought aside and started to wash his son’s hair. Trip had his back to his dad and despite Seth’s attempt to keep a space between them he kept stepping back into his dad, causing Seth’s cock head to brush against Trip’s neck. Seth thought back to about a month earlier when they had showered together and he was washing Trip’s hair. That time however Trip was facing him and as he washed the blonde mop of curls he felt his son’s fingers on his pubes. He casually asked Trip what he was doing and his son simply replied I’m washing your hair. The simplicity of the answer was typical of Trip. Seth wondered where that event might have gone if his wife hadn’t entered the bathroom a moment later. He saw it as innocent but when the wife walked in Trip immediately spun around so his back was to his dad. At the time Seth thought that odd but quickly forgot about it as he and his wife engaged in conversation. By the time he finished washing and rinsing Trip’s hair, he was semi hard. He şişli travesti handed Trip a bar of soap and took another for himself. Seth flipped the lever so the water switched from the wall shower head to the rain head above. They stood facing each other under the gently caressing warm water and washed their bodies. Seth realized Trip was matching his washing action as he went from neck to arm pits to arms and chest. Trip mimicked his dad’s hand movements as they continued across the stomach then skirting around the crotch down to the legs. Down the left then up the right. Seth’s right hand disappeared behind his back with the bar of soap and he washed in-between his ass checks and across his asshole. He couldn’t see, since they were face to face but he could tell Trip was doing the same. Trip then took the lead and moved his hands to his front and carefully soaped and washed his prick which was hard as a spike. Seth felt conflicted about matching this action. He was still semi erect and worried he might get full on hard if he touched himself there. He decided to skip it and since he hadn’t washed his hair yet, he grabbed the shampoo and worked his fingers into his hair. Seth closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feel of his fingers caressing his scalp, when he felt Trips little fingers on his pubes. “What ca doing buddy?” He asked keeping his eyes closed. “Washing your hair.” Again with the simple obvious answer. Seth just let him soap up his pubes and scrub them. He didn’t open his eyes or say anything when he felt the small fingers venture out to his balls and then his shaft. He figured Trip was curious and what was wrong with letting him satisfy that curiosity. There was nothing about the touch that made Seth think his son had done this before. The fingers traced along the length of the turgid shaft to the head and then touched the piss slit. Seth knew Trip was exploring, it didn’t seem sexual but was certainly sensual. The little fingers wrapped around the shaft and did a few strokes back and forth, then moved down to the shaven balls. He was gentle with them and Seth was grateful for that. Seth finished washing his hair and rinsed it. He then looked down at his son. “We good?” Trip looked up and smiled, “Yes thanks.” “Ok then, dry off and get dressed.” He smiled back and winked. Trip grabbed a towel and dried himself as he left the bathroom. Seth noticed the cheeks of his son’s bubble butt flex as he walked. Trip had left his dad with a � hard on and Seth was tempted to finish it off but didn’t. What was going on with him today? He chubbed up with his contact with Gage and now this. He pushed it to the back of his mind because that was the easiest thing to do. The waiting room of the doctor’s office wasn’t to full and Seth and Trip were seated side by side looking at magazines. Trip hadn’t been athletically active in school but wanted to try out for the upcoming soccer season. Seth didn’t understand why but the private academy where both boys went, required a full physical exam before any student could participate. Seth had read over the physical exam list and saw the school requirements were the same regardless of age. He knew Trip would get the same exam as a 17 or 18 year old would, right down to the prostate check. Seth thought it excessive but probably easier for them to have one exam than create multiple age based exams. As is true in so many doctors’ offices these days, Seth knew the exam would be done by a PA instead of the actual doctor. This office had both female and male PA’s and it was the luck of the draw as to who you got. “Trip Parker.” A male voice called out. Trip and Seth got up and Seth saw the PA named Damien at the door of the waiting room. Seth thought this should be interesting. Seth had been in two months ago for a physical and Damien attended to him. It was very obvious to Seth that Damien is gay. Not by his actions or speech but he was far more touchy and hands on than needed. He had Seth naked longer than needed. The hernia check was more of a, fondle than the simple turn and cough routine. And the prostate exam had a finger in his ass longer than needed. But in all honesty Seth didn’t mind a late 20 something grooving on his 36 year old dad body. He was flattered by it. But he was also happy that he didn’t spring a boner and maybe give the guy the wrong impression. Seth saw the recognition on Damien’s face as they walked up to him. A small smile turned up the corner of the PA’s mouth. “Hi Damien.” Seth greeted as if they were old friends. “This is my son Trip.” “I can see the resemblance.” Damien replied, then held out his hand to Trip. “Nice to meet you.” Trip took it and they shook. “Nice to meet you also sir.” He responded politely. He can be such a nice boy when he wants to, Seth thought. “Son, Damien did my physical some months back. He’s very good at it. You will be in very good hands.” Seth thought he saw Damien blush slightly at the compliment. “I will do my best to do a complete job and make it as enjoyable as possible.” Seth couldn’t see his face since they were following him but from the tone of the response he was sure Damien had a smile on his face. Damien stopped in front of a scale and weighed Trip then proceeded to an exam room. “To save time why don’t you just strip down to your underwear?” Damien suggested. I took a seat in the corner of the office and watched Trip strip down. He handed me his clothes as he took them off. I folded them and set them on the floor next to me. Damien had Trip sit up on the exam table and started in. My genes may have determined their sex but my wife’s determined their bodies. Trip like Gage had a fair skinned body. It was lithe and slim like a swimmers build. Neither of my sons had the more muscled defined body that I had in my youth. They were both blondes compared to my black hair. My eyes were more gray blue to their soft blue. I watched Damien’s fingers caress Trip’s body as he examined it. Damien looked to me at one point, I guess to gage my reaction. I gave him a small smile but nothing more. Damien was making small talk with beylikdüzü travesti Trip in a soft soothing voice as he did his work. I found the show to be sensual and Trip seemed to love all the contact. “Okay young man, now comes the part where I have to exam your private area. Please stand on the floor in front of me.” Damien announced. As Damien sat down on a rolling stool. Trip slid off of the table onto the floor in front of Damien and without being told pulled off his underwear and tossed them to me. I laughed at Trips usual bold behavior. Trip stood up straight and his little prick was hard as a spike. “Someone certainly isn’t bashful.” Damien chuckled. “Since that’s practically poking my eye out, I will start there.” Damien gently took the small prick into his hands and gave it a few strokes up and down. “Good easy flow of the skin.” He commented. He ran his finger tip around the small flared head and then spread the piss slit open gently. With fingers on his other hand he took two fingers and stroked the hardness up and down while holding the piss slit open. I knew he was basically jacking my son off in front of me. It won’t have surprised me if he had dropped his head and sucked the small prick into his mouth. But he didn’t. “All looks good there, no signs of infection or unexpected fluids. Did any of that hurt?” He asked Trip with a smile. “No sir, not at all.” “Good, good. So let’s move on.” Damien rolled the small ball sack in his fingers gently. It was more of a soft caressing. I found myself wondering if I could arrange for Gage to get an exam from Damien, but I knew Gage would never consent to me being in the room with him. I heard Trip coughing and realized Damien was doing the hernia check. But he continued to caress the small spike with one hand as he checked with the other. I thought he was being rather bold but then again at no time did I send him a signal or speak up to object to his handling of my boy. “Ok Trip I want you to step up on this stool and bend over the table. I have to put my finger in your backside.” Trip did as told and reached back and spread his butt cheeks apart with his hands. Damien laughed. “I wish all my patients were so eager for this part.” Damien slipped on a rubber glove and lubed the pointer finger. “Now this might feel a little uncomfortable, but if you just try and relax it won’t hurt and will be over soon.” Damien gently rubbed his left hand up and down Trip’s back as he started to insert his finger. We both heard a sigh come from Trip’s mouth. A good sigh. I raised my eyebrows in surprise and Damien looked at me with the same expression. He pulled the finger out but Trip didn’t move. Damien held up two fingers and looked at me. I was curious and nodded my assent. Placing his first two fingers together. He gently slid them into Trip’s asshole. Trip moaned. But it sure as hell wasn’t a moan of pain. There was no mistaking the pleasure in that small boy moan. Damien pushed both fingers all the way in and twisted them slightly. Trip continued to make that small pleasure moan. Damien looked at me and I held the palms of my hands up and shrugged my shoulders. I sure as hell didn’t know what was going on. Damien withdrew his fingers and the unmistakable moan of disappointment escaped Trip’s mouth. “Trip.” Damien said soothingly. “There isn’t anything wrong but I need to check something out further. I want you to climb up on the table and lay on your back.” Damien pulled off the rubber glove and discarded it. Next he picked up the phone on the wall and I heard him tell someone named Sarah that this appointment was going to take longer than expected and then he hung up. Damien moved to the base of the table and pulled out and set up the stir ups. “Trip I want you to slide down the table and rest your legs in these.” Once in place Trip lay there with his exposed asshole at the edge of the table. Damien pulled a lighted magnifying glass over and examined the anal ring. He would slip a finger in now and then as he stretched the folds open. He then rolled himself back away from Trip and looked at me. “He has had something of larger size inside his anus. I can see the healed micro rips.” I got up off the seat and stood alongside Trip. I placed my hand gently on his belly and rubbed it in a circle. “Buddy I want you to tell me about your butt hole. I promise I won’t yell at you or get mad. You won’t get in trouble.” Trip looked at me with trusting eyes. “But I don’t want him to get into trouble either.” The first thought that raced thru my mind was someone is fucking my son. But I kept a calm face and soothing voice. “Trip it’s important that I know what’s happening, please tell me buddy.” Trip blinked and said softly. “You promise me Gage won’t get into trouble?” Oh fuckin hell, Gage is fucking Trip, screamed in my mind. “Buddy please just tell me what is going on.” I continued to rub his belly and managed to control my voice. “Gage doesn’t know, please don’t tell him. But I use his rubber thing and put it in my butt hole. It feels so good when I do and if I do it long enough my body gets all tingly and my legs shake and it feels like I’m gonna pee but I don’t.” Trip spilled out, still with that look of trust in his eyes. He searched my eyes for a reaction and I smiled at him letting him know everything was okay. He smiled back. I was slightly confused though. “Can you tell me what this rubber thing is?” “It looks like you.” He replied simply. “Me?” “Yea it looks like your thingy. It’s made of rubber but it has balls and it is long and thick and looks like your wiener.” A dildo I realized. I found it erotic that my son is fucking himself with a dildo but still calls my cock a wiener. The clash of the innocent with the depraved act was stimulating. “Sometimes I put it in my mouth first and suck on it but usually I put it in my butt hole. Sometimes I make believe it’s real and that it’s someone’s real wiener. Sometimes I make believe its Gage or one of my teachers but usually I make believe it’s you dad.” Again I saw Trip searching my eyes for a reaction. I winked istanbul travesti at him, bent down and kissed him softly on the lips. “That’s very sweet of you buddy. Has it been only the rubber thing so far? Or have you had the real thing?” Trip blushed. “I wanted you to be the first.” I had to give him a large smile at that and another kiss. “Tell me how this started?” My left hand brushed its fingers thru his blond mop. My right hand slipped down and found its way to his asshole and two fingers slipped into his small boy pussy. I heard Damien sigh and looked over to see him groping himself. I looked at him and then looked at Trips hard prick. I looked at Damien again and nodded my head at Trip’s prick. Damien got the message and moved over to the other side of the table and dropped his mouth down onto my son’s prick sucking it in. Trip sucked in a sharp breath and then moaned out in pleasure. I gave him a moment to get use to me finger fucking him as he got his little nail sucked. Then I asked him again how this started. His voice was small and it sometimes was jagged and accented with sighs. “I saw Gage naked on his bed one night and he was pushing the rubber thing in and out of his butt hole. His eyes were closed so he didn’t see me. I was real quiet and watched him. He seemed to be really liking it and saying weird things like, that feels so good, oh yea, oh fuck me dad, give it to me, I want you inside me, I love you dad, spread my pussy open, take me. He kept repeating those things over and over. He seemed to be so happy doing it and then suddenly his body shook and white stuff came shooting out of the end of his wiener and all over his belly and chest. I snuck back out of his room and the first chance I got I tired it.” As Trip was telling me this Damien had reached over and was opening my pants while still sucking Trip. He managed to get my pants open and pushed down slightly, then pulled my boxers down. Exposing my now hard and throbbing cock. He wrapped a hand around it and was gently stroking me. “How did that go for you?” I asked Trip as I continued to fuck my fingers in and out of him. Damien started to move his mouth back and forth between sucking Trip and then me. “It hurt just a little at first but not for long. I soon found that the more I put in the better it felt. And then the deeper it went the better the tingles’ felt.” Trip explained I then felt Trips small fingers rubbing my ball sack. “Damien I hate to ask but would it be okay if I fucked my son here?’ Damien pulled off of my cock and looked up at me. “Well you sure as hell better fuck one of us.” The lust in his eyes was obvious. I chuckled as I pulled off my shirt and pushed my pants down the rest of the way. Damien was stripping himself naked. He ended up having a really nice body. Not as muscular as mine but some muscle development. A soft spray of lite brown hair with suck able nipples. A cock about an inch shorter than mine with shaved balls. If I was into guys I could see myself going after him. I stepped up between Trips out stretched legs. “Hey buddy, you ready for the real thing?” Trip smiled and shook his head yes. “You won’t have to use the rubber thing any more. Daddy’s found a new home for his cock.” My cock slipped in rather easy. That dildo must be around my size, I thought. I could see in Trip’s eyes that I might be a bit thicker though. It wasn’t a look of pain but of discovering how much more he could be stretched open and finding it enjoyable. “Oh daddy yea.” He exclaimed as I worked my throbbing daddy shaft into his boy pussy. Despite the use of the dildo it was tight and hot and fit me like a glove. I thrust into him and slowly built up speed as I went. Damien was caressing my back and chest as I fucked and was whispering how hot it was to watch a dad fuck his son. To see the little asshole spread open with a man size shaft. The stir ups got in the way a little but I managed to lean down and kissed my son and then started to tongue fuck him as I cock fucked him. I felt Damien’s tongue lapping at my asshole as I fucked. He was rather adept at maintain my fucking rhythm with his face movements. I would have never guessed this morning that I would end up with my throbbing 8 inches buried inside my youngest son’s backside but now that I was I knew this was going to happen so much more. Trip was moaning into my mouth as we kissed and fucked him. “Daddy loves you, he loves your boy pussy. You are also going to learn how to deep throat my hard fucking cock down that throat of yours.” I moaned out into his mouth. “But because I love you so much I want to share you with other men so they can see how great you are at fucking.” I prayed he didn’t try to figure that logic out. I had buried my baby maker, the hard shaft that had made him balls deep into my son. The boy I knew I would fuck again and again. It wasn’t important to me to blow my nut in him at this time. I wanted to take the next step. I wanted to see another man fuck him. I brushed my fingers thru his hair and gave him one last soft kiss on the lips. “Damien is going to take a turn using your pussy, okay.” Trip just smiled at me. “Okay daddy.” I stood up and pulled out. “Fuck my son Damien.” I ordered with a smile. I saw his body shudder at the thought and then he moved into position. He sunk himself in to the hilt all in one motion and sighed, “Fuck Yea.” I pushed him forward and told him to kiss my son as he fucked him. I dropped down behind Damien and with him bent over I had a perfect view of my little boys pussy lips wrapped around another man’s invading shaft. I loved the sight of it, the smell of it, and the sound of it. I felt Damien deserved a reward. I stood up and as Damien was pulling out I shoved into him. He grunted as I drove into him hard. I pinned him between me and Trip. My fucking into him drove him into Trip. They both loved it. The past two weeks have been wonderful. I have spent every possible moment I could get with Trip teaching him to handle his daddy’s cock in ways he never thought of. As I looked thru the magazine I sighed at the happiness and peace I felt at knowing how happy I was making my son. “Gage Parker.” The male voice called out. We stood up and Gage looked at me startled. “You don’t need to come in with me.” “I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with Damien.” I smiled.

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