Tropical Paradise

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The oppressive heat made the air seem thick and heavy. As Charlotte walked the overgrown path through the forest she pulled her white vest away from her full breasts in an attempt to cool down. As she walked Charlotte wondered how anyone could become accustomed to such heat. She had been in this tropical region for only a week and had not yet become acclimatised. Every day she sought some relief from the heat by visiting a secluded waterfall that she had found near the campsite where she was staying with her childhood friend Jenny.

Reaching the waterfall she sat for a moment on her favourite rock and took in the incredible sight of a tropical waterfall. Lush green foliage grew along one side of the pool that was created by the waterfall. On the other side were large, cool rocks which Charlotte would lie upon as she listened to the sound of the water crashing down. Charlotte loved the water. Back home she had grown up in a seaside town and even after she moved away she still found herself drawn to water wherever she found it.

Unable to wait any longer Charlotte stood and began to strip off her clothes. She quickly shed her shorts and vest and stood in her bikini. She had always worn her little pink bikini to swim in the tropical pool, worried that someone might show up. It had not happened in the week she had been swimming there and she began to think that maybe she should be a bit more daring. She had always wanted to skinny dip and at the age of 22 maybe it was time. She untied her bikini top and her heavy breasts fell free. Slipping off her bikini bottoms, she stretched her arms up into the air, enjoying the sensation of the air against her skin.

Inching her way into the water Charlotte let out a quiet sound of pleasure. The water was comfortably cool as she sank down until her shoulders were below the water. Her long dark hair floated in the water. She always wore it loose to go swimming. The feel of the water tugging at her hair always pleased her. Floating in the water, nipples peaking above the water, she was unable to hear footsteps approach. She lay floating, eyes closed as Adam reached the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pool and stared.

Adam had arrived at the campsite with a group of friends a few days earlier. He had noticed Charlotte straight away. As he and his friends had driven into the campsite he had seen Charlotte playing Frisbee with her friend. She was laughing and joking and he had been attracted by her obvious sense of fun. Her plump breasts and small waist had also been of some interest naturally. They had met a few times whilst with friends but hadn’t had the opportunity to speak alone. Adam had noticed that Charlotte often snuck off somewhere and had thought to follow her. He had seen her leave but had been waylaid by one of his friends and so he hadn’t caught up with her on the path.

He was not disappointed with the way things had turned out. From what he could see Charlotte had a lovely body. He couldn’t believe that he had found her skinny dipping. Optimistic scenarios began to fill his head. Perhaps she would notice him and invite him in to join her. One thing would lead to another and naturally they would end up having fantastic sex.

Just then Charlotte opened her eyes, noticed him and let out a surprised scream. “What are you doing here? Did you follow me?” she asked as she sank below the water level in an effort to preserve her modesty.

“Don’t freak out. I’m not some weird, stalker pervert,” Adam held out his hand in a placating gesture. “I didn’t mean to spy on you. I just wanted to talk to you alone and I thought while you were on your walk would be the best time. I didn’t realise that you would be naked.”

Charlotte relaxed a bit at his explanation. “why did you want to speak to me alone?”

“Because you seem really cool and sexy and I want to get to know you better,” Adam replied with a smile. He had a twinkle in his eye and a dimple in his cheek that Charlotte found appealing.

“Really? How well did you want to get to know me?” She asked.

“As well as you’ll let me.” Adam said with a hopeful look.

Charlotte had always been the cautious type. She thought güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri things through and planned ahead but for once she wanted to do something a little daring, a little unexpected. She liked Adam but it would never have occurred to her to make the first move. Now was the time to do the unexpected though. She was in a tropical paradise with a cute, sexy guy. She was going to make some memories to savour when she was back in her boring old life.

“Why don’t you come and join me then? The water’s lovely.”

Adam could hardly believe his luck. He pulled off his clothes and waded into the water. He reached Charlotte and just stood for a moment looking into her eyes. Sliding his hands up her arms he tangled his hands in her hair and tugged her towards him for a kiss. Slightly off balance her body leaned into his. Charlotte’s breasts rubbed against his muscular chest as they kissed passionately. For Charlotte it felt as if someone had removed the restraint that she had placed on herself years ago and the long-supressed passion was spilling out. She couldn’t get close enough to Adam. She wanted to wrap herself around him as he pounded into her. Placing her hands on his shoulders she levered himself up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his hardening penis between her legs and sank down so that it rubbed against her clitoris sending little jolts of pleasure through her. Breaking their kiss she leaned back and offered Adam her breasts. Taking her nipple between his teeth he bit gently before sucking her nipple to a throbbing point. He kissed his way across her breasts and began to suck on her other nipple.

Wanting to be able to savour this encounter fully Adam walked them over to the shore where Charlotte had spread her towel across the rock. He laid her down gently and then leaned back to enjoy the view. Her time in the sun had turned Charlotte’s skin to a pale bronze. Her dark pink nipples stood out in contrast. Her lips were swollen and pouty and her eyes were heavy with passion. Charlotte got tired of waiting for Adam to join her on the towel and got güvenilir bahis şirketleri to her knees to encourage him. She moved towards him slowly. Sliding her hands up his legs she reached his buttocks and squeezed. She loved the feel of him. His skin was so warm and soft. Nibbling her way up his legs she paused when she reached his cock. She looked up at Adam before she ever so slowly leaned forward and blew across his erection. Adam was getting impatient, waiting for her to take his cock into her mouth but part of him was enjoying the teasing, the anticipation. Charlotte trailed kisses up the length of his erection before finally taking the head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip, savouring the taste of Adam. Taking him further into her mouth she began to suck as much of his erection as she could. Her fingers squeezed his buttocks in rhythm with her sucks.

Adam was enjoying Charlotte’s efforts but he wanted to fuck her properly so as hard as it was he pulled her away and pressed her back against the rock. Lying next to her he ran his hand across her body, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Reaching between her legs he discovered that she was wet and throbbing. He began to rub her clitoris, a leisurely motion at first then quicker and quicker until her breath came in little pants. As she was nearing her orgasm he stopped.

Charlotte was lost in sensation, all her attention focused on the movement of Adams fingers between her legs. Then suddenly he stopped. “Why did you stop?” she asked. “I have a vision of doing you against that rock,” he replied, “and I intend to make it a reality.” Pulling her to her feet he turned her so that she was facing a large boulder. “Lean forward and place your hands against the rock,” he whispered. Charlotte did as he suggested. He nudged her legs apart with his knee and pushed inside her. She was tight and wet and it felt so good. Taking hold of her hips he started thrusting, his rhythm slow to start then picking up speed.

Charlotte could feel her climax building. She took her hand from the rock and began to rub her clitoris. She didn’t last long before she came, squeezing Adam’s erection tightly as he continued thrusting. He thrust hard as he came deep inside her.

They sank down on to the rock, lying next to each other. Turning to look at Charlotte Adam smiled lazily. “That was amazing,” he said. “It was not bad,” she replied with a laugh.

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