trip to aunt norma’s house

trip to aunt norma’s houseIn this occasion i want to tell you a story about when i went to visit my aunt Normai haven’t seen her and my cousin’s in 3 years.last time i saw here i was 5 so when i wentto see her, i was 8 at the time, so i was excited and nervous at the same time..i had never slept over anyone house but my parents thought it would good for me to go visit after all and although i was skeptical inside about the whole idea ultimately i wanted to go. I just never traveled on a plane either its harder being in a wheel chair but I was very excitedmy parents called my aunt to let her know she sounded excited and ecstatic which surprised me to be quite frankly after all more k**s to deal with..but thought not too much about it at that fact my parents had a talk with her and mentioned they would take me all the way over therebut my aunt Norma insisted she would pick me up at the airport, she even offered to pay the that time i guess it was pretty cheap.. on arrival i got off the plane and waited for my aunt to find me.. when i saw her i couldn’t believe my eyes she was amazingly gorgeous tall in her early 20s about 5’10 130 somethingbeautiful long blonde hair beautiful, nice smooth tanned skin, great rounded firm perky breastand an ass that even j lo ain’t got shit on i came up to her i couldn’t stop staring.. and i was only 11yrs old i guess my hormones were at that point andtime where they were raging out of control and wanted to explore or was curious about women, and boy was i curious….i asked her where were my cousins she said they were back home waiting for me she said it would give us time to talkand catch up on things…we got in the car she was driving and couldn’t help it to stare at her nice smooth tanned legs, she was wearing a short skirt as she was driving she was talking n i was just staring and she asked how was i doing in school what were my hobbies if i was into any sports…i answered my grades are ok…but i hated mathi told her that i like to draw so art was my best subject…i also mentioned well i’m going to the special Olympics soon, i loved watching wwf now wwe…she was like oh yeah! who is your favorite wrestler i said hulk hogan, she mentioned she liked Macho Man Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth is so pretty isn’t she, i said i guess she is, you like to have someone like her by your side at the olympics to cheer you on?? perhaps i could go cheer you on and be your Miss Elizabeth… would you like that? i answered of course i would auntie Norma.She then asked do you have any little girlfriend to which I said no I don’t auntie norma..she said oh noo.. why not? your such a cute little boy if i wasn’t your aunt i would love to be your little girlfriend.. i would treat you so good, you would be in such good hands.. she said while holding my leg, i just stayed quiet and smiled.. speechless.. in my mind i was thinking her my girlfriend hell yeah…she then asked so you like to draw? Maybe you can draw something for me sometime I would love to see some of your work; i answered maybe..we arrived to the house my cousins came out to greet me and invited me we were talking watching movies for a while mean while my aunt Norma made homemade burgers and fries..yummy…. talk about great welcoming…my aunt then said..alright you k**s on watch tv and ill clean and then it’s off to bed unless anyone wants to take a warm bath she asked me do you want to take a bath or are you ok? would you like my help…i then said i do want to take one but i do need help but I’m shy with you my face was blushing…she smiled and said you don’t need to be shy with me, im your auntie Norma i changed your diaper and cleaned your cute tushy when you were a baby..i smiled embarrassed and said ok..soon after watching tv with my cousin,my aunt Norma called tipobet and asked if i was ready for my bath, i responded and said I’m coming… she said ok go in and get your clothes and wait for me and i’ll go help you i waited and she came in her nighty and robe she said can you strip or i need to help you, i said need help mom always helps me…she said, ok let me help you to make it easier on you…she took my shirt of my pants my ninja turtles undies.she stared and smiled..i asked is something wrong…she said oh no babe…just you have grown since last time i saw your wee wee…i turned red and said auntie!….she said I’m sorry baby…but you have a nice wee wee…and your only 8.. wow cant for you to visit when your older..she said with a smile…then said uh yeah ok, the water is good..get in…she started pouring water on me she grabbed soap and started washing and scrubbing my face shoulders she asked is the water too cold too warm i said no its fine..she scrubbed my chest and tummy and went lower and voiced silently oh yes baby.. which I over hard.. and she asked, oh my what do we have here??…someone is a little excited.. do you like me giving you a bath babe…i replied i guess so..why?well someone has a little hard wee wee…i quickly turned red…and covered my wee wee..she then turned me tried to make me feel better and no no its ok honey and continued to scrube with care…it’s normal for a boy your age to get a wee wee hard… I’m actually flattered that you think auntie is pretty.she said with a smile…i was just surprised…i actually like the feeling of a hard wee wee in my hand… your such a big boy…oh my god.. i was just stared confused not sure why but i was…maybe because in my mind i knew something wrong with this moment or with what could happen…yet I enjoyed the feeling.. that’s when she looked at me and asked can i touch it for a bit…let me just hold it..i promise i won’t hurt you…I’m your auntie Norma i love you…i would never hurt you…I stared….not knowing what to say other then…i think its not right..even though In my mind I said YEEESS!!!….I asked her wont you get in trouble…she answered not if we don’t tell…i wont if you won’t….all this convo going as she was still bathing me….i still was uncertain as to what to say…she said come on…I promise you It will be ok there is nothing to worry about nothing else…I gave in….she was touching me softly gently with love and care…slowly massaging it in round circle motion all of a sudden she starts stroking it firmly with a nice tight grip up and down slowly..being i was wet she didn’t have to spit she just continued up and down firmly nice grip.. she proceeded like that for a few minutes and i saidexcited i thought you only wanted to touch auntie Norma..she smiled and asked do you want me to stop? i got overly excited…i said oh no…i mean its ok… just saying, but nothing else…ok… she said uh huh..which made me think…she’s not stopping…then it happened…yes you guessed it, she asked can i kiss it…she asked as she was going for it anyways with out permission as if she wasn’t going to ask…to which i said auntiee…you said only touching…. auntie: i know but your dick is nice and hard i want kiss it…please let me give it nice gentle kisses……it look soo good baby..i told her ok..just once…ok? Auntie norma: ok!….not knowing she would kiss it alright…French kissed it… that is..before i knew it…she was sucking on it like a lollypop like an ice cream comb with nice long lick…with some deep throating some nice swirl movement and it feels soo good…she was going in and out in and out in and out…with loud gaging noises and i knew she was enjoying it as i was too…then she held my dick firmly with her hand and began tipobet güvenilir mi to suck on my balls…really hard and licked them and sucked on my dick really tight squeezing it with her mouthmy goodness it felt soo freaking good.. by this point i knew she wanted more as she started to get hot and wanted to remove clothing.. which she did… and i was staring… and like i said she had an amazing figure…she asked me do you want to touch aunties tits.. or taste this wet pussy…i asked may i?? which she responded of course babe…what would you like to do.. i want to touch your boobs..i never eaten that..don’t know how…auntie Norma: oh darling don’t worry i will teach you how to eat this fat wet pussy babe….i swear you will love auntie’s pussy in your mouth.. first touch my big beautiful breast and suck on this titties…. lick around the nipple…squeeze them with your hands…and while you do that i will keep stroking that dick of yours…oh baby suck on these nipples bite these titties.. oh yes baby…i love how you fucken suck on these titties….do you like how auntie Norma touches you…how she handles your dick ….do you love your auntie Norma?Oh yes auntie Norma..tall me you love me baby..I love you auntie Norma…Aauntie Norma:do you like my titties…do you like them all in your face…Me: oh yes auntie Norma.. there beautiful.. Auntie Norma: have you ever seen anything like them on tv or a magazine? Me: no I haven’t auntie Norma.. I can’t hide those type of things at home…Auntie Norma: well aren’t you glad you have auntie Norma to show you all these goodies.. Auntie Norma: sweetheart would you like to eat aunties pussy and drain all my juice all over your face?Me: juice?Auntie Norma: yes juice baby… I will cum all over your face and all over your dick…Me: but I never done that before how do I do it, what if I do it wrong.. Auntie Norma: no baby, you will be fine i’ll guide you through it, get on top of your face and you will eat me, ok?Me: ok Auntie Norma: let me get you out of here and carry you into my room quietly so no one will hear us, ok?So then she took me out of the hot tub and carried me into her room we were both wet dripping due to our sexual activity during my bath she then laid me into her bed and as I was laying there she went to close the door boy was she hot I loved her beautiful wet figure… then she came crawling into the bed and started to suck on my dick while holding it firmly with her hand rubbing it up and down.. she was good at it.. now that I think about it… ha ha.. then she moved her body up and got on my face so I could eat her fat juicy pussy.. which was so nice and smooth no hair what so ever… she guided me through the whole process I started to give her nice small gentle licks just nibbling on the outer clit sucking on it pulling it teasing it licking circle wise then nice long licks up and down then I proceeded to go in and out as if my tongue was my dick, I was going and and out in and out deeper and deeper and deep in faster and faster and faster and faster harder and harder and harder she started to move up and down up and down up and down.. she then started to let out screams of satisfaction.. oh oh uh uh hummm yes.. oh baaaby… oh my fucken goodness yess.. oh fuck yeah babbyyyy!!! oh god…yess yess god!! yes… fuck that pussy baby fuck that pussy baby.. oh my yes.. auntie likes.. auntie likes baby.. oohh baby you are a hungry little boy aren’t you.. ay papi mamame rico si..mamame la panocha.. si asi asi ay cabron.. que rico comes la panocha de tu tia…comete toda a tu tia.. ay asi mijo asi.. que rico…eat that pussy yes.. ay si.. asi.. asi.. baby yes.. you know that’s right baby.. uh uh uhaa ahhh yess paaaapppiiii.. oh yeah oh yeah.. ayy.. asi.. chulo…..uhh huhh humm yess tipobet giriş baby.. eat me all.. oh fuck yes uhuh.. you lick sooo fucken gooood papi.. oh god yes baby!!! oh yes yes yes yes!!! god damn it yes!!!!.. break me baby fuck me hard baby fuck your auntie HARD.. yes yes yes oh god yes!!!!!I felt her body move up and down full blast motion and her breast where going up and down I could hear skin slaps.. she kept scream.. oh fucken shiet.. that feels soo freaking good baby.. eat that pussy.. im feel like im going to cum all over your face baby im cuming im cuming im CUUUUMMMINg all over your face baby.. are you ready papi.. are your ready to drink my juice.. here I cum.. here I cum.. oh yess.. oh god yes… aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! yessss ah uhuh yess.. uuuuuuww yessss baby you are amazing eater for a beginer..uuhhuummm asi papi que rico.. ok baby now I want you to stick it in my pussy… would you do that for auntie Norma?Me: Yes aunti norma.. Auntie norma: ok let me climb on top of you slowly I dont want to hurt you and slowly slide that dick in this pussy baby.. she proceeded slowly gently little by little inche by inche delicately not wanting to hurt me and she began to move up and down slowly calmly..Auntie Norma: uhuhmmm uh oh uh oh oh yes,I like it baby uh yes.. uy… que rico papito chulo.. yes oh yes oh baby.. fuck yeah baby feels so fucken good…I could hear my balls banging against her skin like loud snaps or slaps in the face full force as she was going up and down up and down her breast were jumping like to bouncing basketballs but covered in sweat.I don’t know how I was able to handle that at that age I was young and small for my age but was very strong.while we were having sex she would lean over and kiss me in the lips, she was a great kisser I might add.After a few minutes of her on top me fucking she got more and more excited and was loving every minute of it, ay asi papi tu sabes como, que rico papi..ay dios mi.. si chingoau.. puta madre asi papii asssiiiii.. si asi asi meteme tu verga papi ay que rico.. cojeme asi papi..ricoo!!! si rompeme la panocha… siii.. asi.. mas..mas.. mas mas.. ay papito chulo.. metemelo mas mas esa verga tuya.. si asi coje cojee….a tu tia Norma.. aayyy… coje a tu tia norma..uyy que rico..meteme tu verga todita todita asi.. asi asii!!!!! oh my god yess baby fuck your auntie yes fucken shiett.. oh yess….oh uhuh.. oh yes papi.. asi papi.. mira como gosa tu tia… aaahhh.. asiii.. papi que rico.. now I want you to fuck me in the ass baby.. so she turned around and I slided it in slowly gently and then stuck it all in hard and left in there far in deep her,eyes bulged out with a nice loud scream AAHH!!.. yes baby.. oh god yessuave papi suave papi… but then I went faste and faster and faster…. ay papi I said suave.. oh god yes baby I love it.. uh uh uhuh fuck yeah..hhmmmmfuck yeah oh godd.. yeah oh oh oh god yeah break that ass.. break that ass.. asi papi meteme la verga por el culo papi asi.. asi.. que rico papito..uuyyy sii.. asi.. asi.. asii.. oh yess.. siii.. rompeme el culo.. ay dioosss mioo.. que rico se siente tu verga en mi culo.. asi.. asi..asi.. que ricoo.. papii.. asi papito chulo.. oh papi.. I can feel your cuming .. I feel it..i know your going to explode in me.. I know your ready to cum.. oh papi give it too me oh yes.. I can feel it baby.. oh god yes.. ahhh ooohh.. yeesss.. oh god yess..ooh my goodnss baby.. your cuming inside of your tias pussy.. oooohhh yess.. aaahhh.. oh baby you came soo much for a boy your age.. your not no little boy anymore babe… your a little man.. your my little man.. oh my.. yess.. you fucked auntie Norma so fucken good baby.. you should visit more often…you can sleep in my room baby incase you get scared at night.. i’ll protect you.. ok lets get you cleaned up before we get remember this is our little secret.. ok babe.. I respond yes auntie no one will ever find out.. I promise.. then she said thats a good little man.. we will do more fun things later on in the next few days.. and when ever you want to visit auntie Norma

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