Subject: Trip to the City-3 Trip to the City-3 Please support Nifty with your donations so we can continue to express and share our stories. Feel free to message me with comments or suggestions. Randy and I continued to remain in touch after my second visit. Things were rather busy during the fall with school and sports and his coaching. We agreed upon another time to meet. It all started the same as before with him texting me the address. I expected to pull up to a cheap motel again but this time it led me to a remote location in the country. I turned on a dirt road and pulled up to a house with several cars, Bill’s white cargo van and a motorcycle. I got out of the car, nervous I was in the wrong place, and started to the door. Randy met in the driveway and gave me a big hug. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Well, we are going to sorta play a game tonight,” he said. “Put this on.” He tossed me a blindfold. The butterflies started to return. I slipped on the blindfold. Someone grabbed my other arm. “Hey cutie, ready for fun?”, Bill asked. He and Randy led me around the house and to a door, they led me inside. I could hear men’s voices and then silence. “Guy’s, this here is my boy Lane. He was the star player on the soccer team last week so he gets rewarded tonight,” Randy said. The men began to comment, “Good boy, we’ll show him a good time.” “Oh he will have fun alright.” “I’ve got his reward right here.” Bill let go of my arm and walked away. Randy knelt down and removed my shoes and socks. He stood behind me and pulled my T-shirt over my head. I was still 16 5’10 160 and smooth. He pulled my gym shorts to the floor and pulled them off. I was feeling very vulnerable in only my boxer briefs and hard cock tenting the front. The men began to whistle and cat call. My stomach fluttered. Randy then yanked my underwear to the floor and pulled them off. I was naked and blindfolded in front of these men. I soon felt breathing on me and then hands. They were all over me. Rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples, rubbing my stomach, grabbing my cock and balls, rubbing and squeezing my cheeks, and rubbing up and down my thighs. “He’s as smooth as can be,” one said. I had no hair under my arms, no happy trail, no pubes, no hair on my balls or my hole. They all stepped back and Randy pulled off the manisa escort blindfold. We were in a shed that was plain. One light, concrete floor, a few chairs and a bed. There was Randy and Bill and three other men aged mid 50’s to mid 60’s. My cock was rock hard sticking straight up. Randy held up a bucket and drew out a slip, “Contestant 1.” A man in his late 50’s, gray hair wearing shorts, T-shirt and tennis shoes stepped forward. He drew another slip and Randy read “blowjob.” “Get on your knees boy,” the man said. He pulled his shorts down and out flopped an 8 inch uncut cock. He had a thick gray busy and overgrown balls. He walked up to and stuck it in my mouth. I slightly gagged as he began to fuck my face and his balls hit my chin. I turned red and was slobbering from how fast he was going. All the men were encouraging him to fuck my mouth good as they stood and watched. He grabbed both sides of my face and gagged me with his cock. He let out a grunt and I felt his wad flooding the back of my throat. He pulled up his shorts and sat in a chair. “Contestant 2” Randy called out. A man in his 60’s with white hair came forward. He was 6’0 260 lbs. wearing dress slacks, a dress shirt with a tie and dress shoes. He drew his second slip and Randy read, “spanking.” The man went to a cabinet and took out a wooden paddle. He pulled off his leather belt and sat on the bed. He motioned for me to come and stand in front of him. “Young man, you’ve been too focused on sports and your school work has slacked off. I’m going to help you refocus,” he said as he pulled me over his knee. “Whack” he smacked my ass cheek. I stood up but he pushed me back over his knee and locked his leg over mine. “Get back in place boy,” he said. After five more hand smacks, I realized he was being real. They got progressively harder. I thought I’m 16 and my dad doesn’t even spank me but he was. He pulled me close and I felt his hard cock press against my thigh. He was definitely turned on by this. After I got 20 with his hand, he made me stand up. He pulled a chair over, “bend over the back of the chair and grab the seat,” he instructed. I complied. I heard the belt crack and then felt it on my ass. It was already red from his hand. He swung the belt with full force and the smack was loud. I looked toward maraş escort Randy who was grinning and said, “teach him a lesson.” After 20 strokes with the belt, he stopped and rubbed my cheeks for a bit. Then he picked up the paddle and swung it through the air. “Smack” the paddle made contact with my cheeks. I had never been paddled before. He administered 10 firm swats. Surprisingly, my cock stayed hard the whole time. He stood behind me and I heard his pants unfastening, unzipping and slide down. He spit in his hand and stood behind me stroking. His breathing got heavy and I felt warm splats of his cum on my cheeks. He rubbed it into my cheeks like lotion. He zipped back up and sat next to the first guy. The last contestant was a black man. He was mid 60’s, 6’8 300 lbs. He was wearing jeans, boots and a white tank top. He had a shaved head and gold hoop earrings in each air. He stepped forward and drew a slip that said “fuck.” He began undressing, off came the tank top, then his boots, then his jeans. He was wearing a red jockstrap and white tube socks. “Hop up on the bed boy,” he instructed. “on all fours with your ass arched up in the air.” I did as he said. Randy began undressing as he walked toward me. He was naked by the time he reached the bed. Kneeling on the bed in front of me, he put his cock to my mouth and said, “suck it.” I took his uncut cock in my mouth as the black man buried his face in my ass, licking my crack from top to bottom. It felt so good. He started to tongue and suck my hole. I moaned with Randy’s cock in my mouth. The man pulled his big black cock through the side of the jockstrap. I was facing forward and couldn’t see it but felt him slap my cheeks with and then press it into my cock. He put it in his hand and spit on it, then I felt his head press against my hole. “Pop”. He pushed the whole head inside. “Ouch…ouch,” I yelped. He grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him. Obviously Randy didn’t tell him I had only bottomed once. I heard Randy tell him, “fuck him good.” I felt a sharp pain as he pushed the rest inside. I clinched my cheeks and tightened my hole. “Mmm, that’s it boy, squeeze daddy’s big cock,” he said. I struggled hard to stay in place. The men were all turned on seeing my 16yo body spit roasted between a 65 yo and a 51yo. mardin escort Randy fucked my face and the black man my hole. Randy told me to look up at him. I raised my eyes and stared him in the eyes as he began to cum in my mouth. “Swallow me boy, eat my wad.” I gulped with each spurt he made. The black man barked out, “I’m going to breed your boy pussy” and collapsed on my back crushing me under him as he flooded my hole. I felt his warm load deep in my ass. The two men stood up and dressed as I rolled onto my back with my cock sticking straight up. Bill walked over to the edge of the bed and began undressing. I had developed a crush on him after the two previous visits. He was now standing next to the bed wearing only tube socks with blue stripes. I admired his 55yo 6,6 280 body. His salt/pepper hair and beard, his chest and stomach covered in thick hair, his tattoos on his biceps. His 8 inch uncut cock surrounded by a thick salt/pepper bush. He crawled on the bed with me and I was preparing myself for him to pound my already swollen hole. He poured lube all over my cock and straddled me looking at me. He began to lower his ass over my cock. My stomach fluttered and my cock twitched. I felt his hairy crack touch the head of my cock. His cheeks parted and I felt his hole. He continued to look up at me expressionless as he pressed his hole down on my cock head. I felt it slid inside him. I had never done this before. It felt so warm. He clinched his hole around my head as he squatted over me. Then, he sat all the way down on my cock. It was the warmest, wettest feeling. He was now grinning as he reached up and pinched my nipples. I moaned and closed my eyes. He began moving up and down on my cock as his hole squeezed it. All the men were standing around watching him. “You like my ass boy?” he asked. “Yes sir. It’s amazing,” I replied. “I’m going to ride your dick until you shoot your boy juice in my hole,” he said. He began to slide all the way up to my head and then down to the base. He started with slow up and down and progressed to bouncing up and down. “Come on boy give me your load,” he said. My legs stiffened, my toes curled, my back arched and I let out a loud moan. “That’s it boy bred my daddy hole, “he said. I pumped my balls into his ass. He stood up and a drop of my cum fell from his ass onto my stomach. “Nice fucking load, boy,” he said as he began to get dressed. Everyone left except Bill and Randy. As usual, Randy had to get home to his wife so I was left to make the six hour drive back home fully satisfied.

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