Triple Play Pt. 01

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Love Thy Neighbor (Part 1)

Spring had sprung and it was time to get my yard in shape for the coming spring and summer months. I take pride in the landscaping of my property. Being retired military, as a former Navy commander, I like my yard to always be in good condition. Ship-shape so to speak. That, and mostly due to my competitive nature, I also want to outdo the lazy bastards in the neighborhood with money that use a professional lawn service.

I have three neighbors that I visit with most often. Two live on either side of my house that are married and one, who is widowed, lives across the street. The women in the group are best friends. Their names are Linda, Shelia and Connie.

Connie was unexpectedly widowed last year when her husband suddenly died of a brain aneurysm. Although maybe a decade older than me, Connie is stylish, always well turned out, fit for her age, and would give most younger women a run for their money because of her experience in the ways of the world.

Linda is my age and an amazing woman. A petite brunette, she is compassionate, smart and brave. A lawyer, specializing in domestic violence cases, she is also a breast cancer survivor who elected to undergo a double mastectomy once her cancer had been detected. The upside, as she has said, was not only was she given her life back, but that her surgeon, through breast reconstruction, gave her the perkiest set of tits a girl could ask for. I would be inclined to agree.

Unfortunately, at least in my eyes and in the eyes of some others, her husband can be a total prick. Sometimes the question comes up as to how they are even a couple?

Shelia is a very down to earth person possibly fifteen years my junior. She is an elementary school teacher who works with children with special needs. Tall and willowy with full breasts, Shelia has a near white color of blonde hair. Sometimes I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes? Her husband, who works with Connie’s husband, is a good guy who’s easy to talk to illegal bahis in any kind of setting.

It was early Sunday morning. The house was open and I could hear car doors and trunk lids opening and closing. I walked outside to retrieve my morning paper. In the driveway at Connie’s house it was apparent what was going on. Golf clubs and suitcases were being loaded into their SUV. It was the annual golf junket for the men.

Connie and Sheila’s husbands take a weeklong golf junket every year, with two other guys to fill out the foursome, to play various golf courses across the state. Today was their departure day. I waved and wished them well. They would be gone until the following Saturday evening.

I read the paper. It was going to be a gorgeous day. I decided to go outside to work in the yard. It was only midmorning. I had some mulch I wanted lay around the bushes. Little did I realize that that would be a metaphor for what was to come later in the day?

I was working on the west side of my house distributing the mulch when I heard a familiar voice call out in my direction, “Hey, Juan!” It was Shelia. “Juan” is not my name but part of an inside joke. Those neighborhood lawn care professionals I mentioned earlier? They are almost all Latino. So that ladies have made it their habit to call me Juan whenever they see me out in my yard working.

Shelia was setting up to power wash her deck. She was wearing a pair of white “Daisy Dukes”. Her ample breasts, confined by a Hawaiian print bikini top, had a weighted sway to them as she moved the power washer and hose into place.

“Juan” she called, “Can you give me a hand?” I walked up to the deck. “Can you help me with this furniture? It’s not too heavy but it’s too cumbersome to move by myself.” I helped Shelia carry the furniture off the deck and told her when she was ready I would help her move it back. She thanked me for my help and promised, with a smile, she was going to take me up on that offer.

A few hours later my cell illegal bahis siteleri rings. I could see it was Shelia calling. I answered. She said, “I’m ready, if you are?” Innuendo? As much as I respected Shelia, the involuntary twitch in my cock was hoping for a yes!

I walked over to Shelia’s place. She was pretty well drenched from the power washing. The white jean fabric of her “Daisy Dukes” were soaked. You could see patches of cloth that formed the pockets under the wet fabric. But unless Shelia was wearing nude colored panties, that’s all that was underneath her cutoffs. Her cleavage glistened with droplets of sweat and water. In either case, I would have given a month’s pay to follow where gravity deposited those dabs of moisture as they disappeared under Shelia’s bikini top.

We moved the furniture back on the deck. Shelia thanked me and said she at least owed me a beer for my assistance. She invited me inside, grabbed two beers from the fridge and told me to make myself comfortable in the den while she excused herself to change out of her wet clothes.

I sat in a leather recliner and took a long draw off of the long neck Shelia had given me. That’s when I nearly did a spit take!

I could see Shelia making her way to the den from the other side of the house. I had assumed she would be putting on fresh clothes. But as she approached I could see her torso was wrapped only in a bath towel with barely enough fabric to cover her treasures. Shelia walked into the den and sat on the loveseat across from me, taking a pull off her beer before she spoke.

“Thanks for your help Juan. Are you UP for some lunch?” The emphasis on UP caused my cock to involuntarily twitch once more. I said I could probably use something. And with that, Shelia reached for the top fold of the towel covering her body. With a slight tug she laid the towel open, revealing her entire body to me. Parting her legs slightly, she asked, “She anything on the menu you’d like to eat?”

First of all, canlı bahis siteleri the carpet did match the drapes. Shelia’s mound was covered with a soft blonde down. Her large breasts were like weighted globes. Barely sagging, with broad areolas that were more like peaks than buttons. My cock was engorged.

I accepted Shelia’s invitation and moved to stand in front of her. I began to kneel between her legs. “Not so fast,” she said. “I’m not wearing anything and neither will you.” She reached for the elastic bands of my shorts and briefs, placed her thumbs inside the bands and moved both articles of clothing downward. At the same time I lifted my t-shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. I was completely exposed. My erect cock was at Shelia’s eye level. She leaned forward, gently cradling my extended member in her left hand while bracing herself on my left thigh with her right hand. She began to lick repeatedly up and down the entire length of my shaft with her tongue. Shelia used the tip of her tongue to trace the rippled veins of my cock and encircled the rim at the head of my cock. She suddenly paused and said in a husky tone, “I need you to eat my pussy.”

With that I knelt down between Shelia’s legs and pushed her thighs apart. She moved her hips forward on the loveseat to raise her mound and expose her wetted slit to my willing mouth.

She gasped with the first touch of my tongue. I probed deeper and deeper all the while taking in the full scent of her sex. It was intoxicating. I began to lose myself in her pleasure as I fucked Shelia with my tongue.

My hands slid behind Shelia’s hips so I could press her bucking mound firmly into my face. Her cunt moved up and down wildly from my chin to my nose. And then she came. Like a failed dam she flooded my cheeks and chin and her thighs with her climax. I remained motionless with my face pressed between her thighs as the waves of pleasure subsided.

Still on my knees, I pushed back with my arms to raise my torso. Shelia’s hips were on the edge of the loveseat with the rest of her body collapsed behind them. An expression of contentment was on her face. Shelia opened her eyes and said, “No one has ever eaten me like that. That was wonderful. Now, what can I do for you?”

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