Trish’s Weekend with Sean Ch. 06

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There are 5 parts to this story previously, please read those for reference.

As an obedient cuckold I did what I was told. I remained in the guest room overnight, naked and bruised from the beating from Trish the night before. I did not get much sleep, kept re-living the day before- Trish’s time with Kevin and the most intense domination- verbal and physical towards me to date. I have to say Trish’s transformation has been quite a ride. I never thought she would become the woman she now is. I did not even know about the possibilities, let also Trish would embrace them. The sexual awakening of the female aura is quite powerful and when she embraces it, accepts it, feeds it, craves it, nothing can stop it. I am a 1st hand witness to it.

About 2 weeks had passed noneventful. Pretty routine- work, dinner, household chores (but to be honest I do all the chores and meal prep now), along with two graduation parties to attend. The 1st one was for a family member- a niece on Trish’s side of the family. The 2nd was for a college graduate of a neighbor of ours. I make mention of each for this reason. The family event Trish was dressed very conservative as her family has always seen- Capri pants with a ¾ length sleeve shirt, 1 inch wedge sandals, along with casual makeup and tasteful jewelry. The neighbor party was just a backyard cookout. For this event Trish went with a sexier look- tight shorts- not short shorts but shorts, a tank top that plunged a bit showing off ample cleavage, 3-inch heels, bright red lipstick, and more makeup around the eyes. She also wore a chunky necklace and multiple bangle bracelets. When she came down the stairs all put together my mouth did drop a bit. I didn’t say anything and after a few seconds Trish says “There are probably going to be a few hot college guys at the party don’t you think? I might want to flirt a bit. Now let us go”.

We head out and walk about 6 houses into the cul-de-sac for the party. About 50 people are already there, drinking, the young one’s swimming, and everyone having a good time. I get Trish and I a drink and we then end up in different groups chatting- me with the neighbor guys talking yards, cars, politics, usual BS. Trish started up with the neighbor women but then ended up in a group of college kids laughing it up and throwing down some shots. All kind of playful banter, nothing canlı bahis şirketaleri inappropriate but Trish was enjoying herself. I heard a few comments but all in good fun. We headed home about 2am and crashed- me of course in the guest bedroom. I did hear Trish in her bedroom with her vibrator for about a half hour before she got herself off and fell off to sleep.

The next morning (Sunday) I awake about 10am, peek into Trish’s bedroom and see her sound asleep, buck naked spread out on the bed. Her ass and legs look so hot but of course they are not for me. I head down for some breakfast. Get the bacon going in the pan and crack some eggs for veggie omelets. Trish comes down about 10 minutes later, wearing just a loose robe, breasts barely covered.

“Last night was fun, ha? All those hot college guys. I so wanted to take the blonde one in the house, but I controlled myself. I took care of myself when we got home- I am sure you heard me. By the way, I took vacation this week. I am flying out tomorrow with Sean to Nashville- he has business all week but I’m staying with him only through Tues. I will be home Wed morning. Kevin is coming here Thursday evening and he will be spending the night, so you need to go to a hotel. Also, stop by the bank before Thursday and get me $2000.”

“Why do you need $2000? You have credit cards.”

“Because Kevin is a professional and needs to be paid for his services. The 1st time was on the house as a friend of Sean. He needs to get paid for his services like any other profession. You have a problem with that cuckold?”

“No ma’am”, I quickly reply. “Whatever you request I’m happy to provide”.

“I did not like the fact you questioned me. Go upstairs, get a belt, and get back down here. You will be punished for questioning me”.

I hurry back down with belt in hand. Trish tells me to strip, walk over to coffee table, kneel and put my chest on the table, ass up and legs slightly spread. I do as I am told.

“I thought you knew your place by now” Trish begins. She drops her robe and then continues. “Look at this body. What gives you the thoughts to question me when I request something?”

She walks over towards me, picks up the belt and sits on my lower back facing my feet. Her bare ass on my skin causes a slight erection on my cage. She begins to rub the belt canlı kaçak iddaa on my cheeks and then after a few minutes the beating begins. Some swats from her seated position on my back, then she gets up to get more force into her swings.

“I’m gonna keep going until I see tears in your eyes!”

I try to hold back the tears buy after 10 minutes I can no longer. Trish sees the tears and begins laughing.

“I’ll teach you to question me! Get up, lay on your back on the floor.”

Trish stands over my head and I can see her pussy close up for the 1st time in months.

“Close your eyes. You do not deserve to see me. And keep your mouth closed too.”

All of a sudden, I feel Trish’s ass smother my face.

“You open your mouth, and you’ll get a beating twice as hard as I just gave you.”

Trish begins to grind her ass and pussy all over my face. I can smell her scent- not yet showered mixed with her orgasm from the night before. She is working up into a nice rhythm, she seems determined to get off again, this time on my face. Her pace picks up and she begins to use the belt on my chastity cage, lifting it up and beating my one ball as well for good measure. She lifts every 30 seconds or so to give me some air. This went on for a good 15 minutes, and then she grabs my obliques, digs her nails into them and has a loud orgasm. She lifts slightly and covers my face in her juices- they are dripping down my neck. She then collapses forward with her pussy resting on my chin, her asshole sitting on my nose. The scent of her unshowered ass- intoxicating and humiliating at the same time. After a few minutes she stands up and begins to walk upstairs. Before she gets to the steps she turns around and says to me “Don’t forget my fucking money.”

I clean up breakfast and then head outside for my weekly yard cleanup and mowing. Trish relaxed the rest of the day lounging in bed, catching up on television.

Kevin will be arriving at 8pm on Thursday. I stop at the bank on the way home from work. I give Trish the cash, pack a bag and head out to spend the night at a local motel. Trish says she will text me when I can come home.

It is getting late in the day on Friday and not a peep from Trish. Finally, at about 5:15, I get a text:

“Stay out another night, you can come home at noon on Sat.”

My mind starts canlı kaçak bahis racing as to what is going on that it is spilling into a 2nd night. I decide to work late to take my mind off what is going on, finish up about 8:30, stop for some takeout and back to the hotel for the evening. At 11:30 I leave the room to head home when another text from Trish arrives:

“Stop at the ATM for another $1000, be here no later than 12:15 so I can pay Kevin”.

I learned my lesson, no questions so I stop at the ATM, and arrive home at 12:10. As I pull into the garage Trish is waiting for me.

“You have the money?”

“Yes.” I hand it over to her.

Stay here until I say you can come in.

She closes the garage door as I sit in my car waiting for all clear to come in.

Trish texts me to come in.

As I walk in Trish is lying on the couch, sweats, tank top, bare feet, no makeup, hair brushed but not done, looking totally exhausted and spent.

“So, I guess your time with Kevin was so good you went 2 nights?’

“What I have experienced over the past two days is nothing short of a religious experience. I have not slept in 2 days. He kept me up for all this time, except for a two-hour nap he allowed me to take yesterday morning from 8-10. I am going to bed now.”

I had so hoped to hear about her experience but alas it will have to wait. Trish heads upstairs and I follow too. When we get to the top of the stairs Trish turns to me as says:

“Clean up my bedroom and change the linens, I am going to sleep in the spare room.”

With that Trish crashes in my bedroom, I begin to clean up her bedroom and bathroom. It is quite trashed. I start in the bathroom with wet towels everywhere, what appears to be bodily fluids on the floor, vanity a mess too with washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other items half opened and some spilled. I get to work getting all the towels in the laundry, toiletry items put away and the sink top and floor cleaned and mopped. Next onto the bedroom. The sheets are a sweaty and bodily fluid mess, half off the bed. An assortment of toys (that I had never seen) and lubes on the nightstand. I cannot help but take in the aroma all over the sheets and toys. My little clit jumps in its cage. I wash all the toys and lube bottles and put away neatly in the side table draw. I remove the sheets and setup them up for the next wash, put a new set on the bed and add the comforter and pillows for a made bed. Trish’s bedroom and bathroom all done. Now I’ll wait to hear all about the last 48 hours. Part 7 will have all the details in Trish’s words.

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